Printable Book List--Mary Balogh


A Masked Deception, Signet, 1985
The Double Wager, Signet, 1985
A Chance Encounter, Signet, 1985
Red Rose, Signet, 1986
The Trysting Place, Signet, 1986
The First Snowdrop, Signet, 1986
The Wood Nymph, Signet, 1987
The Constant Heart, Signet, 1987
Gentle Conquest, Signet, 1987
Secrets of the Heart, Signet, 1988
An Unacceptable Offer, Signet, 1988
The Ungrateful Governess, Signet, 1988
Daring Masquerade, Signet, 1989
A Gift of Daisies, Signet, 1989
The Obedient Bride, Signet, 1989
Lady with a Black Umbrella, Signet, 1989
The Gilded Web, Signet, 1989
Web of Love, Signet, 1990
The Incurable Matchmaker, Signet, 1990
The Devil's Web, Signet, 1990
A Promise of Spring, Signet, 1990
An Unlikely Duchess, Signet, 1990
A Certain Magic, Signet, 1991
Snow Angel, Signet, 1991
The Secret Pearl, Signet, 1991
The Ideal Wife, Signet, 1991
Christmas Beau, Signet, 1991
A Counterfeit Betrothal, Signet, 1992
The Notorious Rake, Signet, 1992
Beyond the Sunrise, Onyx, 1992
A Christmas Promise, Signet, 1992
Deceived, Onyx, 1993
A Precious Jewel, Signet, 1993
Courting Julia, Signet, 1993
Dancing with Clara, Signet, 1994
Tangled, Topaz, 1994
Tempting Harriet, Signet, 1994
Christmas Belle, Signet, 1994
Longing, Topaz, 1994
Lord Carew's Bride, Signet, 1995
Heartless, Berkley, 1995
The Famous Heroine, Signet, 1996
Truly, Berkley, 1996
The Plumed Bonnet, Signet, 1996
Indiscreet, Jove, 1997
The Temporary Wife, Signet, 1997
Silent Melody, Berkley, 1997
A Christmas Bride, Signet, 1997
Unforgiven, Jove, 1998
Thief of Dreams, Jove, 1998
Irresistible, Jove, 1998
The Last Waltz, Signet, 1998
One Night for Love, Dell, 1999
More Than a Mistress, Dell, 2000
No Man's Mistress, Dell, 2001
A Summer to Remember, Dell, 2002
Slightly Married, Dell, 2003
Slightly Wicked, Dell, 2003
Slightly Scandalous, Dell, 2003
Under the Mistletoe (anthology), NAL, 2003
Slightly Tempted, Dell, 2004
Slightly Sinful, Dell, 2004
Slightly Dangerous, Dell, 2004
Simply Unforgettable, Dell, 2005
*The Secret Pearl, Dell, 2005
Simply Love, Dell, 2006
*The Gilded Web, Dell, 2006
Simply Magic, Dell, 2007
*Web of Love, Dell, 2007
Simply Perfect, Dell, 2008
*The Devil's Web, Dell, 2008
*The Ideal Wife, Dell, 2008
First Comes Marriage, Dell, 2009
Then Comes Seduction, Dell, 2009
At Last Comes Love, Dell, 2009
Seducing an Angel, Dell, 2009
*A Precious Jewel, Dell, 2009
A Matter of Class, Vanguard, 2010
*Dark Angel/Lord Carew's Bride, Dell, 2010,
A Secret Affair, Dell, 2010
*More Than a Mistress/No Man's Mistress, Dell, 2011
The Secret Mistress, Dell, 2011
*The Famous Heroine/The Plumed Bonnet, Dell, 2011
*The Temporary Wife/A promise of Spring, Dell, 2011
The Proposal, Dell, 2012
*A Christmas Bride/Christmas Beau, Dell, 2012
*A Counterfeit Betrothal/The Notorious Rake, Dell, 2013
The Suitor (novella), Dell E-book, 2013
The Arrangement, Dell, 2013
*A Christmas Promise, Dell, 2010 and 2013
The Escape, Dell, 2014
Only Enchanting, NAL, 2014
*Beyond Sunrise, NAL, 2015
*Longing, NAL, 2015
Only a Promise, NAL, 2015
*Heartless, NAL, 2015
*Silent Melody, NAL, 2015
Only a Kiss, NAL, 2015
Only Beloved, NAL, 2016
*Indiscreet, NAL, 2016
*Red Rose, Class Ebook Editions, 2016
*Lady with a Black Umbrella, Class Ebook Editions, 2016
*An Unlikely Duchess, Class Ebook Editions, 2016
*A Certain Magic, Class Ebook Editions, 2016
Once Upon a Dream, Grace Burrowes Publishing, 2016
*Unforgiven, Signet, 2016
*A Masked Deception, Class Ebook Editions, 2016
*The Double Wager, Class Ebook Editions, 2016
*A Chance Encounter, Class Ebook Editions, 2016
*The Wood Nymph, Class Ebook Editions, 2016
Someone to Love, Signet, 2016
*Irresistible, Signet, 2016
Someone to Hold, Signet, 2017
Someone to Wed, Signet, 2017
*A Rogue's Downfall, Class Ebook Editions, 2017
*Courting With Julia, Class Ebook Editions, 2017
*Dancing With Clara, Class Ebook Editions, 2017
*Tempting Harriet, Class Ebook Editions, 2017
*The Constant Heart, Class Ebook Editions, 2017
No Ordinary Love, Class Ebook Editions, 2017
*Snow Angel, Class Ebook Editions, 2018
*A Day for Love, Class Ebook Editions, 2018
Someone to Care, Berkley, 2018
*A Daring Masquerade, Class Ebook Editions, 2018
Someone to Trust, Berkley, 2018

* Republications


A Regency Christmas, "The Star of Bethlehem," Signet, 1989
A Regency Christmas II, "Playing House," Signet, 1990
AAn Unlikely Duchess Regency Valentine, "Golden Rose," Signet, 1991
A Regency Christmas III, "The Best Christmas Ever," Signet, 1991
A Regency Valentine II, "A Waltz Among the Stars," Signet, 1992
A Regency Summer, "The Treasure Hunt," Signet, 1992
Full-Moon Magic, "The Dark Rider," Signet, 1992
A Regency Christmas IV, "The Porcelain Madonna," Signet, 1992
Tokens of Love, "The Substitute Guest," Signet, 1993
Rakes and Rogues, "The Wrong Door," Signet, 1993
Moonlight Lovers, "The North Tower," Signet, 1993
A Regency Christmas V, "No Room at the Inn," Signet, 1993
From the Heart, "The Anniversary," Signet, 1994
A Regency Christmas VI, "The Best Gift," Signet, 1994
Blossoms, "The Forbidden Daffodils," Signet, 1995
Dashing and Dangerous, "Precious Rogue," Signet, 1995
A Regency Christmas VII, "The Surprise Party," Signet, 1995
Angel Christmas, "Guarded by Angels," Signet, 1995
Love's Legacy, "The Betrothal Ball," Leisure Books, 1996
Timeswept Brides, "The Heirloom," Jove, 1996
A Regency Christmas Feast, "The Wassail Bowl," Signet, 1996
A Regency Christmas Carol, "The Bond Street Carolers," Signet, 1997
The Gifts of Christmas, "A Handful of Gold," HQN, 1998
Captured Hearts, *"Precious Rogue," Signet, 1999
Christmas Keepsakes, *"A Handful of Gold," HQN, 2005
It Happened One Night, "Spellbound," Avon, 2008
The Heart of Christmas, *"A Handful of Gold," HQN, 2009
Bespelling Jane Austen, "Almost Persuaded," HQN, 2010
It Happened One Season, "Only Love," Avon, 2011
Christmas Miracles, Class Ebook Editions, 2015
Christmas Gifts, Class Ebook Editions, 2015