One Night for Love by Mary Balogh
One Night for Love
A Novel

Neville Wyatt, Major Lord Newbury, was on a peaceful reconnaissance mission in Portugal during the Napoleonic Wars when a sniper killed his sergeant. Neville married the sergeant's daughter to protect her in case of further ambush, but when the ambush came, he saw Lily killed just before he was severely wounded in the head. Now, almost two years later, Neville is back home, having inherited his father's title of Earl of Kilbourne, and he is about to marry his cousin-by-marriage, Lauren Edgeworth, who has lived with his family since infancy. Lily, however, did not die. And now she has found her way back to England and back to Neville.

Note that Lauren Edgeworth's story is told in A Summer to Remember, which introduces the Bedwyn family and leads to the six-part Slightly series and the four-part Simply series. Gwen, Lady Muir, Neville's sister, has her story told in The Proposal, which is also the first book in the seven-part Survivors' Club series.

Dell Historical, 1999, ISBN 0-440-22600-7

Bestselling author Balogh bursts the bounds of genre in this emotionally complex Regency. A passionate novel with mature, compelling characters who struggle for self-knowledge and for the survival of their loves, this is one of Balogh's best.
Publishers Weekly

Mary Balogh consistently delivers beautifully written characters and emotionally complex stories with no easy answers. Lily earns our sympathy immediately, and the scenes between her and Neville are tender and heartbreaking. Whether or not you enjoy Regencies, Ms. Balogh's writing transcends any genre. I highly recommend this book to any romance reader.
Lenore Howard, Old Book Barn Gazette

Mary Balogh sets the standard for the best in Regency Romance. One Night for Love is another shining example of her superb writing. A truly memorable book that you'll savor.
Kathe Robin, Romantic Times