Mary, 2014


2015 has seen the publication of rather a large number of my books, both new and old, and it is not finished yet. The first two of my e-books only publications will be out at the end of October—Christmas Miracles and Christmas Gifts. Each is an anthology of three of my Christmas novellas originally published in multi-author anthologies of Regency Christmas stories. I expect a number of my oldest, out-of-print novels to follow as e-books only publications worldwide in 2016 and beyond. I will give specific details as I know them.

My publication schedule is set for 2016, though it may be enhanced with the publication of e-books only novels. The Horsemen trilogy of Indiscreet, Unforgiven, and Irresistible will be out again with new and gorgeous packaging, in February, July, and December respectively. Only Beloved, Book 7 of the Survivors' Club series, George's story, will be out in May, 2016. His heroine will be—many of you either guessed it or begged for it!—Dora Debbins, sister of Agnes in Only Enchanting. It is the last of the series, something that always makes me feel a bit sad.

It is also exhilarating to be able to dream up something wholly new, and already I have a new eight-part series planned, the Westcott family series. Book #1, Someone to Love, is already written and scheduled for November, 2016. It begins when the heroine, who has grown up at an orphanage in Bath, knowing nothing of her origins, discovers who she is. The repercussions of the disclosure are huge for both her and her newfound family—two half-sisters and a half-brother, their mother, their first cousin, and their second cousin and his sister. I hope you will find the series a worthy successor to the Survivors' Club series, which I know has become one of my most popular.

My only scheduled "appearance" for 2016 (so far) is at the Historical Romance Retreat at the Davenport Hotel in Spokane, Washington, from September 22-25, 2016. I chose it because the numbers are being limited to 300, the intent being to keep it small and intimate and informal and to give readers and a chosen group of historical romance authors a chance to mingle and talk and get to know one another—and have fun. It sounds like a relaxing time! If you want to know more (and I hope you do), go to the web site. The registration fee is lower if you reserve your place before the end of December and will probably ensure that there is still a place for you. I am looking forward to seeing a number of you.