Mary, 2014


2017 is going to be filled with Mary Balogh publications in various formats—print books, e-books, and audiobooks. There will be two new books and numerous republications, both of relatively recent books and of older, long out-of-print ones. I hope you will be able to find everything you may have been searching for. If not, wait a while. I am hoping that all my books, reaching all the way back to 1985, will soon be available again without your having to search and spend a fortune on the various used book sites.

The new books are Books 2 and 3 in the Westcott family series—Someone to Hold (Camille's story) in February and Someone to Wed (Alexander's story) in November. I am currently taking a long-overdue break from writing, the first lengthy one I have taken since I started writing in 1983. I am taking the winter off. But I plan to make up for the break by writing Books 4 and 5 during the summer of 2017. Book 4, I think, will be Viola Kingsley's story—the former Countess of Riverdale. I always enjoy writing stories for older characters, and Viola is forty, with three adult children and a grandchild. I have not yet decided which family member will be the subject of Book 5.

Tantor has been publishing my Simply and Slightly books in audio form with Rosalyn Landor as the narrator—at my request. All the Simply books are already available as are the first three Slightly books. The others will all be out in the first half of this year. See Home Page for the publication schedule and click on the Recorded Books link in the drop-down menu under books at the head of this page for purchase details.

Class Ebooks is stepping up the pace of its publication of all my oldest, out-of-print books and novellas. There will be four more novels this year—Courting Julia, Dancing with Clara, Tempting Harriet (these three are a trilogy), and The Constant Heart. And there will be two new anthologies of three novellas each—A Rogue's Downfall ( "The Anniversary," "The Wrong Door," "Precious Rogue"), and No Ordinary Love ("The North Tower," "The Dark Rider,' "The Heirloom"). For publication dates see Home Page. I will add covers there and details, including purchase links, as soon as they become available.

I hope I can keep you happily entertained throughout the year even as I am busy preparing more reading material for next year! To contact me, leave a message in my guest book or join my fanlist—or, best of all, visit my author Facebook page. I try to keep readers engaged with postings about books and reading and entertained with some wince-worthy puns and occasional humorous comments on grammar and language usage. My reward is being able to read all the comments.

Happy reading in 2017.