It Happened One Night - Stephanie Laurens, Jacquie D'Alessandro, Candice Hern, and Mary Balogh
It Happened One Night
An Anthology

It Happened One Night is an anthology of four novellas by Stephanie Laurens, Jacquie D'Alessandro, Candice Hern, and Mary Balogh. It will be published by Avon in October, 2008.

The concept is an intriguing one, I believe. For a number of years I thought it would be an interesting challenge to get a group of writers to write stories using the same basic plot idea. My theory was that the stories would be very different from one another and that readers would enjoy seeing them together in one anthology. No one seemed to agree with me until I was out on a book-signing tour with Jacquie and Candice and broached the idea with them. They were instantly enthusiastic, as was Stephanie when we invited her to join us. We found a publisher-Avon--with no trouble at all. Obviously the time for this concept was right!

The plot idea we agreed upon was this: a man and a woman meet for the first time in ten years at an inn, either by chance or design. The action of the story spans no more than twenty-four hours.

My novella is "Spellbound" and brings the hero and heroine together at a small village inn on May Day. Both have been stranded there as the result of the collision of a stagecoach and a curricle. They have met before, and the memories are bitter on both sides. But for one day and one night they have to co-exist, and they do so against the background of a village fair and maypole dancing. Will twenty-four hours be sufficient time to erase years of anger and pain?

Avon, ISBN 978-0061354168

Four uniquely talented authors take on the delightful task of writing a story using the same plot twist: a couple separated by ten years meets for one night at an inn. Each novella is different and perfect in its own way; each story is destined to charm readers.
Kathe Robin, Romantic Times

Besides containing four highly romantic and entertaining stories, It Happened One Night showcases the variety and uniqueness of four popular historical romance writers' voices and talents. I recommend it most earnestly.
Jane Bowers, Romance Reviews Today