Irresistible by Mary Balogh, 2012
A Novel

The widowed Sophia Armitage has a chance encounter in Hyde Park with three friends she had known during the Peninsular Wars when she was there with her husband. The three men remember her only as a dear comrade, but soon Nathaniel Gascoigne is seeing her in a different light. Sophie, though, harbors a dark secret she can confide to no one--least of all Nathaniel. His friend Eden, Lord Pelham, meanwhile, is engaged in his own volatile, humorous love story with Lavinia Bergland, Nat's prickly ward.

Jove Regency,ISBN 0-515-12367-6

"Irresistible is vintage Balogh."
Jean Mason for The Romance Reader

"This charming and witty Regency romance..."
Catherine Sias, American Library Association

"Mary Balogh reconfirms her reputation as a superlative writer of Regency romance in this well-drawn, ultimately moving love story between a war hero's widow and her longtime friend....Balogh's masterful command of the Regency period, and her skill at dramatizing subtle nuances of character, endow her books with rare and rich rewards."
Ellen Edwards, Editor

"Mary Balogh is more than just a romance writer. She is a beloved and talented weaver of tales, sculptor of characters, builder of plot. In Irresistible, she has once again created a lovely heroine and a worthy hero, then let them create the world around them. Ms. Balogh writes beautifully and enchantingly."
Rickey Mallory, Affaire de Coeur

"A rare and unique author whose significant impact on the romance genre is without question. Ms. Balogh once again delivers a stunning reading experience for lucky readers."
Melinda Helfer, Romantic Times

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