Guest Book, 2009
Posted On 12-31-2009 3:56 PM
Name: Jodi Meyer
City/State or Province: Cedar Rapids Iowa
Country: USA
Comment: Hello I have never read any of you books as I mostly read true crime. However I decided to give a Romance novel and I picked up Simply Perfect and so far I'm hooked I plan to buy the rest of this Series. I most likely will be buying more of the other they all look so good.

Posted On 12-30-2009 7:50 PM
Name: Sylvia Leigh
City/State or Province: Kincardine, Ontario
Country: Canada
Comment: I am a tremendous fan, and I have enjoyed reading all of your books, mostly I think because of your clever and sensitive portrayals of character.  Your entertaining plots and witty dialogue are always given so much depth and interest by the thoughtful way you portray the men and women in your stories.  I just finished reading "A Matter of Class" - Bravo!! I have re-read many of your books over the years, but this is the first time I had to re-read one immediately, in order to see the situation from another perspective.  Brilliant!  You are a wonderful story teller, and I hope you continue to be as inspired as you were with this novel!  Thanks for giving me many hours of reading pleasure!

Posted On 12-30-2009 12:29 AM
Name: renate neumann
City/State or Province: vancouver bc.
Country: canada
Comment: dear mary! i am a new fan and just finished the " slightly series"" i just loved them esspecially "wulfric" the sexiest hero . i hope i find many more like him in any other of your books i am going to look for now .sincerely renate

Posted On 12-29-2009 11:07 PM
Name: Helen Eckersley
City/State or Province: Melbourne
Country: Australia
Comment: I have just finished reading "A Precious Jewel".  What a beautiful story and I am very glad that you decided to get it published as we would have missed out on this precious jewel of a book.

Posted On 12-29-2009 1:21 AM
Name: ceyda
Country: Turkey
Comment: I finished "First Comes Marriage", "Simply Perfect", "Gilded Web" last week, all 3- 2 days each... it is like I can not stop reading... I started "Fİrst Comes..." "Then Comes..." "At Last Comes..." and now reading "Then Comes Seduction"... 

I recently figured out that I go so much into the stories that my pulsation increases (I already have high blood pressure problem myself :) )  The way Mary tells her stories, the way she describes the moment taking events... very very touching... I was asked whether I visualized the books, yes indeed... that is Mary's talent that that is impossible to not to dream, not to imagine...


Happy New Year All....

Posted On 12-27-2009 7:58 PM
Name: Sue H
City/State or Province: Dallas, TX
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,

Thank you for making Regency romance so interesting! 

Readers whose libraries have only a few of your books could request that the library borrow more titles from their regional libraries. 

Readers who can't find your older books may discover more titles, sometimes at reasonable prices, at,, or by joining  I have no connection to any of these sites except as a customer or member who found more Mary Balogh there.

Looking forward to the new stories and the reissues!

Sue H

Posted On 12-27-2009 7:12 PM
Name: Monet
City/State or Province: Denham Springs, LA
Country: USA
Comment: LOVED, LOVED, LOVED A Matter of Class. Thank you for another excellent story.



Posted On 12-27-2009 3:37 PM
Name: betty thompson
City/State or Province: toledo ohio
Country: usa
Comment: I have just finished "A Matter of Class"-how delightful.  I did not even guess the ending, but it was so clever.  I will read it again now and savor every word.  I have loved all your books for many years and delight in re-reading them many times over.  I am always anticipating the next. 

I inadvertenly added my e-mail address again.  I have been on your list for quite a while now.  So glad to be in the know.

Thank yhou


Posted On 12-26-2009 4:30 AM
Name: Uma Knagaratnam
City/State or Province: London
Country: UK
Comment: I just finished A Matter of Class, and it was really a fab story with such a nice twist to it. Thank you!!

I am now eagerly waiting Con's story form the Huxtable series. I am also very happy that your old books are being reprinted although i had managed to buy most of  them, there are still a few that are very difficult to get and also rather expensive i.e the wood nymp, the daring masquare etc. I hope they will be republished as well.

My best wishes for 2010 .....

Posted On 12-24-2009 5:17 PM
Name: Mary B.
City/State or Province: St. Clairsville, OH
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary -- after reading almost all of your books, I feel that I know you well enough to call you by your first name.  I am late in life in starting to read your books as I have raised my family and worked full time.  Now it is my time.  The only books left to read are the Web series.  I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed all of your books - especially the Slightly series.  It seems that I was born too late in life and that in my past life I lived in the Regency period.  Most probably as a scullery maid, but none the less back then.  I, too, am waiting for Con's story.  It seems that he really needs someone special to love - as we all do.  My very best to you, and a Merry Christmas.  Mary B.

Posted On 12-22-2009 2:23 PM
Name: Carole
City/State or Province: Mt. Pleasant, SC
Country: USA
Comment: Just a note to thank you for your Christmas Stories.  I read them every year and every year I love them more.  "The Best Gift" and "The Surprise Party" are two that never fail to move me to tears, even though I know them by heart.  Have you ever thought of writing sequels for these or other short stories.  I wonder what happened to Jane and Veronica in "The Best Gift".  I think there could even be a novel about them.  They are so incredibly real. 
Thank you again for creating books that are filled with people not just characters. 

Posted On 12-20-2009 6:31 PM
Name: Rosemary Martinez
City/State or Province: Jersey City
Country: USA
Comment: Hello,

I recently discovered your novels when searching for a book for a flight and am now addicted.  I am on my 8th book and have 4 more piled up waiting to be read.  I never realized how many books there are until i am in a store and realize "hey, I dont have that one yet.." .   Just wanted to say thank you for such a great collection of books.  I love history and romance so have the 2 combined is great.  My only complaint is that when the book ends i want to know more, I dont want the story to end.


Warm regards,


Posted On 12-17-2009 10:44 PM
Name: Shoua L
City/State or Province: Wausau, WI
Country: USA
Comment: Oh my I am so excited to find out that you will be writing Con's story.  I looove the Huxtable family and Con just plays such a huge part in their ilfe.  I know he is going to be another great English man who will capture readers hearts.  Keep up your wonderful writing.  In the meantime I will keep myself occupied until Con's story comes out in 2010.  (Thank goodness it's the end of 2009)!  Happy Holidays!

Posted On 12-17-2009 10:06 PM
Name: Cindy
City/State or Province: Las Vegas, NV
Country: US
Comment: Thank God Con gets his own story.  Geez, you left this reader totally hanging.  But now I have something more than the dawn of a new decade to look forward to,  June can't get here fast enough.  Thank you for writing, KEEP WRITING!  And keep having Anne Flosnik read your work for Brilliance Audio, I love her voice.  Best to you this Holiday 2009.

Posted On 12-17-2009 9:54 AM
Name: Claudette Christensen
City/State or Province: Rockford, IL
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary,

I love your books.  Can't seem to put them down once I start one.  I have a question about the Huxtable Series.  It all started with "Con"  and the grave scene - then there was something about the jewels that were missing and throughout the Huxtable series he reappears - my question - did you ever write Con's love story?  Could you please give me the name of the book - then I can get him off my mind.  By the way, the Bedwyn Series was WONDERFUL!!!  

Thanks for sharing your family with us.  Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!


Posted On 12-13-2009 10:57 PM
Name: susie
City/State or Province: dearborn/michigan
Country: usa
Comment: Hi Mary,


I recently lost my mother to brain cancer.  I have very little family.  I needed something else to help me through my lonliness and grief.     So my mother's friend put me on to your wonderful stories.  Our problem is we have read all the Huxtable stories and I was going to go right on to Stephen's Story.  I feel empty without a book.  I prefer paperback.  Can you tell me how to find it in paperback.  Thanks for taking me away from my real life and into a wonderful fantasy world.  I LOVE your books.  I am an elementary teacher.  I am teaching them about detail, idioms, similes and more.  Your books help me to really focus on what I want from them.

Posted On 12-13-2009 1:56 PM
Name: Mary L. Pomeroy
City/State or Province: Henderson KY
Country: USA
Comment: When will Gentle Conquest be reissued?  Would like to start at the beginning of the Ideal Wife Series rather than with A Precious Jewel.

Posted On 12-11-2009 12:50 PM
Name: Tricia
City/State or Province: Raleigh
Country: USA
Comment: Hello Mrs Balogh, I really have enjoyed reading your books. I started with More than a Mistress and No Man's Mistress and continued with The Huxtables, the Slightly series and the Simply series. Loved also The Secret Pearl was a great read as well. I will love to read Heartless and Silent Melody but I have not found then in the bookstores. Will be a reprint of those books in a short future? I hope so! Meanwhile I am sure I will be busy with your others books I have not yet read. Thank you for such lovely stories.

Posted On 12-11-2009 9:30 AM
City/State or Province: Fontana,CA
Country: USA
Comment: Please continue to republish your out of print books.  Just read A Precious Jewel and I just love it.  But then again I do love all you printed books and all your series, I have pretty much read them all.  Though, I do wonder  why you don't have epilogues on them.  Despite it, the uniqueness of the different characters in your books are amazing, heartfelt, whether it be an Alpha male or a Beta male, a Lady or a courtesan... wow.. when you write about them they are the hero and heroine of that book whom I would fell in love with.  Thank you.  Your books is my relaxation and escape at times from this fast phased and busy and at times stressful life we live in.   Looking forward to the 2010 books.

Posted On 12-11-2009 1:43 AM
Name: sandra
City/State or Province: Toronto, ON
Country: Canada
Comment: Ms. Balogh, I have just finished your Huxtable series and enjoyed it very much. First Comes Marriage was the first book by you that I have read and it is my favorite of the series, but the whole series was wonderful. I am looking forward to Constantine's story because from the beginning I found him very intriguing. You are a delightful writer and I will be looking for your other books because I want to read all of them if I can.

Posted On 12-10-2009 6:08 PM
Name: Jo Ann Lewis
City/State or Province: McKinney TX
Country: USA
Comment: I have read most of your books and enjoyed them all. However, I just finished The Secrete Pearl. What a lovely and beautiful love story. I just keep rereading my favorite pages. Please keep writing

Posted On 12-08-2009 8:30 PM
Name: Sophie N.
City/State or Province: CA
Country: USA
Comment: The first time I read any romance book that I actually really like was when my friend gave me the first of the Bedwyns series. Now I have over 10 of your books, and probably will get more. I used to make fun of romance books (I'm still very young (21) and a bit immature), but after getting into the Bedwyns series and your other books, I've grown to really enjoy at least your kind of Romance novels. I love the Regency era and am Jane Austen fanatic, I guess it was inevitable that I would like your books. I don't know how many all nighters I've had now because I've wanted to finish a book. And yours have contributed to many of those sleepless nights. Anyways, I just wanted to say that of all the series though, the Bedwyns (my first) will always be my favorite, though the Simply series is quite delightful too. And if possible I wish you would somehow go back to that family. The Bedwyns's men and in-laws are my favorites of your male heros. Here's my top three ranking: 1. Wulfric (I can never resist this type of character) 2. Aidan tied with Joshua 3. Ranulf. But of course I love Lucius from Simply Unforgettable and many others too. But what I want to say is that these books have allowed me to learn a lot about myself so thanks. Looking forward to many more delights, Sophie

Posted On 12-07-2009 4:26 PM
Name: joyce smith
City/State or Province: poquoson, va
Country: usa
Comment: Dear Mary,

Of course I have all your books,  I only started reading yours around 1996, so I had a lot of catching up to do.  I merely got lucky when I picked up your first book at a flea market, liked what I read, and since, I've read every one.  I like the historical settings and the character development.  I'm not into the sexual stuff as much. 

I mostly read your works, and also John Grisham books.  Do you read any Grisham?

Also, I  have a special request for Con's story.  I  think a lot of fans would like to see things from his perspective. 

I am a 4 year breast cancer survivor, my husband and I have four adopted children.  Live is good.  I'll be 50 next year. 

Happy Holidays.

P.S.  Thanks for sharing your family picture.     It's wonderful

Posted On 12-07-2009 12:27 PM
Name: Elizabeth A. Quigley
City/State or Province: Quakertown, PA 18951
Country: USA
Comment: Just one more fan telling you one more time how much pleasure your books have brought me and my daughter.  We love your books.  My favorite character ever (after Elizabeth Bennett) is Miss Martin, the school teacher.  That book was really a classic - with a twist.  She wasn't the young miss, but a fully actualized woman.  That was such a great story.  Happy Holidays to you and your beloved family.  You deserve all your success!  Thanks !  Liz Quigley

Posted On 12-06-2009 11:13 PM
Name: Nancy H.
City/State or Province: Baltimore, MD
Country: USA
Comment: One learns of books in interesting ways.  "A Matter of Class" is a featured book on last week's Unshelved (I get the whole week each Sunday), a library-centered cartoon just in case you weren't aware of that advertisement.

Your books are always interesting because of the way you develop characters.  So much for sticking to my budget; now I have to decide on the format. I'm leaning towards Kindle; I like print but e-format takes up so much less space!

Happy Holidays,


Posted On 12-04-2009 12:58 PM
Name: Melanie M
City/State or Province: Las Vegas, NV
Country: USA
Comment: I have been captivated by The Huxtables!  I have so thoroughly enjoyed the series, and have re-read several of the books within weeks of the first reading.  I was all smiles and excitement as I finished Seducing an Angel last night.  I just had to stop by and say how much I've loved escaping into the world you've created!

Posted On 12-03-2009 11:36 AM
Name: Andrea Daia
City/State or Province: Charleston, WV
Country: USA
Comment: I loved the Huxtable series and look forward to Constantine.  When will he be on Kindle?

Posted On 12-02-2009 10:49 PM
Name: Stephanie Ellis
City/State or Province: West Lafayette, IN
Country: USA
Comment: I wanted to write a quick note to let you know how much I love your novels.  I started with the Simply series and then went on to the Slightly series.  I am now on Seducing an Angel and can't wait for Con's story!  I just love reading series because you get such a depth of the characters.  Have you by chance considered putting some what of a family tree on the website so that we can tie in the characters?  I know that the Slightly and Simple series weave together and it would be wonderful to have that in a diagram for us die hard readers:)  Thank you again for all of your amazing books!

Posted On 12-02-2009 4:22 PM
Name: Janaya
City/State or Province: Sparks, NV
Country: USA
Comment: I just love your books

My Favorite series are about the Bedwyns and the Butlers but I haven't read any that I don't like

You are just a wonderful storyteller

Posted On 12-01-2009 11:40 PM
Name: Rosemary K.
City/State or Province: California
Country: USA
Comment: I love your books! I read them over and over. I Just picked up the book A Precious Jewel, I have to say that it is one of my favorites. Gerald in so innocent and naive, he actually made me cry when Priss left him. i had to write and tell you that I will be reading this one again, over and over!

Thank you, for all the great stories

Posted On 11-30-2009 8:15 PM
Name: Kelly Keppler
City/State or Province: San Antonio, TX
Country: USA
Comment: I'm reading the 4th book in the Huxtable series and loving it. I really hate that the series is ending but to my surprise I notice there is another booking coming A Secret Affair. I'm very happy that you decided to write about the Dangerous Greek Con. I know their are secrets just waiting to come out. I hope maybe a good woman will bring them out and he will become friends with his cousin (Duke) again. When will A Secret Affair come out? Will this be the last book in the series? Thank you so much for entertainning me every night!

Posted On 11-24-2009 3:45 PM
Name: Leslie Montgomery
City/State or Province: Phoenix, Arizona
Country: United States
Comment: I was wondering if you are going to do a story on James Purnell the heroines brother from The Gilded Web.

Posted On 11-24-2009 12:43 PM
Name: joyce sprossel
City/State or Province: pineplains
Country: ny
Comment:   I was wondering  what you are going to do about CON, whom we met in the 1st Huxtables book. Are you going to have a story about him?

        joyce sprossel

Posted On 11-24-2009 11:53 AM
Name: Mary Nickerson
City/State or Province: Myrtle Beach
Country: USA
Comment: Thank goodness they now have some of your books in large print.  My mother has macular degeneration, and cannot read the small print.  I have enjoyed

your books for quite a number of years, however, until recently my mother has not been able to do so.  Thank your publishers so much for coming out

with the large print books.  We are looking forward to reading Con's story, and the many reprints of older books that we have not been able to find.

Posted On 11-21-2009 3:23 PM
Name: Khairazan Edun
City/State or Province: California
Country: USA
Comment: Hello Mary,

I've been a fan of yours for years and have reread many of your books.  I recently read "Seducing an Angel" and put off many other things in order to finish the book.  I really enjoyed the story and was interesting to follow Stephen's deveopment.  I am also happy to hear that you do have a story planned for Con - a very complex but very interesting personality.

Thank you for telling such great stories and creating some very memorable characters - do you ever feel sorry to leave a character or characters behind when you finish a book? 

I wish you and your family a very happy holiday season and look forward to Con's story.

Khairazan Edun (pronounced Khai-ra-zan E-dun)

Posted On 11-19-2009 3:23 PM
Name: Kicki Gustafsson
Country: Sweden
Comment: Hello Mary! I am a longtime fan of yours and constantly re-read your books. You know what I'd love? To read about what happened to Portia Hunt (the nasty woman from the last Simply-book) ! I think you could make a fabulous book about her. I don't see her hasty marriage lasting, perhaps she is driven from home after her parents die and everything goes to some distant cousin and she is forced to work to support herself – maybe she tries to sell herself to a man who is landlord at ann inn, and he takes pity on her and hires her as kitchen help... and their relationship develops over time and SHE develops and discovers that she's actually a decent cook – but can she ever trust another man?

Posted On 11-19-2009 12:56 AM
Name: Frances Boyden
City/State or Province: New City, NY
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary, I have just finished "Seducing an Angel". I stayed up until 5 AM one night and went through at least one box of tissues. Stephen was an anti-alpha alpha hero. I thought this story was absolutely perfect. When I read the end of the last chapter with Con at his brother Jon's gravesite, I thought there just had to be one more story. After all, Con is a Huxtable also. I have never thought that he deserved the scorn heaped on him by Elliott. Con loved Jon and his cousins too much to be an evil person. I saw your website on the back cover and decided to write and ask if you intended to tell Con's story. I am so glad to hear it will be out next spring. I have long been a fan but have never written before. A very happy holiday season to you and your family. I will look for your new and renewed books in my Barnes and Noble. Sincerely, Fran Boyden

Posted On 11-18-2009 2:52 PM
Name: Ashley
City/State or Province: Florida
Country: USA
Comment: Hey Mary~

I just got done reading Then Comes Seduction and I really liked it. Now I have to go find the other books in the series so I can read them also. I was just wondering if you were going to write a book about Jaspers sister Charlotte. I don't know if you mention her in the last two books of the series but I would like to know the rest of her story.

Posted On 11-13-2009 9:27 PM
Name: Terry
City/State or Province: Rio Grande City, Texas
Country: USA
Comment: Ms.Balough,

Do you by any chance have a book club or is it too time consuming for the upkeeping of it?

Posted On 11-13-2009 2:53 PM
Name: Laurie Hack
City/State or Province: California
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary - I've enjoyed your books for quite a while and think I'm about caught up (looking forward to a couple of new books!).

My brother in law sent me a link to a "Saskatchewan" web site, and as I was looking through it I saw your name.  I remembered reading that you

lived in Saskatchewan, but didn't realize you were in Regina (at least part time!)  I was born and raised in Regina, as was my husband, and only discovered your books after my

nearly 20 years in California.  I get your books mostly at Barnes and Noble which is close  to my home, and enjoy each and every one.  Thank you!

Posted On 11-13-2009 3:29 AM
Name: Lisa Munoz
City/State or Province: Fullerton,Ca
Country: U.S.A
Comment: Hi Mary,

I really have enjoyed reading your books. I started with the Simply series. Loved the Slightly series, also The Huxtables. The Secret Pearl  and Irrresitable were great reads as well. I just wanted say thanks :)


Posted On 11-12-2009 5:59 PM
Name: Nicole Brown
City/State or Province: SK
Country: Canada
Comment: Hi Mary! I'm a new fan...but a huge one already!!! I found you books by "accident" after Amazon suggested I try your historical novels. After reading your work (which I absolutely LOVE) I checked out your website - and I couldn't believe it when I read that you are from Saskatchewan!! I'm from Prince cool is that!! You are such a talented writer, and I look forward to reading more of your books!! Any chance you do book signings in Regina or Saskatoon? Thanks for all the fun! - Your #1 Saskatchewan fan, Nicole ;) PS: Does Gwen Muir have her own story, or is she only featured in "A Summer to Remember"?

Posted On 11-12-2009 5:35 PM
Name: Cindy
City/State or Province: Paramaribo
Country: Suriname
Comment: Dear Mary,

last year I've started reading your Slightly series, though beginning with "Slightly Dangerous" instead of "A summer to remember" out of boredom (I'm more a mystery/detective reader, but after finding this series I'm inclined to your Regency era writing). Despite that I enjoyed it a lot and tried to find all your books in my local bookstore, determined to collect the whole Slightly series. I was sad to find out that I couldn't complete the collection until after almost a year and yet, it had been really worth the wait when I finally bought and read the last of the Slightly series just last week. I'm pleased with all of the books of the series and impressed with how they're woven together (the circumstances, the characters, the interactions, the humor, the wit etcetera), touching each novel without ever having to explain what happened in the previous book. It's maybe because of this reason I love "Slightly Dangerous" the most (I've read this book 3 times already) because of the strange combination of the Duke of Bewcastle and Christine, followed by "Slightly scandalous" because Joshua and Freyja's interaction amused me a lot.  I must confess I have yet to collect all Simply series. The only one that sparked my interest was "Simply love" which was tragic, but not exactly, and heartwarming at the same time and yet I love this book and the odd couple.

I've recently begun collecting the Huxtables series, starting with "At last comes love" but unfortunately that had been a misprint (;_; and just when I was halfway reading till page 123 until I realize a lot of pages were misprinted)  and now I've to wait another year for the new shipment to take place. *sighs* "First Comes Marriage" and "Then comes Seduction" are now only in my Huxtables collection. I must have been a fickle person to start only with the eldest sibling's story like in the case of "Slightly Dangerous" because I myself am the eldest amongst siblings as well. After my sad episode I started reading them in chronological order. I've just finished "First comes marriage" and as expected it pleased me to see Vanessa and Elliott's happy ending. Currently, I'm reading "Then comes seduction" and I've to admit I wasn't much inclined with the beginning of the story, until the part where there's a time skip of 3 years. But we'll see how the journey through this story will make me feel at the end of the novel. And like most readers, I'm sure, I'm looking forward to read Constantine's story even though I know I might have to wait 2 years for his story to reach my local bookstore's shelves. He's been dangling between villain and anti-villain and a bit of anti-hero in my mind since I began reading this series.

Overall, I'm glad to have found your website and the long backlist of stories you've written over the years. Some of the summaries don't really interest me, some of them do. I'm also glad to read which novel I could look forward to over a few years.

I've a lot of nagging questions on my mind for a long time, so please excuse me for being curious and asking you these: how much time do you need to write a novel on average basis? Does it depend on how the plot worked itself in your mind?

^^ Anyway, have a wonderful day.  Good luck~!

Posted On 11-11-2009 3:16 PM
Name: Amy Henderson
City/State or Province: Rockwall, TX
Country: United States of America
Comment: Dear Mary~  thanks so much for retiring as a teacher to become a full time "authoress".  It is my current obsession to finish every single series you have.... and I just started.  My local library only has a few, so it looks like I am going to be getting a card in the larger one across town. 

Hope the upcoming holidays are wonderful for you and your family.


Posted On 11-05-2009 1:36 PM
Name: Diane Nicholas
City/State or Province: Portland, Oregon
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,

Thank you for many enjoyable hours of reading. I started out with your "Slightly Married" book and then had to find the rest of the series,  From there I know your name and looked for other books, then found your web sight.  Love the new series with the brother and 3 sisters in "First Came Marrage" I have found all but the brother's story but still looking forward to it as I just read that it will be coming out in a paper back soon.   I have a very, very large library of book so I have had to cut back on my hard backs. I am looking forward to find more of your books

Posted On 11-04-2009 10:21 PM
Name: Bethany Wheeler
City/State or Province: Spindale
Country: United States
Comment: Oh my goodness!! To be honest I have avoided your books for about 3 years because I was so sick of the regency period and didn't think I could stand anymore formulaic, cutesy reads based in that time. But I was recently given a huge bag of books by a friend of mine who knows how much I love to read and in it was serveral books by you. I was going on vacation and decided to give them a try. I jumped in with A Summer To Remember .... and well the rest is history!!!!! That book was amazing in that not only did it reintroduce me to a period that I had always loved but it also changed my whole perspective of what I THOUGHT that I loved in a romance. Gone are the days when I thought that the only way a story was truly about LOVE was when the hero/heroine were smitten with each other from the first ... Gone is the idea that "love stories" are told through passionate embraces and soul stopping kisses. For the first time in a loooong time I actually witnessed two characters COME to love rather than just fall haphazardly into it. When I closed the book at the end I knew why Kit and Lauren were together because I had seen through the brilliance of your prose that they were made to be that way. They had truly spent time and energy in getting to know and appreciate each other in a way that was never about sex. And if it did enter the equation it was only as a physical extension of their clear emotional bond. A breath of fresh air that I didn't even realize I had needed so badly.

I've since moved on to a few others that I have enjoyed immensely and will continue to work my way eagerly through your booklist. Most recently I am in the last few chapters of No Man's Mistress and came to your site because I was dying to know if Angeline and Heyward had their own story ... talk about a hilarious and enjoyable couple!! I can only imagine what kind of exploits brought THOSE two together!!! But alas I find I must wait TWO years to read about them!!!!! ~Sigh~ I find that depressing ... and that's alot coming from a person who despises prequels ... but this one I will wait for with bated breath.

Whoa ... I didn't mean to write so much ... Thank you for sharing your talent with the world. I'm so glad I gave your books a chance. To think of what I've been missing all this time!!!



Posted On 11-04-2009 11:47 AM
Name: Giu
City/State or Province: SP
Country: Brazil
Comment: Hi, I'm from Brazil, and I just bought  The Secret Pearl, and it seems like an amazing story! I already started and I'm simply loving it!
Congratulations!! I know (because I read the comment that is in the first page) that there is a happy ending, but I can't wait to see how everything will turn out! =)

Posted On 11-03-2009 4:36 PM
Name: Susan
City/State or Province: West Des Moines
Country: USA
Comment: I've written before, so you don't have to post this one on your guest book if you don't want to.  When I wrote before I had just finished the Slightly series, and now I have also finished the Simply series.  I LOVED them.  It was bittersweet to finish it since there are no more with the characters that I have grown fond of.  It appears that you are keeping plenty busy, but if you happen to run out of ideas, I think it would be lovely to see the Slightly & Simply characters again many years later, and with the focus on their kids.  I would love to see Lizzie, David, Davy & Becky grow up and find their own adventure in life.  And wouldn't it be a hoot to find out if Freyja and Claudia actually become friends?!

Posted On 11-03-2009 12:47 PM
Name: Marjorie DeAngelis
City/State or Province: Ambridge, PA
Country: U.S.A.
Comment: I have just discovered Mary's work - Wow!  I am so pleased there is so much more to read!  I have been reading about the group of teachers in the 'Simply' series.  I was a teacher in Kenya in a boarding school and I love their stories.  Also I absolutely love Jane Austen's work.  I ready Simply Magic first, then Simply Unforgetable, but Simply Love is to me head and shoulders above the others.  Thank you, Mary for this wonderful story, for the spirituality in it, the Welch countryside, the painful disability and disfigurement of Sydnam, the painful past of Anne, the little boy's quest for his relatives and then just the sheer writing craft in it.  There are some unforgetable paragraphs - so wonderfully written!  Thank you for this great story.


Posted On 10-27-2009 10:22 PM
Name: Deborah Stein
City/State or Province: Maryland
Country: USA
Comment: I have been rereading Gentle Conquest, which I think is a truly fascinating book. I can't think of another one like it. I really like it. But I'm wondering if there is another book which tells the story of Lord Standen and Nigel and Sylvia Broome, whom we meet in Gentle Conquest.

I'm waiting very impatiently for your reprints as there are a number of books I can't wait to read!

Posted On 10-27-2009 12:59 PM
Name: Elizabeth Berk
City/State or Province: Reading [good name!!]
Country: England
Comment: Hello and thank you for so many wonderful stories. I enjoy them all but my favourite is 'Slightly Scandalous'.


Best wishes from Elizabeth

Posted On 10-25-2009 7:36 PM
Name: Constance
City/State or Province: New Providence
Country: Bahamas
Comment: I cherish each of your books.  I only share them with a very select group of friends.  Thank you for being such a wonderful writer.



Posted On 10-25-2009 2:59 PM
Name: Dianna
City/State or Province: Port Byron, IL
Country: USA
Comment: I'e been reading your books for years. LUV THEM!!!!!!! I was always reading at breaks and during lunch at work.  When I was put on disability in 02 and since retirement in 09, I read all the time.  Now I have a Kindle, which makes books a little cheaper when getting new hardbacks and saves room in our new library at home.  Look forward to Con's story in June.  I really enjoy your book series.

Thnx for many enjoyable hours,


Posted On 10-25-2009 12:46 AM
Name: Terry
City/State or Province: Texas
Country: USA


I so enjoyed reading Vanessa's story, my next project is to continue with Katherine's story and of course I will do the same with Stephen.

Posted On 10-20-2009 3:40 PM
Name: suzi
City/State or Province: Zionsville, IN
Country: USA
Comment: Thank you for years of enjoyment and for all the friends I have made through your books. For me too, Georgette Heyer was my entre into regency stories, and became the standard by which I judge a work.  Her influence can certainly be seen in what and how you spin your stories.  It is so easy to slip away in time while I am reading and be so surprised when I return to the present.  I am SO glad we can expect Con's story.  He intrigues me!!!! Thank you again for all the enjoyment you have given so many of us over the years.  Most Sincerely, Suzi

Posted On 10-19-2009 12:22 PM
Name: Judith Vertefeuille
City/State or Province: Lebanon, CT
Country: USA
Comment: When I was teaching,  I never seemed to have the time to read historical romance.  Now that I'm retired I can't put them down and have read over a thousand.  I would have to say your style of writing creates such an image in my mind and you truly are a gifted writer.  At the present I'm just trying to read all your books and am finding it hard to get the early copies.  Do you have any suggestions as to where I might purchase them?  Is there a book store near you that might carry them?  Purchasing them from Amazon can be quite expensive but I continue to treat myself every month. I've adopted you as an author for our local library and purchase all your new books for them.  Please keep writing and hope you can help me.

Posted On 10-17-2009 11:53 PM
Name: Laura
City/State or Province: Beaverton, Oregon
Country: USA
Comment: Thank You! 

You are a fairly recent discovery of mine (although I don't know how I've missed you!) and have provided me hours of enjoyment.  I was a huge fan of Georgette Heyer in my early reading days and gobbled them up I haven't had such fun reads as those until now. Thank you again. 

I just finished A Summer to Remember ( I have the 6 "Slightly" books ready to go next) and was so pleased to see you will be writing Gwen's Story. If I get to toss in my vote I'd like to see Sydnam's story too.

Thank you again for the hours of fun.



Posted On 10-15-2009 4:01 PM
Name: Silvia
City/State or Province: Fort Meade
Country: USA
Comment: I just love your books and some day we want to come and visit Wales for many weeks.

Posted On 10-12-2009 1:43 PM
Name: Veronica Nagy
City/State or Province: Wooster, Ohio
Country: USA
Comment: Your books have been recommended to me but I have not read any.  Which one should I read first.  I love to read series books.  Thank you.  I read your about me on your website and am facinated about your wonderful family and background.  My husband's family is hungarian and they are all so wonderful and the food is fabulous.  I am glad my friends recommended you to me and I await your recommendation on what books I should start with.

Veronica Nagy

Posted On 10-11-2009 9:37 AM
Name: Terry
City/State or Province: Rio Grande City, Texas
Country: United States
Comment: Greetings from Texas,


I have been reading and enjoying your books for the better half of 5 years. May you continue to delight the reader for many more years to come. Keep on writing or typing those ideas that swirl in your head for they are an escape and joy for those to whom it is written!


With Blessings,


Posted On 10-09-2009 2:26 PM
Name: Natasha
City/State or Province: Saskatchewan
Country: Canada
Comment: I have just finished reading First Comes Marriage, and Then Comes Seduction.  I am now almost finished At last comes love.  I love your books, and am anxiously waiting to read what about what happens next.  They are absolutely great books.  They should makes this series into a movie.  It would be one heck of a romantic scandalous rave! This series makes me wish I were alive in the are of time to see it all happen.  It would be wonderful know the Huxtables!

Posted On 10-06-2009 9:50 PM
Name: Miranda Owen
City/State or Province: NY
Comment: Hi,

I just finished reading The Ideal Wife. This is the first book of yours that I've read. I really enjoyed it, and plan on reading your other books.Normally I tend more toward paranormal romances. However, when they stray more into "action" than "romance" I like a good historical for a love story that is centered around relationships. I really liked how The Ideal Wife wrapped up. I kept waiting for it to take a predictable & bad turn, but it never did.

Posted On 10-05-2009 8:41 PM
Name: Paula Neese
City/State or Province: Colulmbia, MO
Country: United States
Comment: Thanks so very much for your work! I have read just about all of your books and reread the 'slightly' series. I love the characters. You make me laugh, cry and swoon! I am so eager to see Con Huxtable's story. Keep up the good work. What a gift you have! Paula

Posted On 09-30-2009 12:22 PM
Name: Nelda Dunlap
City/State or Province: Charleston , Illinois
Country: USA
Comment: Hello Mary,

Just wanted to let you know that my daughter Katie and I are eagerly awaiting reading Seducing and Angel and Con's story. Katie used to not care for your books but then she got a little older (she's 17) and is crazy about your work. She especially loves Freyja's story of the Slightly series. She loves how Freyja does what she wants and the heck with everyone else. I just finished No MAn's Mistress and now Katie is devouring. Keep the fabulous stories coming. Please!

Posted On 09-30-2009 10:24 AM
Name: Sam C
City/State or Province: Adelaide
Country: Australia
Comment: Hi Mary, I picked up "Seducing an Angel" at the public library about 3 months ago.  I have worked my way through all three series (out of turn) and only have Wulfric left... I came to your website for the specific purpose of finding out what happens to Con and am delighted that we will soon get to hear from him.  Thanks for keeping me up late, who knew reading could be so much fun?

Posted On 09-29-2009 2:04 PM
Name: Cherie Jensen
City/State or Province: Waterloo Ontario
Country: Canada
Comment: Hi Mary, I'm so glad to be able to let you know how much I enjoy your books.  A Summer to Remember was my first and I've now read all the Slightly books (can't decide on a favorite) and all the Simply books (Anne and Sydnam are probable my favorites there).  I've read all the Huxtable stories and am looking forward to Con's story.  I recently read The Ideal Wife and added it to my top 10 favorites (OMG was it good!)  I also recently read More than a Mistress and No Man's Mistress and added them to my top 10.  These recent readings have been in the last two weeks.  I read 5-6 books a week.  I am looking forward to the rest as I find them or order them as I have exhausted the two library systems here of their offerings.  Thanks for the extraordinary stories they brighten my life.  Cherie

Posted On 09-28-2009 6:58 PM
Name: Diane Bernard
City/State or Province: NY
Country: USA
Comment: I was wondering if any of your upcoming paperback reprints will be available in hardcover through bookclubs. I enjoy your work so much, I have all your books. The oldest ones are quite yellowed, and I would normally buy any reissues, but if they are available in hardcover, I would prefer that format. Thank you!

Posted On 09-28-2009 5:31 PM
Name: Lanarae Anderson
City/State or Province: Upland California
Country: usa
Comment: If the character in A Precious Jewel is from Ideal Wife do I need to purchase Ideal Wife separately? I have read all your books and do not like to read out of order however. Thanks.

Posted On 09-28-2009 4:22 PM
Name: Elizabeth Terrell
City/State or Province: Spartanburg
Country: South Carolina
Comment: I have been reading your books and can not put one down until I have finished it. It's sort of a non stop marathon of reading. You are such an excellent writer. I've read several out of sequence, but it's easy to catch up with the characters. I am in a puzzle. I know that in the past month, I have read one of the books either the Simply set or one of the Huxtable family, that takes place AFTER Wulfirt Bewcastle is married & has children. There was a wonderful scene in that book describing what a good father he is, and I can not remember which book it is. Can you or someone refresh my memory, please!?? I have read 14 or 15 of your books and am still waiting on more to be returned to my local library. Perhaps, I'll buy them just to be able to re-read them when I want. I have really enjoyed those that I have read.

Posted On 09-26-2009 2:45 PM
Name: Jeannie Bailey
City/State or Province: Deep Creek Lake, Maryland
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary

Your books have made my move from Virginia to Maryland bearable.  After 42 years of working, I have finally retired and can now read your books at my leisure. I read a number of the testiminials below and can attest to each of them. I literally crave your books and when I am not reading one of your stories, my partner believes I am going through Balogh Withdrawal! Now that I have found your website, I intend to continue working on my collection of  your wonderful books. Thank you for making a dreamers dream come true giving me people in books who lighten my heart and touch my soul!

Posted On 09-24-2009 1:16 AM
Name: Deevy Greitzer
City/State or Province: Middletown, NY
Country: USA
Comment: I don't have room to keep all the books I enjoy, but I have every Georgette Heyer and every Mary Balogh. You are often responsible for making me late for appointments or for getting to sleep because it's impossible to put one of your books down once I've started it. Thank you for sharing your family photos. I'm glad to see that you're looking hale and hearty because I want to keep reading your wonderful stories for decades to come.

                                                                                                                         Thank you!


Posted On 09-21-2009 12:35 AM
Name: Kristie
City/State or Province: Surrey
Country: Canada
Comment: Mary, found your biography or "about the author" brilliant in a sense that you have a gorgeous family and a quite real life way about you. I am myself a single Mom but a book worm at best, trying to get aay from the every day when I am allowed to of course, "after the dishes are done".  I've had the same thought and dreams with regards to writing but at my age I quit everything, went back to school and am now working in the hospital, so indeed your novels among many more keep me sane and grounded going from "mom" mode to work mode, then from "work mode" to mom mode at the end of the day. Funny how you become so attached to ccharacters and novels to take you away but in this day and age and being in a hospital to witness the uncertainties and journeys of so many your are more appreciated then you will ever know and I THANK YOU, truly and honnestly...


With thanks and lovely wishes to you,

Kristie... I am now re-reading Slightly wicked for the 2nd time after over a decade, imagine keeping a book for that long...hehe hope it's normal, but I shall read them all this time..


Posted On 09-20-2009 11:01 PM
Name: Susan
City/State or Province: West Des Moines, IA
Country: USA
Comment: Mary,  I wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading your books.  I started with the Huxtable series and I am looking forward to Con's story.  I just finished the Bedwyn series, and now I'm looking forward to the Simply series.  Your characters are endearing.  The stories are clever and seem to represent the era well, at least in comparison to other historicals that I have read.  I loved how everyone was all together at the end of Wulf's story.  I was hoping there would be a big hurrah to round out the series, and you were able to get the whole gang together without it being to confusing.  I still can't decide which one is my favorite.   And I also thank you for having classy covers on your books.  I know I shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, but some of them just make me roll my eyes.  (Seriously, who rides a horse that way?!)  Keep up the good work!

Posted On 09-20-2009 7:28 PM
Name: Sheila Beaudoin
City/State or Province: Alexandria, VA.
Country: U.S. of A.
Comment: You are a fantastically gifted artist.  You bring romance back to romance. The longing, the soul mate principle, the conflict and unrequited love to the center of your novels and make one BELIEVE again.  THANK YOU!  You make one realize that the one that you might feel some conflict with..the risky chance.....or the "long road" so to speak can be the effort needed for eternal love.  You add the perfect amount of adventure and romance and I AM in constant search for your other books.  I just discovered you by chance a couple of months ago and have read as many of your novels as I can get my hands on.  Thank you for bringing unmeasurable pleasure and joy of hope back in to countless lives!  Please continue to bless us with your talent and your beautiful characters.  God Belss!

Posted On 09-20-2009 1:37 AM
Name: Valerie
City/State or Province: Port Colborne, Ontario
Country: Canada
Comment: Hello Ms. Balogh
I have just finished reading the books from your Huxtable Family series, and I wanted to let you know that I just loved them. What a pleasure it was to read them and to see what happened with each of the family members. I must admit that it would be quite hard to pick a favourite out of the four books as each had a wonderful story to tell.  The characters were wonderful too.  I am now left wondering what is to become of Constantine Huxtable, he such an intriguing character. I can hardly wait for his story to come out next June.
You are an inspiration, and I can't wait to read my next Mary Balogh book!!!

All the best,

Posted On 09-19-2009 10:29 PM
Name: Carolyn Gee
City/State or Province: Paragould Ark
Country: USA
Comment: have just read on your  web-site the three new books that is to come out soon ,can not wait  to see what happens to  Gerold Staplton, I can't tell you how much i love your books , I know you here this all the time , but it is so true Thank You again so much Carolyn Gee

Posted On 09-17-2009 8:19 PM
Name: Margie
City/State or Province: Leesville, SC
Country: USA
Comment: I cannot wait to read Con's story! Thank you for all the hours of great entertainment you have provided me with your enthralling tales.

Posted On 09-17-2009 2:58 PM
Name: shaj
Country: UK
Comment: OK i'm commenting again, you must get sick of me in a minute, but anyway i LOVED Slightly Dangerous, i found it, however i havent read Freyja or Rannulfs stories yet......i'm going to have to find these now, before i go demented.

Wulfric ( ha i love him :D  ) was perfect and i completely agree with Christine, i wanted to rip that quizzing eye and smash it so many times as i read the book. Everyone's happy :D happy endings are always nice.

Posted On 09-17-2009 1:00 AM
Name: Shanie Marshall
Email Address: 809 Big Creek Road
City/State or Province: Madisonville, TN
Country: USA
Comment:   Three weeks ago I picked up Simply Magic and really enjoyed it. Then last week I got Simply Perfect and truly loved it. I love the charachters of Claudia, Joseph and Lizzie. Claudia and Joseph have a  truly breathtaking and unexpected romance. Lizzie's charachter makes it wonderfully endearing. There are some valuable life lessons you intersperse in the discussions between Claudia and Joseph. I had to read each book a second time and am thinking of reading Simply Perfect a third time.
  I had never read you before, and in truth, I had been looking for an author I enjoyed as much as Julie Garwood. I've read several popular authors and could not find an author that satisfied as much, until I picked up Simply Magic and then Simply Perfect. I'm looking forward to backtracking through that quartet and then moving on to your others.
  I know you clearly enjoy the Regency England era, and I do to, but I also enjoy Medieval Scottland, and early American if you ever consider writing against either of those backdrops...
  I'm so glad to have found you! Thank you for your fine contribution to Historical Romance!


Shanie Marshall

Posted On 09-16-2009 5:37 PM
Name: Gail Barnes
City/State or Province: Valley Stream. New York
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary, I'v just finished the series on the Huxtable Family and I'm very curious to fond out what 's the story on

 Constantine Huxtable, please let me know when and if a story will be out!


Posted On 09-16-2009 2:52 PM
Name: shaj
Comment: i have just read Slightly Sinful, loved it, and i have found Slightly Dangerous ( Hello Wulfric ;)...... )

Can't wait to read it, and thank you for your reply.

Posted On 09-14-2009 8:25 PM
Name: Arial Burnz
City/State or Province: Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Country: USA
Comment: Hello, Mary!

Looks like we have a friend in common! I just met Lailani here working in Culver City with Sony Pictures Entertainment. I am a budding romance novelist (Arial Burnz -, so that's how we got on the subject of you and your books.

Hope to see you around!

That's my two pence.

Arial ;)
(aka Gina Candido)

Posted On 09-13-2009 9:34 PM
Name: Carolyn
City/State or Province: Paragould Ark
Country: USA
Comment: Thank You for your Family of Books , They are the best . Can't wait for the new  ones to come out .  I Love the familys and how you use them in other books . Will there be  another book on Claudia Martin Attingsborough ? I would like too know what happend to LIzzie? Does Claudia start another School , do they have a baby ? Does his father &  mother come around and love Lizzie.

Posted On 09-11-2009 5:29 PM
Name: Holly Kruger
City/State or Province: Milford, PA
Country: USA
Comment: From the moment I learned how to read I have read at least 2 books a week. I love reading and the places it can take you. This past winter my husband bought me a book called "Simply Magic" by Mary Balogh. Well I finished the book in one sitting. Since then I have read several of your books and have to say I devour them with ease. It is truly amazing how wonderful your writing is. The only sad part is when I finish the last page. I have to say you are by far the best author I have ever encountered. I am determined to own each of your books at some point in my life. Thank you so much for bringing such joy to me and to so many other avid readers. Never stop writing, to many of us look forward to your next book.

Posted On 09-10-2009 9:07 PM
Name: Laurie
City/State or Province: Huntsville, Alabama
Country: United States
Comment: Hello Mary - I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your books.  I have two chronically ill children and your books have provided a much-needed escape from the realities of hospitals/doctors' visits.  My very favorite is A Christmas Bride (I've read it several times), but I also love A Precious Jewel and Lord Carew's Bride as well.  Your books have brought such enjoyment to me and I just wanted to say thanks.  I recently finished At Last Comes Love and I'm really looking forward to reading Stephen's story.  Keep up the good work!

Posted On 09-08-2009 8:38 AM
Name: gail
City/State or Province: mesquite texas
Country: usa
Comment: i hope cons book is the best.  he deserves the best.  and make  sure his dark dangerous romatic side is very clear. and he must have a virgin.  hes the type that would be able to teach a woman how to love  more so than the others.  well maybe except  elliot..... maybe...also, please do a copy in cd.  actually it would be nice to get all your books on cd.  i tried reading a book.  i can read some books and others i have to hear.  the voices brings out the romance.  right now im listen to the simply series.  just finished simply unforgettable and starting simple love.  those are the only ones available on cd.  other than the newest ones: first comes marriage...etc. 

Posted On 09-08-2009 7:28 AM
Name: shaj
Country: UK
Comment: hello just writing to sya how  much i love the Slightly series, although i can't find Slightly Sinful anywhere and i'm desperate to know what happens to Alleyne, although truth be told i couldnt BELIEVE he was really dead as i was reading Slightly Tempted.

Bewcastle is just my kind of man, stoic and unfeeling (kind of a Mr Darcy) and waiting for someone to unmelt his heart. :D

Posted On 09-08-2009 6:24 AM
Name: Rachel Jacques
City/State or Province: Cottageville/SC
Country: USA
Comment: I have recently discovered your books, and I can not get enough of them.  I look forward to reading more in the future.

Posted On 09-07-2009 9:29 PM
Name: Carrie F.
Comment: First and most importantly ...I love your books. I read my first one 6 yrs ago will on bedrest with my first child (Slightly Married) and proceeded to read every one of your books I could get my hands on. I just finished the "Web" series since it was re-published and wanted to know if Allan and Jennifer from the series would every get a book of their own. I loved these two and the way they went at eachother and would love to see what happens with them. Thanks for always entertaining me.

Posted On 09-07-2009 4:29 PM
Name: Donna Ellis
City/State or Province: Jacksonville. AL
Country: USA
Comment: I just wanted to let you know how much I love your books. I worked two full-time jobs for along time and my reading suffered greatly. I'm making up for it now. Your books are everything I like in a romance. Keep writing.

Sincerely, Donna Ellis

Posted On 09-07-2009 3:09 PM
Name: Karen Shotting
City/State or Province: Los Angeles, CA
Country: USA
Comment: I love your books - especially the "Slightly" and "Simply" series.  Claudia's story with the young blind girl was especially moving.  Other favorites are "More Than A Mistress" and "Silent Melody".  I am looking forward to reading Constantine's story.

You say that you read a lot, and I was wondering if you were a fan of P. G. Wodehouse?  I have not yet read "Lord Carew's Bride", but, based on the description of the novel, I was wondering if the idea for the book was suggested by PGW's Lord Marshmorton in "A Damsel in Distress"?

Thank you for hours and days of reading pleasure!

Posted On 08-30-2009 4:18 PM
Name: Judy
City/State or Province: Mesquite Texas
Country: Dallas
Comment: Too Late Too Late,,, I hope now the book is written that  Con got a virgin.. He needs to be first in something..  I have all of your books. You can find them on Ebay or Amazom.  Love every one them... Some of my best liked are  An Unlikely Duchess ,,,Slightly Dangerous,,,, Lady With A black Umbrella.. I like your series with friends and family   starting with   Dark Angel  and ending with   A Christmas Bride. with  A Famous Heroine as best.. Please keep them coming..

Posted On 08-27-2009 4:35 AM
Name: ceyda
City/State or Province: kdz eregli
Country: turkey
Comment: Dear Mary, I am a foreign fan of yours...I am Turkish, and am a very new fan of your books, In such a short time I became addicted to the way you write, way you literally paint the scenes, people, events... I can not just drop my books and do something else... I do not like the hours, minutes even seconds away from my books. All day long I think what is coming next for Laurine, Frances and for the others...My only problem is I can not find anyone else to share my feelings and thoughts about your books in Turkey (in my town specifically)... may be I shall start translating them for you :) Recently I am reading A Summer to Remember- best matching song is for me dean martin singing sway! Your books have touched my hearth... Thanks a lot...

Posted On 08-26-2009 10:54 PM
Name: Tammi
City/State or Province: Alabama
Country: US
Comment: I just got finished reading the Bedwyn series and I loved it.  Wulfric's story was the icing on the cake.  I love the imagination you put into your books.  It has interesting twist and turns that keep readers interested.  It was hard to put the books down and go to bed.   I have two very young children and reading after they go to bed is relaxing so it was wonderful to find such an exciting author.  God Bless you! 

Posted On 08-26-2009 8:26 PM
Name: Jen Davis
City/State or Province: Canonsburg, PA
Country: USA
Comment: I just wanted to tell you how much I love your books.  I am an avid reader, and never read yours until First Comes Marriage caught my eye.  I bought it and was hooked.  I read that entire series, the Bedwyns, and just finished the "Simply" series.  I love reading about familiar characters in series other than their own.  It gives a wonderful sense of familiarity, and authenticity, since aristocrats of that time probably all knew each other in some way or another.  I am working my way through your backlist, but please keep the new ones coming!!  Thanks!

Posted On 08-25-2009 11:30 AM
Name: Izabella Casselman
City/State or Province: Portsmouth RI
Country: USA
Comment: Am so very happy to hear that Constantine will be having his own book -- we all love the touch of a bad boy!    Read the whole Huxtable series but without a doubt  it is the small glimpse into his love of his brother that has made me truly impatient for his  story.   As a Hungarian let me tell you patience is not one of my strong suites -- Hurry 2010! 

Posted On 08-24-2009 3:44 PM
Name: Rachel
City/State or Province: Watsonville Ca
Country: USA
Comment:  I have been a long time fan of your books.  I couldn't believe I have been reading your books from the beginning.  I still have a copy of the Mask Deception. I have enjoyed your books very much. My friend and I say that your books are keepers to be reread.    I have just finished reading the Huxtable series(I just knew that Con had to have a story) and that has made me want to go back and reread one or two of the other series.  Having said all that, what I really want to say, is having gone to your website, read your bio and all.  You really appear to be as nice a person as your books are wonderful.  Thanks for sharing a part of yourself and your family.  I look forward to more good reads from you.

Posted On 08-23-2009 4:30 PM
Name: Irene Cardinal
City/State or Province: Taftville, CT
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary, As usual, we (my sisters and I) are discussing your wonderful books at our seasonal "tea party". We decided to go online and see when Constantine's story was coming out. And we were sooooooo excited to see that Gwen's story will FINALLY be written! We have some serious input and ideas on Gwen's story line, if you'd like some inspiration. LOL

We had the pleasure of speaking to you on the phone during one of our tea parties some years back. It was such a special treat for us and is a very fond memory. You are, after all, one of our all-time favorite authors.

Hope you are well and keep up the great writing!

Yours, the Connecticut Teasome (Irene, Linda, Geraldine, and Kate)

Posted On 08-22-2009 9:57 PM
Name: Ellen
City/State or Province: Santa Rosa
Country: United States
Comment: Dear Mary,

Will there be a book about Gwen Muir? I would love to find out what happens to her and whether she finds another love. I know that Neville, Lily, Kit, Lauren and even the Duke of Bewcastle and Christine would want her to find another love and to be as happy as they are!

I love your stories and enjoy reading about the lives of the characters. I especially like the fact that the characters lives are intertwined and they appear in stories other than their own.

Thank you for the many happy hours reading your books,


Posted On 08-21-2009 4:35 PM
Name: N. Chand
City/State or Province: Vancouver, BC
Country: Canada
Comment: I have just started reading your books and find myself staying up at night longer and wanting nothing else to do but read your books. I do not want to read any other author until I have read every single book you have written. I think I have only gotten through about 10 of your books, probably more but I lost count already...I don't have a particular favorite book because after reading each one I find myself saying now this is my favorite... until the next book that is.. I am only 25 years old and find myself wishing I was born in a different era. Anyways, just wanted to say thanks for adding to my dreams at night... can wait to read more..

Posted On 08-20-2009 10:09 PM
Name: April
City/State or Province: Westminster, SC
Comment: I very much enjoyed the first 3 books in your Huxtubile Series however, I have  been very disappointed in the fact the remainder of the series will only be released in hard book copies.  I almost feel like the publishing company is taking advantage of avid readers.  It is seriously a shame since many readers will be less likely to buy the remainder of the books in series.

However, I still enjoy reading your books.

Posted On 08-20-2009 5:00 PM
Name: Laura Austin
City/State or Province: TN
Country: Unied States of America
Comment: Your books have spoiled me. I would have to say that the Slighty series is my favorite, with Slightly Dangerous being my most favorite.Wulferic is such intriguing character.The complex Bedwyns are so fascinating and amusing. I so enjoy the way all the families and friends are interwoven into each others stories. You can never retire!!!

Posted On 08-20-2009 7:59 AM
Name: Teresa Carson
City/State or Province: Georgia
Comment: You're in my top 5 favorites.


Posted On 08-20-2009 5:55 AM
Name: Laurie Kurth
City/State or Province: MI
Country: USA
Comment: I have been a fan for many years, having read as many of your books as I could get my hands on...I still have them and re-read them while waiting for something new to catch my eye at the bookstore.  So, hopefully, you can understand that I'm very dismayed at the fact that your publishers have now decided to put out the last 2 book in the Huxtable series in hardcover when the first 3 were printed in paperback!  I have never seen any of your books printed in hardcover before and don't think it's fair to those of us who like to read your series collections that now, in the middle of one of them, it's decided that the last 2 should be hardcovers.  I  see this as a way to get more money from your readers - hardcover prices are always more than the paperback versions - in these extremely tough economic times, it's just not fair to your fans.  I hope your publishers have a change of heart regarding this issue.

Posted On 08-19-2009 9:45 PM
Name: shirlee harris
City/State or Province: sikeston, missouri
Country: usa
Comment: hi mary, i have read almost all of you books, and have thouroughly enjoyed every one of them. i always look forward to your next book.thank you for many happy hours of reading. shirlee

Posted On 08-19-2009 6:59 PM
Name: Rita Martinez
City/State or Province: Los Angeles, Calif.
Country: USA
Comment: Mary, I have enjoyed all the books written by you that I've been able to acquire. I know a good thing when I see it, so your series, connected stories, and misc. others are now a part of my collection. They are re-readable. My favorite is Slightly Dangerous. Wulfric gets what he deserves...a great love from a woman to treasure. Your books are so easy to read and  enjoyable.  I have printed booklists with checkmarks on the ones I own; perhaps someday I'll have all or at least most of them. Thanks from a fan.

Posted On 08-19-2009 5:45 PM
Name: Debbie Goldstein
City/State or Province: Fairfield, Ct.
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary: I was so happy to see your updated web site. I absolutely can't wait to read Constantine's story. But I am even more excited about Gwen's story! I have always thought there was a wonderful story behind Gwen and had wondered if you would ever write it. You are such a marvelous writer and your books have brought much joy into my life. Thanks so much. Debbie

Posted On 08-18-2009 11:06 AM
Name: Pramasha Manoj
City/State or Province: Dubai
Country: United Arab Emirates
Comment: Dear Madam,

I love your books and I try to get as many as I can. I have read all of your novels, I hav laid my hands on. I really love the way you tell the story. the plot, writting style.....everything is exquisite. My work schedule is really hectic, nevertheless I find time to read your books. I really feel relieved to reach the end of a book but disappointed as well, because I have to wait until i have get the next...


I really admire your works, I have just printed out a list and am ticking off all the novels I have and putting the rest in my purse to look out for.


Keep up the good work and keep writting.


God bless you.


Yours truly,


Pramasha Manoj

Posted On 08-15-2009 7:13 PM
Name: Raewyn Owens
City/State or Province: Melbourne
Country: Australia
Comment: Hi Mary,
I have just finished reading "It happened one night"  Thankyou for coming up with this idea and finding writers to share in its creation.  So enjoyed reading all the stories with a similar plot themes but such unique stories.  Such a fantastic concept, thanks!  Have you thought of doing any more?

I have been a fan of Stephanies for a while and am now searching for more of your books as I so enjoyed reading Spellbound. 

Posted On 08-15-2009 8:57 AM
Name: Chris Seybold
City/State or Province: Slidell, La
Country: USA
Comment: I have been a fan for many years and have hoarded your books, therefore I have most of them.  Re-releases have really helped build up my cache, but I was wondering if The Trysting Place olr The Constant Heart will ever be re-released.  I actually have never read The Trysting Place and as for The Constant Heart, I think it got lost in one of my many moves.  My sister and I share a passion for your books and trade back and forth, but neither of us has either one of these.  As an English teacher who escapes into the world of fantasy after days of Puritan literature, Huck Finn, etc. (not that they're not good, but I think you get my drift) I enjoy my down time with your heroes and heroines because they seem so real. Please continue to write in your inimitable style; it keeps the rest of us mortals going.

Posted On 08-14-2009 10:48 AM
Name: Maryellen Webber
City/State or Province: Lawrenceville, GA
Country: USA
Comment: I just finished THE GILDED WEB and I just about cried at the end when I thought Alex was truly going to

leave Edmund.  Thanks for a great ending and for writing such enjoyable stories.  As a mother of an autistic son

I need an escape and your books definitely provide that for me.  Thank you.  I enjoyed reading your bio and loved

the pictures of your family.

If you are ever in need of some warm weather, come to Georgia.  It's HOT down here! :)

-Maryellen Webber

Posted On 08-13-2009 3:22 AM
Name: Kara
City/State or Province: upstate SC
Country: USA

Posted On 08-09-2009 12:00 AM
Name: Monica
City/State or Province: Ottawa, Ontario
Country: Canada
Comment: Hello, Ms Balogh. I'm new to the romance genre - this at age 49!

Two of the first books I read are 'Devil's Web', which I liked very much, and 'The Gilded Web', which is my absolute favourite (I've read about ten or so novels now). Really, I loved 'The Gilded Web'. I plan to read 'Web of Love', but am really looking forward to 'A Promise of Spring'. I'm intrigued by the story of Grace Howard and Sir Perry Lampman! The only problem is that it is very difficult to get hold of. I found some used paperback copies available on the Chapters/Indigo website for a whopping $42.56. And unfortunately it's not available at any of the libraries in Ottawa. Do you have any suggestions of where in Canada I could get hold of a copy? I checked Amazon's U.S. site, and the book is also selling for over $40.

Thanks for the great writing. I had always been a snob when it came to the romance genre, thinking the writing was probably not very good and that the story lines were no doubt beyond corny. Not so, as it turns out! I'm enjoying your books, am planning on reading more than just the ones above, but this series (Raines/Purnell) is so good...  I was really moved by 'The Gilded Web'! I love Alexandra and Edmund.

Anyways, cheers, and best of luck with your writing.

Posted On 08-08-2009 12:23 PM
Name: Lubna
City/State or Province: Mumbai
Country: India
Comment: Love your books and the i so love the way you bring your characters to life! Keep Writing !!

Posted On 08-07-2009 1:58 PM
Name: Theresa
City/State or Province: Las Vegas, Nevada
Country: US Of A
Comment: Dear Ms. Balogh,

I just finished the fourth book in the Huxtable Series, "Seducing an Angel.   I read in your upcoming books that in 2011 will be Con's book.  However the 2010 date and 2011 date confused me.  Please clarify that for me so I'll know how long I have to wait.  This is such a Great Series, Thank you for the many hours of enjoyment you've given me.



AUTHOR NOTE: Constantine's story, A SECRET AFFAIR, will be out at the end of June, 2010 in hardcover. It will be out in May, 2011 in paperback.

Posted On 08-06-2009 1:13 PM
Name: Emily
City/State or Province: Houston, TX
Country: USA
Comment: I am just curious as to what you mean in your bio when you say that you are also a cantor.


I hope you are getting the hot summer you were longing for.



Posted On 08-06-2009 12:54 PM
Name: Sandra Camilleri
Country: Malta
Comment: Dear Mary,

You have a special talent for making the characters seem so real and weaving stories that are so heart touching like Secrets of the Heart. I have to confess that after reading this title I have moved on to other titles such as More than a Mistress and No Man's Mistress. They are all fantastic! :)

I have to confess to one big disappointment though. I have been searching for some of your older books such as The Notorious Rake, The Temporary Wife, Dancing with Clara, The Ungrateful Governess and many more, and have found them all to be out of print and so out of stock!!! Please (begging)..... Is there a possibility that these titles will come in print again? (I'm keeping my fingers crossed while hoping for a positive answer)



Posted On 08-05-2009 10:22 PM
Name: Donna Sapiano
City/State or Province: Ottawa, Ontario
Country: Canada
Comment:  Hello Mary.


My twin sister arrived in Ottawa for a visit this week and when we were settled in my living room with a glass of wine she began to tell me about a wonderful man with a quick wit and a twinkle in his eye that often visits her at her part time job in Regina at Starbucks.  She continued to describe him and told me that when he mentioned his wife, he said that she writes Romance novels.  He was very proud and offered to bring a signed copy for Patsy, (my sister) and the other girls. At this point I was thinking it was some woman that dabbled in writing and had somehow managed to get a book published.   Patsy offered to show it to me.   I was preparing to be polite and make a fuss about her autographed copy, since that is what good sisters do.  I was absolutely flabbergasted when she pulled out a book by Mary Balogh !!


My mouth hung open for a moment.  I began to ramble, and then I asked in a rather sharp disciplinary voice, “Do you know who this is?”  How could my twin sister not know who you are!   She’s obviously an amateur at reading Romance.  I continue to tease her and retell this story to anyone that will listen. 


Then I had a fit.


I could not believe my eyes when she showed me a copy of “One Night for Love” signed by yours truly.   I’m a historical Romance addict and immediately launched into a mini lecture on your different series, the Slightly Series being one of my favorites.  I then blathered on and on about your books and how I have begun to collect the hard cover copies because I like to reread them.  I’m afraid my frugal Saskatchewan upbringing has me searching used books stores for the hard copies.  Sorry.


I read mostly library books because my health is a bit crazy with a rare autoimmune disease. When I’m not doing very well I have hours and hours of down time to fill with reading. I browse and order my books online and the library delivers and picks them up as a community service.   I have no late fees and I can keep them as long as I want.  The library often waits to collect an entire series for me if they notice my online request has a number of books from the same author. 


Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how excited I was to have indirectly met you and your mischievous husband, through my twin sister.  He told my sister, when she asked,  that he is indeed the inspiration for all of your leading men and I like to think he is.    He definitely has their sense of humour.



This is not much of a guest book posting, more a thank you note for taking me away to those wonderful places with your colourful characters, their ridiculous social restrictions and their happy endings.  You are a wonderful writer.  I remain in awe of your accomplishments.  You have been blessed with a gift. 



Gotta go.  I’m in the middle of “One Night for Love!”



Donna Sapiano






Posted On 08-05-2009 10:30 AM
Name: Elaine Carlini-Davis
City/State or Province: Ormond Beach, FL
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,

I enjoyed "Seducing an Angel" very much. Stephen is really a practical man. Nothing makes him hide his head in the sand. He and Cassandra make a great protagonists. She's tough, too.

You must be tough also. Four books publlished in such a short time. In your photos you always look so sererne and composed, but your fingers and hands must be moving non-stop to get four quality books out in a few short months.  

I hope you are enjoying some well-deserved  vacation time. Thanks for writing this charming series.


Elaine C.

Posted On 08-04-2009 7:51 PM
Name: Theresa Pittman
City/State or Province: West Monroe, LA
Country: United States
Comment: I just discovered your books and I love them. I am looking forward to reading many more.

Posted On 08-01-2009 3:14 AM
Name: Paula Johnson
City/State or Province: Daleville, AL
Country: USA
Comment: I started supporting my local library and of course read all the authors I knew.  However, our library is small and I quickly ran out of books for those authors.  I decided I would start at the A's and just see what I found.  Well needless to say I have not gotten off the B's!  They only had a few of your books however, and I was hooked.  I loaned them to my sister to read and she was hooked also!  So, we have been driving Books-A-Million and Barnes and Noble crazy.  I have printed the list of books you have and I plan on reading every one of them! 

The 3 stories that you have coming out I have been so hoping for!  Especially Constantine!!  My sister and I just knew you couldn't leave him out! 

Your stories are wonderful and I love the series!  A lot of writers just give you one book and there are so many questions about other characters in your mind when you are finished reading them.  I love that you give us more and then even start a new series with "minor" characters from a previous series! 

Can't wait for the new ones and to read the already published ones that I have missed!

Posted On 07-31-2009 8:11 PM
Name: Cassandra
City/State or Province: Virginia
Country: United States
Comment: I have been reading the Huxtable series.  These are the first romance novels that I have ever read and I am very impressed.  I can't wait to read Con's story!  I think the tentative title you have sounds perfect.  While I am waiting for that book, I plan on reading some of your previous novels.  I think I am going to start with the simply series. 

Posted On 07-31-2009 3:39 PM
Name: Sugako Sezan
City/State or Province: Camas, WA
Comment: I purchased all the Slightly series ( Bedwyns) and all the Simply series from Barnes & Nobles, and finished the Slightly series in less than 2 weeks!!! I couldn't wait for the Wulfric's story and it was just amazing!!! I loved it!!! My husband and my daughters tease me and say that I am obsessed with your books, and I am proud to say that I am!!! :) Now I'm on the first fook of Simply series and can't wait!! I also went on the Barnes & Nobles to purchase More than a mistress, No Man's mistress, secret Pearl, so that I'll have books to take it with me to our vacation in California in a week. I have a feeling that I'll be done with all the Simply series and that I'll have nothing to read in California!! I also pre-ordered Precious Jewel. Please continue with your amazing story telling, I'm your forever fan!!! I'm afraid I have all your books and nothing to read for this coming fall. : (

Posted On 07-31-2009 4:45 AM
Name: Alexandra
City/State or Province: Moscow
Country: Russian Federation
Comment: Hello, Mary! Thank you for you magic books! Then I'm in sorrow, tired, bored, angry or other negative, I take your books and after couple ours I feel much more joy of life :) I read every your book, which I can buy in my town :) Thank you 1000 times!!!

Posted On 07-30-2009 5:35 PM
Name: Cristy
Email Address: Cristy DeFeudis
Comment: Mary,

I love your books!  I can't seem to put them down.  I would love to see one of your books turned into a movie.  Do you expect that might happen?


Posted On 07-30-2009 9:40 AM
Name: Denise B
City/State or Province: Plainfield New Jersey
Country: United States
Comment: I'm truly a HUGH fan. I just finished reading the Huxtable series and I'm on pins and needles waiting for Con story to be release.

Posted On 07-28-2009 6:24 PM
Name: Elena
Country: France
Comment: Mary,

You really have to write the story of Angeline and her husband Heyward. And PLEASE make it as good as, say, the wulfrick story ! I'm so much looking forward to read it soon.

thank you

Posted On 07-28-2009 9:04 AM
Name: Kalina
City/State or Province: PA
Country: USA
Comment: I just finished the Huxtable series and am on pins & needles to find out more about Con.  Can I expect his story to be next?  Thanks for the entertainment!

Posted On 07-26-2009 9:26 PM
Name: Jeanne Hines
City/State or Province: Baytown,Texas 77520
Country: USA
Comment: I loved the huxtables and I am glad Con will get his story.I have read all of your books and look forward to the next.

Posted On 07-26-2009 5:11 PM
Name: Kristina H.
City/State or Province: Saratoga Springs, UT
Country: USA
Comment: I have recently become a huge fan!!!  I just finished the Huxtable series, (all 4), and am eagerly waiting Constantine's story.  (I am very happy that you are writing it!)   I have just started the "Simply" Series, and hope to find it just as compelling. 

Thank you for making your women strong and talented, with brains and opinions.  Many historical novels include heriones that lack backbone or very little of personality.  I enjoy seeing how a woman's lust can change a man as strongly as the other way around.

Posted On 07-25-2009 3:03 PM
Name: Taylor
City/State or Province: Nevada
Country: USA
Comment: I absolutely love the "Slightly" series. I am almost done with all of them. I am so excited to read about Wulfric Bedwyn. He is going to be very interesting!

Anyway, they have been a treat to read. I alove every single one of the characters and their story! I will definitely have to look for more to read!! 

Posted On 07-24-2009 10:21 AM
Name: Moe
City/State or Province: Newcastle /KZN
Country: South Africa

Hi Mary, a friend of mine has given me the “Slightly” series to read.  I love every one of them.  Freyja, what a character!!  My favourite though was the last, Wulfric’s story, just to see Wulfric out of his normal character was hilarious.  Your books are captivating and it transports the reader to that time, forgetting reality.  The Bedwyn’s have been a treat to discover and they will always be imprinted in my heart.  I’m sure I was born in the wrong century;  I love the times you write about.  Thank you for your wonderful talent.



Posted On 07-23-2009 11:19 AM
Name: Judy Prestenbach
City/State or Province: Lafitte
Country: Louisiana
Comment: Hi Mary,

I was recently introduced to the Huxtable family in which I read very quickly. I was wondering if you will write a book about Constatine Huxtable? He always seamed like such a mystery.Thank you for keeping me so intertained



Posted On 07-22-2009 10:13 AM
Name: Glynis Platt
City/State or Province: Manchester
Country: England
Comment: Why is it taking so long for your newest series of books to become available in the UK? I ordered them on Amazon which originally said they would be available in early August 2009. Now the site is not showing them available until Spring/Summer 2010. Why do British fans have to wait so long?

Glynis, Manchester

Posted On 07-21-2009 12:58 PM
Name: Mary B
City/State or Province: ponchatoula, la
Country: usa
Comment: I really enjoyed the Huxtable series. I read all 4 books in 4 days, could not put them down. When wil the hardcover of the next book be out?

Posted On 07-20-2009 8:18 PM
Name: Shirley Hendrickson
City/State or Province: Tennessee
Country: USA
Comment: I was very disappointed to see the last book in hardcover. I will not buy this book because of the cost. It is so sad  to read all but the last. I truely wish it was in paperback like all the rest. I will not buy ant more of your series book as you might decide to put the last in hard cover a a high cost in this economy. Carly Phillips did the same thing with her first series and I have never again read one of her books.  Thanks for the enjoyment up to this point.  Shirley

Posted On 07-18-2009 10:25 PM
Name: Nastassia
City/State or Province: St.Catherine
Country: Jamaica
Comment: I am a fan of your work , I totally love your books , one that I especially love at moment is Silent Melody , it really touched me . I am just so glad that my cousin introduced me to your books because I know I would have missed out on some great books . I like your website as well and the pictures of your family , I found it interesting knowing about the person who rights such amazing books . There is not one book I have read from you that I  disliked , I loved all of them . Thanks for all the great reads.

Posted On 07-18-2009 2:10 AM
Name: Clare Brett
City/State or Province: Vancouver BC
Country: Canada
Comment: Dear Mary, I want to thank you for the many years of pleasure your books have given me. It seems such a long time ago that I picked up my first Mary Balogh book in a second hand bookstore on Main Street... and never looked back since. I devour your books as soon as they come out and am always waiting with bated breath til the next. It's also such a treasure that you are from Saskatchewan. When my family arrived in Canada, my mother's first job was teaching in a one room school in Eagle Hills. I remember children coming to school on horseback. We had no running water, my first playmates were gophers just outside the schoolhouse. I'm reading the Huxtable series with great enjoyment and look forward to Constantine's story. Bright days Clare

Posted On 07-17-2009 1:21 PM
Name: Stephanie Parker
City/State or Province: Traverse City, Michigan
Country: USA
Comment: Hello Mary, I stumbled across your book "Slightly Scandalous" at our library, and had a hard time putting it down. Your characters are so full of life, and I love the period of time you write in. I always believed that I was born in the wrong century, or perhaps reincarnated!  (As I am sure there are thousands of us out there!) That book was an absolute joy to read, and every evening, I looked forward to going to bed early after putting my 2 children to bed (ages 3 and 1)  just so I could settle down with a hot cup of tea and your book. I am really looking forward to reading more of your work.

It was very interesting to read how you got into the writing business, as I am dabbling at doing writing myself, mainly childrens books perhaps, or else a novel based on my wonderful life, and all of the crazy twists and turns that have come to pass.  You are an inspiration, and I can't wait to read some more!!  

Stephanie Parker 

Posted On 07-17-2009 7:43 AM
Name: Eman
City/State or Province: Cairo
Country: Egypt
Comment: Dear Mary... I think that you may be a bit surprised that  someone in Egypt writes to you, but I could not help but tell you how much your stories touch my soul. They are not just frivolous love tales with a touch of love scenes & a happily ever-after, but they really go in depth of the human nature with all its contradictions and contraries. What really makes your stories stand out among others is that everyone of them gives you a glimpse of life's  real fabric with all its myriad colours and for brief moments in life one can forget his own with all its difficulties. Thank you for those precious moments snatched from life


Posted On 07-14-2009 6:39 PM
Name: Alison Vanderbrug
City/State or Province: Iowa
Country: USA
Comment: Mary -

I love all your books but I'm especially fond the the early one. As a Graphic Designer, I frequently pick books whose covers catch my eye. Today while I was rereading Web of Love I noticed something odd about the cover. There seems to be an error in the front cover layout - the cover designer failed to capitalize the L in "Love". I flipped though all your other books to see if it was intentionally not capitalized but your Web, Slightly and Simply series all use a small caps convention and beautiful hand lettered typestyle. This same error can also be found on the cover of Simply Love, the only other place the letters "Lo" appear on a cover. This may seem like a small detail but so many people pick books based on the covers and when you look at these two somehting just seems slighty off about them. I thought you would like to know as your books covers are how you represent yourself to potential readers.

Thank You - Alison

Posted On 07-13-2009 10:31 PM
Name: Vivian
City/State or Province: WI
Country: USA
Comment:  Hi Mary,

I found Seducing an Angel at our local library and absolutely loved it. I feel like I knew the characters well as you opened their thoughts, secret longings, defenses, and personalities.You have an amazing talent for making it real in the sense that these characters from long ago have the same thoughts and patterns as we do in 2009.Since then I read the Pearl and loved it, but my last book I read was A Summer to Remember. Fantastic !

I am now searching for all your books and thank you for sharing your talents with us .We  can enjoy these  romantic historic trips into  the world  of excitement, danger, and resolution of conflict within different personalities. I love the way you draw us in to the plot. You are an exciting read!!! Thank you!!

Posted On 07-12-2009 6:57 PM
Name: Faye
City/State or Province: Denver, Colorado
Country: USA
Comment: We love your books. We just finished the Slightly series, after reading the Simply series first. I think the Simply books are some of the most magically romantic I have ever read. I came to the web site to encourage you to do a book about Gwen, Lady Muir, and am happy to see that that is in the works. We also think that Chastity, Joshua's cousin, has a story that must be told. She is a lady of strength and character, and the thought of Freya sponsoring her season in London and dealing with suitors is delightful. Thank you..

Posted On 07-12-2009 6:41 PM
Name: sheryl smith
City/State or Province: newnan, georgia
Country: usa
Comment: Dear Mary...I am thrilled that todays age of technology allows me to tell you for myself how much I enjoy your books!  To be totally honest, I have just recently purchased my first three books, those being the first of four about the Huxtables...Margaret, Vanessa, Katherine, and Stephen Huxtable.  Unfortunately, when I came across the series in the nearby store (Food Lion), The 4th one wasn't there... "Seducing an Angel" Stephen's Story.  I have read the first two (in a weeks time!!) And I started on the third one just today, but I'm slightly annoyed because I don't have the last one in this series to complete the "rest of the story", to borrow a saying from Paul Harvey, so to speak. I shall certainly be on an "eagle-eyed" search for the last one, but I will also make it a point to obtain more of your books! You are an excellent author and I just can't seem to put your books down.  I spent 15 years in the Army, and I most certainly know what a "mission" is, so you can rest assured that I have a new mission at hand and that is to get and read your books!  Thank you for being a writer!

Posted On 07-12-2009 4:46 PM
Name: Birgit
City/State or Province: Rüsselsheim
Country: Germany
Comment: I just have read the first three books of the Huxtable family within a week and haven't been able to put them down. They are remarkable! I cried and I laughed a great deal. I have ordered "Seducing an Angel" and can't wait it to be delivered so I can start reading. I am sure I will enjoy this book, too.

Posted On 07-11-2009 11:50 PM
Name: Debbie
City/State or Province: Norwood
Country: us
Comment: Dear Mary, I have just finished the fourth book of The Huxtable family series,they were wonderful,I really enjoyed getting to know the characters. I know there is a wait till we gets Con's story. It will be a long wait for me. I have been trying to figure out Con's story since I read the first book.  He seems to be a very intense character and one you no doubt had a great time developing. I can't wait to see if any of my ideas about him and what he is suppose to have done, are correct. It is always such a hard time waiting, but it has been added to my list of books to keep a look out for its arrival in the book stores. Thank you for the many hours of enjoyable reading and escape into another time. You have such a wonderful gift and thank you for sharing it with us. Debbie O.

Posted On 07-09-2009 5:38 PM
Name: Sandy
City/State or Province: Lakeland, Tn.
Comment: I have to say I love your books;  however I would love to see you bring back characters from previous books such as "The Secret Pearl".  I would love to see a new epilogue at the end of "The Secret Pearl" to find out if the duke and Fluer got married and had kids.  You have wonderful series books.   The fact that you continue with a story in a new book is great.  I love finding out what happened to the characters later on in their lives.

Posted On 07-08-2009 9:10 AM
Name: Anne
Country: UK
Comment: Hi Mary

Having finished reading the Huxtable series, like many others, I am impatiently waiting the Con's story.  I really like him and it was obvious from the start that Elliot had misunderstood him and what was going on.  But, Mary, how long will the citizens of the UK have to wait for this final instalment.  As you know, we have to wait lots longer than the USA market and I so want to see what happens next.  I am re-reading the series from the beginning and then I suppose will have to console myself with the Slightly and Simply series until I am able to buy.

So glad you keep getting the ideas for stories Mary.  You are still my favourite.

Anne in UK

Posted On 07-08-2009 8:45 AM
Name: Meredith
City/State or Province: Pittsburgh, PA
Country: USA
Comment: As an avid reader, I usually pick books with murder and mystery.  However, on the advice of my librarian sister I read "At last comes love".  When I finished with the book I instantly felt that at last I found characters that I can love.  It took me only three days to read the others in that series.  Quickly followed by "A Summer to Remember", I became hooked and made a quick run to the bookstore to buy every book of yours they had on the shelf.  I have always preferred reading series, as it allows me to feel as though I know the characters in the story.  I can only try to pace myself and hope that I don't finish the stack of your books to quickly.  Thank you for staying with the characters you create, that dedication is what sets you above other authors.

Posted On 07-07-2009 6:51 PM
Name: shelley
City/State or Province: connecticut
Country: usa
Comment: Mary,

I enjoyed Seducing an Angel very much, and can't wait for Con's story!  I really liked the fact that you put in a visit to his brother's gravesite at the end.  That scene hooked me in from the first Huxtable book.  Also, while reading about the peerages of England, I saw that females can usually inherit through the Baron peerages.  How about Con meeting a female with her own title?  And for a title, I would suggest "Give the Devil his Due".

I am looking forward to 2010 and also to reading a reprint of A Counterfeit Bethrotal.

Keep up the great work!


Posted On 07-06-2009 8:16 PM
Name: Debby H
City/State or Province: Bladensburg, Maryland
Country: USA
Comment: Wow!!   I just don't know what to say.  I just recently finished the Huxtable series and could keep from wanting more.  I can't wait for Con's story and will have to read the Simply and Slightly or others over the summer until it is released.  I just became a listener of your books on mp3 and look forward to listening to more of your work.  I think you are a wonderful writer that entertains with inspiration, romance, courage and just down right good books.  You have sold me on becoming a big fan and I am sorry to say that I am late in the game on jumping on the bandwagon to your works.  I have arrived now and will continue into the future.  Keeping the books coming and much success to you.

Posted On 07-04-2009 3:30 PM
Name: Debbie Johnson
City/State or Province: Carterville IL
Country: USA
Comment: Even though I find myself re-reading the whole "Slightly" series again this summer, (still my all time favorite series from any author) I have kept up with your latest books, and am glad we will be finding all the questions you have left us concerning Con.  He has many layers to him, doesn't he?  I appreciate also the love you let Con show through to his brother... I know how very much he loved his special brother.  I miss my " special" sister every day.

Posted On 07-03-2009 4:29 PM
Name: Dawn Mayo
City/State or Province: chattanooga, tennessee
Country: usa
Comment: I cannot wait for Con's story! I have greatly enjoyed reading the Huxtable series this spring and summer! Now I find out I have to wait a whole year for Con!! Thanks so much for all the reading enjoyment you produce for us, your fans!

Posted On 07-02-2009 11:07 AM
Name: Jessica
City/State or Province: Belcamp, MD
Country: United States
Comment: Mrs. Balogh,

I am 26 years old and I have fallen in love with your books, you are a great author and all of your books are original. I read the Slightly, Simply, and the most recent Huxtable series'. I found they are all different in there own way and even if you do not read them in order you do not really give away what happens in the books. I think that you are so talented, one pet peeve I have with most authors is that once you read two or three of thier books all of the others are the same (not taking away from their ability to write a novel I know it is hard work). I believe that is when you became my favorite because your novels are not like that. I almost cried reading The Devils Web, as I so related to Madeline. I am trying to go back and read all of your other books as well. I have had a lot of sleepless nights, because when I start a book of yours I just can not put it down.  Thank you for filling in the empty void that I find I have, your novels just takes the feelings away. They take me to another time and place where I can be someone else. 


P.S. I just started No Man's Mistress and I can not wait to find all of your other books so I can enjoy those as well.  

Posted On 07-02-2009 11:00 AM
Name: Amy Koerner
City/State or Province: Jackson, TN
Country: USA
Comment: Mary:  I have loved all your books and especially the Huxtable series.  I have shared with my sisters and we both loved them.  We are anxious for Con's story to come out.  In reading some of your info, it states that his story may be called, "Taming the Devil" and would be out in June in hardback (may 2011 in paperback).  I have not seen it nor is it posted on your website.  Could you please tell me when you expect to release his story?  I am sure there are others on her that would love to know too!

Thanks and keep bring us great books! 

AUTHOR NOTE: The Upcoming Books page on my web site will show that Constantine's story is due out at the end of June, 2010.

Posted On 07-02-2009 8:54 AM
Name: Amanda Cornell
City/State or Province: Abilene, Kansas
Country: USA
Comment: Mary you are such a wonderful storyteller and your characters absolutely take on a life of their own. I have been reading Historical Romance novels for many years and it's amazing the places you can go as a reader right along with characters of the books. I have read the first three of the Huxtable Series and they are incredible. I liked reading them so much that I have decided to try and write my own Historical Romance novel. It may never be read worldwide but it is a wonderful challenge. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us and I look forward to many more books.


Posted On 06-27-2009 3:06 PM
Name: Eileen Sullivan
City/State or Province: Springfield, MA
Country: USA
Comment: Mary,  I just had to send you a note to tell you haow much I enjoyed the Huxtable series.  I was happy that I had the first three when I started, so for two days I read and enjoyed.  I didn't think you would ever top the Bedwyns, but you came very close.  I particularly loved the male characcters in all three books and I have ordered the fourth and can't wait to lose myself for another day!  I always know when I see your name on a book, I am in for a real treat.  Summer To Remember is still my all time favorite book.  Keep up the good work, Sincerely, Eileen

Posted On 06-25-2009 8:53 PM
Name: Joan Denton
City/State or Province: Omaha, Nebreaska
Country: U.S.A
Comment: Dear Mrs. Balogh,

I am impressed with your writing and story telling and have read all your available books..  Just finished Seducing an Angel.  Loved the story, and enjoyed each story about the Huxtable family.  I am glad that you include all of them in each of the books.  It is a pleasure to read your books, and I always am on alert for your new titles.

A good friend of mine and fellow fan of yours just finished Angel and mentioned that she hoped you would write the story of Con.  I agree with her and hope that you will write at least one more of that family and focus on Con.  He needs love, joy, and a happy ending.  You cannot leave him out there all alone when the rest of the family have all found love and happiness.  He is a very intriguing character with much mystery surrounding him.  What woman will end up loving him?  You must tell us!!!  I can't stand the suspense!

Thank you for many happy hours of reading.  In 2007, I had four major surgeries, and that is when I found you as an author.  Your books made my recoveries much more pleasant.

Joan Denton

Posted On 06-25-2009 6:52 PM
Name: misty
City/State or Province: west columbia
Country: united states
Comment: Thank you for all your hard work. I love your books so much that I have cleared a whole shelf just for your books. Thank you misty

Posted On 06-24-2009 2:36 PM
Name: Sarah Mueller
City/State or Province: Apalachin, NY
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,

I just wanted to send you a note to say thank you for your work.  I was out shopping last year when Claudia Martin's story had just been released to stores and they had a large display set up so I thought I would check it out.  I had never read anything of yours before.  I had it finished the next day and quickly got my hands on all the other "Simply" books.  Then, to my delight, I found that there were stories for all of the Bedwyns and so I bought and read them.  I love how descriptive you are with your characters and I fall in love with their stories each time.  I am happy to hear that you will be writing about Constantine's story and will be sure to have it as soon as it is out.  Thank you again for being such a wonderful storyteller and keeping love challenging, not happily-ever-after.

Posted On 06-24-2009 10:04 AM
Name: Sheena
City/State or Province: Pensacola, Florida
Country: USA
Comment: OMG! I just recently discovered your books and I LOVE them (I have never read romance novels before but I am a fan now). I started reading the Huxtable quintets at the beginning of May and finished them all with in the week.  I saw how someone posted earlier about reading while driving.  I really did do that (your books are so addicting). I know Con's story should be out at the end of the month but, is there an exact date yet (i am having a very hard time being patient)?

Posted On 06-23-2009 1:28 PM
Name: Melissa
City/State or Province: Springboro, Ohio
Country: USA
Comment: I have loved your books since almost 20 years ago, when I first discovered them.  I think Courting  Julia was one of the first I read, and it is still among my favorites.  My very favorite used to be Longing, but now I would have to say that it has been replaced in this status by Slightly Dangerous.  In the latter, Wulfric's character is very like that of someone who is a treasure to me.  Reading about Wulf's interactions, his detachment, his apparent mask, and the intensity of emotion which is so carefully hidden reminds me so much of the similar individual in my life.  One part of your story which made me wonder if I am misunderstanding something about MY Wulfric is when it is explained that your Wulf does not, after all, wear a mask, but simply has two different strong aspects of his character.  It is saying something indeed if you have been able to figure this out about this type of personality!  You showed such understanding of, and insight into, Wulfric (and my treasured friend).  Thank you for all the wonderful stories.

Posted On 06-23-2009 9:40 AM
Name: Charlene Franklin
City/State or Province: San Antonio, Tx
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mrs. Balogh:

It has recently became an obsession of mine to read nothing but historical romances. And I have read many differnt authors and I have to say you have became a favorite. But I would like to know what about Cecily and Charlotte (from the Huxtable family books). Do their stories get told as well? I would very much like to know what becomes of them and I look forward to meeting new characters (in upcoming books and in some of your earlier works as yet to be read).

Posted On 06-23-2009 8:59 AM
Name: Sue Levish
City/State or Province: Sarver, Pa.
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,

You are such a fabulous story teller.  Keep  up the great work.  I logged onto the website to see who is selling "Seducing an Angel".  I've read all of the other Huxtable family stories and am pleased to see that there will be a story about Constantine.

Thank you for the many hours of enjoyment you have given me.


Posted On 06-23-2009 1:15 AM
Name: Zarina
City/State or Province: Kuala Lumpur
Country: Malaysia
Comment: Dear Ms Balogh

I have just started reading your books and enjoyed it very much.  While reading the lines, I felt like I was at the place, at every scene and watching the love birds.  No words can express my real feeling.  Among my favourite books are Slightyly Dangerous and First Comes Marriage. And I am looking forward to read the sequal of books written by you.

I am a big fan of yours.

Yours sincerely




Posted On 06-21-2009 8:05 AM
Name: Richard Hardison
City/State or Province: Nashville, TN
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary Balogh,

I won't list all of my favorite books you've written (unless you have a ghost-writer you know all of them), but I have enjoyed each and everyone of them. You are one of the special few whose books can be read again and again and I, or my daughter have most of your books. I have paperbacks, hardcover and Audible audio books and now my beautiful Kindle 2 (her name is Jane). You, or your publisher has taken away Jane's voice and now when I'm driving to work and trying to finish reading one of your books I have to prop my book on the steering wheel to read. Other drivers on my morning commute seem to take offence at this (cowards all) probably never having read one of your books they can't understand our passion. Jane is not the best reader in the world, certainly not up to the standards of Audible artists (I will buy audio books because of a reading talent instead of the author--not Mary Balogh books of course, I always buy your books because of you). I'm 59 years old and I don't expect the publishing world to adapt to new technology in my lifetime (Random House still uses monks to hand letter their books I believe), but  Amazon has a text-to-speech function which will read to us when needed. Not a replacement for audio books-if I were a voice talent I would be extremely annoyed that publishers would compare me to a computer voice. I will continue to read my Mary Baloghs till I can't reads no more, but if you could give my sweet, slightly stupid, but endearing Jane back her voice I would be eternally in your debt. (If you ever come to Nashville stay off the roads during never know if the latest Balogh is out...)

Posted On 06-18-2009 5:16 PM
Name: Maria
City/State or Province: Chelmsford, MA
Country: USA




I have read so many of your books.  This latest Huxtable series  was excellent.  I especially enjoyed FIRST COMES MARRIAGE.  I have read and kept every short story that you have published in anthologies.  You have a special talent for that format and for making the characters come to live in such a short format.    I am a full time attorney, managing a small law firm, I am a wife and mother of twins who are five years old this year.  I don’t have that much time to read just for pleasure, but whenever your stories are on the shelf, I am there and I find the time.  I look forward to more.  Thank you for sharing your talent.






Posted On 06-18-2009 1:36 PM
Name: Nicole
Email Address: Vasquez
City/State or Province: YORK
Country: UK
Comment: Hello Mary (if I may)

Since picking up the simply series I hadn't read a book since I was 17 (i'm 30 now) and now I haven't been able to put them down!

I just wanted to leave a short note to say Thankyou for giving me the pleasure!


Best Regards


Posted On 06-18-2009 9:50 AM
Name: Julie
City/State or Province: Toronto,Ontario
Country: Canada
Comment: Dear Mrs Balogh

    I am a recent convert to your books. I started with Simply Magic in October 2008 and then went on a quest to find anything of yours that was on the bookshelves. Thanks to The World's Biggest Book Store in Toronto, I have bought and read every on of your books that has been in publication since then. I read Seducing an Angel a few weeks ago and can't wait till NEXT YEAR? for Con's story! I simply adore The Bedwyns, my favourite being Wulfric, of course. I tried ordering The Precious Jewel in April, but was told tha I could not because it was to be re-released in November. I can hardly wait. You have certainly found your quickly in my top 5 Ramance Authors along with Jude Devereaux,  Johanna Lindsey, Julie Garwood and Nicole Jordan. Looking forward to seeing much more of your books in my neighbourhood stores soon. Have a Blessed Day.

Posted On 06-17-2009 8:25 PM
Name: Teresa Arrington
City/State or Province: Oxford, Mississippi
Country: USA
Comment: The mailman delivered SEDUCING AN ANGEL today at 11:30 am and I had finished it by 6 pm--LOVED IT!  Actually, I have loved every book of yours that I have ever read.  Like several others, I am looking forward to Con's story.  As soon as Cassandra started referring to Stephen and Con as an angel and a devil, I guessed that's where you would be heading with the next title.  I know Con's story will be great--who can resist a fallen angel?!

Posted On 06-17-2009 3:56 PM
Name: Sugako Sezan
City/State or Province: Camas, WA
Comment: I love the Huxtables!!!! I just finished reading Seducing an Angel, and can't wait until next May, 2010 for Con's story. I couldn't put your books down, I was so addicted!! I was addicted to Bertrice smalls series ( Skye O'Malley, border lords....), and read almost all of her books, but I took a break and decide to find another author and randomly picked you, and I am very content. You are an amazing writer and I am excited to read all of your books!!

Posted On 06-17-2009 1:52 AM
Name: Breanna
Email Address: Oklahoma
City/State or Province: Idabel
Country: USA
Comment: You are a wonderful writer!  Historical romances are my favorite!  Keep up the great work!

Posted On 06-17-2009 12:52 AM
Name: Lori Sabel
City/State or Province: Seattle Washington
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary,

Thank you for all of your hard work I love the Huxtables I`m going to start the 4th book and I`m looking forward to more of you work.

Thanks Again ,Lori

Posted On 06-15-2009 6:14 PM
Name: Gwen
City/State or Province: Isleton, CA
Country: US
Comment: Just finished reading Seducing an Angel - and logged on to ask you to write Con's story.  Imagine my delight to find out it is already written and will be for sale before the end of the month.

I am also pleased to read that you will have some of your early books reprinted.  I will certainly be watching for them.

Author Note: Con's story is due out, in hardcover, at the end of June, 2010. Sorry, sorry, but I need time to write it!

Posted On 06-15-2009 12:12 AM
Name: Lupe
City/State or Province: WY
Country: US
Comment: Dear Mary I just love your books, I just finish reading Seducing an Angel and I'll have to say I like it very much, and I'll be waiting for Constantine story.

Posted On 06-14-2009 10:31 PM
Name: Michelle Whitwam
City/State or Province: Flat Rock, MI
Country: USA
Comment:   I just finished Seducing An Angel and loved it.  I have read every new book you have published for at least the last five years and all the older ones I can find, and am so looking forward to reading Con's story.  Why do we have to wait a year?!  Two quick comments on other posts: first, GO to the library and quit complaining about how much the hardcover costs and second, to the person who did not like Cassandra, give Mary some credit and finish the book.  You will love her and Stephen in the end.

Posted On 06-13-2009 1:30 AM
Name: Lacy
City/State or Province: Diamond Bar, Ca
Country: usa
Comment: Mrs. Balogh,

I've never been a romance novel reader until I came across your books. I've read the Huxtable series and have just finished Simply Magic. I intend to keep reading your books until I've read them all. Thank you for sharing your stories. Reading them has been so satisfying. I miss the characters now and am planning on reading the stories again (after I get them back from my friends).

Not only do I looove your story lines and character development, but I love how your books have stirred up the romantic bug in me. With our busy lives, it's wonderful to curl up and sink into another world. And to be honest, I'm sure my husband would say thank you as well. :) 

Posted On 06-12-2009 9:05 AM
Name: Karen Murphy
City/State or Province: Dallas, Texas
Country: USA
Comment: FINALLY I have found an author that I love as much as I do Kathleen E. Woodiwiss. Since Kathleen's death I have not found another author that matches her writing until now. Of all places, I found your books in my "Sam's Store". Thought I would take a chance by reading your "Simply" books. I am now a fan for life. Thank you for not making the love scenes trashy, but very considerate and sensual and the blending of all the characters flow nicely. The stories are easy to catch on to and you want to zoom through to the end. I look forward to many years of reading your books.

Posted On 06-11-2009 3:54 PM
Name: Lisa
City/State or Province: Virginia
Country: USA
Comment: I have been reading your books for as long as I can remember (and that's a long time).  My mother and I both love your books.  They are all keepers like my Georgette Heyer.  I can't wait to read all the books you have coming out in the future. 

Posted On 06-10-2009 11:03 PM
Name: Christina
Comment: Hello Mary,

I have commented on here once before to tell you what a big fan I am, and how happy I was to discover your books. I have a question. I own most of your books, but there are those that were published some time ago that I can not seem to get online or otherwise. How do I get some of your older books such as "Decieved" or "The First Snowdrop?"


Posted On 06-08-2009 6:47 PM
Name: Jonna
City/State or Province: Jacksonville Tx
Country: US
Comment: Hello--I am a 50-something mother, grandmother, wife, and daughter.  The daughter part is taking care of two really healthy parents--each with Alzheimer's.  Professionally I am a quilter, completing others'  tops with machine quilting.  The two activites-caretaker and quilter-give me lots of stress and PLENTY of time to dwell on it.  For the last year I have been listening to audiobooks while I quilt and find that this really helps me out.  Being able to polish off a book in a day or two while working means I give my mp3 player a real workout.  So it is reasonable to understand that I have become somewhat discriminating in my selection of authors.  Guess what---you win, hands down.  Your ability to create stimulating and authentic characterization as well as interesting and intelligent plotlines just keeps me coming back for more.  Modern novels leave so many odd ends lying around which always gives me a vague sense of unease--what happened to HER? Why did HE do that? know the feeling.  Your novels have conflict resolution without the "pat formula" feeling that I get from lesser gifted authors....! Bravo to you!!

Thanks for what you do-and do so very well--


Posted On 06-08-2009 6:33 PM
Name: Leni Field
City/State or Province: Thousand Oaks, CA
Country: US
Comment: Hi - I've been reading your books for years and have enjoyed every one of them.  What I find most enjoyable is the lack of gratuitous violence.  There are so many ways to develop a story that don't require the inclusion of  violence as many of today's romance writers have done so I thank you for not following that path.  I've kept all of your books (more than 50 on my shelves) and like going back to them when I realize a character in one appeared as a minor character in another.  One of the comments below has me going back to my old copy of Devil's Web to see how Constantine Huxtable fits into that story.  I hope you will have more in audio format (as you have the Huxtable series and the Simply series) - they are a pleasurable companions.

Posted On 06-08-2009 11:20 AM
Name: Sukeshna Singh
City/State or Province: San Lorenzo California
Country: USA
Comment: I have read all two of the Huxtable's First Comes Marriage and At Last Comes Love and I love them both. I am waiting for Stephens story to come out in paper back, the hard cover book is expensive.


I am eagerly waiting to read Constantine  Huxtables story, his character is intriguing and I have a feeling he has secret of his own. I want Constantine to be friends with  Elliot and Vanessa.  Just like Duncan, Con also deserves a second chance to be friends with Elliot and his wife.


I hope Con finds a partner, who is understanding and has been with similar past. I think his story should be more than 500+pages  since  he was in the beginning of the First Comes Marriage and at the ending of Stephen’s story. I hope his story his full with emotions, dramas, revealing of his past and all his secrets along with amending with old friends like Elliot. He has appeared in all of the Huxtable stories, and my heart went out to him when I first read his prologue in First Comes Love. I really want to know what happened, did he really steal, or his he defending or saving someone else?


Posted On 06-08-2009 3:55 AM
Name: Nicole W
City/State or Province: Winnipeg, MB
Country: Canada
Comment: I usually read classic novels; my mother and grandmother are the romance buffs. However one night when I can't sleep my mom reaches behind her to her books that she doesn't want to give away to grandma and gives me a book to read in an attempt to help me sleep. Well, it didn't work. She handed me slightly scandalous and i was up all night reading, it captured my attention right away. Since then I have read all of my mom's books of yours that she kept and even made her buy some that she had already read but hadn't kept so that i could read them. I was going through your list of books just now to see which books i hadn't yet gotten when i realized that i never did get the last book from the web series, the devil's web. So i read the excerpt and that's when i noticed something;  it talks of a Colonel Huxtable within it. I love trying to make connections between the characters in your books so i was just wondering whether there was any connection between him and your newest series on the Huxtables.

Posted On 06-07-2009 10:40 AM
Name: fawdu
Comment: thanks for all the books. i eagerly await the publication of book containing lady muir's tale.

Posted On 06-07-2009 4:41 AM
Name: Nicole W
City/State or Province: Winnipeg, MB
Country: Canada
Comment: I was just wondering whether you ever planned on writing the rest of Jennifer and Lieutenant Penworth's story from The Web of Love.

Posted On 06-06-2009 8:26 PM
Name: Karen Igel
City/State or Province: Lowell, Michigan
Country: USA
Comment: Are you going to be writing a story about Charlotte (Jasper's sister from  Then Comes Seduction)?  I would love to hear her story!

Thanks and keep up the great work!

Posted On 06-05-2009 11:38 PM
Name: judi schimke
City/State or Province: WA
Country: United States
Comment: I am so disappointed in SEDUCING AN ANGEL...Stephen deserves someone better than the scheming Cassandra. I stopped reading on page 33 and I will not read any sad. she is not worth my continuing

Posted On 06-05-2009 3:50 PM
Name: Laurie
City/State or Province: Dearborn, MI
Country: USA
Comment: Why did your publishers decide to print Seducing An Angel in a hardcover edition?  After printing the other three in the series in paperback, it doesn't make sense to me.  Now I have to wait until it comes out in paperback form in order to finish the series because I simply can't afford the $23.00 the local book store wants for it.  I just don't get it, and I'm very disapointed as I was looking forward to this last one in particular.  I have so enjoyed everything else you have written, I hope the wait won't be too long for the paperback.

Posted On 06-05-2009 10:41 AM
Name: Rita
City/State or Province: Somerville, Mass
Country: USA
Comment: Hi, I have recently begun reading your books and am enjoying them quite a bit. I recently acquired an old copy of Dancing With Clara and liked it very much. It seemed that there was a story there with Harriet, and looking at your title list, I was happy to see she did have her own book, but I can't afford the prices your older books are selling for. So I would love to see Harriet's story reprinted --it would make a great double issue with Dancing With Clara. Then maybe I could sell my old copy to get more money to buy new stories!

Posted On 06-03-2009 8:26 PM
Name: afifah
City/State or Province: Kuala Lumpur
Country: Malaysia
Comment: REALLY, REALLY LOVE AT LAST COMES LOVE. Thank you Mary for writing wonderful stories. Huxtables series till now is great;p

Posted On 06-03-2009 6:55 PM
Name: Joyce
City/State or Province: Winterhaven, Fl
Country: USA
Comment: I loved Seducing An Angel   Please write Con's story real soon.  You are a fantastic writer

Posted On 06-02-2009 4:25 PM
Name: Rhonda Jones
City/State or Province: Philadelphia, PA
Country: USA
Comment: I have just read Seducing an Angel one word WONDEFUL.  Stephen was grown up and still had an innocence.  I look forward to Con's book.

Posted On 06-01-2009 7:33 PM
Name: sharry moore
City/State or Province: franklin,ohio
Country: usa
Comment: Just finished reading"Seducing an Angel".I hope you plan a book for Constatine-he is lonely man who needs that special woman.I have all your books and I want to thanks you for letting me live with these wonderful people.

Posted On 05-30-2009 9:35 PM
Name: mary VanSlyck
City/State or Province: elgin, il
Country: usa
Comment:   I just read the woman from Austria. I too love Georgette Heyer.   I urge others to read her books while they wait for more Mary. Having read all Balogh and Heyer  I go back and reread. For those who have not read Mary's backlist you are in for a treat. But read the Heyer to get the flavor of claasic Regency and some Georgian period.   Happy reading.   Mary

Posted On 05-30-2009 2:23 PM
Name: Michaela Lohnecker
City/State or Province: Lower Austria
Country: Austria
Comment: Hi there,

I come from Sydney, Australia, and like you I have ended up falling in love and marrying someone in another country. I have been here for 20 years now and I really love Austria and its people. I teach English here in Austria so my schoolkids end up with my accent! I absolutely love to read and I have always been on the lookout for novels written in English. At first I could only find them in big cities like Vienna or Linz, but thanks to internet, I have found Amazon books which has a huge variety of romance novels written in English, all from my favourite authors. Like you, my mother and I devoured the Georgette Heyer Regency romances and this is the era that I also like. You will laugh - one of the things I packed in to take to Austria after I had made my decision to permanently move to Austria was my complete set of Georgette Heyer romances. I have read them so many times that they are starting to fall apart! 

Anyway, to get to the reason why I am writing to you - over the homepage I recently came across your book The Ideal Wife. The description sounded interesting and so I ordered it. I loved the style of the book so I decided to look for more of your books. I came across the Huxtable quartett, which I ordered and read. Now I am hooked. Since then I have read One Night for Love and A Summer to Remember. After looking into your homepage, I have seen the different series and their connections with each other. I have just ordered the Simply series and the Slightly series as they contain characters where I am dying to find out what happens to them, like Freya (by the way I have a white cat who is called Freya because I live in Austria and she is my Germanic ice princess), Sydnam, the Marquess of Attingsborough and Viscount Whitleaf. I also can't wait to find out about the stories of Stephen, Constantine and Gwen. Keep up the great work - I will look forward to reading more of your books.

Greetings from Austria,

Michaela Lohnecker  

Posted On 05-29-2009 9:27 PM
Name: Mara
City/State or Province: Philadelphia, PA
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Ms. Balogh:  It's a Friday night after a long week, my child's finally asleep, and I'm just about to dive back into "Here Comes Marriage". Love it so far, as I've loved all of your series. Want it to last, so I'm trying to pace myself. Anyway, got to get back to reading, just wanted to say "Thanks so much" for providing such a beautiful, fun, well-written escape with each book. They are so appreciated. (Oh, and write faster -- ha!) Best -- Mara

Posted On 05-26-2009 11:55 PM
Name: Heather Morgan
City/State or Province: New Columbia, Pennsylvania
Country: US
Comment: Mary,

My mother and I love your books. It was only after reading all of the Slightly and the Simply books that I found your website. I can't believe you've been writing for so long and we've only recently found you. I'm excited to go back and try to get a hold of past stories. But I am enjoying the Huxtables too. Not until 2011 for Con's story? I am sure it will be worth the wait.

I love how you've shared yourself with us here. Your family is beautiful and it's obvious you've led a rich and full life. It is comforting and encouraging to know that each of us has more that one story to be told.

I am glad that you sat down after the dishes were done and started that first book. I know I've read a really great story when it draws to a close and I wish I could meet the characters in person. You have never failed to make it so. I would especially like to meet Freyja Bedwyn. She is my kind of lady. Please continue to write and we will continue to read.


Heather Morgan

Posted On 05-26-2009 11:33 AM
Name: Geri Franklin
City/State or Province: Highlands, NJ
Country: USA

I have read all of the new books in the Huxtable series. I can’t wait to read Con’s story!


Posted On 05-26-2009 8:41 AM
Name: Lydia
City/State or Province: Colchester, CT
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary,  Loved your books about the Huxtable sisters and brother.  BUT what is going to happen to Constantine Huxtable.  Will he and Elliott, Duke of Moreland ever resolve what ever Elliott thought happened between Con and his brother??  Please finish the series.  Thank you.  Lydia

Posted On 05-26-2009 8:31 AM
Name: Uma
City/State or Province: London
Country: UK
Comment: I love all your books - old and new. I have read the Huxtables and am really hoping you would write a book about Con. A woman like Margaret would be great for him and also resolve the conflict between him and Elliot.

Thank you..



Posted On 05-25-2009 9:11 PM
Name: Rachel
Comment: Hi Mary,

I am a huge fan of yours, i loved reading about the Huxtable family, I actually baught all four books and read each one a different night, but I fell in love with Con.  Please tell me you are finished writing his book I can't wait, I would love to read an excerpt form it really SOON  


Posted On 05-25-2009 12:31 AM
Name: Cheryl Jones
City/State or Province: Rainsville, AL
Country: USA
Comment: Please note the change in my e-mail address.  I've enjoyed the latest 3 books and I'm eagerly awaiting #4.  I'll be buying the hardback.

Posted On 05-24-2009 3:20 PM
Name: Thea Howard
City/State or Province: Goleta, CA
Country: United States
Comment: Dear Ms Balogh:  I have especially appreciated your books -- the stories and the characters are so rich and deeply touching.  I am elated that you have produced another series, the Huxtables, and have enjoyed Kate and Margaret/Maggie's stories so far.  I am VERY eager to hear Con's and do hope you are writing it now!!  I wish you and all your family all the best.  Thank you so much for bring us such love and joy through your writing.

Posted On 05-24-2009 10:19 AM
Name: Brenda Guess
City/State or Province: Pampa Texas
Country: USA
Comment: I love your books and wait impatiently for each one to come out.  I too, however, am very disappointed that you are releasing all of your new books in hardcover.  I too will wait until they come out in paperback due to the cost.  Why is that?

I look forward to seeing Constantine's book.  I hate that I have to wait until next year.


Posted On 05-24-2009 8:12 AM
Name: Debra Falcon
City/State or Province: San Antonio, TX
Country: USA
Comment: I began reading your books when I picked up a copy of "Slightly Tempted" at the airport and have been hooked ever since.  I just finished reading "Seducing an Angel" and can hardly wait for Con's story to come out.  I wish you well in the writing of his story, you are a brilliant writer!!!

Posted On 05-23-2009 10:26 PM
Name: Pankaj
City/State or Province: IL
Country: USA
Comment: Have loved your books for a long time and the latest series - the huxtables was superb. Though I do have a request, can we have Con Huxtable's story soon. I know I can hardle wait to read it Keep the great stories coming our way

Posted On 05-23-2009 3:09 AM
Name: Lydia Ball-Arthur
City/State or Province: Baker, LA
Country: USA
Comment: I have been a fan for many years and have read  most of your published works. You are a talented and enthralling writer and have provided me with countless hours of reading novels that have touched my heart.  My favorite Book is  "The Secret Pearl"   I keep reading it over and over  because The story is magical and touching and the love between the main characters brings me to tears. Have you given any thought to writing a story about the  little girl "Lady Pamela Kent" to give us a glimpse into their lives Once again. Fleur and Adam  are a wonderful couple.

Posted On 05-22-2009 7:56 PM
Name: karen
City/State or Province: Sterling Heights, MI
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary -

Thank you so much for your wonderful books.  I have to say that I am very disappointed in finding that the last book of your latest series, featuring the Huxtables, was printed in hard cover.  Just before it was released I was remarking to my sister that I was so happy that you had released each one so quickly behind the other and that the next one was already coming to the stores.  Imagine my disappointment when I found it in the store and it was in hard cover - $15. higher than a paperback book.  I am sorry that I will not be able to purchase the book.  I allow myself one new purchase a month.  Your new book is out of my budget.  Unfortunately, I will have to wait 2 years to read Stephen's story.

Posted On 05-22-2009 7:11 PM
Name: Marge Dawson
City/State or Province: Ellington, CT
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Ms Balogh,

Thank you so much for the hours of entertainment you have given to me with your novels.

the Huxtable family is delightful-can't you pleeeeease-get Con's story out to us before next year?

Thanks again, Marge Dawson



Posted On 05-22-2009 2:58 PM
Name: Jana Taylor
City/State or Province: Cincinnati/OH
Country: United States
Comment: Ms. Balogh,
What a perfect birthday present I received from my best friend...  Seducing An Angel     It was released on my birthday, how wonderful!  I am reading it now and cannot put it down (as usual with the Huxtable family's stories).  I rather like the idea that we have "watched Stephen grow up".  Your masterfully way of telling his story shows what a good job his sisters, and Elliott and Con, have done raising him into a very smart and endearing gentleman.  I rank the character of  (the grown up) Stephen right up there with Elliott, Con, Duncan and Wulfric as my "Favorite Leading Men". 

I'm sure Seducing An Angel will get it's share of weeks on the NYT bestsellers list, too!

Jana Taylor

p.s.  the ladies in my book club are awaiting Con's Story..   please be gentle with him  (lol)  He is well loved by many!

Posted On 05-22-2009 10:32 AM
Name: Linda
City/State or Province: Maple Shade, NJ
Country: USA
Comment: Mary:

I loved your Huxtable series.  I purchased Stephen's story on Wednesday and Finished it on Thursday.  Wonderful, as were the first three.  Are you going to write Con's story?  I feel like it would not be complete without it.

Thank you for giving me so much enjoyment!!  You are the best.



Posted On 05-21-2009 11:10 PM
Name: Jonnie Ayotte
City/State or Province: Horseshoe Bay, Texas
Country: USA
Comment: I have become addicted to your books!!  So far, I've collected three of the Bedwyn and three of the Huxtable novels.  The thing I appreciate most about them is the dialogue.  In thirty years of reading romance novels, I know I've never enjoyed the interchange between characters as much as I have in these books.  Thank you for writing such entertaining stories and I'm eager to read all your new ones.

Posted On 05-21-2009 1:59 PM
Name: Pat
City/State or Province: Picayune, MS
Country: USA
Comment: I have read the Slightly series twice... the first time as they were released and recently I read them again one right after another and enjoyed them just as well the second time around.

I'm just finishing Margaret Huxtable's story and eagerly waiting the release of Stephen's.   PLEASE tell me you will write Con's story too!!!

I will re-read the Simply series while I wait.   ;)


Posted On 05-20-2009 11:45 PM
Name: mary VanSlyck
City/State or Province: elgin, il
Country: usa
Comment:   Mary    I love that Amazon just delivers your books to my door and I waited a whole day to read the latest. I could not afford to stay up half the night last night, I can't tonight either but I can't resist your books for long. Stephen's story was excellent. I was glad to see he couldn't keep up the official protector  position. He was too nice and not jaded enough for that. I anxiously await Con's story and it is WAY too long a wait. I want to know  what happened between him and Elliot. I fully trust you will find him a lovely wife though I would be glad if she was as REAL as the lady who captured WULF.   Mary VanSlyck

Posted On 05-20-2009 5:31 PM
Name: W. Weber
City/State or Province: Forest Grove, OR
Country: USA
Comment: Mary,

I didn't think you could surpass the Slightly series but I believe you have accomplished it with the Huxtables. I have cruised through the first 3 and just received my hardcover "Seducing An Angel" today. Probably will be a sleepless night.

Thank you for this springs bonanza as waiting between books is always tedious. I look forward to Gwen's story as she is one minor character I find interesting. I just know you have something juicy to tell us about her first marriage to (Vernon?) Muir, and this girl deserves some happiness.

Posted On 05-20-2009 3:34 PM
Name: Cynthia Gipson
City/State or Province: Atlanta, GA
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary,


I just want to say that I love your work!! you are awesome! I just got finished with Simply Perfect and loved the concept of Lizzie being blind. Have you ever thought of writing her story!!! I can only imagine how great it would be for her to find romance while working with a disability which is often over looked. I know you have done so in the past (Sydnam Butler) but I would love to see the female lead with a disability. I also though Gwen's story would be nice as well. Just a fans suggestions.


Thanks! keep up the good work

Posted On 05-20-2009 12:41 AM
Name: Mary Connealy
City/State or Province: Ne
Country: USA
Comment: Mary, I am working my way through all your books and I am enjoying them all very much.

I just read Slightly Sinful. I'm a published author, too and I really admire your work.

Posted On 05-19-2009 7:59 PM
Name: Jessica
City/State or Province: Fairfield/ Ca
Country: USA
Comment: I love the Huxtable series and I can't wait for Constantine's I know that he would never have stolen from his brother because of what was written in the first chapter of the series.  Keep on writing your books bring so much joy to me and my sister who also loves your writing. 

Posted On 05-17-2009 11:13 PM
Name: Sarah Fishbaugh
City/State or Province: Austin, TX (Toledo Ohio most of my life)
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,

I must be one of your biggest fans!  I absolutely LOVE to read your books, and I was up until 2:00 a.m. last night finishing one because I couldn't put it down!  My husband just laughs and jokes that I want an English nobleman for myself :)  I've gotten a few of my friends hooked on your books as well, and we swap them as we finish them.  I'm usually finished long before anyone else because I love to read more than anything, and your writing style is such an escape for me from my busy days as a mom to my three wonderful (but exhausting!) children.  Thank you for giving me such an escape that I look forward to every night when I can relax in bed with one of your books!  You're not allowed to ever retire from writing...I won't let you!  :)  Keep them coming...Please!!! 

Thanks so very much!!!


PS.  A summer to Remember is my first of your books that I read, and it's still my favorite!  You brought KIt and Lauren to life on the pages, as with every beloved character in every other book  I've read since. I  love them all, both new and old!


Posted On 05-17-2009 1:37 PM
Name: LaToya Tingle
City/State or Province: Detroit, Mi.
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary!

     My FAVORITE book of all time, not just out of books written by you, is Slightly Dangerous!! I have admitted to my friends that I have fallen in love with a character form a romance book! I absolutely love Wolf and the details you have used in not just this book, but all your books seem to bring the hero/heroine to life and each word amazes and astounds me. I write stories occasionally and I look to your books as a guidance!!! To show me how great a book can be and it makes me want to make a silly story I write just as good! I love all the Bedwyn books and I literally cried when Wulf first reunited with Alleyne after thinking he was dead! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look forward to more books by you! Please keep them coming!

~~Stay blessed,

Posted On 05-16-2009 12:50 PM
Name: Joanne
Country: West Indies
Comment: Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your books.  I've been reading the Huxtable series and can hardly wait to read Stephen's and Con's stories.  I find your style of writing to be very animated and intriguing and your characters are all endearing.  I always look forward to see what's next on the horizon coming from you.

Posted On 05-16-2009 11:20 AM
Name: Lillian
City/State or Province: Elyria Oh
Country: USA
Comment: Mary Balog, You don't know how to write a book that is not a pleasure to read.  You never disappoint!  I love the Huxitables and am thrilled to know Con will have a hearing and hopefully a romance too.  Thank you for the hours of pleasure you have broght to my reading life.  Best regards from a person who has enjoyed your books from the beginning of your career. 

Posted On 05-14-2009 1:33 AM
Name: Rebekah
City/State or Province: CA (though MO is home)
Country: USA
Comment: I love, love, love your books.  I have the guilty pleasure of being a romance junkie and have literally read hundreds of them over the years.    Reading is my passion; anything I can get my hands on will do most of the time.  However,  I am very much partial to historical romances and from the moment I discovered the "Simply series", I was hooked on your books.   You do such an amazing job of mixing humor with heartstrings.  I am a teacher myselft, 3rd grade currently, and have always secretly dreamed of writing one myself  when "life" slows down a little.    

I was on cloud nine when I happened to be browsing the local book section and found your newest series. My husband teases me because I read so fast, usually finishing a good romance in less than two days, and it has been agony waiting for the next story.  May 19th can't come soon enough! 

I'm curious, do you plan on writing a story for Con as well?  I would love to see what becomes of him.  

Posted On 05-13-2009 8:44 PM
Name: beverly sampson
City/State or Province: shelbyville, kentucky
Country: usa
Comment: I started reading books of england,wales and scotland during the days of horse and carriage.  I have enjoyed yours thoroughly.  My son married a girl frome England and I have been asking her a lot of things in your books, example "ton" and  "vicar".  Your books are fasinating.  I am now waking for the last series of  the duke of merton.  Think you for yor novels that let me escape in another world and another time.  I read to relax myself  after a hard days work.  Sometimes I can hardly put your book down.  I have bought some and went to the library for others. thanks again.  Beverly Sampson

Posted On 05-13-2009 7:52 PM
Name: Jen
City/State or Province: New York
Country: USA
Comment: I'm 17 and am currently reading At Last Comes Love. I LOVE IT! But it does get me in trouble because in school all i will want to do is read it and it will often get me into trouble. I'm so glad you're writing a book about Con! I was thinking today when i was reading that i want to know more about him..and here we go! Romance is like a drug to me, and you're books have got me addicted!

Posted On 05-13-2009 2:56 AM
Name: Patricia Cox
City/State or Province: Sydney
Country: Australia

Dear Mary


Thank you for your wonderful stories, I have read them all from Heartless, Truly, Indiscreet through to the Slightly and Simply series and now on to the Huxtable stories. History was a favourite subject at school and one of my majors at university so your books send me to a place and time that has always appealed to me. I find the emotions expressed in your stories enlightening, and they encourage me to find a deeper understanding of my own feelings. Is there a Mary Balogh fan club in Sydney, as I would like to be able to discuss your books with other people?


Posted On 05-12-2009 1:35 PM
Name: sue
City/State or Province: Maryland
Country: USA
Comment: Definately one of the most exciting , passionate writers of " Romance Today ". I have been captivated with the "Slightly " and "Simply " series and of course " " A summer to remember" which is my favorite. I am also partial to Wulf''s story   " Slightly dangerous "which was so hilarious and and Sydnam 's story " Simply Love" which was heartwrenchingly beautiful here are some things I hope you will do .

Write a missing chapter for  "A night to remember "where Neville and Lauren have a confrontation after he announces his wedding to Lily. We all know he feels badly, but it feels so incomplete without a proper conversation between the two . I felt so badly for Lauren that I had to read " Summer to remember" to feel better.  Neville is one of my least favorite heros.

Write romances for all the children of the " simply " " slightly "  series and the Butler , Wyatt children ( wistful thinking )

Bring all the Bedwyns , Butlers , Wyatts and "Simlpy Series"   people together for Gwen Muir's story like you did for Joseph in " Simply perfect" . That was magnificient . I loved how you added all these charecters to the plot without taking the focus off Claudia and Joseph.  I cant wait for Gwen's story.

Write 2 nd epilogues for all the Bedwyns, Butlers  and cousins ( so we can keep up with their lives).

I am looking forward to reading all your books since I have only just finshed the ones mentioned above. Please continue writing  . Your books are great !!!

Posted On 05-12-2009 8:54 AM
Name: Susan Corley
City/State or Province: Coral Springs, Florida
Country: United States
Comment: Dear Mary:

Your books are the best Regency romance novels and I have enjoyed all the "Simplys" and the Slightlys" The Ideal
Wife, some of the Huxtable stories and more.  My friends and I are members of a Jane Austen fan club and one of our
favorites is Pride and Prejudice.  We all thought Wulfric was much like Darcy, perhaps a bit more severe.  Like Darcy
he was a very young man when his Father passed on and he was left as the head of the family.  Wulfric's story was
wonderful as were all the stories about the 6 siblings.  We are now fully addicted to your writing and grateful to have
found stories with romance, angst, danger and just about all the emotions necessary to not be able to put the book
down and read until completion. We are are all curious as to the names given to the Bedwyns,each unique and interesting.  Could you possibly post on this website or e mail me directly at and let
us know how you came up with the names and their derivation.

Thank you from our group of five very happy readers

Sue Corley
Coral Springs, Florida

Posted On 05-10-2009 3:05 PM
Name: Gioia Ingram
City/State or Province: California
Country: USA
Comment: I have just finished re-reading Simply Unforgettable.  Every time I read it I wonder about Baron Heath.  Does he have more of a story?  The musical stepson is intriging.

By the way, I enjoy reading your books very much.  Thank you for the many hours spent  reading delightful books.

Best wishes!


Posted On 05-10-2009 8:55 AM
Name: Rejoice
City/State or Province: Grahamstown-Eastern Cape
Country: South Africa
Comment: There are few authors that capture my attention to the point of skipping dinner, sleeping in the early hours of the morning etc, you however are one of them.  I discovered your books last year when i went to Egypt and have been reading them ever since.  Thank you for writing with such humour that has me in stitches through out, at the same time bringing tears to my eyes.

I usually buy and resale books after reading, yours however are on my shelf, closely guarded and reread so many times because they are so valuable to me.  At 28 years, your books are the first collection i have ever made. 

Cant wait to read more


Posted On 05-10-2009 8:09 AM
Name: Jana Taylor
City/State or Province: Cincinnati/Ohio
Country: United States
Comment: What a wonderful website you have;  very east to navigate.  I am a new fan.  I started with the first Huxtable story, and will start the third today.  I have to admit it has been a very long time since an author's writing has moved me to tears.  You did so with Duncan and Vanessa's story.  I found it very touching.  I am looking forward to the story you pen for Con.  Good luck with your future novels. 

Posted On 05-09-2009 12:04 AM
Name: Heather Lamb
City/State or Province: San Antonio, TX
Country: U.S.A.
Comment: I wanted to stop by and tell you that you are a wonderful author!  As a travelling Army wife, I read all of your novels while in strange countries and with scary real-life situations happening in my face.  Your books take me to a far away place with romance and love, and I thank you for that distraction.  Even now, as an ex-Army wife, I still frequent your books.  I am hooked on your Huxtable family novels and have read every single one!  I can't wait to read about Stephen as a grown up man being seduced...ha!  I also am glad I am not alone in wanting to hear about Con's story.  Please consider writing it (if you haven't already!!)  I am a fan forever!



Heather Lamb

Posted On 05-08-2009 11:32 PM
Name: Julia
City/State or Province: Schaumburg, Illinois
Country: USA
Comment: I have enjoyed many of your books and have read every book in your new series.  I can't wait for the next book in the Huxtable series.  Please tell me that Constantine will get his own book where it will be proven that he did not do what some people thought he did.


Posted On 05-08-2009 10:28 PM
Name: Jean M,
City/State or Province: Apple Valley, CA
Country: USA
Comment: Have been a fan of yours for several years. Loved this last series and imagine that Seduced By An Angel will be as tantalizing! Are you going to give Con Huxtable his own book? He seems to have an interesting personality.  Happy Spring!  J. M,

Posted On 05-08-2009 1:19 AM
Name: Lisa Philpott
City/State or Province: Blue Springs Missouri
Country: USA
Comment: WOW! I just read my first Mary Balogh book, First Comes Marriage, and I can tell you I am now a fan for life! Loved the story and each of the charactors are so real and individual. I was sad to come to the end and am going out tomorrow to get the next ones in the series as I am more then anxious to see where this new life takes the other members of the Huxtable family!

Thanks so much for a great read! I am hooked!

Posted On 05-07-2009 4:29 PM
Name: Mark
Comment: Congratulations on the new books success - well done!!! Cheers M

Posted On 05-07-2009 4:24 PM
Name: Derek Petrovitch
City/State or Province: Calgary
Country: Canada
Comment: Congratulation on your #2 spot this week on the New York Times best seller list! I wish many more !

Posted On 05-07-2009 2:04 PM
Name: Kandi
City/State or Province: Kipling
Country: Canada
Comment: Congrats on the #2 Best Seller!! I have yet to read one of your books but I do plan to do so. Keep up the writing!

Posted On 05-07-2009 8:41 AM
Name: Anna Sarkissian
City/State or Province: Gaithersburg, MD
Country: USa
Comment: Dear Mary,

I just finished reading 'At Last Comes Love' wow what a book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's my new favorite! I loved the main characters Duncan and Maggie! I could see how they were falling in love little by little! Mary you are the best what can I say :) I am waiting for Con's story! I know there is Stephan's story as well, which I will read it of course however Con seems more interesting to me! Please don't make the duke from 'First comes marriage' Eliott all in the wrong in Con's story as I loved his character and I don't want him to look stupid in Con's story!!!!!!!

Mary you are a great story teller with class! I wish I could meet you :)

God Bless,


Posted On 05-06-2009 7:50 PM
Name: Pam Edwards
City/State or Province: South Bend, IN
Country: USA
Comment: I am really enjoying the Huxtables. I bought Maggie's story Monday night and just finished it.  My husband came home at page 357 and I said, "Sorry you have to wait to talk to me.  I'm in the last 10 minutes of my movie."  And he went away!

Much as I love your stories can we talk about publishing a bit?  Pg 325 refers to Duncan as Ducan on line 6 and on page 3 in the preview to Stephen's story, 3 pages in, 2nd paragraph 1st line "mouth" is mispelled as "mough".  Not being an actual word spell-check should have caught that one. 

There were other typos in this book but I'm not going to belabor my point.  You write fabulous stories.  You and your readers deserve decent publishing.  I just reread this message and caught and corrected 6 errors in my own typing.  Your publisher should be doing the same before going to print.  One error is bad, multiple errors are insane.  Let's not lower all our standards to "texting" level shall we?

Again, however, thank you for a beautiful series.  I've been a fan for years!!!



ps I've tried a dozen validation codes before i got this through.  Now I'm angry.

Posted On 05-06-2009 1:27 PM
Name: elsiehogarth
City/State or Province: Sayreville, New Jersey
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary!

My Barnes & Noble Romance Readers Group and I just love the Huxtable family. Last night, we picked At Last Comes Love as our monthly read and we would like to know if you have discussion questions that we can use for our next meeting?  We would greatly appreciate them if you do. Thanks again for writing such wonderful books.

Take care, be good.


Posted On 05-05-2009 11:06 AM
Name: Elaine C.
City/State or Province: Ormond Beach
Country: United States
Comment: Dear Mary,

"Then Comes Seduction" was fascinating. While  I felt Kate's and Jasper's attraction to each other, I wondered how he could be such a horrible person. You revealed his character with exquisite slowness, moving me to tears when he finally talked about what formed his character. He was able to change and grow with Kate's help. It was a terrific book.

Duncan, in "At Last Comes Love", was just the opposite of Jasper. He has all the appearance of a villian, but was a selflessly caring and wonderful man . And Meg - from the two earlier books seemed to be perfect, but her inner turmoil was gently revealed over the course of the book. Talk about hidden depths!. This was a marvelous story! 

Thank you for writing such moving books. They are all different from one another. How could you write four in one year? It's an amazing feat!

I'm looking forward to my advanced-ordered "Seducing an Angel" being delivered by B&N later this month.


Elaine C.

Posted On 05-04-2009 8:48 AM
Name: Loretta Grillo
City/State or Province: Chester Springs, PA
Country: USA
Comment: I love reading your books and own every single one of them.  I am especially enjoying your latest series.  I have all three of them so far and can't wait until May 19 for the next book.  I have only one thought and hope.  I hope that you are not going to end the series with Stephen's story.  Please write about Con because after introducing him in the first book -- Frist Comes Marriage -- and how he has behaved throughout the other 2 books, I believe that he is innocent of what Elliot and Vanessa believe of him. 

In fact it wouldn't surpise me that because of Jon's illness, he was the culprit.  Anyway please do not stop writing!!!!

Posted On 05-03-2009 10:39 PM
Name: Mary
City/State or Province: Alabama
Comment: Mary,

I just finished AT LAST COMES LOVE and absolutely loved it!  Meg's strength and wit were such a surprise, and Duncan is the perfect hero.  This has been a wonderful series and I can't wait for the last two books.  They will definitely be added to my Mary Balogh collection!

Posted On 05-03-2009 12:22 AM
Name: Irene Nash
City/State or Province: Fort Lee, NJ
Country: USA
Comment: Just finished reading At last come love, and wanted to tell you that this book was just amazing. I loved Meg and Duncan's story, I just couldn't stop reading it. It was an incredible book, the story, characters, were all wonderful. I think this one of the best books I have read in years! I can't wait for Stephen's story. This whole series has just been a wonderful treat.  Thanks so much for writing such richly entertaining and rewarding books. best wishes, Irene

Posted On 05-02-2009 10:41 PM
Name: Melanie
City/State or Province: Florence, Kentucly
Country: USA
Comment: Just finished Vanessa's story.  Loved It.  I am saving the other Huxtable stories for June when my vacation starts from teaching.  I hated having to wait until evening after everything had settled down from the day.  I think the rest of the books will be great for the lazy days of summer by the pool.

While reading the first book I became interested in Con.  I was sorry that Elliot didn't find out that he was wrong about him and am hoping he will have to eat crow in the future in one of the other books or when Con himself gets a book.  Hopefully I will get my answer in June when I read the other ones.

Keep on Writing.

Posted On 05-01-2009 3:08 PM
Name: Jessica
City/State or Province: new york
Country: usa
Comment: I am so happy about theys books i feel as thow. It gives a lil light in to a hard life on young people . It is showing even in the darkest hour that there is still a chance for a lil light to get u home. And it also seems that home is not what u always thing of it u just  might be the next diamon in the ruff if u wate and give it a chance to blume your life i mean i was really touched by your books. sorry for bad spelling it is a work in progress hope to read more and more from you.

Posted On 04-30-2009 4:08 PM
Name: Monique
Comment: Hi,

I have looked forward to your new books for several years.  Your Simply & Slightly series are rich with history, ambiance and characters that just don't fit in to society.  I feel compelled to tell you that this latest series does not have the richness & riveting story telling your previous books always delivered.  I was really disappointed with 'Next Comes Seduction' .  It was pretty empty.  Please go back to writing /weaving your rich tapestry of words.   I will watch for what is new.  Thank you for reading this. 

Posted On 04-30-2009 3:04 PM
Name: June Capasso
City/State or Province: Yardley, PA
Country: USA
Comment: LOVE your books -- Have read the first 2 in the Huxtable Series and as usual, you do not disappoint.  The dialogue and banter between Katherine and Jasper was so good.  Cannot wait to start Margaret's story tonight.  Please keep writing!

Posted On 04-30-2009 10:26 AM
Name: Mary
City/State or Province: Phoenixville PA
Country: USA
Comment: Happy to have just finished Meg's story and glad to see that we will have Con's tale at the end of the other Huxtable family tales.  I was pretty sure after the first one we would and am looking forward to finding out that he is not as "bad" as the ton believes him to be. Wounder how the Duke will take it? I do hope it is the book listed on the front cover for release in December 2009 though I would have liked July better!!!

Posted On 04-29-2009 4:51 PM
Name: Charity
City/State or Province: Mead NE
Country: USA
Comment: I really like your books.  Thank you for being such a great author.

Posted On 04-29-2009 1:48 AM
Name: mary VanSlyck
City/State or Province: elgin, il
Country: usa
Comment: tried to post didn't like my code.  I loved the latest.  I was happy Meg got a kind man. You hit it just right with that.  I think series books should be read as a series, it is lots more fun that way. Can't wait for next 2. I hope to see Stephen as more of a grown up. Can't wait for Con either. hate to wait til next year. Thanks for all the reading pleasure.

Posted On 04-28-2009 9:27 PM
Name: miss heyer
City/State or Province: Mo
Country: US
Comment: I've just completed At Last Comes Love, Meg's story and I enjoyed it, just as I have her sisters.  i spent a good while searching for it online, usually I can go to my favorite ebook store and  buy it in advance, but this time I couldn't find it in my usual stores. Well never fear, I will hunt down a Mary Balogh book even it takes me a while to do it. I ended up putting it on my iphone and now I will enjoy taking it with me for a reread. And Yes, I do want to find out what that lovely vamp is going to do with our Golded Earl.  Now Mary should be busy with Con and few of her fans wouldn't mind helping her out with his story. I have great respect for a fine author and Mary Balogh is one of our Best! Thanks again!

Posted On 04-28-2009 9:50 AM
Name: Stacey Yount
City/State or Province: USA
Comment: Just wanted to say I love the new series! They are wonderful stories. Please say you are going to write Con a love story too! I would love that! :)

Love all your books but my fav so far has to be Simply Perfect, just listened to it yet again while I waited for the next in the new series!

Thank you for such wonderful books!
stacey :)

Posted On 04-28-2009 7:08 AM
Name: Jodi
City/State or Province: Oklahoma
Country: USA
Comment: Hi, Mary

I just finished reading many of your guest's comments. What can I possibly add?  I read lots.  In the romance genre you are my favorite because your characters are so well crafted, and, as a result, are complex and real. Style, plot, timing,... everything works in your books.   I have 78 (Wow!) of your books!  Of course, I've read all of them.  Thank you for sharing your gift with all of us.


Posted On 04-27-2009 6:12 PM
Name: Evie Staplea
City/State or Province: Tuleta/TX
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary,

When I discovered your books I tried to aquire as many as I could. I look forward to the new ones but the old ones are like dear friends. I have read and reread them. I take this means to wish you well and good health so you can continue writing.

I have a good many writers who are favorites but you are one who is at the top. I started reading when I was four years of age and now I am seventy-nine and I am still reading. I ask the Good Lord to let me continue.

God Bless, A Devoted Reader, Evie

Posted On 04-26-2009 12:45 AM
Name: Sandy Kelly
City/State or Province: Davidson, NC
Country: USA
Comment: I just finished reading "At Last Comes Love" and I have to say I loved this one too! I can't wait for Stephen's story-and Con's!! My question is this, Is the 2010 release date for Con's book set in stone? I don't know if I can wait that long for my Huxtable fix! Keep up the great job writing, I really enjoy your books!!

Sandy Kelly

Posted On 04-25-2009 9:54 PM
Name: Marilynn Schaddelee
City/State or Province: McKinney, Texas
Country: USA
Comment: Mary,  I read the first two Huxtable stories and I am impatiently waiting for my copy of #3 to arrive!  They are awesome, as usual.  Thank you! 

Posted On 04-24-2009 9:32 PM
Name: Nancy Gaston
City/State or Province: Americus, GA
Country: USA
Comment: I enjoyed the first 2 Huxtable books and look forward to the next two.  You keep mentioning the Quintet which is 5 so when are you going to tell us about the 5th.  I also would like for Gwen to have a book. 

Posted On 04-24-2009 5:48 PM
Name: Martha Andrews
City/State or Province: Germansville
Country: United States
Comment: Loved all of your books that I've read. This new series leaves me "hungry" for a book on CON! He must have a book for himself!

Whilst working at a used book store-whenever anyone asked for a "new author" to read, I would have them try your books! Never had anyone complain they didn't like them. Used book stores are great for getting people "hooked" on an author's books so that they go out and buy the rest of her books.

I have often wondered what the most difficult part of writing a book is for each author--Nora Roberts told me, "getting characters from here to there and chapter breaks".

Posted On 04-24-2009 2:10 PM
Name: Joan McArthur
City/State or Province: Owen Sound ON
Country: Canada
Comment: I am waiting rather impatiently,  I would have to admit,   for the release of your new book  in the Huxtable's series.   I have thoroughly enjoyed the first two.... as I've read them each has been my favourite to date!    While I was on this website,   I read the exerpt of Stephen's story..... it looks like it will be just as enjoyable!  

Will there be a book about Con?   He has woven thru' the others, it seems,   and is quite a complex character.... Who would be his match?   I hope the answer to that is percolating in the "back of your head"! 

Thanks for the hours of reading pleasure you have given me.    I am a 76 year old widow,   with a mini Schnauzer for my current life companion.  She is a "retiree" from a local breeding programme and is my joy!    

With best wishes for many more successes in the future!   An avid reader.   Joan E. McArthur.

Posted On 04-24-2009 2:05 PM
Name: Dottie
Comment: I recently reviewed your book SEDUCING AN ANGEL.  I did not have an email address to which to send it.  Here is [an edited version of] the review.






SEDUCING AN ANGEL, the fourth book in the HUXTABLE series, is a deliciously sensual and witty historical romance.  Stephen is an easygoing guy that rarely gets angry, but Cassandra manages to get under his skin with some of the things she does.  Brimming with witty dialogue, snappy repartee, an interesting plot, charismatic characters and tender romance, this story is a winner.  Those who enjoy this book will also enjoy reading FIRST COMES MARRIAGE, THEN COMES SEDUCTION and AT LAST COMES LOVE.  Each of the sisters are featured in one of these books.  These books can be read alone or all together.  However, I enjoyed reading the whole series as these truly charming characters captivated me and I enjoyed the extra time with them and the antics in which they were involved.  I highly recommend SEDUCING AN ANGEL to anyone looking for an interesting read.






My Book Rated Four 1/2 Blue Ribbon Graphic



Posted On 04-24-2009 3:21 AM
Name: Jennifer Newton-Bateman
City/State or Province: Winchester, VA
Comment: Mary,
I just finished reading the first two Huxtable books and am looking forward to Margaret's story. Duncan has already intrigued me! I have been reading your books since Masked Deception came out when I was a teenager, and I am always greedy for the next one. I love when it is time to make a trip to the bookstore for the latest! I would like to cast my vote for Angeline's story next. I have thought that she and her husband will definitely make for a great opposites attract story. Angeline is such a card, and I cannot wait to become more closely acquainted with her. Besides we have been waiting for her story longer than for Gwen's, so I think it only fair that she go first! ;-)

Thank you for sharing your gift for creating such wonderful stories and engaging characters! I am as ever, your devoted reader,

Posted On 04-23-2009 5:45 PM
Name: Jacqueline
City/State or Province: DC
Comment: Dear Mary,

My first foray into your writing was three years ago, while grocery shopping in Vermont. I was merely browsing the magazines, when I found Simply Unforgettable. I read it, and fell in love with your writing style and characters. After finishing it in a couple hours, I spent the rest of that summer finding more of your works and expanding my collection of your books- although I was teased in college for having so many of what were called "trashy romance novels," the books have always served as a good way for me to de-stress and let my imagination get carried away. I now have all of your most recently published books, and cannot wait for the rest of the new series!

Thank you for writing these lovely books, they are delightful, and I always look forward to the fateful waltz halfway in.


Posted On 04-23-2009 4:55 PM
Name: Linda
City/State or Province: Harrisonburg, VA
Country: USA
Comment: Why is the 4th book in the Huxtable quintet being printed in hardcover?  As a book lover with limited storage space, I tend to not purchase hardcover books.  Will it ever be released as a paperback?


Posted On 04-22-2009 4:11 PM
Name: Karen Braun
City/State or Province: California
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary,

I read your web site a little more thuroughly and got the answer to my Con Huxtable question.  I am really looking forward to reading that I look forward to all of your romances.  Right now I am waiting to read Margaret's story and looking forward to her finding true happiness-finally.

Thank you for your wonderful books and the many pleasant hours they have filled.


Posted On 04-21-2009 10:37 PM
Name: Johanna
City/State or Province: Sugar Land, TX
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,

Thank you for your wonderful stories. You are in a class with Jane Austin. I am a avid reader of historical romance and you are one of the top authors. I have never been diappointed after reading your books. Your characters and story lines are very well developed and believable. I am very excited to read that you are doing Constantine's and Gwen's stories. Even though they have been minor characters, your talent for bringing people to life has made them much loved. I am waiting patiently for Margaret's story to come out in 2 days.

May you be blessed always.

Posted On 04-21-2009 1:47 PM
Name: Michelle
City/State or Province: Colorado
Country: USA
Comment: Mary,

       I love your book series.  Please keep writing.  I can't wait to get my hands on "Then Comes Seduction"  so that I might stay up all night reading. 


Posted On 04-21-2009 8:56 AM
Name: Melissa
City/State or Province: IL
Country: USA
Comment: I've just discovered your books recently and I am ADDICTED!!!!!   I've read about 13 already and still going - everyone is as good as the last!  You are a great writer!!!!

Posted On 04-19-2009 1:15 PM
Name: Norma Harris
City/State or Province: Portland, Oregon
Country: USA
Comment: I love ALL your books but have found, so far,  "Simply Perfect"  to be the best romance novel I have ever read.  It had me sighing on more than occasion.

Posted On 04-18-2009 12:19 PM
Name: Sally
City/State or Province: Lorton, Virginia
Country: USA
Comment: I have just finished "Then Comes Seduction"   A very fine love story.  Also a lesson to us all who demean ourselves because we do not love ourselves.
Jasper learned from Kate to listen to himself and his real feelings, rather than put them aside for the bandage he has wrapped so tightly around himself.
Thank you!   

I can hardly wait for "At Last Comes True Love" and "Seducing an Angel"

I do hope you will be able to reissue your earlier books, The first one I have of yours is "Irresistible" published in 1998 , all of the "Slightly" and "Simply" books.

Oh yes, I too have read all of Georgette Heyer's novels.  My 35 cent  paperbacks have been loved into oblivion!  I learned alot of British geography from the character names and places in her books and much else besides.
Regards, Sally

Posted On 04-18-2009 4:33 AM
Name: Clare Nkwanga-Jolly
City/State or Province: Lusaka
Country: Zambia
Comment: Mrs.Balogh,

Your books are special to me not only for the remarkable stories, but because they are hard to find here I have to source them from England or the United States of America. Thus I have made a few good friends who find and send me these books, bless 'em.

Bless you for the books and for the new friends that they have brought my way!

Clare in Zambia, The Real Africa!

Posted On 04-17-2009 12:14 PM
Name: Karen Braun
City/State or Province: El Cajon
Country: USA
Comment: I forgot to mention that it was my mom who introduced me to your  lovely books and I have enjoyed every one of them so far.  When the Huxtable Series came out, we both were excited about having several books to help extend the stories a bit longer that just one book.  It is sad when the end of one of your books comes to an end.  It was your regency romances that helped broaden my literary horizons being an avid Scottolini and Stabenow fan.  Your books are so much kinder to the brain!  Thanks for the literary respite!


Posted On 04-17-2009 12:04 PM
Name: Karen Braun
City/State or Province: El Cajon
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary,

I am really enjoying your Huxtable series but have a question.  Are you going to write about Con-as a featured member of the family that someday finds true love?  I'd like to read about his story more in dept.  Looking forward to your next book!


Posted On 04-16-2009 4:43 PM
Name: Nancy Lockwood
Country: USA
Comment: I have read most of the Bedwyn series.  I really liked the character of Wulf in Slightly Dangerous the best of all of the brothers .  Looking at the hardbound book cover (blue with a pocket watch and chain on it) I really thought that a quizzing glass would have been more appropriate, as it was such a character trait item used by Wulfric so often.  Just had to let you know!  I just started to read your books this yr. and think you have now surpassed Amanda Quick as my favorite Regency romance author! 

Posted On 04-15-2009 7:45 PM
Name: Rebecca Weidner
City/State or Province: Cincinnati, OH
Country: USA
Comment: Oh my goodness! I hadn't read any of your books until I bought First Comes Marriage at an airport bookshop while on a long layover. Now I can't get enough! I am on edge waiting for At Last Comes Love to come out. I love the Huxtable story line and am also interested in reading all of your other novels.

Posted On 04-15-2009 12:25 PM
Name: Elaine Carlini-Davis
City/State or Province: Ormond Beach/FL
Country: United States
Comment: Dear Mary,

I greatly enjoyed reading  "First Comes Marriage". I liked Vanessa. Her rare gift of making others happy was so much more important than being "beautiful" - much to Elliott's surprise! Their chemistry was sizzling.

I also bought the audio MP3 from B&N.  Anne Flosnik does a nice job with the narration. It's always interesting to hear a narrator's interpretation.

This week I'll read "Then Comes Temptation". I've already started listening to it in the car, but I realy like to read the book first.

Since your books bring so much pleasure, I've preordered the next two books and MP3's. I know I'll enjoy them.

Thanks for writing books with great plots and unforgettable characters.

Elaine C.

Posted On 04-13-2009 7:25 AM
Name: Anna Sarkissian
City/State or Province: Gaithersburg, MD
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary!

I just finished reading 'Then Comes Seduction', it's one of your best books. I just loved the characters! You have done a great job! What can I say you are just the BEST! Your love stories just touch our hearts!


Posted On 04-12-2009 5:10 PM
Name: Edwina
City/State or Province: Illinois
Country: USA
Comment: I just finished reading the first two Huxtable family books, and I'm looking forward very much to the next two books.  Thank you for publishing them in such short sequence!  I've been reading your books for over 20 years now, and have every one.  I have a request:  Could you please write a book or several where the hero and heroine are middle aged, over 40?  For example, Elliot Wallace's mother, Lady Lyngate, would be perfect - she really deserves a love story!  Why is the heroine always young?  There are lots of your fans who would really enjoy some love stories with mature characters - you have occasionally had them as secondary love stories in your books, and those have been my favorites.  There are so many more plot possibilities, too, when dealing with characters who have had life experiences and are still looking for love.   Also, please do more secondary love stories in your books!   Thanks.

Posted On 04-11-2009 3:59 PM
Name: Sallie
City/State or Province: Houston, TX
Country: USA
Comment: I know other people have asked this and you mention in your Spring 2009 update that it will be published in May or June, but what year are you aiming to publish Gwens in? thanks and I love your work!!!

Posted On 04-10-2009 4:47 PM
Name: Claudia
City/State or Province: Cagliari
Country: Italy
Comment: Good evening Mrs Balogh.

I am an italian girl and i'd like to know if your books like simply perfect and first comes marriage,then comes seduction, at last comes love and seducing an angel will be published in italian too.

I've read the plot of these books and i think that they are very beautiful, but for me reading them in english is very demanding.

Best wishes, Claudia.

Posted On 04-10-2009 12:05 PM
Name: Deb Sutter
City/State or Province: Ohio
Country: USA
Comment: I thought the Bedwyn series was the best you ever wrote (I have read them twice already and loved the characters) but I am sure Then Comes Seduction is now the best.  It may be set in Regency England (which I love) but the problems between Katherine and Jasper would definitely fit in to today's lifestyle.  Katherine just came to life on those pages.  My friend and I cannot wait to buy  the next 2 books.  The Huxtable series will be  reread this winter probably.  I am recommending this series to evrybody!  Thanks Mary for the wonderful hours of reading pleasure that you have given me. 

Posted On 04-08-2009 9:58 PM
Name: Paula Keller
City/State or Province: Manassas, Virginia
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary, 

My husband is skiing in Utah for the next few days and I have the First Comes Marriage and Then Comes Seduction to keep me company (beside my children, that is).  I plan on snuggling down tonight as it is chilly here in Virginia, and reading until I can't keep my eyes open. My hankies are ready and waiting.  Thanks for providing me with all the romance a girl could ask for, even when her husband is out of town!

Posted On 04-08-2009 6:51 PM
Name: Rhea
City/State or Province: North Carolina
Country: USA
Comment: I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you for hours of wonderful reading! I fell in love with the Bedwyn family, especially since Freyja so reminded me of my oldest daughter. She also read Freyja's story and had to agree! I was so sad when I finished the last book of the series, but then I happily discovered the "Simply" series. I was delighted to find out that you had a new series out and am now reading "First Comes Love" with "Then Comes Seuction" ready to go. "At Last Comes Love" is already on order! Thank you again and I will always look forward to a Mary Balogh book.

Posted On 04-08-2009 9:17 AM
Name: Donna Ellis
City/State or Province: Alabama
Country: USA
Comment: I love your books. I can't say enough about them. Have a great day and keep writing!

Posted On 04-07-2009 7:33 PM
Name: Cheryl
City/State or Province: Orlando, Fl
Country: USA
Comment: Thank You!

I am new to you as an author and cannot stop reading. I have loved your stories. I just finshed One Night For Love. Instead of reading way to late every night which is what I usually do, I had to keep putting it down. Lily's story was so wonderful, that I did not want it to end.

If you keep writing, I will keep reading. And I will keep handing off your books to all my friends.

Thank you,


Cheryl Manley

Posted On 04-05-2009 5:37 PM
Name: Jean
City/State or Province: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Country: USA
Comment: Mrs. Mary Balogh,

Just wish to say how much I have always enjoyed your books, and how much I am especially enjoying your current series that begins with First Comes Marriage.  I am very pleased to find here on your website (delightful website) that you will be writing Constantine's story as well.  He made such a strong beginning in First Comes Marriage and will be one of those delightful wicked, bad boys turned hero, no doubt.  My favorite sort!

Wishing you every continued success and thanking you for the hours of entertainment.


Posted On 04-04-2009 10:49 AM
Name: robyn
Comment: Hi Mary.  My favorite book of all time is A Summer to Remember.  I have read it over and over and over again.  I always cry at the end, I adore the characters.  I wanted to ask you, do any of your other books have characters with black hair?  I have looked through so many, and they have all had brown/chestnutt or red/auburn or blonde hair.  I can't find another one.   Thanks for your help.

Posted On 04-03-2009 11:24 PM
Name: Phillip DePoy
City/State or Province: Georgia
Country: United States
Comment: Thought I'd visit your website where I discover that you must be one of the kindest people alive--on the planet. And you certainly were kind to me. Many thanks. Phillip DePoy

Posted On 04-02-2009 5:45 PM
Name: Jacquie Balogh
City/State or Province: Regina
Country: Canada
Comment: Mom,

I love the updates to your site. The pic of me under the sign is great. Of course it is the ONLY important sign on all of 48 highway! Congratulations on #4 for the new book.



Posted On 04-01-2009 9:41 PM
Name: Angela
City/State or Province: Mississippi
Country: USA
Comment: Just wanted to let you know that you are one of my favorite authors!  I have read almost all of your books.  Your style of writing is perfect...always a happy ending, but not too fluffy or cheesy.  Love the sense of humor and the plot lines that consistently keep me interested.  Great stuff!  Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent!

Posted On 04-01-2009 3:44 PM
Name: Anita
City/State or Province: Alabama
Country: USA
Comment: I've just discovered your Books by lucky accident. What a find. I expected to get bored after reading the first two or three of your Books. I am on # 10 and still can't put one of your books down. As soon as I get one, I pretty much read it all the way through. You are a treasure! Please don't ever stop writing. You're like Jane Austin with a kick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted On 04-01-2009 12:29 AM
Name: Ksenia
City/State or Province: Howell, NJ
Country: USA
Comment:           Your work haunts me! I am so addicted that I have read most of your books and then read them again! My favorite is probably The Secret Pearl, but they are all exhilarating! I receive the Huxtable series in the mail on the very day that they are released and make plans to be free all day so I could finish the book. How do you develop your characters and their circumstances? How do you set events into motion, each chronologically affecting the next? It's brilliant and so captivating! I was just recently in London and strolled through Hyde park, allowing your stories to come to life in my mind. It was an experience I will never forget. I have another question though, did Vauxhall really exist? I asked when I was there and no one could tell me when it was located. Alright well I've flattered you and my obsession enough for now. Please continue you work and the republishing of your older novels. I need sustenance! :-) You are wonderful!

Posted On 03-31-2009 10:45 PM
Name: Maggie Rietman
City/State or Province: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Country: United States
Comment: A friend told me about your books, I have just finished First Comes Marriage, and Then Comes Seduction. I will have to give my friend a big hug! They were excellent! I went to the library and have just started reading More than a Mistress. Thank you for the hours of reading enjoyment, and more to come! I can hardly wait for At Last comes Love!

Posted On 03-30-2009 12:59 PM
Name: Donna
City/State or Province: NC
Country: USA
Comment: I began reading your books many years ago and fell in love with your style and characters. I started with One Night for Love and have read all of them since that one. I am trying to find your earlier ones. I look forward to the releases and plan when I can read them and enjoy them the most. I just finished Then Comes Seduction and truly enjoyed the story. Each of your series is enjoyable and interesting to read. Thank you for sharing your talent with so many of us. I am looking forward to reading At Last Comes Love in May. Donna

Posted On 03-28-2009 7:01 PM
Name: Diane
City/State or Province: Carrollton, GA
Country: USA
Comment: Hello, Mary,
Last year after our retirement from college teaching, my husband and I made our first trip to England.  In preparation I wanted to read all  I could about or set in that country.  I read Notes from a Small Island by Bill Bryson and loved it.  I also read several Jane Austin books.  I hadn't read any Regency novels in a long time, but your books were recommended in Book Lust: recommended reading for every mood, moment and reason, by Nancy Pearl, and I checked out Slightly Scandalous from our public library.  From then on I was hooked on Mary Balogh books.  I've read as many as I can get my hands on.  Most recently I've read First Comes Marriage and Then Comes Seduction (just finished it today).  Your writing gets better and better.  The characters are well defined, interesting and loveable.  The plots have wonderful little twists in them, and I love the humor.  I just wanted to add my name to your list of fans.  Diane

Posted On 03-28-2009 4:29 PM
Name: Fran
City/State or Province: New Jersey
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary:

I have been a big fan of yours for years.  Whenever I hear you have a new book out I don't even care what it's about, I know I will read it regardless. I think I have read every one of your books.  I am writing now because I am reading your new Huxtable series and just started the second (Katherine's story) and am thoroughly enjoying them.  The way you planned a book a month is something I love because after I finish one book I know the story doesn't end and I can't wait for the next one.  You are a wonderful storyteller.




Posted On 03-27-2009 6:15 PM
Name: Elaine
City/State or Province: Toledo, Ohio
Country: USA
Comment: Mary, Your books are "Simply" fantastic. They can make you laugh and cry in the same chapter. Would love to read your version of "The Taming of the Shrew" in Miss Portia Hunt. There must be a reason she acts the way she does and you are the one to make her "human". Thank you for many pleasant hours, must get back to see what what Claudia will do next!   A devoted reader, Elaine

Posted On 03-26-2009 5:45 PM
Name: Anne Hemmings
City/State or Province: Suffolk
Country: UK
Comment: Hi Mary

As an avid fan of your work could you please explain why I have to wait in the UK until August for the Huxtable series to appear.  With all the technological advances we are being told of surely your work could be launched worldwide. 

I hope to hear that I am able to buy the books soon.

Posted On 03-26-2009 2:35 PM
Name: Luann
City/State or Province: Warner Robins, GA
Country: USA
Comment: A good friend introduced your books to me and I am hooked!  Haven't read them ALL yet but have no doubt that I will!  Thanks for great reading!

Posted On 03-25-2009 5:03 PM
Name: Julia & Peter Jackson
City/State or Province: Kerry; nr Newtown; Powys
Country: Wales
Comment: Noswaith dda, Mari!  Greetings from mid-Wales.  We have just recently discovered your books - having found the first of the 'Slightly' series in Newtown library - and are totally captivated by them!  It's quite unusual for both of us to enjoy the same novels (although we have found others occasionally), but we've read through all the 'Slightly' and 'Simply' series, and will have to find the others now.  The library has been kept busy searching for them, and we only received 'Simply Perfect' yesterday.  Oh dear!  The trouble (if you can call it that) with your excellent writing is that we can't put the books down - I didn't get to sleep until 0245 this morning, when I'd read more than half way through it!!  We absolutely love the different scenarios in the stories, and the characterisations - how do you do it?  And the way that characters from the other stories re-appear - do you have a wall-chart with all the various people and story-lines written up?  The other thing that we really appreciate is the way you bring people with disabilities into prominence - as I (Julia) am disabled myself, I like the fact that not all your characters are physically perfect, in fact, they're all believable as people.  Will you be writing any more about the Bedwyns and their extended family and friends? 
Diolch yn fawr.
Julia & Peter

Posted On 03-25-2009 3:25 PM
Name: Marilyn
City/State or Province: Michigan
Country: USA
Comment: Love your stories............and am so glad to hear you only read books you can get through the first 50 pages.

Thought maybe I was not trying hard enough as I do the same.  I need to be hooked immediately or I give it up.  I have no such trouble with your  books.

Looking forward to the next publications.

Posted On 03-24-2009 11:11 PM
Name: Theresa Haack
City/State or Province: Villa Park, IL
Country: USA
Comment: Just finished Vanessa and Elliott's story....

I must say that I found Vanessa a truly "Beautiful" lady,.. not pun intended..
Her outlook on life and life's troubles is an inspiration...
Thank you for creating such a blessed character..

Posted On 03-24-2009 2:01 PM
Name: Melonie Britt
City/State or Province: Mississippi
Country: USA
Comment: I have already signed your guest book. But I just had to tell you thanks for letting me know about A Summer to Remember as part of the Slightly series.  That is the best book I have read in a long time! All of your books are so unique and not your average romance.  I fell in love with Kit! What a great character! 

I just wanted to tell you how very much I have enjoyed all your books I have read.  I have just purchased the entire Slightly and Simply series, as well as One night for love.  Thanks again! You are sooo talented.

Posted On 03-24-2009 8:29 AM
Name: Marion
City/State or Province: Dublin
Country: Ireland
Comment: Ì have just finished 'Slightly Married' and I really loved it. Then I decided to google your name and discovered there are so many more books of yours. I am thrilled, you have made my day!

Best wishes from Ireland x

Posted On 03-23-2009 7:50 PM
Name: Jillian Nemergut
City/State or Province: Monroe, CT
Country: USA
Comment: I am almost finished reading A Summer to Remember and I just know that I am going to be so upset that it is over.  It is such a wonderful, beautiful, romantic story, do you plan on coming out with a follow up to Lauren and Kit?

Posted On 03-22-2009 6:31 PM
Name: Shirley Redvine
City/State or Province: Fresno, CA
Country: United States
Comment: I read one of your books and loved it. Then went to your website in 2004 because I was recuperating from several surgeries to get a booklist.  did not rest until I read every book.   Whoever came up with the idea of a sequel for three or four months is a genius.  Two days is a very long time to wait on second Huxtable book.  Loved  vanessa's story. Keep up the good work.



Posted On 03-21-2009 12:16 AM
Name: Angelina Barbin
City/State or Province: Holloman AFB, NM
Country: USA
Comment: Just finished First Comes Marriage. I can't wait to read the rest of the series.

It's so good to know when I pick up one of your books that I won't be able to put it down!


Posted On 03-20-2009 7:12 PM
Name: Gina Caliste
City/State or Province: Albuquerque, NM
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary,

I am 46yrs(young), African American and single.  I am a new fan. I first read "More Than A Mistress" and loved it and became hooked!  You are an excellant writer.  I love the series books. Your characters are "real" , interesting, funny, unique and those love scenes are truly awesome!!! I am so glad you are writing more books. I have a lot of catching up to do, but I look forward to it.    I had to purchase some of the older books, because the library did not have copies. But , thank God for Barnes & Nobles.  

More than anything else, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you and your work.  I discovered your books, at a low season, in my life, and they brought and con't to bring me much joy.

Have A Blessed Day!

Posted On 03-20-2009 6:52 PM
Name: Misti
City/State or Province: Ohio
Country: USA
Comment: Ms. Balogh,

I just finished listening to the audiobook version of "First Comes Marriage," and I have to say that, while I'm now certain that I don't like audiobooks, it's only because they're too slow.  I was on complete bedrest for two days, though, but I am so relieved that I am off of it now so that I can get some your books with actual pages to turn.  I sent my husband to the store to get them, which should make you laugh, since I'm still confined to the bed, although I'm allowed to move a little bit in the house.  Thank you for making my confinement enjoyable.  I will be purchasing the other Huxtable books as they are released, especially Constantine's story because I felt so sorry for him.  I'm sure that he's not really the villain he seems, and I can't wait to see what truly happened!

Posted On 03-19-2009 9:22 PM
Name: afifah
City/State or Province: Kuala Lumpur
Country: Malaysia
Comment: Just finished reading First Comes Marriage. Love the story. i really love to read story of plain jane being love for her character rather than beauty alone. And your story is realistic enough that love come gradually between them and not just like "immediately" in love..thank you for writing and please continue to write whatever  story that pop-up in your head ;p

may you always being bless with happiness and good life ;p

Posted On 03-18-2009 10:16 PM
Name: gabriela
City/State or Province: lomas de zamora
Country: argentina
Comment: Hola Mary:Escribo en castellano porque mi ingles no es muy bueno,queria felicitarla,recientemente descubri sus libros;la saga Bedwyn,me fascino!!!Es una lectura tan entretenida,amena,sus personajes son tan reales como gente que uno conoce y al final de leerlos generan la sensacion de despedirse de un amigo...espero poder encontrar dos que me faltan y realmente los espero historia de Wulf y de Alleyne...Espero que pueda enterarse que al sur de america tiene una admiradora de su obra,que los exitos continuen...

Posted On 03-18-2009 11:58 AM
Name: Donna
City/State or Province: Ohio
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Ms Balogh,

The first book I read of yours was one of the "Simply" books, after that I was hooked.  After reading the entire "Simply" series and "Slightly" series, you became one of my favorite authers.  I just completed "First Comes Marriage" and am looking forward to the next books, esp Meg receiving love at last and Con's book.

I am an avid reader and love to read for relaxation and to momentarily escape from "the stress" of my job etc...  Your books provide that and a glimpse in a histrical time in history.

I thank you very much for letting us read your writings.

Posted On 03-16-2009 5:06 PM
Name: Ann
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Ms. Balogh,

I wanted to say thank you for the wonderful books you've written over the years.  I'm about ready to go out and get First Comes Love -- I was thrilled to see a new book by you on the shelves!  I've been a fan of historical romances since I picked up one of my mom's Georgette Heyer novels at age 10 (my favorite is The Grand Sophy). I thought the Simply series was wonderful. 

I'm proud to say that I'm now a writer of historical romances too -- my first book is coming out in February of 2010!  If you do want to place this post in your guestbook, please feel free to edit out the information about my book.  Your website should be for your books, after all! It's just that I'm so excited about being published!  You're one of the writers who inspired me to write the best story I could, and I wanted you to know this, and to say thank you.

Posted On 03-15-2009 9:34 PM
City/State or Province: St Marys, GA
Country: USA
Comment: Ms Blaugh I have just discovered your books.  My friend bought Simply Perfect at christmas this past year.  Oh my goodness I cannot stop reading the books we have read all of the simply books and the slightly ones also.  We are now reading the Web series.  I cannot tell you how great I think that your books are.  I have been checking them out from our library and sharing them witg my friend.  She told me today that I needed to take a break from reading because yesterday I gave her 3 books to read.  i have been reading one book a day seems like that is how much I like them. I have just finished the First Comes Marrage and cannot wait until the next 3 come out.  I am going to try and find all of the books that I have read in Hard back so I can read them over and over again.  Again thank you for your wonderful books.  Nancy Wood

Posted On 03-15-2009 8:55 PM
Name: Jean Bryant
City/State or Province: Rochester, MI
Country: USA
Comment: Does anyone else look on "youtube" for examples of the songs the characters sing?  I must be demented.  I found "Art Though Weary"  that Jane sang in More Than a Mistress  but I decided that the English versions that were there were not flowing and melodic enough for Jane's voice.  I decided that Andreas Scholl, a counter tenor, singing "Dove Sei" [the Italian version of the song that was from Handel's opera]  was beautiful enough for Jane to sound like.  Silly me.  Anyway here is the link if anyone wants to check it out.   You can have Jane sound like someone different in your mind.  That's why I love to read as opposed to watching movies of the books I love.  The movie never lives up to my imagination.

Posted On 03-15-2009 1:03 PM
Name: Bunny Whittle
City/State or Province: Cambridge, Ohio
Country: United States of America
Comment: I love reading. I usually start reading a book by a particular author. If I like that author, I try to buy all the books and read everything they have written. I got stuck on one author and had a hard time finding the last couple of her books. My sister found them on ebay and ordered them for me. The sender sent a wonderful note with the books and included one of your books stating "Here is a gift for you. Mary Balogh is one of my favorites and I thought you might enjoy reading this." It was one of the nicest gifts I've ever had. I read that one book, then went to the local book store and bought one more. I ended up going back to that store and buying all of your books that they had. I made a list of your books marking off the ones I bought so I would know how many I have left to get. I love the setting, the romance, and the endings. You bring the characters to life. You pull us all into their world, not them into ours. You have very vivid descriptions which make it so easy to see in our minds.  We are in awe of the depth of story. Having never been to England, I found myself going to Google Earth and looking up England. I looked up London and Bath, The Circus, The Crescent, etc. They were described just as they are. I knew what I was looking at as soon as I saw it.  Some times after reading so many of an author's books, they all start to sound the same. That has never happened with any of your stories! Each one is unique in itself. There are times you'll pull a character from one story into another, but that makes the story that much more believable. I love series books for that reason. By the end of the series we know each and every character.  What a gift you have! And, to share that gift with all of us is a blessing! Thank You so much!

PS. I will keep searching for those last few elusive books. If I can't find them, maybe they'll be included in your reprints. Take Care!


Posted On 03-14-2009 10:24 PM
Name: Leanna
City/State or Province: KY
Country: USA
Comment: I want to tell you have much I have enjoyed your books.   I am an avid reader and books have always been my escape.  This was a love I shared with my beloved mother.  We lost her to lung cancer the day after Thanksgiving 07.  We shared books, and like alot of folks, there were books and then there were "I want this one back"  About a month ago I was going through her book shelves looking for something to read and found the Bedwyns!!!  They were tucked away in a special place and I tried to remember if she had ever mentioned them.  I took one or two to read and I was HOOKED!!! ( I have to say I SOBBED when Alleyne came home, one of the most touching passages I have ever read)  I was so thrilled to find she had the entire series.  Your work has been a great way to "remember" with my mom.  I wish I could ask her what she thought, which was her favorite, etc.  I saw you newest release and grabbed it up, and really came close to tears in the aisle at the store thinking , Oh Mom, how I wish you were here and how excited you would be to have a new Balogh book to read!!  I am ending with Slightly Married (don't know how I got out of sequence) and can't wait to explore the others she had tucked away. 

Your books have touched me on many levels  - thank you so much


Posted On 03-13-2009 1:53 PM
Name: Melonie Britt
City/State or Province: Mississippi
Country: USA
Comment: I am an avid reader for entertainment.  In fact, I'm hardly ever without a book.  I recently picked up Simply Perfect, what a beautiful story, which prompted me to pick up Slightly Tempting. What an amazingly unique story. I absolutely loved it! Now I am searching for the Slightly and Simply Series! I do love series books.  It is so facinating to watch the characters evolve. 

You must be a beautifully unique and romatic person to write such lovely stories. Thank You!

Posted On 03-11-2009 7:09 PM
Name: Jean Bryant
City/State or Province: Rochester, Michigan
Country: USA
Comment: There are many characteristics of your writing  I enjoy and love to see in many stories.  One of my favorites is the telling detail that makes the scene spring to life.  You often include details about a child that ring so true I almost look up from the page to see if the characters are perhaps in the same room with me.  Two examples from your books that I have read most recently:  In A Family Christmas from Under the Mistletoewas the description of the children's reactions to the ceremony of setting up a manger scene: There was a chorus of voices then ___ the adults complimenting the performers and the carver, the children explaining loudly to anyone who would listen how they had been told to walk slowly and had almost forgotten but had remembered at the last moment and then could not remember whether Mary went at the right side of the manger or the left or whether the angel went above or below the star . . . 

Another example occurred when a character was nursing her baby and the baby was absently plucking at his ear.  Anyone who has ever fed a baby has seen that exact contented motion.  Perfect.  I realize I needn't quote your own book to you --- rather like people who pray and mention chapter and verse to God --- but I know that comments are read by your fans and they might like to read and enjoy the  parts of the stories that I love so much.


Posted On 03-10-2009 8:22 AM
Name: Mabel Pirner
City/State or Province: Colorado
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary,

I have been reading your books for years. I loved the Bedwyn series and just got Simply Perfect to finish that series. One of the things I like about you is all the series that you write. As my husband says "I am a sucker for series books". I love to see what the characters have gotten up to, wheather they have had children, etc.. So I also love that some of them show up in other books as well. I am looking forward to reading First Comes Marriage when I get my hands on it! All of the posts make it sound great.

Thanks for Writing!

Mabel Pirner

Posted On 03-09-2009 12:58 PM
Name: Jagi Wright
City/State or Province: Centreville, VA
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary Balogh,

I know you must get a thousand letters, and you probably do not have time to read them...but I just wanted to write and say thank you, nonetheless. You are by far my favorite romance author, the only one who I trust to always deliver a good story. My favorite stories of yours are the one's with cold, irrasable Slightly Dangerous and More Than A Mistress. (Slightly Dangerous is my all-time favorite romance.) I also like the touches of God and Divine Love that shine through some of the stories -- sometime directly, sometimes just hinted at.

I just read First Comes Marriage and enjoyed it very much...but like the reader a couple messages below, I had a hard time warming to Elliot only because I was so very very impressed with Con. I really wanted to be reading HIS story. I was very pleased to discover you will be writing his story, too!

What a glorious basket of riches we get this year with so many of your books coming out this spring. I will be spoiled for years to come...expecting a New Balogh every month!  ;-)

Thank you.

Posted On 03-09-2009 11:26 AM
Name: Angela Bennett
City/State or Province: East Haven,Ct
Country: United States
Comment: Hi Mary:  I just read your book "Simply Perfect" and I am now a fan.   It was absolutely beautiful.  I have been a reader since I was in grade school and I still am now.  I find a lot of joy in reading and I cannot seem to get enough.  Well I will have to go backwards and read the other Simply Perfect books because I wasn't aware they existed until I read Simply Perfect.    Thank you so much for the hours I can be swept away into another place and time and feel like I am realy there.    It amazes me how well you write and I sure wish I could too.  God Bless   Angela



Posted On 03-09-2009 12:28 AM
Name: karol tortorelli
City/State or Province: KY
Country: United States
Comment: Oh, I LOVE Vanaessa and Elliot.  Finally , a hero and heroine that commuicate.  There was still enough conflict/tension for the plot without the usual avoidable misunderstandings.  Well done!  I look forward to the rest of the series; I can't wait for April.

Posted On 03-08-2009 6:03 PM
Name: Lauraine Urtnowski
City/State or Province: Lake City
Country: United States
Comment: I love all your books !  I eagerly await the next. I loved Slightly Dangerous, Bedwin seems so real.   I especially love the humor.  You are the best.  Please keep writing.

Posted On 03-08-2009 4:51 PM
Name: Elaine
City/State or Province: Slickville, PA
Country: USA
Comment: Hi , Mary

    I'm a big fan of yours ,my favorite book is "Slightly Dangerous" and I really would love a book on Eleanor ( the Duchess'es sister) it just doesn't seem fair for her to be alone forever . Well maybe you can think about it I just really liked her in your books. Thanks for listening!

Posted On 03-07-2009 2:12 PM
Name: Lee Campbell
City/State or Province: Vienna, WV
Country: United States

Hello, My bookstore (Paperback Palace ) and the other local new/used bookstore in town (Trans Allegheny Books), along with the local library are sponsoring an autographed book raffle during Get Caught Reading Month (May) to benefit the summer reading programs.  I am writing to ask if you would donate a signed book for that raffle.  I would be happy to provide any additional information about the raffle.  If you would be willing to donate a book you can send it to:

Lee Campbell
Paperback Palace
515 28th St.
Vienna, WV  26105

Thank you in advance.

 Lee Ann Campbell (Owner) - Paperback Palace -

Posted On 03-07-2009 11:01 AM
Name: mary VanSlyck
City/State or Province: elgin, il
Country: usa
Comment:   Just browsing the web site while I wait for the next book. I appreciate the series pages and covers. It really helps to have the pictures. In reading the comments it is fun to see all the first time readers. I am an "old " reader so I have been with you from the first I think. Only problem is I did not hang on to every one of your books. Too bad I shared some.   I am glad to see Edmund of the perfect Rake book is going to be reprinted.  He is one of the best guys. How can I not love a book in which a post sex hero says Tell me I was that good"   mary

Posted On 03-06-2009 11:07 PM
Name: Patricia Pats Gurin
City/State or Province: Michigan
Country: USA
Comment: I've been reading your books since you began writing & you are such a brilliant story-teller that I can't put a book down even when I've already read it!! I often go back & re-read...especially enjoy series & linked characters in non-serials. I own all your books & I'm Lady Muir the heroine of a book or am I imagining things?....eagerly awaiting your next series wishes for many years of books to come!!!...Pat Gurin

Posted On 03-05-2009 10:11 PM
Name: Joan Forman
City/State or Province: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Ms Balogh, A few weeks ago while searching in the audio book section of my local library, so I can listen and knit, I found Simply Perfect, and fell in love with your stories. Now I've finished the "Simply" group which may have been fun for me, a retired teacher. Of course I love having children as important characters, but I think your books are filled with many wonderful characters. I particularly enjoyed the scene in Simply Love where Ann speaks to Sydnam about "proper" vision. What a thoughtful way to teach about artist's vision. I also enjoy the way a character may turn up in several stories, tho I'm glad to be rid of Portia Hunt. [I hope] Yesterday I finished your collection, Under Mistletoe, what a delightful group of stories. I have put it on my list for several friends for next Christmas. Now I'm back to reading through the Slightly group; I loved Slightly Married. Thank you for these wonderful stories. I don't think I'll ever need the threat of snowstorms to have my nose in your books. Joanie

Posted On 03-05-2009 9:04 PM
Name: Sophine
City/State or Province: Singapore
Country: Singapore
Comment: I first borrowed the book of Kit Butler and Lauren Edgeworth's story from my local library. It was a very good read and I looked for the whole 'Slightly' series at different libraries.

After finishing the series, I went to a bookstore and bought the whole set, because they were so well-written. Many books with R scenes do not involve plot. But Mary Balogh brings to life the people of the time, and makes them applicable to us even now.

Her ability to spin whole series from characters who feature slightly in other books has caused me to wonder at the stories of the 'supporting cast' themselves. And happily, quite often, I am able to find a book which does tell me the story of these supporting characters.

I prefer the book covers without pictures, just words. Those with pictures can often seem like 'trashy novels' but they are not that!

Posted On 03-05-2009 11:55 AM
Name: Rhonda
City/State or Province: Arlington, TX
Country: US
Comment: Mary,  I just recently started reading your books and just completed the "Simply" series.  The last one especially "Simply Perfect", really was "perfect".  I loved all the characters and would like to suggest a future story - I think David (Anne's illegitimate son) and Lizzie (Claudia's blind step-daughter) should fall in love when they grow up.  What do you think???

I think it could make a very touching, happy story if told just right, which I have no doubt you could do!

I love historicals (that's all I read), so KEEP WRITING!!!

Posted On 03-04-2009 11:54 PM
Name: Irene
City/State or Province: Fort Lee, NJ
Country: USA
Comment: I stayed up till 300 in the morning reading First Comes Marriage, I absolutely loved it! Vanessa and Elliot were incredible characters and I adored their story.
I just could'nt put the book  down. I'm glad the next one will be out soon. Congrats on an excellent book, it had everything I look for in a book and more. It's an incredible start to this series. best wishes, Irene

Posted On 03-04-2009 2:49 AM
Name: Marianne
City/State or Province: Utah
Country: USA
Comment: Ms. Balogh, I am an English major and avid reader and hold a particular fondness for "love stories" as my girls call them. I probably read 2 books a week (as long as new ones keep coming out) and I have read all of yours (that I know of). I love so many books and authors and have never written to anyone before but felt compelled to write to you after finishing First Comes Marriage. Thank you for writing a story of true love and lust! Both are important! Thank you for creating smart characters who actually communicate instead of frustrating me with miscommunication until the last page! When Elliott confronts Vanessa after her encounter with Anna, I fully expected him to "storm away" and was so fulfilled when he insisted on making things clear. And lastly, thank you so much for creating a series that won't keep me waiting forever to continue the connection I find with your characters! With Gratitude, Marianne P.S. I also must thank you for creating tasteful covers for your books as I have young children who like to sit with me as I read. I don't need to see a half naked woman on the cover to know it is a good story -- your name will suffice.

Posted On 03-03-2009 8:13 PM
Name: Rebecca Courtney
City/State or Province: Oregon
Country: United States
Comment: I love almost every book that I have read by you, Mary Balogh.  You are by far my favorite author.  I have been desperately trying to find your earlier published books such as, The Notorious Rake, The Obedient Bride, A Precious Jewel, The Temporary Bride ect. without having to spend a small fortune online. I think I have looked at all the used book stores in the Willamette Valley with no success!!!   I am very sad that the republished versions wont be available for some time.  I guess I will have to save my money and be prepared to fork out alot to purchase these books sooner than having to wait several years for them to be published!!!!!  

Thank you for all the great books over the years!!!!


Posted On 03-03-2009 1:26 PM
Name: Anna Sarkissian
City/State or Province: Gaithersburg, md 20878
Comment: Hi Mary!

I just finished reading First Comes Marriage, I loved it! What can I say you are the best! :) I am looking forward to the other books in the series specially Con's story!!!!!!!!!!! I loved his character and I somehow was upset at Eliott who didn't push Con to tell the truth! But hey I fell in love with Eliott :) He is a wonderful character!

My all time favorites are Unforgiven and Devil's Web : ) I have a feeling Con's will be the next one :) But we have to wait one year :(

God bless you Mary and your family!



Posted On 03-03-2009 11:24 AM
Name: c abernathy
City/State or Province: dolphin va
Country: ysa
Comment: curiosity killed the cat    well I am curious     I have seen a lot of talk about   Beverly;s  book    First Comes Marriage

has 2 chapters supposedly printed at the end of the book      I checked the book I bought  last week and the chapters

are not there        I checked in several stores and none of them had the chapters in the back of the book     how was it

decided  whose selling books got the chapters and who did not get them     I am just over 20 miles from a wal-mart

and 40 to 45 to a books-a-million    and 60 to a barnes and noble         why were the chapters put in some and not all

when they sell for the same price      at 71  living on ss     need to watch my pennies so I can get all the books I want to

read thanks ca



Posted On 03-02-2009 5:05 PM
Name: Debbie Stein
City/State or Province: Bethesda, MD
Country: US
Comment: Hi

I really enjoyed First Comes Marriage, and am thrilled that you are releasing the rest of the books in the series so quickly.

I am slowly buying everything of your backlist that seems moderately reasonably priced, except for the books that I know are going to be republished. I would really like to reread A Gentle Conquest, which I read years and years ago and thought was fascinating. Is there any hope it will be republished, or do I have to grit my teeth and pay $20 or more for a second hand copy? I'm wiling to wait if I know its coming.....


Posted On 03-02-2009 3:28 PM
Name: Dierdre Watkins
City/State or Province: Dallas, TX
Country: United States
Comment: I have just finished Then Comes Marriage.  I have loved all your books, but I must confess, that I did not take to Elliott too much.  Rather, I liked Con.  Can you please let me know if you plan to tells us his story?  Con has been slandered and he needs to be loved.  I am on his side.  My first book was "Dancing with Clara" and I have read your books for over 16 years.

Dierdre Watkins, Dallas TX

Posted On 03-01-2009 9:29 PM
Name: Tal
City/State or Province: U.S.A
Comment: I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy all your books , I have read most of them, except the really older ones.. I jsut adored First comes  Marrige, it was just  great .. I just ADORE these plain/shy stories.. noone writes them anymore just's so nice to read a nice story where the heroine is likable too.. usually they are soo whiny.. I also like it when the couple gets together early and they go through the story together as opposed to against each other, boy that's a treat..I look forward to all your books..... AWESOME>>>> thanks for a wonderful read...  Tal

Posted On 02-27-2009 2:02 PM
Name: Melody kuhn
City/State or Province: Rush City, Mn.
Country: USA
Comment: I just finished reading The Ideal wife.   What a hoot.  I just love Abby, and Miles is not bad also.  What a match.  The fun and laughts where just great,  More of these please Mary.

Posted On 02-26-2009 11:59 PM
Name: mary VanSlyck
City/State or Province: elgin, il
Country: usa
Comment:   I just finished " First comes Marriage." As good as I expected and I expect to enjoy your books immensely. I let out a yell  when Vanessa proposed and said Mary is writing "The Convenient Marriage".   I trust you are not offended and love Georgette as much as I do.   What a delightful twist you gave it. I was always bothered by 17 marrying 35 so I am glad you made them 24 and 30. I am trusting you will transform Con into a good guy along the way. Anyone who was so kind to his brother can't be bad.  Did Englishmen really marry women from Greece in that era? Thank you for the usual helping of laughs. The number of laughs in Romance are all too few.   Thank you.   Mary

Posted On 02-26-2009 2:43 PM
Name: Barbara Mills
City/State or Province: Burlington Ontario
Country: Canada
Comment: Hello Mary .......

This seems like the best way to contact you quickly; it looks as if you get hundreds of these posts (ever get the urge to proofread them?)

The reason I am writing is that Ian and I were just in Paris for eight days, my birthday treat (there has to be some compensation for being born in February). We rented an apartment in the Marais district. There was a bookshelf of reading material and of course I inspected it ( I always have a look at bookshelves, because it may not be wise to judge a book by its cover, but you can judge people by their book covers...).  Your name jumped out at me, twice! I was probably more excited than you would have been, accustomed as you are to public acclaim. Anyway, Ian insisted that I write to tell you.

By way of finding this part of your site, I had a look at and enjoyed all your family photographs.

By the way, I think I sent your Xmas card to the Kipling address; so don't think we just forgot.

I won't make this a long note, as I think you must sift through dozens of these a day.

Our best to Bob


Posted On 02-26-2009 12:22 PM
Name: Karen Wong
City/State or Province: Grand Prairie, TX
Country: USA
Comment: Hello Mrs. Balogh,

I stayed up way too late last night reading First Comes Marriage. What a delight! I think it is one of your best books and that is saying something. I adore your writing and have almost every one of your books on my keeper shelf. There are still a couple of early ones I've yet to collect, so hurrah for the coming reprints.  I have been a librarian for years, but just recently became fiction librarian at a public library. I am thrilled to be able to order your books and suggest them to more readers. Thank you for all the joy you have brought me over the years. I'm so glad there is much more to look forward to.


Posted On 02-25-2009 10:31 PM
Name: Addie Carlsen
City/State or Province: Waukesha, WI
Country: USA
Comment: I just like to thank you for writing your books. I have collected most of them and reading them is a real joy. It is so relaxing to just sit and read a book. All your books are so exceptional. I have always like books in series. I just can't wait until I get the next one of your books. Once again thank you for sharing your talent.



Posted On 02-25-2009 4:30 PM
Name: Megan
City/State or Province: Utah
Country: United States
Comment: I finished reading First comes marriage hours after I bought it yesterday, and can't wait for the next one. I always tell myself to read slower to make the book last longer, but i never seem to be able to put the books down. You have been my favorite author sense i first read More Than A Mistress countless years ago. I try to pick my favorite but everytime i do i think of another book i like equally as much, but i do love The Devil's Web and Morgan's story (if the indication of worn book covers are taken into account). but i enjoy your writing and can hardly wait for more backlist and new stories to be published. Thank You.


Posted On 02-23-2009 11:33 PM
Name: Heather Young
City/State or Province: Guthrie,Oklahoma
Country: United States
Comment: Hello Mary,

I just had to tell you how excellent your books are although I am only 17 I have been reading for as long as I can remember. I even won a reading contest in my 2nd grade of school by reading 1408 books which is literally every book in the school library as well as our local public library. I even had to go get a library card to a library in a nearby town so that I could check out books from their library seeing as how I had read all of the books of my level and even some higher. Well as im sure you can now tell i enjoy reading immensely and I just wanted to inform you that your books are so enjoying to read that I am now starting on my 6th book by you in a little less than 3 weeks. So I have now made it my goal to read every book of yours that i can get my hands on, well im going to put an end to this comment now so that i can start reading the next one of your books. By the way I especially like the Miss Martins School for Girls Series. They are probably in my top 3 favorite book series. Oh and I almost forgot to tell you that i jumped up and down for like ten minutes after I found out that you have another book coming out tomorrow yay! Well until later keep writing your an amazing author!


Posted On 02-23-2009 4:43 PM
Name: Suzette Temple
City/State or Province: Lufkin, Texas
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Ms. Balogh, I have always been an avid reader, but stuck mainly with mystery and then found my way into science fiction.  However, I recently found myself wandering through the library, not finding anything I wanted to read, and finally I told my daughter to go up and down several aisles and pick out a book from each aisle.  Luckily, one of the books she picked was "Slightly Wicked."  I am glad I didn't discover you sooner because it would  have been terrible waiting for each book in the series to be written!  I haven't read every book you have written, but I am working on it.  The ones that I have read, well,  I thoroughly enjoyed each one of them and am looking forward to reading the rest!

Posted On 02-23-2009 3:11 PM
Name: Marty Hart
City/State or Province: Tucson AZ
Country: USA
Comment: Just stopped in to say hello. I belong to and within that a Romance Readers Group.  Your name keeps coming up so I got one of you books today (Simply Perfect).   Love Regency stories (Stephanie Laurens is one of my favorites.) Hope to keep in touch.

Posted On 02-23-2009 12:38 PM
Name: Catherine
City/State or Province: Plymouth
Country: England
Comment: Hello Mary.  I have just discovered your books, and positively devoured Slightly Married, Slightly Wicked and Slightly Scandalous.  I can't quite decide whether I'm full of regret that I didn't discover your work years ago (I've been a Heyer addict for a good 15 years and am always looking for similar work) - or full of anticipation at the prospect of diving headlong into your backlist!  I'm probably far to English to make a good job of gushing and squealing like a deranged fan at a film preview, but I just wanted to say how wonderful I think your books are, how much reading pleasure I've had from them already, and how much I'm looking forward to reading more. 

Posted On 02-22-2009 2:48 PM
Name: Laura Marshall
City/State or Province: Columbus, Ohio
Comment: Hello, Mary

I have enjoyed your books for years. I am reading ebooks now, so I would love to have your old books published in ebook format. It woud be great to go back and reread all of them. My sister Mary and I have felt that you are our favorite author  from book one. Thanks for hours of reading pleasure.


Posted On 02-21-2009 3:05 PM
Name: Grace B. Foster
City/State or Province: Los Angeles, California
Country: United States
Comment: I do love your books!  I wonder if they are available on Amazon's KINDLE.  I just took the plunge and ordered the  Kindle 2.  My only problem with your books is that I read so much faster than you can write!!!  I have already pre-ordered the first four books of your new series from Amazon, and will order the fifth as soon as title and publication date are available.

Bless you for the pleasurable hours you make possible -- and keep up the good work.


Posted On 02-19-2009 7:39 PM
Name: Anna Willman
City/State or Province: Charlestown, IN
Country: USA
Comment: Mary, love your books, can't wait for the next one.

Posted On 02-19-2009 3:57 PM
Name: Lynn S. Fournier
City/State or Province: Oakland, RI
Country: USA
Comment: Ms. Mary Balogh,

Thank you for your most wonderful books, I have never been a avid reader, but once I started reading your Simply Series, I just could not stop reading them. I truly love them, they funny and most entertaining.  I would love to see this series made into movies, I will take one Lucius, Viscount Sinclair and/or Joseph, Marquess of Attingsborough anytime. but i have to say i love all your characters.  I will be starting a new series this week and just can't wait to start reading more.  Just to let you know, when i am reading your stories, it like I'm there it amazing how wonderful they are, for sometimes I'm laughing or crying with a box of kleenex by my side.  I a big fan of period pieces and i am just so happy i had stumbled on to your books.

Sincerely your faithful servent,

Lynn S. Fournier


Posted On 02-19-2009 8:31 AM
Name: Cynthia Anderson
City/State or Province: Fair Haven New Jersey
Country: U.S.A.
Comment: Mary I am just got First comes Marriage yesterday and am just now begging to read it I should be getting the next one sometime next week I have all of your books in the series on preorder with my one and only independent book store in Monmouth County in the area I really do enjoy all of your books and they are keepers as well. Most of my friends in my Romance Readers Group enjoy you as well and always on the look out for any of your books as well.I look forwarsd to reading more of your books in the future.Cynthia

Posted On 02-18-2009 7:27 PM
Name: Ifeoma
Comment: I have been able to access some of your older books through libraries. I just read the The Temporary Wife, and the short story about Miss Craggs. The Temporary Wife was an excellent book and I admired the character's fight. I also recently read Spellbound, your  most recent short story. I have always wondered at romance author's contempt for weaknesses that are distinctly feminine. You have a interesting way of voicing that and teaching strength the same time, a characteristic of your books I find interesting. Although I believe that tyrants deserve the contempt and social centure and women deserve the teaching I still think you always create a fun informative read with your books. I am on to reading Indiscreet now. Thanks for the entertainment and the information.

Posted On 02-16-2009 3:44 PM
Name: Penelope
Country: USA
Comment: Mary, I just wanted to let you know I reviewed Simply Love in a Blast from the Past review on my website Penelope's Romance Reviews. I had a Valentine's contest this week for "most romantic book ever read" and my vote was for Simply Love. I adore this book, and gave it an A+ review. Please take a look if you are interested. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day! Sincerely, Penelope

Posted On 02-15-2009 9:57 AM
Name: megan
Comment: Just finished reading Simply Perfect and loved it! I belong to a book club and was wondering if you had any book club questions I could use for this months meeting. Please let me know.



Posted On 02-15-2009 6:59 AM
Name: Selene DeLuna
City/State or Province: Pearland,TX
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary,

I love your books and have recently started to collect them.  The first older novel that I found at my local bookstore was Truly.  I'm hoping to find others and may have to start getting them from the Web, although I get a child like euphoria when I find them at book exchanges/used book stores.  I have lost a few when I lend them to family/friends, but I feel like I am spreading some joy so I don't mind.  I used to tell my father-in-law that the fuzzy romantic feeling that we ladies get from reading a romance novel has saved my husband from many lectures/scolding/& flat-out fights. Ha! Anyway keep up the good work.


Posted On 02-13-2009 12:21 PM
Name: Mary Anne Hayes
City/State or Province: Camarillo, CA
Country: USA
Comment: I have enjoyed your books for many years and have read and collected all of them. I love to read and reread them, however, now my aging eyes are having trouble seeing the small print. I would love it if all your books could be printed in large print (I already have all that are available in that format), especially your older books as they are reprinted. I'm sure there are many like me that would like to purchase them. Thank you so much for bringing so much joy into my life with your books.

Posted On 02-12-2009 3:45 AM
Name: Kiki
City/State or Province: Portland, OR
Country: USA
Comment: I just came across Simply Perfect - and the title could not be more apt.  I have just started a blog,,  and I review romance novels. This was the first book that I picked.  I am more thrilled then I can say with my choice.  It really was perfect.  It was such a wonderful read.  Thank you so much and keep up the great work!!

Posted On 02-10-2009 12:40 PM
Name: Shirley Redvine
City/State or Province: 6574 N. Delbert Ave
Country: usa




Posted On 02-09-2009 5:11 PM
Name: Tai Schultze
City/State or Province: st. james minnesota
Country: usa
Comment: i just finished with the Bedwyns series and i must say well done..i enjoyed them all...i wish i had not ended...Wulfrics was my favorite..if you ever do a series about their children i really hope i am known about it..i would love to read each others as well..your a very good author...i laughed, cried and cheered for each sibling..i loved how each and their spouses are the exact opposite of what they needed in each other..very well done..thank you for such wonderful stories

Posted On 02-09-2009 4:47 PM
Name: Michelle Snider
City/State or Province: Indiana
Country: United States
Comment: I really like your books.

Posted On 02-09-2009 3:12 PM
Name: Sara
City/State or Province: Ashland, Oregon
Country: USA

Hi Mary,

I just wanted to let you know that I have set up a link with a brief description of you on this page:

Romantic Ideas Online is 4 months old. We are averaging 60 unique visitors per day right now. We are pleased to see our traffic escalating exponentially. (Up from just 24 uniques last month.) At that rate we could be seeing over a million by the end of the year! The search engines really seem to be sitting up and taking notice of our site and we’ve had lots of excitement from our visitors.

The link to this page is the 4th link down on the navigation bar in the left column. It leads to the main Romance Authors page where you can be found by clicking on the letter “B”.

I really want my visitors to check out your website and your books. I have not had the pleasure of reading any of your books yet but I have put “It Happened One Night” on my must-read list!

Mary, let me know if you want me to change anything in the description about your site.

BTW I'd be really pleased if you could save some screen space for a link to me on your website or in your blog if you think it's relevant to your site. If not, no problem... Your link will stay there anyway!

In Joy,


Sara McGoodwin

Chief Executive Romance Goddess

Romantic Ideas Online


"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return." from the song Nature Boy by Eden Ahbez


Posted On 02-07-2009 1:27 PM
Name: W. Weber
City/State or Province: Forest Grove, OR
Country: USA
Comment: Gwen before Angeline. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted On 02-06-2009 7:16 PM
Name: miss heyer
City/State or Province: Osage Beach , MO
Country: USA
Comment: Well I was listing all the reasons I love your books, but the validation code is giving me some trouble. So this time I'll just say Please keep writting. I so enjoy each series and anxiously await each new book. This new series is a delightful surprise and well worth waiting for, but I must admit I'm never patiently waiting.

Posted On 02-05-2009 7:06 AM
Name: Caroline
City/State or Province: London
Country: UK
Comment: Why is there a book advertised on called 'Seducing an Angel' by Mary Balogh with the following description:

"Banished, destitute, and labeled a murderess, Cassandra, Lady Paget, arrives in Regency London determined to overcome the reputation that has preceded her and to find a wealthy gentleman who can restore her to the extravagant life to which she’s grown accustomed. She sets her sights on Stephen, Earl of Merton – an angelic-looking man of means who surely cannot resist her. "

This doesn't sound like anything mentioned on this site??  Something new or a mistake?

Posted On 01-31-2009 11:35 AM
Name: Cynthia Anderson
City/State or Province: Fair Haven New Jersey
Country: U.S.A.
Comment: Hi I have already preorderd your first three books in your new series I am glad to see Huxtables back in action I always wonderd what happend to them. I look foward to reading all the stories in the future.

Posted On 01-29-2009 11:29 AM
Name: Sandy Nosco
City/State or Province: Twinnsburg, OH
Country: USA
Comment: Lovve your books, More than a Mistress is my fav!  Poor Portia Hunt!  She has toed the line behind her high nosed mother all her life and believes what a man does in his own time is no business of a gently reared lady!  How wonderful it would be to see what happens when passion makes her forget herself, can she strip away her self imposed confines and find herself to be a passionate, maybe even jealous woman in love!

Posted On 01-29-2009 10:54 AM
Name: Amy
City/State or Province: Missouri
Country: US
Comment: It has been years since I have read any romance novels, but I decided the other day that I really wanted to jump back into the genre.  I was searching through the Kindle book store and came across your books.  I started with Slightly Dangerous and loved it.  It didn't even matter that it was the last in the series because it could stand alone.  I have decided to go back and read the rest.  I finished Slightly Married last night at two in the morning; I just couldn't put it down.  I love Regency novels and yours are wonderful.  I am thankful that they are not so full of love scenes that they become borderline erotica...which is not what I'm looking for in a romance novel.  I really appreciate that! 

I am posting reviews to your books on my blog,   Maybe some of my readers will decide to pick up one of your books.  I am thankful that your books are available in Kindle format and will continue to download them. 

Thanks so much for the wonderful writing you do.

Posted On 01-27-2009 7:53 PM
Name: Cindy Maday
City/State or Province: Palos Park, IL
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,

       I am a new romance writer and have just discovered your books. Actually, my mom and I can't stop reading them. One is as good as the next.  In reading your books, I have come to understand point of view. You create remarkable wonderful contradictory characters. In the class I'm taking we just went through characters, as it just happened, I was reading Wulfric's story. I didn't know a lot about this man having just read the Ms Martin series, and he seemed so formidable. You couldn't put him with a more perfect person than Christine. I laughed at her escapades as well as delighted in a truly geniune person. You truly have a gift of taking complete opposites and bringing them together into a whirlwind romance.  I'm having as much fun reading your books as I am learning from them. Thank you for hours of pleasure and laughter.



Cindy Maday


Posted On 01-27-2009 11:33 AM
Name: Suzette Couch
City/State or Province: Coral Gables, Fl
Country: 33134
Comment: Many thanks to you Mary for transporting me to a different time when men where men and women where women and love conquered all.  I recently was introduced to your books by my favorite library in Coral Gables, I had just signed my divorce papers and had been feeling blue and your  books brought back joy and the belief in romance.  Thank you so much for your characters.  I have loved each and every one I have read thus far.  Look foward to reading them all

Posted On 01-26-2009 12:36 PM
Name: Joyce B.
City/State or Province: West Chester, OH
Country: USA
Comment: For years I have loved Regency stories and discovered you many years ago in this genre.  Sadly, I can not find many Regency stories but I was happy to rediscover you when I found the Simply books.  I have now also started to read the Slightly series.  Thank you so much for writing stories that allow us to look into the characters lives at later dates. It is always sad to say goodbye to certain books and characters when the back cover closes.  I was also excited to find that you have several new books coming out this year.  Wonderful!

Posted On 01-24-2009 2:56 PM
Name: Jean Bryant
City/State or Province: Rochester, Michigan
Country: USA
Comment: I opened One Night for Love and there on the first page was Gordon Harris of the 95th Rifles!  I am a fan of Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe Series.  I know that the actor who plays Rifleman Harris on the Sharpe videos is on a multimedia disc that is just now being issued about the 1848 diary of Rifleman Harris.  I was wondering if your Rifleman Harris is the same person/character?  I hope so!  I've just finished reading a series of books by L. A. Meyers about a London street urchin who runs away to sea pretending to be a boy and becomes "Bloody Jack."  His books include famous fictional sites and characters ... Jacky sails on the Pequod from America and is friends with Ishmael.  She frequents the Admiral Ben Bow Inn; she meets Mike Fink on the Mississippi River; etc., etc.

Posted On 01-21-2009 11:36 AM
Name: Janice Conklin
City/State or Province: Lock Haven PA
Country: US
Comment: Your books are wonderful,I think I have read everyone you have ever written, I read some of them more than once. PLEASE don't change, there are so many vampire and ghost and paranormal it is hard to get a good book now that is why I so look forward to all your books.I still have most of the books, some got lost somewhere, I loved double wager you wrote many years ago. Many thanks for all the years of good reading.



Posted On 01-20-2009 11:24 AM
Name: Denise W.
City/State or Province: Northfield, Ohio
Country: USA
Comment: I am sure that you must hear this all the time butt I love your writing style. I stayed up till 3am last night reading Simply Perfect- suprisingly, I did not finish it.  Usually I can put a book away in 3-4 hours butt yours take me double that time.  Which is wonderful because I take my time and really get into the characters and the heart of the story. Sometimes I find it too easy to almost jump (speed read) through sections of authors butt not yours.  Thank  you for continuing to surprise and take chances with none conventional heros and heroins!  It makes it easier to connect to them.  I look foward to enjoying your next series of books. 



Posted On 01-19-2009 11:53 AM
Name: Ana
City/State or Province: Orlando,Florida
Country: USA
Comment: I love all your books! I just finished reading Simply Perfect and I wanted to know if you are going to write Lizzie"s story? I think she deserves her own story.


Posted On 01-18-2009 10:43 PM
Name: Jess
City/State or Province: Sydney
Country: Australia
Comment: Hi Mary...

I would like to take the credit for discovering your books...but that has to go to my sister ....we r the most avid readers of historical total i have about 580 books....and they are all keepers.....we started with No Mans Mistress....and just went on from there .....we do have every one since....we love them all....was a bit of a shame that u put the Simply Series out in hard cover.....they cost us about $55 australian ....which is not cheap ..oh well ...if we want to read them we have to pay the price...and yes they are worth it we are looking forward to the Huxable Series....looks interesting....we order then ahead of schedule...but have to wait about 2 weeks after they come out in america .....just wanted to say are the best ....dont think i read any of your books that i could say i didnt enjoy ...and I have shed many a tear reading them too....lots and lots actually.....keep up the good work.. ....

Looking forward to the next release...

Jess ....




Posted On 01-11-2009 11:03 PM
Name: Catherine
City/State or Province: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Country: Canada
Comment: I just finished "Longing" and wanted to say how very much I enjoyed it.  Many of your books are haunting and evocative and this one particularly so.  My heart hurt - in a good way - while I was reading it.

I'm happy to hear that your backlist is starting to be re-published.  I'm rubbing my hands together in glee and anticipation!!  Some of the books are darn hard to find. and I'm particularly looking forward to "A Promise of Spring".

Posted On 01-07-2009 1:40 PM
Name: Teresa
City/State or Province: Addison Il
Country: USA
Comment: You are without a doubt one of my favorite authers.  If I don't have all of your books I think I have most.  The Romance of your books can't be denied.  The guys are are so Hunky and they make me dream my hubby looks like them.  You bring whatever Era you are writing about to life for me.  I appreciate all that you do so keep on doing it. 

Posted On 01-06-2009 10:20 PM
Name: Karen
City/State or Province: Mount Laurel, NJ
Country: USA
Comment: I so enjoy your 'Slightly' series about the Bedwyns and those that are connected by characters in the 'Simply' series.  I am looking forward to reading more as I discover them.

Posted On 01-04-2009 12:48 AM
Name: Erica
City/State or Province: Brooklyn, NY
Country: USA
Comment: Mary Balogh, you're a true romantic. I can't get enough of your books and can't seem to let one down once I pick them up. I've first read Simply love and got hooked immediately. I've been searching the local libraries to borrow your books but unfortunately they don't carry them all. In conclusion, Im going to buy them instead. Im planning to buy the slightly and simply series for my collection. I can't wait till the new series that is coming out in Feb 09. Don't stop writing because you're the one that keeps my imagination going.  I Love You!

Posted On 01-02-2009 2:01 AM
Name: Christy
City/State or Province: Bangkok
Country: Thailand
Comment: I love your books! The first one I read was Slightly Dangerous and it was amazing! The tension and attraction between Wulfric and Christine seemed to leap of the page! Since then, I've started to read the rest of the slightly series and I can't wait to start your new Huxtable series.
I really love the Regency period and I have plans to write my own Regency-set novel! Your novels really raise the bar and I hope to be at least half as good as you are!
Don't stop writing!