Guest Book, 2008
Posted On 12-30-2008 6:31 PM
Name: Shaila
City/State or Province: Scarborough
Country: Ontario
Comment: Dear Ms. Balogh,

I love your books!! The first book I read was " A Summer To Remember " and after that I was hooked. I always search for your books in the libraries but unfortunately they don't carry all of them. Whenever I can find one of your books and I can afford it I cannot resist buying. You are a wonderful writer.Thankyou.

Posted On 12-30-2008 1:58 PM
Name: samvidha bagaria
Country: India
Comment: i started reading your books with slighly wicked,and since then there has been no favourites are definitely the bedwyns and more recently the the gilded web series.i love the world you create in your books,the world of dukes and duchesses,and earls etc.I also love the backdrop of your books,old england.I think your books are the best historical romances ever written.I would love to see your characters come to life in the form of films.i think your books are excellent plots,from which memorable films  can be made.i really think you should consider letting your books being made into movies.

Posted On 12-29-2008 3:52 PM
Name: MMZ
Country: Canada
Comment: I have read the excerpts on your website and I find that the one that will be published on  Feb 09
comes very close indeed to the ball where Darcy is introduced in Pride and Prejudice!
Maybe it's being subconscious.... if you do not believe me.. ...pls. read that part of the book, I am sure that if you do not have it already you can get it at the Library.    Too close to feel right!

Love your books and I am looking forward to start with the new series.

Posted On 12-26-2008 3:28 AM
Name: Julia
City/State or Province: New York, NY
Country: USA
Comment: Hello Mary!
I've been enjoying your books for about 15 years, now, at a guess. Since I was a teenager, in fact! I think what I've loved best about them is that, generally, what the characters have to overcome on the way to happiness is their own shortcomings - the very real (and very relatable) problems of pride, insecurity, stubbornness, etc. Even years after having read a particular story, I can see a title and remember the characters. Thank you for introducing me to all of them!

Posted On 12-25-2008 3:22 PM
Name: Gaye Goff
City/State or Province: Snoqualmie, WA
Country: USA
Comment: Just finished "It Happened One Night." What a great idea. These were wonderful stories. Amazing to have the same plot line and each be so individual. Thank you for sharing with us your wonderful talent! Already have your next books on preorder at Amazon. Wulfric still my favorite!!!!

Posted On 12-24-2008 12:32 PM
Name: Anna Sarkissian
City/State or Province: Gaithersburg, MD
Country: 20878
Comment: Hi Mary!

Want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. I just love your books and can't wait to read the new ones. I just read again my be for the hundreth time Irressitble and of course love it again :) I have only one complaint about this book I wish Lavinia and Eden had their own book as they have sparks more than Sophie and Nat.

All the best for the New Year,


Posted On 12-21-2008 3:30 PM
Name: dorothy
City/State or Province: durand,Michigan
Country: usa
Comment: Hi, Very happy to hear we are getting 3 new books! Been reading you forever 30 years or more.So very glad you are still writing. Have a bless and safe Christmas and New Year.

Posted On 12-21-2008 10:45 AM
Name: Elaine Carlini-Davis
City/State or Province: Ormond beach, FL
Country: USA
Comment: What lovely covers for your next three books! I'll go back to your site to read the excerpts now.

Merry Christmas.


Posted On 12-21-2008 10:24 AM
Name: Lillian
City/State or Province: Guaynabo
Country: Puerto Rico
Comment: Merry Christmas!!  I've been busiy getting some of the old books via marketplace and can report that I've read quite a number of the old books, all the new ones, and pre-ordered coming releases.  I hope eventually there is a reprint of the remainder Horsemen of the Apocalypse trilogy - I read Irresistible and  it is truly that!  I can wait toget the stories of the other two.

Merry Christmas!

Posted On 12-21-2008 6:15 AM
Name: Dominika
City/State or Province: Olsztyn
Country: Poland
Comment: Dear Ms Balogh,

Thank you very much for all your wonderful books. I never have enough of them.  Right now I'm sitting next to the fireplace and reading 'Simply Perfect' - and it is simply perfect!  I am already waiting for 'First Comes Marriage'.

I wish you warm, family Christmas and a happy New Year.

All the best


Posted On 12-21-2008 1:42 AM
Name: Phil
City/State or Province: California
Country: USA
Comment: Mary,

Happy Holidays.  As one of the few guys signing this Guestbook, I want to thank you for your continuing excellence from the lesser gender.  As a typical guy who thought romance books were for females only, I profoundly and proudly beg to differ.  I've been a fan of yours for the past seven years and you have never failed me.  Your writing is amazing.  I've burned through much of your early writing.  The Last Waltz, Truly, Lord Carew's Bride, Tangled and Beyond the Sunrise are incredible reads.  You are a wonderful writer.  You have burst my self-perceived sexist misperception of romance books.  Thank you for that.

I've written to you before and am a loyal subscriber to your e-group.  But I thought that a timely reminder of my devotion would be a good, yet I'm sure hardly relevant, Christmas gift.  You and Bernard Cornwell are my favorite fiction writers.  Now THAT's diversity!  lol

Happy Holidays . . .


Posted On 12-20-2008 10:39 PM
Name: Sandy Beck
City/State or Province: PA
Country: United States
Comment: What gorgeous covers for the new books! I can't wait to get them. You are one of my favorite authors and I always look forward to reading anything that you write.

Have a Merry Christmas!

Posted On 12-18-2008 7:53 AM
Name: Seema
City/State or Province: Markham
Country: Canada
Comment: Ah the wonders of internet!! I am so happy to sign your guestbook. I have so enjoyed reading your books. Many years ago, in India , I grew up on Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer and thought that regencies had disappeared from this world. Ten years ago, we immigrated to Canada to Prince Albert , SK of all the places..I only just realized that you come from Saskatchewan. I think my greatest pleasure was going to the community library and picking up books to read. It was only a few years ago, after we moved to Markham, that I picked up one of your romances to read by Then I was hooked. I think I devoured your back fast. Reading your books also got me introduced to all the other authors of this genre. However, I have to say that you have become one of my favourite authors. Thank you so much for reintroducing regencies into my world. I can't wait to read your new series. Hope you have a great xmas holiday and a Happy New Year

Posted On 12-16-2008 2:04 PM
Name: Holli
City/State or Province: Sonoma, California
Country: USA
Comment: Mary,

Wishing you the very best of the holidays. I look forward to January and Simply Perfect. Thank you for all the pleasurable hours of reading.

Best Regards,


Posted On 12-12-2008 9:25 PM
Name: sarka
City/State or Province: ridgewood/NJ
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary Balogh,

I have started to read your book's by accident.I have read an articel in a magazine in London England ,Surrey actually. It was a new out comming book at the time and I was longing to read something Fun. you have writen so lovely abouth the cantrisayd and the characters that it enspayerd me to claim 325 or so steps in a heals up to st.Paul's and the wiew was wondiful. Since then I have read ather books but I still like your writing the best.  I am sorry if my writing is not gramaticly corect English is not my first langudge and I still fined it difficult.  Anyway I whanted to say thank you for inspiring me to start reading in English and to making me laugh in the hardes times.

Marry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your Family

Sarka Mehlenbacher

Posted On 12-07-2008 4:26 PM
Name: Michelle Kapanen
City/State or Province: Rocklin, CA.
Country: USA
Comment: I just wanted to let you know that about two or three years ago, at the beginning of summer,  I finally made my way to the local library, determined to find a fun read., something perhaps outside the genre I usually lean towards.  I wanted something fun, and romantic.  Although I have always steered clear of the romance section.  I started near the A's by author of the fiction section and quickly moved onto the B's when I stumbled across your title "A Summer to Remember".  Well, that sounded great as I anticipated a glorious summer ahead of me.  After making sure no one was looking, I grabed the book and took a peak.  I was captivated, and quickly checked it out.  Well that was my first romance book and I've been hooked ever since.  Since then I have come back to your shelf at the library and although the selection of Balogh books was sparse, I  very quickly discovered that I loved your writting the most of all the other romance writers.  So after being an avid, even addictied reader of historical romance I became deteremined to read as much as your work as I could find.  I had previously read Slightly Dangerous and Slightly Sinful (backwards order), plus all of the first 3 Simply books. Now I have just finished the first 4 of the Slightly series and will re-read the last two again.  Not to mention re-reading Summer to Remember.  I can't wait till Simply Perfect comes out in paperback or in the library.  I just love them all!

So now I wish to let you know, how much I  enjoy reading your stories.  I am in awe with your ability.  I often wish I could know how you come up with your characters, plots, timing, and insights, as I find myself totally captivated and spellbound when ever I enter the Balogh world. So thank you so much for letting your fans everywhere share in your gift.  You make it look so easy and fun, although I am sure it is not, but a real labor of love.  If you have any advise for someone who might want to dabble in writing, It would be much appreciated.

Posted On 12-02-2008 1:04 AM
Name: Betty Terry
City/State or Province: Birmngham, Alabama
Country: USA
Comment: I have just finished reading Slightly Dangerous for the umpteenth time. Wulfric's and Christine's story is my favorite of all the Bedwyn books, from A Summer to Remember right on through to Slightly Dangerous. I would love to see them included as major characters in another book.

Posted On 11-28-2008 1:35 PM
Name: Gaye Goff
City/State or Province: Snoqualmie, WA
Country: USA
Comment: I read the Simply and the Slightly series and was very touched by the Slightly Dangerous book. After enjoying the lives of each sibling in the Slightly series reading of Wouf's finally gaining happiness was wonderful. Thank you for your wonderful books. The library and I are becoming great friends and I am always happy when one of the books you wrote comes through on reserve. I read constantly and your books are always a joy!


Posted On 11-24-2008 9:54 PM
Name: Debbie Stein
City/State or Province: Bethesda, Maryland
Country: USA
Comment: I really enjoy your books because you have such interesting, thoughtful ways of working out how people might cope with can't mistake all of your heros or heroines for one another.
I've been reading my way through your backlist, to the extent that I can get from the library or at reasonable prices, but some of the ones I would most love to read (like Promise of Spring) are just unaffordable. I know some of your books are being republished; can you tell us which ones and when?

Posted On 11-24-2008 9:33 AM
Name: Daimy
City/State or Province: Miami, FL
Country: USA
Comment: Hello

I wanted to write to you after finishing the "Bedwyns" books, I want you to know that I bought Slightly Married by mistake but it was the best mistake I have ever maid. I want you to know that I look forward to reading all your other books. I love every story sating with Aidan and ending with Wulfric. My favorite is "Slightly Scandalous" and of cource MY most favorite of all is "Slightly Dangerous" I want you to know that you have a new fan in me and that you always will. Thank you for sharing all your stories with all of us. I hope you keep on writing so we all your fans can keep on having the adventures of every Heroe and Heroine you create. I am glad I made the mistake and purchased your book, I might have never know about the Bedwyns and That would have been a terrible shame. I hope you write stories for some of their kids it would be nice to see what happens to Davy and Becky and of course all the othe kids but I gues that would be toooooo much to ask for. Thanks again for all your stories.

Your newest and loyal fan.


Posted On 11-20-2008 11:19 PM
Name: Sally Henry
City/State or Province: Westland, MI
Country: United States
Comment: Dear Mary, I have just finished reading IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT. I must agree that each author brought thier own style to each novella. I enjoyed this concept that you came up with and hope you try it again real soon. Two of the authors were well known to me, but the two others I had not read before. Now I want to read everything they ever published. I always order my favorite authors from my book club so I can have a hard copy. I am glad I took the chance and ordered this one in a hardcover because I know I'll read it over and over. You personally have provided me with many many hours of reading pleasure and for this I want to thank you. Best Wishes and God Bless, Sally

Posted On 11-15-2008 11:58 AM
Name: Alice & Doris
City/State or Province: North Carolina
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,

My mother and I are going to be investing in a couple of Amazon’s Kindle electronic book readers and we would absolutely love to see your entire backlist re-released in electronic form so we could keep your books with us all the time and be able to read them wherever and whenever the mood strikes us. Your stories are wonderful and it would fabulous if we could indulge in our ‘fixes’ whenever the urge arises.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful imagination with us.


Alice & Doris

Posted On 11-11-2008 4:22 PM
Name: Beko
Email Address: Maria
City/State or Province: Aiud, Alba
Country: Romania
Comment: Dear Mary,

         I only read one of your novels, INDISCREET, and I loved it. I tried to find more novels translated in rumanian  or hungarian, but still now I haven`t got any lucky. Anyway, I won`t loose hope !

I wish you a long and happy life next your family and friends, and please never stop writing!

                 ( Excuse my english.)

Posted On 11-10-2008 8:14 PM
Name: Kara Kohn
City/State or Province: Plainfield, Illinois
Country: USA

Greetings Ms. Balogh,

I am a librarian at the Plainfield Public Library District in Plainfield, Illinois and wanted to express how popular you have become with our patrons! They are very avid readers of your books. I have recently been collecting our community’s favorite authors to place on a permanent display. I would be absolutely thrilled to have you represented and was wondering if you would be willing to send me an autographed photo of yourself for my library’s Writer’s Wall. We would be honored!

All the best,

Kara Kohn

Posted On 11-07-2008 10:18 AM
Name: Uta Eberwein
City/State or Province: Reutlingen
Country: Germany
Comment: Dear Mrs Balogh,

I can hardly express, how much I enjoy your books. First I read them as german translation. But after a while I couldtn't wait anymore till the next book was translated and I bougt them in english (thanks to amazon I can get them easily, and it's also good to improve my english. It's been for a while since I left school).
My favorite books are Simply Love, A Summer to Remember and Slightly Dangerous. It's so wonderful how you combine the Lightness of a Lovestory with the depth of the development of the charakters. And I agree to your thougts (conviction), that sometimes there need to be a problem, a loss (a low point) to appreciate even those small wonders of life again.
So your books are standing in a line in my bookshell with those of Georgette Heyer and Jane Austen.

Please excuse my typing errors and my bad explanation. English is not my mother tongue.
Kind regards

Posted On 11-07-2008 2:07 AM
Name: Kaytie
City/State or Province: Oregon
Country: USA
Comment: I have just been having a feeling as if I read Gwen Lady Muir's story. If I have I was wondering, What the title is?

Thank you for writing books that are the best vacation I could ever have.

Posted On 11-07-2008 2:02 AM
Name: Doris Tasch
City/State or Province: Va. Beach, Va.
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,

I would like to thank you for all the wonderful hours of enjoyment  I have had as I sat & read your books.  I have read all your books more than once;  some numerous times. Of all,  my very favorite are the Bedwyns, the Slightly Series. I can't begin to tell you how many times I have reread all of this series.

Your books fly off the shelves. To find any of your older books is almost impossible.

Thank you again & God bless for sharing your story telling talent.


Posted On 11-05-2008 1:47 AM
Name: Karen Hernandez
City/State or Province: Chiapas
Country: Mexico
Comment: Hi Ms. Balogh!

Well I was living in England for almost a year and I read two of your books: "Slightly Sinful" and "Slightly Scandalous". I started reading "Slightly Married", but since I had to leave the country and the book was borrowed from the local library I couldn't finish it. I love your writing style... I love your books! but, I can't get them here in Mexico. What can I do to get them?? Is e-books the only option? Do you think I could get them by amazon?

I'd appreciate your writing to me...

Best Regards,

Karen Hernandez (your faithful admirer)

Posted On 11-04-2008 7:08 PM
Name: heather
City/State or Province: new york
Country: usa
Comment: I just finished An Ideal Wife.  Where can I find the 2nd book in that series? Answer: A PRECIOUS JEWEL will be republished by Dell in November, 2009

Posted On 11-02-2008 7:22 PM
Name: Elaine C.
City/State or Province: Ormond Beach, FL
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,

"Spellbound" is a wonderful story. It is very poignant. I've read it twice and each time caught my heart and brought tears to my eyes.

Thank you for writing "Spellbound" and for coming up with the premise for "It Happened One Night".

Elaine C.

Posted On 11-01-2008 6:52 AM
Name: Annette Mathieson
City/State or Province: Perth
Country: Australia
Comment: Hi,

I have just finished reading The Gilded Web as was wondering if you have written a further book based on James Purnell. He is such a troubled sole I would like to see him with a happy ending. I also would like to read more on Madeline & Dominic Raine.

Posted On 11-01-2008 3:46 AM
Name: Dorothy
City/State or Province: Barrow/Alaska
Country: USA
Comment: Good Evening, Ms Balogh,

How enchanting and mesmerizing are your writings. For 26 years, I've lived in a remote Alaskan village and built a private library on books which started with my childhood collection of Charles Dickens and Jane Austen to histories of Great Britian, France and Russia. Later, I went on to collect books on the arctic and rare books of Europe before WWI. At the time we had no library in the village. Now, after 25 years, my children are grown and I enjoy my library. My youngest daughter is a librarian in an Alaskan city almost a thousand miles away. This spring, I visited her and she gave me a Mother's Day present - a Jane Austen mystery. It was wrapped in a gift bag. But my daughter was uneasy and wanted me to look in the bottom of the bag - "before anyone comes, Mother" she whispered looking nervously around . Deep at the bottom of the bag were six thin Regency novels. I have never read romance. Never. Neither had my mother, my aunts, and my daughters. It was unspokenly forbidden. Totally imprinted by the anger of my parents when, at the age of 12, they saw me pick up a "True Confessions" magazine at a bus stop on a school trip. From then on, I had avoided "trash" magazines and the romance section of book stores like a dutiful child.

But, I am now 66, so my daughter and I both laughed at her gift of these Regency novels. "They were free", she laughed, "at the local library." I took them home and read one, then another and then all. I felt as if I was sinking into a vortex of charm, history and of intimate behavior I had never read about before. When I traveled to a new B&N in Fairbanks, Alaska - only 500 miles from my village, I saw a beautiful blue covered book in the New Books section near the romance books. The book was called Simply Perfect. Books with beautiful covers entice me. I wasn't ready for hardback romance. But I saw others by the same author [you] and purchased Simply Magic and Simply Unforgettable. Then, completely enthralled and, with the help of the internet and my generous daughter I have read 18 of your novels in the last 7 months. My daughter goes tothe book stores for me. While there, she calls me on her cell phone and reads off all the titles asking, "have you read this" and "have you read that" and we both burst into laughter when I say yes! yes! Then I tell her that only women over 65 can read these romance novels for they are too intimate for young people.

She has purchased books for me and I am now purchasing your older books on line. Which is why I am now on your web site. I still purchase history books and enjoy the new titles that come out. But your novels require to be read a quiet lovely place. They make one feel beautiful, give one a window to peer through at the regency era and the Napoleonic wars, and show, especially through the Slightly novels that the truth combined with love and forgiveness heals the soul and renews the spirit. What comes to mind is the psalm verse [Psalm 51:12] NAB, Catholic Translation, "A clean heart create in me, O God, and a steadfast spirit renew within me." Actually Slightly Sinful, the protagonist Gervase illustrates Psalm 88:16 "I am afflicted and in agony from my youth, I am dazed with the burden of your dread."

You have a marvelous gift, Mary Balogh. I hope you write for many years to come.

Kind Regards,

Dorothy Savok

Posted On 10-31-2008 8:15 PM
Name: Katherine
City/State or Province: Ohio
Country: USA
Comment: I just finished "It happened one night" and loved this approach.  What an interesting idea--and it proves that not all romances are alike, if the authors are creative as your group.  I must say, though, I liked yours the best of the lot.  And the one from Candice Hern has several of the elements I have toyed with putting into a story myself.  Oh well, guess I won't write that novel after all.  Better to enjoy your work, even if it means I don't get sleep because I stay up so late reading!

Posted On 10-30-2008 7:59 PM
Name: Amber
City/State or Province: Clinton, MA
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,

Thank you so much for realizing your dream of writing. Slightly Sinful was the first book of yours that I picked up on my vacation this summer. After falling in love with Alleyne I consumed the entire Bedwyn series, had to back up & read Summer to Remember & One Night for Love (of course), and then I read them all again in order since I had accidentally bounced around a bit! I devoured the Simply series & can't WAIT for Simply Perfect!  While I wait I'm enjoying the search to find your older books and diving into those as well. Your stories are truly beautiful - every time I find myself in the slippers of the heroine! Your books are so inspiring to me that I've even thought about trying to write myself... and I'm NO writer!!  But I think it's the awe-inspiring way that you can transport an individual into your stories that makes me wish I could do the same. But I'll stick to my day job and continue to be awe-struck by every novel of yours that I read! Thank you Mary!!!

Posted On 10-30-2008 10:18 AM
Name: Sue Cocker
City/State or Province: Berkshire
Country: UK
Comment: Can you tell me when "Simply Perfect" will be available in the UK please? Answer: March 5, 2009, according to

Posted On 10-27-2008 7:33 PM
Name: Lauren
City/State or Province: Virginia
Country: USA
Comment: I am a hopeless romantic and an avid reader. never before have i seen or read a book like yours yet. you have a God-given talent, i pray you use it for all it is worth. I am collecting all of your books, and i hold them dear to my heart. I want to thank you for the difference they have made in my life. I see life and love in a new perspective, and i have been awakened. I can never thank you enough for the escape, and for the new realization of the meaning in my life. you can never imagine the change they have made in my life and in me. it is suspenseful, and tantalizing, yet cushioned with the most tender and purest and real love i've ever experianced. Every single one i have read has shocked me to the core, and i thank you, i need and needed a new world while mine seemed to be falling apart. Thank you again, for the gift you have given me. Everytime i reach the end of your book, i every single time i turn the pag i have something precious to look foward to ,and time agin, catch my breath and make their passions and their tender love my own and feel hopefull for my future, believeingin simply magiacl love all over agian.

Lauren Elizabeth

Posted On 10-20-2008 1:48 PM
Name: Cindy Thomas
City/State or Province: Easton, PA
Country: USA
Comment: Hi, I have so enjoyed your books. I just have read 5 of 6 Bedwyn books. I am waiting for the last to arrive via Interlibrary loan. I have a favor to requestl. When I borrowed Slightly Married from Interlibrary loan. The last 10 pages of the actual story (before the excerpt part at end) were ripped. I could only read sporadic phrases for the last portion of the book. Of course, I know they Eve and Aidan end up together but not being able to read that happy ending was a disappointment of course. That was the only copy in our whole PA  I.L.L. system. I was wondering if perhaps you could email me the last 10 pages of Slightly Married. I know it is an unusual request. If it is at all possible, I would greatly appreciate it. Though I love to read and devour library books as much as I have time for between work and three kids and housework (though admittedly my housework suffers when I am in the midst of a reading frenzy), buying books is not in the budget too much. Anyway, I do love your work and look forward to trying to get all of the "Simply" books next! :) Cindy Thomas 


Posted On 10-18-2008 3:54 AM
Name: Cali
City/State or Province: Cincinnati, OH
Country: USA
Comment: I am a Historical Romance fan and can't come up with anything that hasn't already been said but everything I have read by you is always a 5* for me!! I am just amazed at the creativity and feelings behind your stories! You have been and still are my #1 author! Thank you so much!!

However, my main reason for writing is a question: I am looking for a book called "Regency Romance" that is supposed to be written by you, Allison Lane, and Emily Hendrickson. 1997 ISBN-13: 9780451935205 - ISBN-10: 0451935209. It is not even listed on your book list much less on or any other book site I have checked. It is wish listed by several people on

Is this information correct and if so where might I find it?


Posted On 10-14-2008 9:17 PM
Name: stc
Comment: i too want to add my thanks to the many hours of escape and reprieve your writing has afforded me. you really cannot underestimate power of your writing to soothe and heal. you may be pleased and amused (as i was) to see the company your books are keeping in my just packed luggage as i prepare to go on a much needed vacation--with your simply perfect are packed thackery's vanity fair and the new translation of tolstoy's war and peace. i do enjoy your writing quite as much as the other two. on a less generous note, i want to tell you that i do not think you do other authors any favors by including your novellas with theirs in anthologies. i have tried reading the most recent one about the inn--and while i very much enjoyed your piece, found the others rather not good. i slightly resented having to buy a whole book (with its attendant costs to the environment) just to get at your story, which i did really want to read. anyway, a small point and a poor attempt at a back handed compliment. thank you loads for your generous spirit and your swell writing style. i wish you and your family much grace and blessings.

Posted On 10-14-2008 1:33 PM
Name: Karen Browning
City/State or Province: Graceville,Fl
Country: United States
Comment: Dear Mrs. Balogh, I just read simply love and enjoyed it .Reading is my favorite hobbie .I am looking for more to read .

Posted On 10-10-2008 3:07 PM
Name: Jennifer Elms Martin
City/State or Province: Ontario
Country: Canada
Comment: Dear Ms. Balogh,

I just want to say thank you for your wonderful stories. I stumbled across your Bedwyn series, and couldn't rest until I had read everything my library owned! Wulfric's story is my favourite in that series, as is Claudia Martin's in your Simply series. You have a remarkable way of stirring emotions and drawing your readers into your stories. I especially love that your male and female characters are strong and well-written, rather than shallow and unbelievable as is the case in many stories of this genre. Thank you again, I eagerly look forward to your next book! 

Posted On 10-10-2008 12:04 PM
Name: Carolyn Deripaska
City/State or Province: Zionsville, IN
Country: USA
Comment: My niece introduced your books to me and I have read everything I can get my hands on. I would really like to see you in Chicago- can you tell us when you will be there? Any chance of coming to Indiana or Oklahoma? Thanks Carolyn

Posted On 10-08-2008 4:01 PM
Name: Belinda S
City/State or Province: Atlanta, GA
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary, I just read my first book written by you "Simply Perfect".  I am hooked.  What a beautiful writer you are.  I didn't read for many years because I was very slow.  I started listening to audio books in my car while commuting to work, and now I read all the time.  When listening to Simply Perfect, I couldn't wait to get in my car.  I would get home after work and sit in my car for at least 20 mins because I couldn't stop listening.  Now that I have found your website I can listen to them in the proper order.  You have such a gift, and you have made a monotonous thing like traffic enjoyable.  Thank you so much!  Sincerely, A New Fan

Posted On 10-07-2008 1:24 PM
Name: J McConnell
City/State or Province: Nova Scotia
Country: Canada
Comment: Dear Mary,

I grew up in Britain in the 40s & 50s and gravitated to Geogette Heyer's regency romances. For many years I have had most of them (in paperback (all my favs!!) on my bookshelf. I know them nearly by heart & reread them regularly, especially at times of stress.....!

However, in the last few years, I've searched for more comfort reading and a year ago I found The Secret Pearl in the book bin at Frenchy's, I liked it. Then I found Slightly Married, I loved it. After that I munched my way through all the Bedwyns and the Simplys and anythig else that was in print.. Simply Perfect just was. It was delicious to have Claudia & joseph meet, I'd liked them both in earlier books. By this summer I was addicted and wanted more, I just got Truly through inter-library loan. It's the best !! I adored it, up there with GH's Venetia, Fredrica and Cotillion. Great story, delicious but believable characters. It's going to be up on my Mary Balogh shelf ASAP.

Thanks, Mary.


Posted On 10-06-2008 9:03 PM
Name: Jane Porter
City/State or Province: Bellevue, WA
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,  I am a published author of thirty novels (Harlequin Mills & Boon in London and women's fiction with GCP in New York) but you are my crave and indulgence.  Whenever I need a comfort, I reach for your books.  I have favorites like all fans, but what I love most about your work is how you always satisfy and you provide joy and warmth and love.  Thank you for all your hard work and skill.  Thank you for making me the happiest of readers.   I can not wait for the October story and the new 2009 novel.  What fun!  What happiness.



Posted On 10-05-2008 6:42 AM
Name: Lynn
City/State or Province: Singapore
Country: Singapore
Comment: Hey Ms Mary!

I've had such a great time reading The Secret Pearl, it's simply wonderful, it's the first time in my life that I read such a thick book. I was never a bookworm but became one after reading your splendid creations! I'm now done with Simply Love and going on to Simply Magic! I just love the way the romance happens between the characters and how it is being plotted in the Duke times, pardon me for scarce knowledge! Keep up the lovely stories and I definitely await even more wonderful romances to come! 

With Love

& Best Regards,


Posted On 10-03-2008 1:28 PM
Name: Anna Sarkissian
City/State or Province: Gaithersburg, MD 20878
Country: United States
Comment: Hi Mary!

I just read It happened One Night and I love your story Spellbound above all. Yours is just a love story. I loved the characters, however my only complaint is it was toooooooooooo short! I just want to know more about these characters! You are just the best! I love Georgette Heyer and and you are up there with her in my opinion.

God Bless,


Posted On 09-29-2008 12:10 AM
Name: Beth Swain
City/State or Province: Medowie, NSW
Comment: Dear Ms Balogh,

Thank you for many hours of sheer escapism with your wonderful "Slightly" series and the new "Simply" series, I am now looking forward to the last of that series, which I believe will be released next January.

I have now read the "Slightly" series 3 times and this of course includes "A summer to Remember" and no doubt will read them all again.  The Bedwyns are truly a force to be reckoned with.  I  was particularly  thrilled when Wulfric found true love at last.

Browsing through  my Bookstore a few weeks ago I found "The Secret Pearl".  May I say that I consider this one of your best books.  I just could not put it down, and was incredibly sad when I came to the last page.

Well, again my sincere thanks for the hours and hours of delight and fun you have given me.


Beth Swain

Posted On 09-23-2008 11:01 PM
Name: Tracy Smith
City/State or Province: Twin Cities, MN
Country: US
Comment: I just finished reading "A Summer to Remember".  I could not put it down!  I have read all of the Bedwyn books, and while I loved them, I think that "Summer" is the best I've read so far (and the Bedwyns were still in it).  Thank you for writing such wonderful books - I am thoroughly addicted!

Posted On 09-19-2008 11:07 AM
Name: Jessica
City/State or Province: CA
Country: USA
Comment: I have to say that I love your writing! I am addicted. I have read the Bedwyn books (minus one that I cant find) and am starting on my second "Simply" book. I love how all the characters are intertwined. I always feel that, after I read a book, I have lost a friend- since I dont know what happens later in thier lives. But now I know!! Thank you so much. You are wonderful.

Posted On 09-18-2008 10:33 AM
Name: CJ
Country: USA
Comment: I just recently read "More than a Mistress"   (I know it's an oldie, but it's a goodie!) and I also want to put in a good word for Viscount Kimble. 

I know little brother Ferdinand gets his own book in "No Man's Mistress (reading that soon), but Viscount Kimble was an even more appealing character, and hilarious.  What an adorable scoundrel.   I know that a book is planned for Lady Angeline and Lord Heyward, and I'm looking forward to that (can't wait to hear more about her fashion sense, or lack thereof), but Kimble needs his own happy ending, too. 

Posted On 09-17-2008 8:46 PM
Name: Alison
City/State or Province: Bella Vista, New South Wales
Country: Australia
Comment: Hi Mary,

Love your books, I have to read them in one go, which makes for some late nights.  I have been trying to download ebooks of  'A Christmas Promise' and ' The Double Wager', are they available?  I have just downloaded 'The Ideal Wife' and, after reading some of your other guest's comments, I can't wait to read it, there goes the housework again!

Keep up the great writing.

Posted On 09-17-2008 5:41 PM
Name: Paula Kennison
City/State or Province: San Diego, CA
Country: USA
Comment: I just finished reading One Night For Love and A Summer to Remember.  I loved them.  I am starting on the Bedwyn's next.  Have you written Gwen, Lady Muir's story yet?  She really touched my heard and I would love to read her story.  Paula


Posted On 09-17-2008 3:10 PM
Name: Judy
City/State or Province: Hinckley, MN
Country: USA
Comment: I absolutely loved Lauren's story in A Summer to Remember.  I felt so bad for her in One Night for Love that I had to skip forward and read her story before I finished the Lily's and Neville's.  Now, I finishing their story.  I also will continue with the Bedwyns and the Simply series.  I read on your site that you do plan to write Gwen's (Lady Muir) story.  Any idea when?  I can't wait to read it.  I tend to connect to certain characters and just can't wait to read about them.  So far, Lauren, Kit, and Gwen are my favorite, followed closely by Claudia and Joseph from Simply Perfect and Sydnam Butler.  I haven't read their stories yet, but just the little I have read, I already really like them.  Thank you for sharing your great talent.  I am anxiously awaiting Gwen's story. 

Posted On 09-12-2008 1:01 PM
Name: Laura
City/State or Province: Mobile, AL
Country: USA
Comment: I thoroughly enjoy your books.  I was wondering if more of your books that have been previously published will be rerealeased.  I know your many fans would love to have the opportunity to find and read all of your past works.

Posted On 09-09-2008 9:46 PM
Name: Diane Kane
City/State or Province: Jupiter, FL
Country: USA
Comment: I love your books, especially the Bedwyn series.  Have any of your book ever been made into films?  Thank you.  Kindest regards-Diane Kane.

Posted On 09-09-2008 11:25 AM
Name: Kelly
City/State or Province: NY
Country: USA
Comment: I forgot that I also wanted to ask if you had plans to write about Viscount Kimble, I really liked his character.

Posted On 09-09-2008 11:19 AM
Name: Kelly
City/State or Province: NY
Country: USA
Comment: I wanted to let you know that I read The Idea Wife in late July, I actually bought it thinking it was something else, since then I have read 15 more including the "Slightly" and "Simply" series. I just can't seem to stop, you're amazing!
I was wondering if any more of your older books would be reprinted anytime soon? There are some I can't find that I think I'd be interested in, but I'll keep looking.
Looking forward to your new series this February!!!

Posted On 09-07-2008 12:42 AM
Name: Vickie Buchanan
City/State or Province: Abingdon, Va.
Country: USA
Comment: I was lucky enough to receive your book No Man's Mistress from my sister-in-law.  It sent me on a quest to find all your books.  It is so nice to find  a book you can get lost in.  To forget  all your troubles, just relax with an old friend.   I just wanted to thank you for bringing some joy into my corner of the world.  May you continue to write such delightful books.  I look forward to reading your next book.  May God richly bless you and your family.  A devoted fan.

Posted On 09-04-2008 11:12 PM
Name: Shoua
City/State or Province: Green Bay, WI
Country: USA
Comment: I have read all your books and have most of them in my keeping.  I just finished reading Simply Perfect and I just thought it was magnificent.  I absolutely love all your books and pray that you continue to write more.  I look forward to your next book and can't wait to lose myself in it.  You are one of my very best authors I look for every time I'm searching for a new book.  You are the first author I look for, for a new book.  You have created a beautiful new world for us to relax into and your characters a as real as us.  Thank you and keep it up.  I'll be waiting for your next book.

Posted On 09-04-2008 7:57 AM
Name: Mike Coleman
City/State or Province: South Wales
Country: U.K.
Comment: Never heard of you till today. Found  'The Ideal Wife' in a charity shop .I took it back to 'Young at Heart' Bargoed and started to read over a cup of tea and a biscuit. I found it interesting and will finish it. Keep up the good work.

My wife wrote a short story (romance) and when we had a guest house at Tintern two american editors of some publisher asked to have it (after reading it) She wouldn't give it up....not good enough !

She has changed her mind 12 years later.  Who knows.


mike coleman

Posted On 09-01-2008 2:11 PM
Name: Bobbi Jo Sim
City/State or Province: Medicine Hat, AB
Country: Canada
Comment: I am a huge fan of Mary Balogh and and have read several of her books! I was wondering if anyone had a website where it listed the relationships between all the characters i.e. who is related to who, titles, etc. Thanks!

Posted On 08-27-2008 10:37 PM
Name: Rhonda Jones
City/State or Province: Philadelphia, PA
Country: USA
Comment: I started reading your books with Simply Magic.  Then proceeded to read all about the Bedwyns.  I noticed that Lauren Butler is kind of a matchmaker or schemer to make people happy like she is.  The plotting in the books have me laughing so much.  I just enjoy them.  If  you don't read the books you kind of get confused with all the people you mention.  Do you think you will do a family tree for the Bedwyns and the people connected with them. Lauren alone has a lot of people in her family.  Do you think you will write books for the children of the Bedwyns?

Posted On 08-26-2008 3:44 PM
Name: Cyndy
City/State or Province: Clayton, Georgia
Country: USA
Comment: Mary,

You are truly one of the most talented authors I have ever read (and I have been an avid reader since I was about 6 years old)! I so love your stories. I thought I'd read all of your works but I see MANY on this website I haven't even heard of. It is happy reading for me! Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent!


Posted On 08-25-2008 1:24 PM
Name: Kathy Troy
City/State or Province: San Angelo, TX
Comment: Hi Mary,

I just wanted to thank you for giving your readers such wonderful stories and memorable characters.  I enjoy all of your books that I have been able to get my hands on so far.  I have a weakness for Regency England and for family series.  I loved your two books leading up to your slightly and simply books.  I have to admit that the Bedwyns are my favorite with the Butler boys coming in a close second.  My favorite characters are Aiden and Sydnam...there is just something about those two quite, strong men that have me returning to their stories again and again.  I am looking forward to your new series starting in March 2009 with "First Comes Marriage".  I read some of the comments you have posted on your guestbook and I know I am not alone in being sad at the end of the Bedwyns and the teachers series.  On the other hand, I agree with you in not wanting to portray your characters as much older than they are and you would have to age them considerably if you were to do stories on the Bedwyn children.  I have had an idea that has been rattling around in my brian for the better part of a year and would like to give it to you if you are interested.  I must tell you that I do this quite often.  I can finish a book and then my brain goes off on quite another story, with new characters interacting with already established characters, or a perhaps a minor character gets a story of their my mind anyway.  My idea would take place only a year after the ending of "Simply Perfect" and could possibly tie all of your wonderful characters together one last time for your fans.  I hesitated in sending this for so long, but finally worked up the courage to do so.  I don't know where you get your inspirations from or if you would accept and idea from a fan or not...but I keep telling my self the worst you could say is no.  And I promise if you are not interested I will not bother you again...except to write that I like your stories, of course.  Thanks again for all your books and for the website which makes it easier to keep track of upcoming releases.......Kathy Troy...West Texas

Posted On 08-25-2008 12:39 AM
Name: Monet Sasser
City/State or Province: Baton Rouge, LA
Country: USA
Comment: Hi, Mary.

I just finished reading More than a Mistress and I was checking out your website to see if there was a story written about Tresham's sister, Angeline, and Lord Heyward. I am happy to hear that you will be writing that one soon. Angeline is a very amusing character. I found myself laughing throughout the book because of her outrageous bonnets and her incessant talking. Do you have an idea of when we can expect this book?



Posted On 08-24-2008 6:21 PM
Name: Lexi
City/State or Province: Jacksonville,NC
Country: USA
Comment: Hey Mary,

 I absolutely love your books. I get so caught up in the stories, that I find myself at the end of the book before I know it. The Bedwyns are by far my favorite family to read about. I look forward to new books from you!!!

Posted On 08-23-2008 12:34 PM
Name: Jas G
City/State or Province: Brighton
Country: Great Britain
Comment: Dear Mary,

There is a mention of Lady Muir in 'Tempting Harriet' and I wondered if Lord Bruce Ingram, future Duke of Crail, could be an appropriate hero for her in any novel in which she becomes the heroine. I would also love to hear more about Harriet and Archie, especially if Harriet succeeded in matching the Dowager Duchess of Tenby's dynastic hopes!

I've pre-ordered 'It Happened One Night' and look forward to reading the short story; it would be great if you could post up more details of the Huxtable series and perhaps some excerpts on your website.

With best wishes and thanks for the many entertaining hours I have spent reading your books.

Posted On 08-21-2008 4:11 AM
Name: helen
Country: Australia
Comment: I  am  currently  reading  one  of  your  books  where  the  word 'tiger'  comes  up  in  reference  to  a  man  holding  or  leading  a  curricle  for  an  affluent  gentleman.  I  cannot  find  what  this  word  actually  means.  Can  you  help?

Posted On 08-20-2008 3:25 PM
Name: Kathy A
City/State or Province: TX
Comment: Having read the "Simply" series, I was hooked. I am just now finishing the "Slightly" books and am trying to devise a family tree of sorts so I can remember just how everyone seems to have a connection somehow to someone else. I can't wait to find more of your books!

Posted On 08-20-2008 2:26 PM
Name: Mary L. Pomeroy
City/State or Province: kentucky
Country: USA
Comment: Are there plans to reissue A Promise Of Spring? Author Note: Yes, A PROMISE OF SPRING will be among ten of my older books coming out in 2-in-1 editions in 2010 and 2011.

Posted On 08-19-2008 12:22 AM
Name: Mary
City/State or Province: Portland, Oregon
Country: USA
Comment: I was loaned "A Summer to Remember" by a freind and have not wanted to miss any of your other books thank you for being a wonderful writer. I have just realized that I missed the book that is about lauren's first attempt at a wedding and cannot wait to get a copy. I love the way you have several books that have people in them that are family or freinds and how they come together, it makes the the time around them seem to flow better. I keep looking for your earlier books in the used book stores I go to for my reading material. Thank you again for all your writing and I cannot wait until your new books come out.

Posted On 08-16-2008 6:02 PM
Name: Stacey
Comment: HI,
I have been reading all of your books and just finished the Slightly Series and loved every single one of them. Could you please have them all on audiobook available in the States! I have also gotten my sister addicted to your books and she  is now refusing to speak to me (not really) because she can't put them down either!!

Thank you for such great stories!!

Posted On 08-10-2008 9:34 PM
Name: afifah
City/State or Province: Kuala Lumpur
Country: Malaysia
Comment: Dear Mary,

Hello and good day. I just finished reading Simply Perfect and The Ideal Wife. I see how different your writing was then. But somehow, i like the simple style of your previous books, mostly the republished version, just like you said that some like the older style and some prefered the recent style. anyway both are good, just that i prefer  the older one. I really like The Ideal Wife, a cute story for me, a very sweet character both the hero and heroin. One thing i like about your characters is that they are just normal, not describe as too beautiful or too handsome like the sun or moon (for me its silly, but my sister said stories are fantasies, it should be over the top,haha.. anyway...different people , different tastes.. again).

Keep writing until forever Mary...i had all your books that is sold here...the bookstore should be happy to have me as customer...hahahaha ;p May you always stay creative and different and love your fan as you do..cause we love you..Thank You.

Posted On 08-10-2008 6:05 PM
Name: P.E.
Comment: I had my doubts when I first started reading "Simply Perfect," but your characters completely won me over in the end. Thank you for such a lovely read. If you'd like to see my blog entry on "Simply Perfect," please see the link below:

Posted On 08-07-2008 6:07 PM
Name: Katherine C.
City/State or Province: MO
Comment: Just finished devouring One Night For Love -- you are now on my favorite author list, and I can't wait to read the rest. I'm sure this question has been asked before, but have you written a story featuring Gwendolyn that I can't find (I ask because you seemed to hint throughout One Night that there was more to her "happy, perfect" marriage than meets the eye, and I've been insatiably curious since the first reference) or are you planning on writing one at all? Thanks again for a great read!

Posted On 08-06-2008 5:28 PM
Name: Judy Soltysiak
City/State or Province: Midland Michigan 48640
Country: United States
Comment: First I would like to say I enjoy reading your books very much and I read about you and you mentioned you have a sister that writes, does she have a website  or have any books out

Posted On 08-06-2008 3:13 PM
Name: Donna Loesch
City/State or Province: Massahusetts
Country: USA
Comment: Thank you for bringing the joy of reading back to me!  I am a busy working mom of 4 teenagers, whom never seems to have time to enjoy a good book.  Simply Unforgettable transported me to another place and time as if I were actually there witnessing the story unfolding.  I absolutely cannot put the book down!  I'm almost finished with the book which I only started reading a day and a 1/2 ago!  I will surely read the other books which have the same characters and their stories, all of which I've found on your website.  You're a remarkable story teller!


Posted On 08-05-2008 10:06 PM
Name: Kerry Silwick
City/State or Province: Chesterfield, VA
Country: USA
Comment: Mary,  I cannot get enough of your books.  I only wish that you could write them as fast as I read them. 
You are awesome!


Posted On 08-05-2008 6:13 PM
Name: Natassia Stevick
City/State or Province: Ranson, WV
Country: 25438
Comment: I just wanted to say that I love your writing. There are very few romance authors that I enjoy due to their tired cliches and choppy storylines, but your books simply...flow. I find your characters to be real--they are flawed and not always beautiful--and I like them all the more for it. And unlike the books of many other romance writers, your novels do not insult my intelligence...instead they further it. Thank you!!!

Posted On 08-03-2008 9:58 PM
Name: Julia Sanders
City/State or Province: Indiana
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,

      On your website, you mentioned an October Chicago booksigning.  I've been a fan from from your early Signet regency romance days beginning with The Ideal Wife and would love to attend the Chicago booksigning.  Where and when is it?  I'm also a high school English teacher who loves to escape from lesson planning and paper grading with your latest novel. Here's to imagination, the power of words, and a good love story!

Posted On 08-02-2008 5:59 PM
Name: parul
City/State or Province: new jersey
Country: usa
Comment: Hi mary,

i just finished reading Claudia and Joseph's story. Its a great book. I was wondering if you're planning on working on Lily's story? I enjoyed the book and hope to see some of the other characters in print again!


Posted On 08-02-2008 1:39 PM
Name: Ami Barkley
City/State or Province: Fenwick, MI
Country: USA
Comment: After reading different authors throughout the years, I stumbled upon your books at the local library.  I have just read 'A Summer to Remember' and loved it.  Was pleasantly suprised upon learning that the Simply series features some of the same characters.  My question to you is "How does one get started writing book?"  Such as getting someone to read the rough draft and buying it as well.  I know writing and story telling is hard work, but I feel that I am up to the challenge.  If you have any advice for someone who would like to start reading all you have to tell me would be greatly appreciated.    It is hard for me to put your books down and once I put them down, I want to stop what I am doing and get right back to reading.  Thank you so much for your time.  Sincerely, Ami Barkley

Posted On 07-31-2008 6:25 AM
Name: Teresa
City/State or Province: Manila
Country: Philippines
Comment: It was more than 10 years ago when I first came across your books -- at the used book section of an Oxfam shop in London. There were about 8 of your books on the rack, and I immediately concluded that they were from someone's treasured collection. I bought 3 titles, but after reading one, I immediately went back to buy the rest. The first book -- "Indiscreet" -- had me hooked, and it has remained one of my favorites. I am surprised that it is not mentioned more often in your fan mail.  Afterwards I had to haunt the charity shops to look for more of your back titles -- and I did find some. London is also full of libraries, so I was able to track down even more of your out-of-print books. I also buy and enjoy your new books, particularly "More than a Mistress" and the "Slightly" series. But my all-time favorite has to be "Longing". There is an intense poignancy in this book that touches me every time I re-read it -- and of course the lyrical quality of your descriptions of Wales and its people (especially the heroine) makes it all come alive. I wonder why you have not written another book on Wales -- aside from "Truly". Your love of the place just shines through (and having visited it, I can understand why). So although I thoroughly enjoy your glamorous settings and characters in books such as the Bedwyn series, I think it is books like "Longing" that ring truest. 


Posted On 07-23-2008 6:24 AM
Name: Tracy Barroso
City/State or Province: Lehigh Acres Fl
Country: USA
Comment: I have been reading your books now for about 5 years! I just bought the rerelease of Irresistible. Please say you'll be rereleasing the first two books in this trilogy. This is actually my second time reading Irresistible, and I would like to read the others again! I LOVE your books, and will buy anything you put in print, because I know it will be wonderful!!!

Posted On 07-23-2008 5:46 AM
Name: trudy
Comment: I always like your books a lot.  I was a little surprised by The Ideal Wife, though, it felt like it was missing a last chapter, which would contain how Rachel was dealt with, if Abby's secret was revealed to the ton and what happened about that, and how Rachel's childrens' fate was secured.

Posted On 07-22-2008 10:29 PM
Name: Susan/DC
City/State or Province: Washington, DC
Country: USA
Comment: Perhaps I missed it, but does your website have a section for upcoming books?  I know the home page shows the PB date for your latest publication and perhaps the next book with a firm publication date, but is there somewhere you discuss what you're currently working on, even if it may not appear for a year or so?  For example, in one of the webpages you mention the Huxtable quintet, but nowhere did I find information on exactly what this new series is about.  Of course, I may simply have missed it, but I did wonder.

Thank you for hours of reading (and rereading) pleasure.

Posted On 07-21-2008 11:29 AM
Name: Elaine Carlini-Davis
City/State or Province: Ormond Beach, FL
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,

I wanted to let you know that I enjoyed "The Ideal Wife". These early books show how you have developed as a writer to become such a master of the genre now.

I love your books. Thank you for writing them.


Elaine Carlini-Davis

Posted On 07-19-2008 2:36 PM
Name: Mary Ann Tharp
City/State or Province: Springfield IL
Country: USA
Comment: Hello!  I came to read your books by a stroke of good luck one day while perusing the book section at a local store.  I've only just started reading with 3 finished now, but do enjoy them very much.  My mother(96 yrs ) and I trade books all the time and she has started reading yours also after listening to me go on about them.

I know I will be looking for your books from now on.  Your stories provide a time to relax and enjoy.  Thank you for sharing your talent.

Posted On 07-19-2008 1:52 PM
Name: Becky
City/State or Province: Connecticut
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,

I am not sure how I stumbled upon you as an author, but the first book I read was No Man's Mistress and I quickly became a fan! I have read every book since and a few that were published before you moved to Dell. I have just finished Simply Perfect and it was a 'simply perfect' way to wrap up the series and tie it in with the Bedwyns. I have always liked the Marquess of Attingsborough's character and was happy to see him appear as a major character. I was also very happy to read on your web site that you plan a book for Gwen; her story has fascinated me since she first appeared in Lily's story. I truly enjoy the way the characters move in and out of each other's stories and the way they are inter-connected.

Thank you for many hours of reading enjoyment! Have a great vacation in Wales!

Posted On 07-18-2008 4:52 PM
Name: Lori Ferguson
City/State or Province: Galena, Ohio
Country: USA
Comment: Hello Mary - I  just wanted to let you know that I am new to your books, I don't remember how I picked one out, but am so glad I did.  I have only read three of your books and find myself unable to put them down, but reluctant to read so fast because I am saddened when they end.  In all three books so far, I have fallen absolutely in love with your characters.  Thank you for sharing your gift of storytelling.  I can't wait to dig deeper into your collection.

Posted On 07-18-2008 4:06 PM
Name: Lourdes
City/State or Province: Pembroke Pines, Fl
Country: US
Comment: Hello, I just became a new rabid fan (JK).  I am in the process of reading all the series that are published.  I have read No Mans Mistress and More Than a Mistress as well as a couple of others.  I have been trying to get my hands on Heartless but it is out of print.  Is there anyway to find out when it will be re-released?  I am totally enjoying the books I have read and love haveing a new Author to add to my list of favorites. 

Posted On 07-17-2008 3:41 PM
Name: Geraldine Franklin
City/State or Province: Highlands, NJ
Country: USA
Comment: I am a big fan! I have read most of your books and look forward to what will be next. I am a mother of 5 and reading is a inexpensive way to get away from every day life. I just finished the Ideal Wife. I would not say it is one of my favorite books but again I could not put it down. The Simply Series it is my favorite. 


Posted On 07-17-2008 3:04 PM
Name: Sandy
City/State or Province: Pennsylvania
Country: USA
Comment: My first Mary Balogh book was "The Secret Pearl." I loved it. After that, it was "Simply Unforgettable." Now, I own almost all of the Bedwyn books and almost all of the Simply books. How I LOVE the Bedwyn family and those connected to them...what fun they have!

There is only 1 thing I hate about Regency novels...I hate I do not live during their time!! BUT, if I did, I could not read such wonderful books as you have written.  look forward to finishing up the series I am in the middle of right now, and to reading your new and old works as I find them (we only have 1 bookstore locally, and the department stores do not always have your books). Thank-you for the spectacular characters and stories...I have enjoyed them thoroughly!

P.S....don't forget about Amy and Emily Marshall!!!

Posted On 07-13-2008 5:24 PM
Name: Elizabeth
City/State or Province: Winter Haven,FL
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,

I have just finished reading "The Ideal Wife", which I must say, was absolutely fabulous! It is now my favorite (which I always think after reading one of your books, until I read the next one) I was unable to put it down. I have now read 22 of your books, and own 20 of them. They seem to get better all the time. I just finished reading through the slightly series for the third time, and I read through the first three of the simply series twice before completing them with "Simply Perfect" (Which was also fabulous!). I just wanted to tell you what a captivating author I think you are, and let you know that I look forward to reading more of your books in the future. Keep up the good work!

                                                                                                                         Best wishes for you and your family!
                                                                                                                                           Elizabeth Alcaraz, Winter Haven, FL

Posted On 07-12-2008 11:33 PM
Name: Maya Hudson
City/State or Province: McLean, VA
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,."

I just finished the 4th book in the "Simply.." series. Your style is outstanding and makes every other regency romance writer's pale in comparison. You've really raised the standard and I thank you for that. The problem for me now is to find other books to read that won't seem silly in comparison. As a busy woman, juggling career and family responsibilities, I relay heavily on audiobooks that I can listen to while I am traveling or commuting. You could not have found a better narrator than Rosalyn Landor. She is the only one that can do your books justice with her soothing voice and eloquent speech. Is there any way to convince you to produce the rest of your books in audio format (unabridged only please, abridged is always a disaster)? I can assure you that I would happily buy them all. Please forward this request to your publisher. I am sure there is enough demand to make it worth their time.

Thank you for making me part of Ms Martin's school and giving me wonderful hours of audio to listen to in your last 4 books.

Posted On 07-11-2008 10:59 AM
Name: Melanie
City/State or Province: New York City, NY
Country: USA
Comment: Hello Mary!

Greetings from a fellow Canadian (although I live in the US). I absolutely adore your books. The Bedwyns and the schoolteachers have become real people to me. You really have a gift for writing.

Perhaps you can help me out with my dilemma. I just finished reading Simply Perfect. It was an awesome book - I couldn't put it down! However, for some reason, I couldn't picture Claudia Martin. I can't get a sense of what she looks like. Is she plain like the ficitional ideas of a schoolmarm or librarian? Or is she someone who was pretty in her youth? I feel like I could see Joseph quite clearly, but not Claudia. Can you suggest who she might look like? Say, a celebrity or something?

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Posted On 07-08-2008 8:23 PM
Name: Luisana
City/State or Province: New York City
Country: USA
Comment: I must say that I wasn't really in for romantic novels, but when I picked up "More than a Mistress" last Summer, I couldn't put it down! It captivated me like thrillers had up to that point. It was until this year that I remembered the titled of that book, I tried and tried to remember and it wasn't possible!!! All I knew was that I had to find it, so that I could find the author and (perhaps) read more books from the author.

Now I am trapped! Make your next novel Simply Trapped... I have finished reading Simply Magic, Web of Love, and The Devil's Web...And now I am coming to an understanding that I simply must read EVERY single book you have wriiten, especially in the series.

I got some catching up to do, but I haven't minded staying up until 5 reading your books. They are THAT magical.

Posted On 07-06-2008 5:06 PM
Name: Kathryn Flores
City/State or Province: Carrollton, Texas
Country: USA
Comment: Hi, Mary.

I love your books and have been reading them since your days with Signet.  I, too, am Hungarian and Welsh in ethnicity, although I married a Hispanic gentleman.

It was interesting to find your website and read about how you got your start in writing and publishing, and to also read a little about your family.

I will look forward to reading your next novel.  And, I will return to your website in the future so that I may read your latest news!  Thank you, again, for many hours of reading pleasure.


Kathryn Flores


Posted On 07-05-2008 2:52 PM
Name: Hanna
City/State or Province: Essex
Country: UK
Comment: Hi Mary,

All I want to say is thankyou!!! You have started an immense love of Regency England in me, not to mention a great love of your books, especially the Slightly series. You have kept me sane throughout my a levels as I knew i could always read your novels after studying John Milton!!

Thanks, and keep writing


Posted On 07-05-2008 1:00 AM
Name: Ify
City/State or Province: Detroit, MI
Country: US
Comment: I am reading The Ideal Wife. It has been a very good books so far. Usually when I am reading a romance book that features abuse, I will stop and write the author if the author choses to insult the women. I did not agree with the veiled insult given to Rachel. This seems to be common view in romance. The genre seems to attract authors with a derisive, and impatient view of abused women. I must protest the classification of Rachel as a woman to be pitied, and remind you that the feminist movement has passed the laws that have made the abuse of women a human rights issue that is governable by law. The impetus of the movement has been compassion, and it has improved the lives of many women. My admiration for a heroine tends to wane if she becomes self righteous about her ability to dogde abuse, and if her public declarations of an abused woman are designed to cultivate disdain for the woman. It is not the attitude that brings justice to the circumstance.

Ideal Wife is a good book otherwise, and I look forward to further releases. As usual the book has kept me turning pages.

Thanks for  another good story.

Posted On 07-03-2008 10:50 PM
Name: Pat Varsames
City/State or Province: Lady Lake, Florida
Country: United States
Comment: Just finished The Ideal Wife.  Mary can add another hit to her long list of successes.Keep up the good work.  My friends and I always look forward to your novels.  Again, I say you are the Jane Austen of the 21st century.  Good luck in all your future endeavors.


Posted On 07-02-2008 8:21 PM
Name: parul
City/State or Province: washington dc
Country: usa
Comment: Hi Mary,

I am a huge fan of yours and have been reading your books for a loong time. They really make not so good days feel much better! Thank you!

I was wondering if you're planning on writing a book on Angeline and Lord Heywerd (from More than a Mistress) and if yes when? I think I read something on your newsletter about plans on a book on them. They make an intriuging couple and I'd love to read their story. Keep up the good work!

Regards, Parul

Posted On 06-30-2008 4:17 PM
Name: paula
City/State or Province: Honolulu, HI
Country: US
Comment:  Loved "An Ideal Wife" but it ended so abruptly! We never got to meet her sisters or find out what happened to Boris and Laura, not to mention the showdown with Rachel. Are you considering an epilogue on your website?  paula

Posted On 06-30-2008 2:34 PM
Name: Lois Pomeroy
City/State or Province: Tobyhanna, PA
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary

Love your books I started to read them about a year ago. My Favorit set was The Slightly's. But then all your books have been great. Keep up the good writing


Posted On 06-30-2008 7:18 AM
Name: NYCfan
City/State or Province: NYC
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary - Just wanted to drop a line congratulating you & your family on your son's wedding this past weekend! I was reading the NY Times online and saw the little video about how he and his fiancee met and was surprised to read that his mother was actually THE Mary Balogh...  Best wishes from NYC!

P.S. "Simply Dangerous" is one of my favorite romances of all-time!

Posted On 06-27-2008 5:32 AM
Name: Sarah Jackson
Country: USA
Comment: Mary,

Thank you so much for the wonderful stories you write. I discovered "Slightly Wicked" at a USO on my way to the Middle East and have been reading your books ever since. They supply me with the best refuge when I get down time. I can't wait to read them all.


Posted On 06-26-2008 2:20 AM
Name: Evelyn
City/State or Province: CA
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,

I have signed your guestbook before, but I just wanted to drop by and say that your latest release, "Simply Perfect," is awesome!!  As much as I adore your Simply Series, I would like to see if there will be a book dedicated to Gwen, Lady Mui.  Again, I'm looking forward to re-reading "The Ideal Wife." 



Posted On 06-25-2008 10:01 PM
Name: Jennifer M.
City/State or Province: Lima, OH
Country: USA
Comment: The first of your books that I read was Simply Love, about Anne and Sydnam. It was unlike any romance novel I had ever read. The hero's scars were just as physical as they were emotional. The honesty and love between the characters was incredible. From the end of that book I was hooked! I have finished reading the Slightly series and finally got ahold of the book that started the chain, One Night for Love. I have greatly enjoyed loving, crying, hoping, and laughing along with the Bedwyns, Edgecombs, and Butlers and all the other characters. I am going to shove aside my fiance's NASCAR collectibles to make room for your books! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with bookworms like me. I look forward to your next series!

Posted On 06-23-2008 4:42 PM
Name: Michelle
City/State or Province: Washington, DC
Country: USA
Comment: I'm re-reading A Summer to Remember for the 4th or 5th time.  I would love to know more about how the Duke and Duchess of Portfrey met, fell in love, etc.  Is one of your novellas about them?

I'm a huge fan of your work.  Loved your latest - Simply Perfect!!

Posted On 06-23-2008 9:06 AM
Name: Martina
City/State or Province: Bratislava
Country: Slovakia
Comment: Dear ms. Balogh, if i read your books, i can´t do anything else. You are the best writer of historical romance for me. Unfortunately, in our country we have only five your books in our language. It was The Gilded Web, which i red in last time. But Im so sad, because I want to know how the story will by continued between Alex and James Purnell. I know, that this story is in your book The Devil's Web. So I will hope, when I will can buy your book in our country.

Thank You for a very good time with your books...


Posted On 06-19-2008 8:02 AM
Name: Jamie
City/State or Province: Ohio
Country: USA
Comment: Just a question and a suggestion.

Question: I see you're re-releasing "An Ideal Wife." Is this book the same as the 1991 version or have you expanded and updated it?

Suggestion: Other authors explain if an upcoming book is a re-release, an expanded version of a re-release, the hardcopy edition, etc. along with the actual book or book description. It would be incredibly helpful if you could also do this.

I love your books, by the way.

Author Note: Jamie is quite right! This was a nasty oversight on my part. THE IDEAL WIFE is indeed a republication of the 1991 Signet, with no changes made to the text. And my web site gives no warning of the fact. Sorry about that!

Posted On 06-17-2008 9:34 AM
Name: Stefania
City/State or Province: Italy
Country: Milano

A Summer to Remember.........To chance I bought and read this book. Thank you!!!!!

I really want to thank you because I dreamt, I suffered, I laughed with Lauren, and maybe I felt in love with Kit too!!!!

Ciao, Stefania

Posted On 06-16-2008 2:43 PM
Name: Stacey Yount
City/State or Province: FL
Country: USA
Comment: Thank you so much for your wonderful stories. While ill I purchased the audiobook Simply Love and now I must have all your books! You have become one of my favorite writers just by listening to one book! Can't wait to delve more into your world! Also finally learned what a ha-ha was! :) Thank you for the enjoyable hours I have spent and for the many more to come!!

Posted On 06-14-2008 11:20 PM
Name: Shannon Proctor
City/State or Province: Bussey, Iowa
Country: United States
Comment: I am not sure how one begins to read a book by an author that they do not usually read from. I am a stickler for reading all the books that my favorite author has written. And then one day, not finding a book to read from one of these lucky authors, I found a book by you. LOVED IT! Now I am hooked and I just wanted to thank you for sharing your talent with us, the lucky readers who find you!! Thank you!

Posted On 06-14-2008 6:50 AM
City/State or Province: Kuala Lumpur
Country: Malaysia
Comment: Dear Mary,

I've wrote to you before that Simply Perfect can't be found at bookstores here. After waiting for 2 months, i gave up searching for it. So, I ordered on-line, and guess what, i had to pay USD51=Malaysia Ringgit 200+ for just a book+shipping rate (i chose the fastest one since i can't wait anymore..haha). I'm waiting for it right now....whatever it doesn't matter Mary, 'cause it will be worth it. Thank You, love u and have a good day.

Posted On 06-13-2008 1:11 PM
Name: Gurprit
City/State or Province: ON
Country: CANADA
Comment: Hi Mary,

I love reading your books especially the Bedwyn Series...I actually read Slightly scandolous, and then starting looking for the series and then I read A summer to Remember the first book.......I actually expected a romance between

Sydnam Butler and Lady Muir.....

I also would like to see some more written on the bedwyn.....maybe a chrismas House party with a mysterY?......and then some romance and further info on all the characters would be great...

Yes please consider writing about Aiden's foster children....

We just can't wait to read more about the Bedwyn you put such lively, depth and love into them!  I love it because it's all about family...not just love between man and woman!






Posted On 06-13-2008 9:27 AM
Name: Tina
City/State or Province: Plano, TX
Country: USA
Comment: As a child I hated reading. I could never focus and therefore never enjoy books.  Now, I'm an adult with three kids and a wonderful husband and they all tease me for bringing a book everywhere I go! I began reading historical romance books one year ago this month and I look at my list and see I have read over 65 book titles (and a few of them I've read twice!). I know that is more books read in a year than in my whole life! I have to say you are my favorite writer.  The first book I read was Simply Love.  I then realized it was part of a series (the Simply series) then even part of a bigger series (the Bedwyn series).  I've read every one of them and even some of them twice just so I could refresh my memory on some of the minor characters since they appear as main character in books later.  Last night I finished Simply Magic, and this book is what prompted me to write you today.  Although I thoroughly enjoy all your books, they are filled with excitement, complex characters, and clever storylines I have to say Simply Magic is my very favorite book.  I see a different way of writing in this book.  I felt more emotionally attached to the characters as if you explained their thoughts more (does that make sense?).  I admit I even found myself crying a few times throughout the husband chuckled at me.  Today, I will begin A Summer to Remember for the third time to not only refresh my memory on Peter's past but to remind me of Joseph-since I remember him being in that book as well and he is obviously in the next book I will read-Simply Perfect (I can't wait to read about him and Claudia!).   Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift of writing.  I truly enjoy all your books!




Posted On 06-12-2008 6:44 PM
Name: Helena
City/State or Province: Reykjavik
Country: Iceland
Comment: I love your stories and not once have I been disappointed when opening up a new one :) Keep bringing them on the bookshelves !!

Greetings from a book-worm :)

Posted On 06-10-2008 2:40 PM
Name: Anita
City/State or Province: Guernsey, Channel Islands
Country: UK
Comment: Hi Mary,

Thank you so much for your wonderful stories. My favourites are Slightly Dangerous and Secret Pearl.   I've read and re-read them numerous times so have definitely got my monies worth!

Looking forward to your new series in 2009;  how do you manage to come up with so many great characters - do you model them on friends and family?



Posted On 06-07-2008 11:44 AM
Name: Jason Hamelin
City/State or Province: Yokohama
Country: Japan (orig. Kipling)
Comment: Hello, Mary.

I wonder if you could pass on my congratulations to Chris on his upcoming nuptuals.  I read in your News section that he will get married later this month.  Wish him well for me.



Jason (Kipling ex-pat)

Posted On 06-06-2008 5:16 PM
Name: Marilynn Schaddelee
City/State or Province: McKinney, TX
Country: Usa
Comment: Dear Mary,

I've only recently discovered your books.  I currently live alone; my husband is working in Afghanistan.   While visiting, my son took me to his favorite bookstore and I bought one of your books.  I immediately returned and bought all they had available, several in each series.  If I had to choose a favorite, I couldn't.  I love them all.  As soon as I finish one I'm looking for the next in line. 

Upon visiting your website I realized I hadn't even begun to explore all that you've written.  It was very exciting! 

Thank you,


Posted On 06-04-2008 11:31 AM
Name: Donnamaie White
City/State or Province: CA
Country: USA
Comment: MEt you once or twice - read you for years - you are why I love Regency and why I write it - I might even get published eventually! ha ha - Keep writing - you give pleasure to us all.

Posted On 06-03-2008 7:33 AM
Name: Jan
City/State or Province: Victoria
Country: Australia
Comment: Dear Mary,

I just wanted to say that I have enjoyed your books so much over the years.  I love so many of them but was really moved by the Wulfric's story, when he finds a love to chase out the lonliness of his life.  I will look forward to reading your new series in 2009 - so long to wait... ah well...   

Posted On 06-02-2008 2:34 AM
Name: Evelyn
City/State or Province: CA
Country: United States
Comment: Hi Mary,

I absolutely LOVE your books especially the Bedwyn Series, and now the Simply Series =>. As I was checking your website, I saw "The Ideal Wife" will be out on the mass market in July. I wonder if this book is new or you just republished it. My boyfriend said I'm a Maryholic because my shelves are stacked with your books. Again, I just wanted to say thank you for writing and sharing your talents.



Posted On 05-29-2008 10:50 PM
Name: Happuch Hahn
City/State or Province: Seoul
Country: S.Korea
Comment: Actually, when I come back to Korea from Baltimore, I had to throw up my clothes in Airport to bring all your books which I bought there.

:) thank you for e-mail.  I come to like you more!

Best regard!

-If there are Audio CDs of your book, could it be avilable to buy in on-line?


Posted On 05-28-2008 7:16 PM
Name: Debbie
City/State or Province: Branxholme
Country: Australia
Comment: Hi Mary, I have recently discovered your books and am enjoying them immensly.  My favourite is the Bedwyn series with Slightly Dangerous as the  one I like to reread the most.  I love her sense of humour and strength of character.  I am looking forward impatiently to Simply Perfect.  Is it out in paperback yet?



Posted On 05-28-2008 12:21 AM
Name: Happuch.h
City/State or Province: Seoul
Country: S.Korea
Comment: hello~ I am waiting for vacation to read your new book.  I'm a student of Ewha woman university in S,Korea.

In Korea, I get your book in on-line book store.  I found your books in barnsnnovels when I was in Baltimore. since then, I have read most of your books.

and.. through your books, I learned English...:) thank you!

I love Bedwins best, but, simply series are quite awsome also!!

please write more bedwins.. if you have plan to write bedwins siblings(from their parents to granddauther), I would be honored!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Posted On 05-27-2008 1:57 PM
Name: joann king
City/State or Province: Kirksville, Missouri
Country: USA
Comment: Will Simply Perfect be available in audio CD?

Posted On 05-24-2008 3:50 PM
Name: Ify
City/State or Province: Detroit, MI
Country: US
Comment: I just finished reading Web of Love. I must say that for the story of Jennifer and Allen I was skipping around the book to see how they related to each other and how the story ended. Very compelling story with great moral lessons. I must admit that anything that I learn about courage and strength comes from romance novels, and I am usually a brat about the lessons. I enjoyed the informative teachings from Madame Jennifer, and appreciate you taking the time to explain the concept of strength. Can you believe that I am learning such important concepts from romance  . I am not sure if it is a individual problem or a lack in the institution of femininity. It is an argument that I seem to have when I am reading some of the romance novels. Anyway I can related to Allen's frustration before the beautiful love scene with Jennifer. Do you write the end of their story in a different book or are we to suppliment the end with our own daydreams. I can you know

Posted On 05-24-2008 3:06 PM
Name: Ann Ricker
City/State or Province: Blooming Grove, Texas
Country: USA
Comment: I work at the Corsicana Public Library and have watched your books go out with our patrons for years and never read any of them, but just recently I checked out the CD of Simply Unforgettable,  and I am soooo hooked on your books!   A family tree or diagram of your Slightly families and their friends would be fun to study.  Have you ever done one?   You have a lovely website and I've enjoyed sharing it with interested library patrons.  You have a lot of fans in Navarro County, Texas!


Posted On 05-23-2008 9:38 AM
Name: Barbara
City/State or Province: West Virginia
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary

Just finished reading Simply Perfect and just when I thought you couldn't meet or top Slight Dangerous you went and did just that with "Miss Martin's" story.  It was simply perfect. 

Upon visiting your site with the intention of asking about Gwen Muir you had already answered my question that she is going to have her own story so I can hardly wait. 

I have all the slightly and simply series as well as all other books you've written that I can get my hands on.  Most I've read for at least the second time.  Your stories and characters never get old.  Thanks for sharing them with us.  Barbara 


Posted On 05-22-2008 1:25 AM
Name: Cindy MacDonell
City/State or Province: Stettler Alberta
Country: Canada
Comment: I will definately be going to my local library and looking into reading your books.  I must admit I have seen the name but never connected it to anywhere remotely related to somewhere I might have been or have relatives.

My mother came from Wawota/Dumas area and I had an aunt  and cousins who farmed by Kennedy that I visited most summers for years.

My one cousin married a Doka boy from Kipling in 1975 so I have spent time there also.

Cindy MacDonell

Posted On 05-21-2008 1:53 PM
Name: haya raed
City/State or Province: Sharjah
Country: U.A.E.
Comment: hiiiiii

how are you? i am living in U.A.E. and i love reading your books but unfortunately i dont find your books easily in book stores and this feels really bad i love the way you write fill me with anticipation to know whats coming up next..... please find me a solution i want to read your books and find them in a more easy way... and please contact me and send me emails always

Posted On 05-21-2008 12:17 PM
Name: Heather Matheson
City/State or Province: Sydney, Nova Scotia
Country: Canada
Comment: Mary, You are an amazing writer. Your characters are so complex and gorgeous. How do you do it? Every time I read one of your novels I can't help but smile for hours... Then I have to read the book all over again!!! My favorites by you are:
The Secret Pearl
The Gilded Web
The Devils Web

Keep writing your stories are so liberating. Good luck for the future.


Posted On 05-18-2008 5:48 PM
Name: Rochelle Papurt
City/State or Province: Philadelphia, PA
Country: USA
Comment: I wanted to thank you for your beautiful stories. I just read the Bedwyn saga, all of the Simply Perfect saga and the Gilded Web series since November 2007 while I was hospitalized and in rehab due to complications arising from hip surgery. I had all of the books in my collection with the exception of the last two Simply series books. I have only recently begun to read romance novels in the last 2-2/1/2 years and must always have a book in my hand. Your stories are magnificient, moving and one does not want them to end. They have moved me to tears especially Wulfric, Aidan and the youngest brother, the Simply series especially the 2nd one and the last one. Which brings me to my original question about the Web series. The soldier who was so badly injured and was being taken care of by the sister, what happened to him? At first when I was reading the 2nd Simply story about Anna and Sydnham I though it might be him and pulled out the web book and found it was not him. I am about to read the Web book that was re-issued in December while I was still hospitalized and was waiting for me when I finally came home on Feb. 18, 2008.

My life has changed dramatically, drastically and I am still reeling from the fallout. I now have to depend on the libary to get my books as I am no longer able to work because of disability.

Will you be starting another series shortly, I am now trying to catch up on your older books. Thank you for taking the time to read this note. I usually do not ask these questions but your writing leaves one wanting more.

Rochelle Ann Papurt

Posted On 05-09-2008 4:10 AM
Name: Rosemary Potter
City/State or Province: Brisbane, Queensland
Country: Australia
Comment: Hi Mary

It was lovely to meet you in Pittsburgh. I am a great personal fan and devour all that you write that I can get my hands on.

Thank you also for the bookplates that arrived today. You know they have arrived before the ones that you signed at the book fair that I sent back via the post.

Now can I ask that my bookstore be added to your listing for bookstores in Australia who stock your books. We always have stock and I make sure we even have back stock all the time. My web site is

Thanks again Mary



Posted On 05-04-2008 9:44 PM
Name: Debbi
City/State or Province: British Columbia
Country: Canada
Comment: Hi, I absolutely love your writing!! I had never read a romance novel until I came upon "The Secret Pearl" accidently last summer at a used book store, I read it in one day, couldn't put the book down. Now I have read 10 of your books!! my favourite to date being "The Devil's Web", there was just something about James...

I love how you connect different books with each other, and old characters show up in new books. I can't wait to read your new books and see who shows up! Thanks for transporting me back and keep writing!

Posted On 05-04-2008 2:13 AM
Name: Audrey Courtney
City/State or Province: Marathon
Comment: Dear Mary,

Nice to see current pictures of your family on your how the kids have grown up to be fine looking adults.  Wanted to email you to ask if you wouldn't mind telling me in which order should someone be reading the "Simply" series...I am finding it totally confusing....and couldn't seem to find the answers on the website.

Wanted to share how awesome it has been to read all of the stories you have shared with us...going way back to the first book  of yours I bought in the Drugstore in Kipling. As time goes on they keep getting better...kudos for the "Slightly" series... 

Would be nice if you dedicated one of your books to the people from Kipling who bought the first book of yours "A Masked Deception" and have been hanging in there with you since the very beginning.

Take care of you and yours.....looking forward to reading more of your stories...

Posted On 05-01-2008 1:24 PM
Name: Lillian Riggs
City/State or Province: Ohio
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary Balogh, I read "Simply Perfect" over the weekend and it was a wonderful journey back to the characters I have made a part of my life the last few years.  Thank you.  Now get busy!  I can hardly wait for the next book.  In true appreciation for the pleasure you provide.  Lillian

Posted On 04-29-2008 5:23 PM
Name: Reina
City/State or Province: New York
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,

Let me start by saying THANK YOU!! 

The first book that I purchased was Simply Unforgettable.  Before I read it I checked out your website and saw the sections that tells us how each book is related to on another (love that by the way).  I am kind of neurotic when it comes to reading books that have connecting characters I have to read them in the correct order, so I went online and purchased One Night For Love and A Summer To Remember and the whole Slightly & Simply Series.  I love them all, but the Bedwyns was my favorite series(wulfric story was so funny).   I will not list all your books that I have read but I think that they are all great.  I like your style of writing.  Your stories come to life for me.  I have read a few of your Out Of Print books and was wondering if you will be reissuing any of them soon?  Please let me know.  I look forward to hearing from you.  I am truly a fan of yours.



Posted On 04-28-2008 6:57 PM
Name: Holli
City/State or Province: Sonoma, CA
Country: U.S.
Comment: Hello Mary,

Just finished up "Simply Magic" and I really enjoyed it very much. You continue to impress me with the depth of character and social situations that your heroes must overcome. We hear so much about heroines in romance, but it takes a very real and talented woman writer to delve into the psyche of a man and you did it so superbly in "Simply Magic". It is a situation that many young men with overly dedicated mothers have to face at least once in their lives and I liked how re-freshing that was to read about. Continue the great works Mary and thank you for many hours of enjoyment you have given.




Posted On 04-27-2008 5:39 AM
Name: Louise Anne
City/State or Province: Hawaii
Comment: Dear Mary,

I'm only 14 and honestly these kind of books never had interested me. I was always more into "young adult" books. Until my mother's friend gave her a handful of books. (More than I care to count) I started to wonder why my mother love those books. So I read one for myself. I picked a very random one...I wanted to pick a book that has a picture. But yours didn't have. I just read the back and suprisingly I was curious. Of course,you happened to be the author (lucky me!!). It was one of the books in Slightly Series. Yeah! I kinda got captured into that world. I fell in love with your characters! They seem so real! Also,I love the way you write. Hehe. I actually learned alot of words in your books. After that I started looking for every single Slightly Books. Even the books that includes them in it. Especially Freyja,I love her spirit. I love how you truly DO make them come to life,because they eventually changed. I mean you just don't start by explaining their personality. We discover it for ourselves...well what's gonna happen,right? Anyways,I have your Web Series,Slightly Series and now Simply Series. I think I'm off going to collect every book of yours 'cause I enjoy them so much that I end up bothering my parents to drive me to a book store. Or going with bunch of my friends to the mall and I supposedly go off to the book store.

I read that people are asking for like another story of the Bedwyn Family? And Yeah,I also read of what you thought of it. About the fantasy of the characters staying young? I always fancy that idea. But I really want more stories of that family because they have spirits that I adore. So what have you decided or are you still thinking more about it? I am patiently waiting for your books. Believe me,It's hard to wait especially when I'm like a young teenager who is Very impatient. That's what my mom called me when I found out your Simply Perfect came out already and I couldn't wait any longer. I wanted to get it as soon as possible. But your books are worth waiting for.

Keep Writing! They are wonderful. And I am sorry this is super long! I just can't really put into to words what I really feel for your books except It always seem to add up that I simply love them.

Posted On 04-26-2008 4:16 AM
Name: Margot Green
City/State or Province: Melbourne
Country: Australia
Comment: Dear Mary,I have just read  "Beyond the Sunrise', and I have to admit that I was 'gutted' when I  finished it. For not  only was it a great romantic adventure story about two very strong protaganists, but also because I felt really anxious for their future.Silly isn't it? They were just characters conjured up from your brain, but you made them so alive and I wanted them to live happily ever after, but realistically, Robert was unlikely to survive at least 3 more years of the Peninsular War without dying or becoming disabled in some way and I wondered how Joana would cope with that. It was a lovely story, Mary, one of ,if not your  very best. You obviously put so much research into it, for believe me I know, as I am writing a series of  books set in  those  times. You are my inspiration. Thankyou, Margot.

Posted On 04-26-2008 12:53 AM
Name: Shumila
City/State or Province: Texas
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary:

I have to thank you, with all my heart, for writing such lovely novels. When I begin reading one of your stories, the room around me disappears and I am in the world you have creating, living alongside the characters you have made so real. I admit I have become rather addicted to your works and am known to squander small fortunes on obtaining your hard to find titles, but your books give me such joy that it is all worth it.

I wish you all the best life has to offer and hope that you will write many, many more books yet.

- Shumila

Posted On 04-24-2008 12:58 AM
Name: Irene
City/State or Province: Fort Lee, New Jersey
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary, I just fnished reading Simply Perfect and wanted to tell you that I thought it was not only simply perfect, but simply amazing and simply the best book I have read in a long time. The romance between Claudia and Joseph was just  beautiful, so touching and passionate.  It was lovely visiting with the Bedwyns again and all the other characters, especially Freya. This book is an absolute winner, and I thank you for writing it,i t will stay with me for quite awhile, best wishes, Irene

Posted On 04-22-2008 6:24 PM
Name: Dawn
City/State or Province: Long Island
Country: USA
Comment: Hi! Got hooked on your books one year ago with the Slightly series and then went on to read every other book I could get my hands on! Love that ebay! And I have turned around and resold them to others who wanted to read them as much as I did. I have compiled a kind of "Family Connections" chart and wonder if you ever did this? Would love to share it, not sure if it is ok with you though. Please advise. Thank you.

Posted On 04-19-2008 1:32 PM
Name: Elaine Carlini-Davis
City/State or Province: Ormond Beach, Fl
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,

I'm frustrated. I just wrote an entry and previewed it. There was a misspelled word, so I clicked on "Make Changes" and the entire enrty disappeared!

I wanted to thank you for writing an enjoyable conclusion for the "Perfect" series. Your books are terrific - drawing the reader right into the story with exquisite slowness. I am not happy to see characters jump into bed with each other and, later, get to know what makes the other 'tick'.

Right now I'm listening to "Simply Magic" which we downloaded from Audible. Audio books from Books on Tape are not in my budget. Will "Simply Perfect" be available on Audible eventually?


Elaine C.

Posted On 04-18-2008 5:00 PM
Name: Janice Carnes
City/State or Province: Evington
Country: Good Ol' USA
Comment: I started reading ur books only a short while ago! I started with "Slightly Wicked" and instantly fell in LOVE with the Bedwyns!! I have since been searching 4 the other books in the "Slightly" series!! Very inventive senarios and the characters...such depth of soul!!! !!BRAVO!!! I anxiously await any other novels that may feature the Bedwyns!!

Posted On 04-15-2008 2:30 AM
Name: Rachel More
City/State or Province: Ontario
Country: Canada
Comment: Dear Mary,

I have been a devoted reader ever since Slighty Wicked, and I've devoured everything by you that I can get my hands on.  I particularly love More Than A Mistress, and I always really loved Lady Heyward.  When I read in the news that you were intending to write her story eventually I was so excited, but then I began to wonder about who her hero would be.  It would be Heyward wouldn't it?  I always thought that a prequel that told their story would be wonderful, and I would be so sad if Angeline ended up with anyone else.  I think there's more to Heyward then meets the eye.

Well, now that I've made my pitch, I'll just end by saying that I think that you write wonderful books and I'm so grateful to have been introduced to your work.  Thank you very much.

Oh, and The Secret Pearl made me cry for days.


Posted On 04-13-2008 11:49 AM
Name: Doreen Docherty
City/State or Province: Long Island
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Marys,

I have been a fan since I read One Night for Love.  I have Lauren's story and the complete Slightly series and just purchased Simple Perfect yesterday.  I may be a while until I get to it.  I usually reread all the books leading up to it, in this case it is Lily & Lauren's stories but the Bedwyns and the first 3 Simple books.  I also have read The Secret Pearl and the "Web"  stories.  I was happy to see you have a spin off about Perry and his wife.  I tried to purchase a copy of it, however I can only find used copies that are more expensive than you new hardcover books.  I know that a lot of your books are being reissued; it this one planned?  I have read many more of your books which I have borrowed from local libraries, however some authors I would rather have my own copies.  I am looking forward to being able to purchase them for myself ( I just read what is in the works for reissuing).

I look forward to the new series, I like when the most intriging character has the last book in a series.  I read a note in you guest book that requests updates on the Bedwin Family.  Is that to become a reality?

Thank you,


Posted On 04-09-2008 5:37 PM
Name: Jo Anne Harris
City/State or Province: Richmond, VA
Country: USA
Comment: Ms. Balogh, I started off reading your Bedwyn series while on vacation in Pembrokeshire, Wales.  I fell totally in love with the very first book and worked my way through them and on to the Simply series.  I just finished reading Simply Perfect, and it was.  I devoured in on the weekend.  I am so thrilled to see there are a good number of your earlier books out there that I haven't read, and hope I can find.  Do you get back to Wales very often?  Travel is certainly no fun anymore, but I'll be back in Newport in July.  Please keep your wonderful books coming!

Posted On 04-09-2008 3:28 PM
Name: Karen
City/State or Province: Twinsburg, Ohio
Country: USA
Comment: I just started reading historical romance books last fall. One of the first books I read was your book of five Christmas novellas, Under the Mistletoe.

My favorite book is The Secret Pearl. The story of those two characters was really beautiful, and I was just mesmerized.

I just finished reading More than a Mistress and No Man's Mistress. They, too, were just wonderful and I look forward to reading Angeline's story.

I have also read Irresistible and I see that it is book #3 of a series. I know exactly who the couples are in Indiscreet and Unforgiven, and I would just love to see those books reissued. Is there any chance of that happening?

In the meantime, I plan on reading the Slightly and Simply books. Thank you for the great entertainment and escape from reality!

Posted On 04-08-2008 11:29 PM
Name: Hetty
City/State or Province: Los Angeles
Comment: Hello Mary! I love your books. I first picked up the Secret Pearl in one of those desperate moments of boredom (where you buy any book and hope it's not too mundane) and truly discovered a treasure! Since then, I have been a huge fan. My only question/request is: are you planning to write a book about the Dudley sister? And if not, would you please please consider it? Ferdinand and Jocelyn have such great stories, I'm anxious to read about the crazy Angie and the "stick" Heyward. Thanks and all the best!

Posted On 04-07-2008 12:35 PM
Name: Anna Sarkissian
City/State or Province: Gaithersburg, MD 20878
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,

What can I say? You are the best love story wirter!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is understatement. I read 'Simply Perfect' and it is really a perfect story and book. I always thougs 'Devil's Web' was my favorite but I stand corrected Simply Perfect is the best, of course your next book :)

I was checking New York Times bestseller List and your book is listed there and I am soooooooo happy for that. I can't wait for the next book.

You are the best and keep in writing great stories like this. I was watching yesterday Masterpiece Theater and it was one onf Jane Austin's stories and I thought Mary's books could be made for film as well. They are just perfect.

Best Regards,

Anna Sarkissian

Posted On 04-06-2008 2:51 PM
Name: Dawn
City/State or Province: morgan city, la.
Country: United States
Comment: Dear Ms. Balogh

I have been a fan of yours for very many years. I had all of your books up until August of 2005. They were lost in hurricane Katrina. Since that time I have been trying to get them back. It has been very hard and very trying at times.

I was wondering if you know of any publisher that might still have copies of these books with the original covers.

Truly, Silent Melody and Heartless had very nice covers. I was particulary fond of the original cover of Irresistable.

Any help in resolving this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much,

Dawn Taylor

Posted On 04-05-2008 11:24 PM
Name: Cheryle McClure
City/State or Province: Gordon, Manitoba
Country: Canada
Comment: I just finished Simply Magic and when I saw that you lived in Canada I just had to see where. So I found your website. I live on a farm just outside Winnipeg and have three grown children also. I have enjoyed your books, most of which I found in our local library. Reading your bio I saw you were a G. Heyer fan and now I know why I like your books so much. I have a paperbook version of every book of hers that I could buy. I look forward to reading more of your novels in the future. Thank you for the many hours I have spent buried in the interesting lives of your characters.

Posted On 04-04-2008 12:08 AM
Name: Kateri
City/State or Province: Seattle, WA
Country: USA
Comment: Mary,

I just finished Slightly Dangerous, this book was GREAT it made laugh and cry out loud. When I read your books I feel that I'm a part of this story.I always had a vivid imagination.The Bedwyn family is my favorite family. I read a lot of Regency Romances you are one of my favorite author.  It took me all night to read this book I had work the next day..LOL..I finished the last bit on my lunch hour and came home and went to bed. When I read books it has to be on the weekend. Thanks you for taking me away into another era. Keep up the great work.

Posted On 04-03-2008 6:24 PM
Name: Annmarie Schwarz
City/State or Province: Stuart/Florida
Country: USA
Comment:  Bummer, I just wrote this really nice, thoughtful message to you but I didn't read the validation code properly so it didn't go through and it erased what I wrote.  I can't type all that again and do it as well as the first time.  So, in a nut shell: You are my favorite author.  I have all the Bedwyn/Simply series. Plus many more of your books.  I am a teacher and would be considered an old maid by the ton's stansards.  I have hope that if Claudia found someone then I might as well.  I was wondering if the books Indiscrete and Unforgiven will be republished.  I recently saw Irresistable on the bookshelves and was hoping the others in that series will be there too.  Irresistable is one of my very favorites.  I am anxious to read the other 2 of the 4 horsemen's stories. I re read your books all the time. I just finished the first time around with Simply Perfect.  I can't wait to start it again.  Please write more and write faster! LOL  Thank you so much.  I love you .  Annmarie Schwarz 

Posted On 04-02-2008 3:19 PM
Name: Angie D
City/State or Province: Norfolk,VA
Country: USA
Comment: Just finished reading the last of the Simply series. I am really sorry to see that this is the last of the series. Miss Balogh have you thought about doing an occasional e-book on the Bedwyns just to keep us up-todate on the family. I know this sound silly but they feel like part of my family. Those books are some of the most enjoyable series I have ever read.

Posted On 04-02-2008 1:46 PM
Name: Nanci Martel
City/State or Province: Victoria BC
Country: Canada
Comment: While on holiday I finished reading the book I brought (usually happens 2 hours after arrival since I marathon read during flights and lay-overs).  It was the last of the six Jane Austen novels I have been slowly working my way through and reading her work and the process secured, without a doubt, my preference for England 1800.  I didn't want to leave the erra and feared I would not find anything else for the remainder of my holidays.  I hit the local box store and came across Simply Magic.  The book had three things going for it - it didn't have half naked people on the cover (I like to read in public places and would blush otherwise), it stated clearly on the back "set in Regency England" and in the little bio of the author... now lives in Canada.  I took it as a sign and home she came.  I hit page 31 and momentarily feared what I may have picked up.  There it was, the book's title out of Whitleaf's mouth no less... I feared this was going to be really sappy - I love the stuff, but there is always a limit. Then I discovered that it is part of a Simply series  and was delighted to see I could get the inside story for the other characteres... alas the island held no other books from the Simply series but had two from the Slightly series, you had won me over and forward I went... I'm done that series now, its been ten days... found a third at the airport during a lay-over and the last two once I got home. Wulfric growling had it been in bed or not - so well done - I am so happy that happend, I truly saw him as a Bedwyn sibling afterwards, reading it made my jaw drop. Without a doubt, if you hadn't already won my loyalty that would of clenched it!  I would love to know, what was your experience writing that in? 

Now to finish the Simply series and the others that include that fab family the Bedwyns.  I am so pleased, usually when I discover an author I realy enjoy they're either dead or only wrote one in the style I enjoy - I look forward to discovering the novles I've missed and the ones yet to come... and I especially look forward to many more jaw drops I know will be delivered.  

With any luck, one day I'll cross you path and share my delight in person.


Posted On 04-02-2008 9:24 AM
Name: Patricia
City/State or Province: Minnesota
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,

I don't know what I did without your books all this time, but while at the library, I discovered "The Secret Pearl", or rather, the book discovered me

I loved that book so much, I dug through your website and now two weeks later I have finished the eight books (one night for love, summer to remember and the entire 'Slightly' series). 

I'm afraid that I'll never love another book again ~ sigh ~ so I'm relieved to see you weave the Bedwyns into the Simply series!

Thank you Mary, for sharing your talent with me!




Posted On 04-02-2008 5:54 AM
Name: afifah ramle
City/State or Province: Kuala Lumpur
Country: Malaysia
Comment: Dear Mary,

So frustrated that your book Simply Perfect is NOT here in Malaysia yet...hate waiting...don't know how long will it be before it arrived here....:(

Posted On 04-01-2008 4:45 PM
Name: Joann King
City/State or Province: Brookfield/Missouri
Country: USA
Comment: Just finished Simply Perfect and loved it. Would love to see a book about Lizzie and a love interest. Possible David Jewell. Being raised by Syd he would be understanding of a handicap. Would like to follow up on Joseph and Claudia--he is such a kind sweet man. Keep the good reading coming

Posted On 04-01-2008 7:45 AM
Name: Shruti Pant Dholakia
City/State or Province: Gujarat
Country: India
Comment: Dear Mary Balogh,

     I was given ' A Sumeer To Remember ' by a friend of mine to read. This was some 2 mths., past & now I've got addicted to your books. I love to read & one of my favourite topics are historical romance, & getting good books on this segment is not easy.

     It is a delight to know that you are there to write such good books. The best thing that I love about your writing is that any book that I pick to read, it makes me a part of that particular story & it seems that I am one of the silent characters of the story. Your detailed description of every particular thing is remarkable. Thank you & pray that you keep writing such lovely characters.

     Hope to see all these lovely characters with all the splendors in the form of beautiful historical romantic movies. Thank you once again.


Shruti Pant Dholakia

Posted On 03-29-2008 9:58 PM
Name: carma sidra watkins
City/State or Province: fort worth, texas
Country: usa
Comment: i have just found your website!   it's wonderful to get to know you, at least as much as i can through this medium.  i just picked up Simply Unforgettable at Half Price Books.  it's beautiful, as are all the books of yours that i have read (the series books are my favorites, with all the related characters and friends). i made a list of the other Simply books, to remind me when i go back to the bookstore.  it sounds, and looks, as though you have an absolutely beautiful family.  i am glad i found you and some more of your books!  i love them and thought i'd tell you so.   i'm glad you have such a gift and that you share it with all of us!  thank you!  

Posted On 03-29-2008 6:42 PM
Name: Dawn S
City/State or Province: Flanders, NJ
Country: USA
Comment: I just finished Simply Perfect.  What a wonder conclusion for the Simply series.  While Simply Love will always be my favorite, this book was great.  I couldn't put it down and finished it in one sitting.  Thank you for giving Claudia and Joseph such a wonderful story and for continuing to let us catch up on old favorites (Bedwyns, Butlers, the former teachers and all their friends and families.). 

Posted On 03-29-2008 9:07 AM
Name: Ify
City/State or Province: Grosse Pointe
Country: US
Comment: As is the case with all you books, when I started Simply Perfect, I did not stop from the first to the last page. It was a wonderful book. But a question for you, do you not think the male character was a bit too controlled by outside circumstance ? I was hoping that he would acknowlegde his daughter first and then say to heck with the consequences at Lindsay Hall.  Even his magnificient daughter had to call him sir first for him to speak to her. I am not sure that I can give him the excuse of the iron clad social restrictions of England for that. Then he passively allowed himself to be honor bound to utter destruction, only to be removed from the engagement with Portia, that beautiful monster,  because of the mercy of circumstance. Even in his move into the idle life, was not a decisive decision on his part. But alas maybe I am comparing him with Lucius, one of your other male characters. 

Any way, the book is a magnicient one. Joseph's love for his daughter, a bold step that not every man in that time could pull off, learning of Claudia's good work. Thanks for updating us on Syndam's work, and giving us updates of the Bedwyns. Shall we ever learn what happens of your other great talent, Judith, Rannulf's wife. Going on the Slighty/Simply adventure with you as captain made for a thrilling excursion. Thank You.

Posted On 03-28-2008 5:45 PM
Name: Berenice Tynan
City/State or Province: Sandy, OR
Country: usa
Comment: 3/28/08

Dear Mary...Started Simply Perfect at 8 PM on Wednesday and (with a few breaks for phone calls and nature calls) had it finished by 5 AM. Loved it! Thank you for including "Lady Raymore" at the concert. I have always loved Red Rose; it's one I read over and over (along with Secret Pearl, Deceived and Snow Angel). Hope, like SP, they also will be included in your re-publishing schedule someday.

Berenice Tynan

Posted On 03-27-2008 6:27 PM
Name: shelley
City/State or Province: Connecticut
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,

I just read the excerpt from Simply Perfect and hope that you will write a book about Portia Hunt.  Although I had read the other Simply books, I don't remember her being mentioned as a possible bride for Edgecomb in either of those but in Simply Perfect, that's what it sounds like.

Anyway, I hope you write one for her.  Although I haven't read Simply Perfect yet, I feel bad for her that she will be rejected again.



Posted On 03-27-2008 2:12 PM
Name: Angie D
City/State or Province: Norfolk,VA
Country: USA
Comment: I just love your books. I have just order the new one  and I can hardly wait until it arrives. I have read everyone of your novels more than once. You rock. Keep them coming!!

Posted On 03-24-2008 10:07 AM
Name: Katherine
City/State or Province: Como, Ms 38619
Country: USA
Comment: I am a big fan of yours and have read all of the Slightly books and many more.  I hated it when I got to the end of them, it was like having an interesting family to enjoy in their escapades.  Is there a way to get an autographed copy of one of your books?  I think you are one of the best authors I have ever read, and I have read alot.  Keep up the good work, I love your work!

Posted On 03-24-2008 4:36 AM
Name: Rosmarie Inoue-Wyss
City/State or Province: Basel
Country: Switzerland
Comment: Dear Ms Balogh, Since my time at school - 35 years ago - I have never read a book in English language. Two years before, after becoming acquaintance with Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice, I have started to read your books, the first one "A Summer to Remember" in a German version, but after this I wanted to read the Bedwyn's series, now in English, because there is no translation in German. First it was very hard for me to understand but then I was falling in love with this family and with your way of writing, and after reading these six books I gradually have bought all your books that are out of print. I love them so much and I read and reread them with great pleasure. In the meantime my comprehension in English language becomes more and more better, and I must confess, that your books in English are far more enchanting than the German translations. Thank you very much for making me happy with your wonderful stories. Rosmarie Inoue-Wyss

Posted On 03-23-2008 12:22 PM
Name: Erin
City/State or Province: CA
Country: USA
Comment: Love all the series book. I love traveling along with families or groups. Please re release promise of spring so we can get to know the last piece without paying $20 on amazon. Again I am a huge fan and i just finished the slightly series and purchased one night for love and a summer to remember.

Posted On 03-22-2008 5:35 PM
Name: Sharon Pickering
City/State or Province: Irving Texas
Country: USA
Comment: I have so enjoyed Slightly series favorite Dangerous then Sinful. Simply series is wonderful favorite is Simply Perfect it is simply perfect. Thank You

Posted On 03-17-2008 1:51 AM
Name: Arini
City/State or Province: Jakarta
Country: Indonesia
Comment: Dear Ms. Balogh,

I really.. really... really love to read ur books. Especially my favourite one " The Devil's Web ". I just can't stop to read it since the first page until the last. Since I'm eager to read it after finished The Gilded Web.

Maybe I'm the latest one among the others, since I start to read and buy ur books in 2007. But... soon I discover that I really enjoy ur write, so... I'm continue to buy and read it. 

Please keep up ur good work. My best wishes for ur health, so u can always producing good books and bring joys to all of ur readers across the world including me. 

- Arini -


Posted On 03-09-2008 9:38 PM
Name: Amanda Wilson
City/State or Province: GA
Country: USA
Comment: I was so happy to read that you are planning to write a book about Lady Muir! I have always remembered her from "One Night for Love" and I can't wait to read her story!!!!!!!
I will be patiently waiting until then.

Posted On 03-09-2008 5:04 PM
Name: bridget k. rogers
City/State or Province: lakewood, CA
Country: USA
Comment: Dear, Mary ,

                              thank you for writing the Bedwyn series, i am a "new fan and have fallen in love with this family :)

 I esp. loved the last book  ,Slightly Dangerous, i laughed out loud while reading it and also cried tears of joy :)

 i am looking forward to reading the series, Simply, tho i will probably re-read the Slightly series as i am finding it

hard to let go of the Bedwyns,

                                                                                                                                                      Sincerely, Bridget K. Rogers


Posted On 03-09-2008 4:53 PM
Name: Carolyn Johnston
City/State or Province: Hampshire
Country: UK
Comment: Hello Mary

Thank you so much for sharing your gift with the world.  I 'discovered' your books about three years ago now and have become fairly obsessive in hunting them down.   I have a growing collection which is read voraciously and then re-read every few months.  I know all the plots and characters - and if I were any better at general knowledge I would probably try my hand at Mastermind with your books as my specialist subject!

Do keep urging your publishers to reprint your older works.  And pleeeease write that story about Angeline.   



Posted On 03-09-2008 3:30 AM
City/State or Province: HARRISBURG SD
Country: USA

Posted On 03-08-2008 10:49 PM
Name: Karen
City/State or Province: Melbourne
Country: Australia
Comment: Dear Mary,

I have been reading your books for a number of years now, and if I have any critisism it is that they are not published fast enough to keep me satisfied! Consequently however, I do get value for money as I read and reread those books I have until the next new release appears on the bookshelves. I love the rawness and honesty of your characters; that lack of perfection that makes them so real. What makes you stand out from all other authors is the way you delve into the characters of the physically flawed, the emotionally scarred, the cold, hard, and arrogant people until all their vulnerabilities and insecuties are exposed and we begin to recognise them as ourselves. You have brought tears to my eyes, and laughter with every story you have told. Thank you.

Posted On 03-04-2008 11:12 PM
Name: cindy degraaff
City/State or Province: scotts,MI
Country: usa
Comment: Thanks so much for all the great stories and enjoyment you have provided. I just finished re reading the Bedwyn series as I do every few years and loved it just as much this time. Looking forward so much to Claudia's story!

Posted On 03-04-2008 12:44 PM
Name: Kristy
City/State or Province: Balto
Country: MD
Comment: In you new book to come Simply Perfect, will we get a quick synaposis of the other ladies.  I am just interested if they have had any children.

Posted On 03-02-2008 7:09 PM
Name: Becky Krevics
City/State or Province: Bridgeton, New Jersey
Country: usa
Comment: Hi Mary,  I have written before and, of course, am still an avid fan.  I wish there were some way to share the older books of yours that I have.  I do not want money for them.  Just would like to share them with other fans. I would be glad to pass them around to people who cannot find the older out of print books that I have. I realize some of the older folks on limited income cannot afford the e-bay prices.  A shame, they need an escape through your wonderful books as most of us do from time to time.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

    I really think the only book I have ever loved as much as yours is "Wild at Heat" by  Patricia Gaffney.  Anyway, wiating for Simply Perfect.  Keep them coming.

All the Very Best,   Becky


Posted On 02-28-2008 5:32 PM
Name: Sarah
City/State or Province: Eastern Oregon
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,

Thank you for writing such readable books. I've read, and own, all of your books in print. I am always waiting far too impatiently for the next one! You and Jo Beverley are the best current historical romance writers I know of. You live up to Heyer's legacy very well.

I also want to add my plea to the rest: Please reprint your older books! They are almost all selling online for $15 to $30, and some for even more ($50 for Christmas Beau)! I hope your publishers realize how much demand these prices (for used paperbacks!) reflect. If they printed them we would definitely buy the books. Unfortunately, I just can't afford the current prices. What about reissuing some of the shorter books as 2- or 3-in-1 volumes?

I wanted to mention a couple of book availability things to people from earlier posts:
Marybeth posted on 1/31/08 about Lady With The Black Umbrella. It is available on for $17 (including shipping).
Janice posted on 1/11/08 that she can't find Unforgiven. It is available on for $21 (including shipping).

Thank you and keep up the great writing.


Posted On 02-28-2008 9:11 AM
Name: Melissa
City/State or Province: GA
Country: United States
Comment: Mary,

Your books are wonderful! My Mother picked up a Summer to Remember  a year ago and after reading it, she passed it along to me. I have been hooked ever since. Your characters are charming, their emotions are relatable and once I start a novel of yours, I can't put it down. I enjoy the reocurring characters and especially, the Bedwyns. What a wonderful group of people. I am currently reading Simply Unforgettable and so far, I think it has been my favorite. But I say that while every one of your books. Thank you again for your imagination and your lovely stories. I will continue to read them, as long as you write them.


Posted On 02-25-2008 4:36 PM
Name: Sharon Morganti
City/State or Province: Washington, DC
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary, I have enjoyed your books for many years, I hope to do so for many years to come.  Thank you for sharing your stories with us, it is always a pleasure to read one of your books.  As a voracious reader, I keep and re-read books of only my top authors of which you are one. 

Many blessings,

~Sharon Morganti

Posted On 02-25-2008 9:09 AM
Name: Daniela Schwarz
City/State or Province: Mumbai
Country: India
Comment: Dear Mary,

I think it's about time I drop a line or two of praise for your wonderful books. I've always had a soft corner for romance novels, but it's so very difficult to come by titles which one can read without feeling terribly annoyed at the rubbish some authors miraculously manage to get published. At least - it used to be difficult until I stumbled over your books quite by chance. Reading romantic novels has been fun ever since. The only sorry side effect is that I've also become an object of ridicule for my husband who cannot stop teasing me whenever he finds me curled up on the sofa. You must be aware of the terrible stigma attached to historical novels.

My absolute favorite is The Secret Pearl. It's the only book that managed to make me cry. Ever. I especially appreciate the fact that many of your characters are edgy and have weaknesses. Bookshelves are anyway stuffed with heros and heroines too perfect to be true.

I also want to comment on the fact that you are one of the very few authors in your genre that refrain from having their books published with shockingly embarrassing covers. I think it's wonderful to have pretty, elegant covers!

Please keep up the great work. I also hope your publisher won't stop digging out some of your older books to republish them - maybe all. Many times while browsing through your booklist I catch myself thinking, If only I could get my hand on that one!


Posted On 02-25-2008 12:35 AM
Name: Donna Crispell
City/State or Province: Poplarville, Mississippi
Country: USA
Comment: I have had one of your books languishing away on my TBR shelf for years now, a true tragedy but yet a joyous event all at once. I finally plucked it from among the horde and oh.. thank you thank you. I quite honestly fell in love with Lily and Neville and devoured the book all through the day (thankfully work was slow and I was able to sneak in several chapters as I was having no part of putting it down for long :) ) One Night For Love was beautiful, and though i tend to ramble on ...or so I am told.. ahem.... there isn't enough space I am sure to indulge, well... not much more than I already have anyway... so I will content myself again to merely say... Thank you so much for such a preciously written story. I loved every page and cannot wait to find a home on my shelves for all of your other treasures.

Posted On 02-22-2008 3:18 PM
Name: Amanda Ann Dalon
City/State or Province: New Orleans, Louisiana
Country: USA
Comment: There I was looking through my large list of books and authors. I seen your name, it looked so familar. but I only have one of your books, an amazing one, "Dark Angel". I adored it. I'm hoping to get my hands on some more books. I love series, and books that intertwine, i'm so looking forward to reading more!!! I love your family pics. So many sucessful children! I wish you best of luck!

Posted On 02-21-2008 11:20 PM
Name: Lori
City/State or Province: Fairbanks
Country: USA
Comment: Hello: Mary

I really like to read your books. The simply series got me hooked. I have also enjoyed your re-release of your older wonderful books. I am looking forward to your new one this spring. I think a book on Eve's children would be great.

Thank-you again for your books

Posted On 02-20-2008 4:33 PM
Name: Anne Hemmings
Country: UK
Comment: Hello Mary

Like everyone else, I find myself besotted with the Bedwyn's, in love with every brother and wishing I were more like the sisters. What a shame there were only six of them, I never tire of reading their stories. I found myself particularly drawn to the Duke himself. Christine was not at all the sort of woman I thought would turn his head but is, of course, perfect for him.

Sadly for me I have only just discovered regency romance and see so many books on your website that I would love to read but are no longer available. I shall keep a careful eye out for new releases. I particulary enjoy books which introduce us to characters from other stories, ie, series, and look forward to more of those.

Keep writing, Mary. You have another fan!

Posted On 02-18-2008 10:28 PM
Name: robin barrett
City/State or Province: summerville south carolina
Country: usa
Comment: miss mary,

oh please,please,please, write,write,write.!!

standin' by in my sweet south,

robin b

Posted On 02-18-2008 9:05 PM
Name: Rita Macdonald
City/State or Province: Arizona
Country: USA
Comment: I grew up reading Georgette Heyer books and loving them above all. I think your Bedwyns have just usurped the Georgette books. Wonderful writing, I especially love the wild tangles that happen. I have always wanted to write and have not done it, have always been a voracious reader-if I could write like you and put some of the comedy from my mind into them I would be so happy. But I think you have taken all of the plots.


Rita Macdonald

Posted On 02-18-2008 5:51 AM
Name: Emma Anscombe
City/State or Province: Queensland
Country: Australia
Comment: Dear Mary, your writing is a pleasure -  it glows like a secret pearl. The complexity of your characters and the way their behaviour concords with their personalities makes their triumphant resolution of their difficulties all the more satisfying. It would seem that you are not resting on your laurels, but throwing in new challenges for yourself too, which must surely be necessary for your own satisfaction with your writing .  When I read about your anthology It Happened One Night on this website a few months ago, your trigger fired me with enthusiasm, I dashed off to write a story of my own.  Perhaps your publisher's promotional people might like to consider running a public competition with the same trigger. Judging by your fanlist the enthusiasm for reading your books is enormous, I'm sure many of them would love to try their hand at writing too


Posted On 02-17-2008 9:02 AM
Name: Rosangela
City/State or Province: Italy
Country: Marche - S. Benedetto del Tronto
Comment: Dear, Mary Balogh,

Amo molto i suoi libri, ho quasi tutti quelli usciti in Italia per la collana "I Romanzi" della Mondadori. Li consiglio anche alle amiche, e li presto!

La rignrazio di mandarmi le novità, ma purtroppo ci sono due cose, le novità, si riferiscono alle uscite in America, e tutto è, logicamente, in inglese . . . Non ho niente contro l'inglese, ma purtroppo alla mia epoca, a scuola ho studiato francese, per cui ci capisco poco!

Perchè non fa cosa gradita alle sue fans italiane, predispondendo (magari con l'editore Mondadori) una e-mail di novità qui in Italia, in italiano? e il suo utile e gradevole sito Web, perchè non può avere anche una versione in italiano?

La ringrazio per il tempo che mi vorrà dedicare e mi scuso se può sembrare che mi lamenti . . . l'ammiro davveo tanto!

La saluto caramente, e l'abbraccio, Rosangela

Posted On 02-16-2008 3:29 PM
City/State or Province: TORONTO
Country: CANADA
Comment: Dear Mary,    This is to let you know how much i have enjoyed reading your book "SIMPLY LOVE". The book is a true page turner. You are one of the rare writer who has a literary flair and makes your characters as a reality. Your books are readers delight. I highly recommend this book. The story has brought tears into my eyes. The storyline is so original and it was a pleasure to read. You are an extraordinary and brilliant author. I have become your big fan after reading this book. Please come to Toronto so that we can meet you. I really wish to get my books signed by you. I hope you will fulfill our wish. keep writing. All the best to you.



Posted On 02-10-2008 2:17 PM
Name: Bonnie BALOGH Rosado
City/State or Province: Swansea, SC
Country: USA
Comment: Hi!  My name is Bonnie BALOGH Rosado.  I currently live in Swansea, SC, USA.  We have so many similarities.  Perhaps we are related.  Three of my four grandparents are from Budapest, Hungary, but settled in Ohio.  My great-aunt is named Mary Balogh.  I am in the process of purchasing some of your books for my daughters because I think it would be great to have part of our ancestry on our bookshelves.

God bless you in all that you do, Ms. Mary Balogh.  With much love, Bonnie BALOGH Rosado

Posted On 02-10-2008 1:29 PM
Name: Jean LaFreniere
City/State or Province: NH
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary; I have yet to pick up one of your books to read & not lose myself completely in your awesome stories.  I just LOVE everything you have written. What a 1st class author! Thank you for the many hours I find myself enthralled. I'm looking forward to reading ALL you have had published.

Posted On 02-09-2008 11:23 PM
Name: Pat Larkey
City/State or Province: St. Paul, MN 55104
Country: United States
Comment: I enjoyed the audio books of the books you wrote. Is there a list of your books in audiobook format that are presently available? Are there going to be some new audiobooks soon? Thank you.

Posted On 02-08-2008 2:01 PM
Name: Kay Black
City/State or Province: Shelby Township, MI
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,


I just wanted to write and let you know that I thoroughly enjoy reading all of your books.  You are, by far, my favorite author.  I am currently reading Devil's Web and am having a hard time putting it down.

I wanted to share with you a possible name for a future trilogy.  The inspiration came to me, of all places, in church.  There is a hymn we frequently sing called  "Here  I Am To Worship" (  Everytime I hear the words "Altogether Lovely, Altogether Worthy, Altogether Wonderful" I cannot help but think that those would be great names for a trilogy.  And since you are my favorite author, I thought I would suggest it to you. 

Keep up the terrific work.  I look forward to all your novels.


Kay Black

Posted On 02-07-2008 1:18 PM
Name: Summer Dalgarn
City/State or Province: Idaho
Country: USA
Comment: I just finished reading Slightly Scandalous... for the THIRD time! 


It's official in my mind.  There is no better story than of Joshua and Freyja!  Thank you for writing such a wonderful piece of fiction that I can read time and time again. ^_^

Posted On 02-05-2008 11:04 PM
Name: Karen Gaspar
City/State or Province: California
Country: USA
Comment: Hi there;


I have been reading and collecting your books for some time now and have almost read (and obtained) all of them.  I have to agree with some of the past comments left in this guest book that ask for a re-issue of your older works.  I am grateful to the publishers for re-issuing the "Web" trilogy, and The Secret Pearl,  and I see in the "News" section of your webpage that The Ideal Wife,  A Precious Jewel and others of that series are to be re-published.  I am wondering if there are plans in the works to re-issue The Trysting Place, A Chance Encouter, Courting Julia, etc.  These are almost impossible to get your hands on.

I look forward to Simply Perfect and the next series you are working on, but would love to have the chance to read ALL your works. 

Thanks, Karen

Posted On 02-03-2008 1:10 PM
Name: Jill Riffe
City/State or Province: Portland Oregon
Country: USA
Comment: Just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your books. Having now read all of you more current books, I am now in the process of finding all of you earlier titles. I am trying to limit myself to one /month because all the ones that I still don't have , seem to be about $20-$40 .  I was just about to spend that much on "An Ideal Wife" , but happily saw that it is being re-printed ( I would much rather that  at least some of my $$'s go to the author anyway- except now I have to WAIT).
What I really wanted to tell you, is, that after a few years of not reading much I started looking for a good regency , but got sick of all the cheap, shallow, trashy imitations- because no one, and I mean NO ONE, measures up to Georgette Heyer.  I started racking my brain for the name of an author I liked from years ago (80's), and finally remembered your name, and started looking for your books. Wow! I love them, and, tho it seems almost like blasphemy to say it- they DO measure up, as well as going further in emotional depth. I can't tell you how glad I am that You discovered Georgette Heyer! Thank-you!

Posted On 01-31-2008 8:22 PM
Name: Marybeth Wallick
City/State or Province: Ellsworth, MI
Country: USA
Comment: Mary,


      I have enjoyed reading your books.  

     You have recently been reissuing some of your older titles.   I wondered if you might have plans to reissue  "Lady With The Black Umbrella".   I hear it is a well done, humorous farce.    I have been trying to get a hold of a copy on e-bay but they have been going for $22.00.   And that is only if you are fast enough at the end of the allotted time.     :  )

        Thanks,    Marybeth

Posted On 01-28-2008 9:14 PM
Name: Karen Brown
City/State or Province: Mentone, Victoria
Country: Australia
Comment: Hi Mary,


I just wanted to send you a short note to let you know how much I'm loving your books (I've read my way through three in three days!).  The Regency period is my favourite and you have me glued to every page - such depth of character for all of your story tellers!! 

I have only recently discovered you (can't wait to share you with my mum) and look forward to reading my way through all of your books

Thank you,

Posted On 01-27-2008 6:29 PM
Name: Jane Squires
City/State or Province: Wasola
Country: USA
Comment: You are one popular lady looking at how many people sign your guestbook.  And I've signed it more than once.  I was looking at a book club and came by for another visit.  I visit at least once a month.  God Bless.

Posted On 01-27-2008 12:04 AM
Name: suzi meyers
City/State or Province: concan texas
Country: usa
Comment: Dear Mary, my mother is an avid reader.  Maybe I should say she is addicted to reading!!  She easily reads a book a day, and usually more.  I spoke to her today and she told me she will read books of little substance for two or three months, then she will treat herself with a few of your books.  She saves your books back to relish them.  She states they are the most enjoyable books she has ever read.  This woman, my mother, was also an english teacher for years, so this says alot.  I just had to write to you and tell you how much your work means to my mother!  Thank you!!  Thank you for every word which gives her so much joy!  Thank you for taking her on such wonderful reading experiences! 


I look forward to reading your work for myself and having something more I can share with my sweet mother.   For her next birthday (#74)  I would love to purchase a signed copy for her.  Is that possible?  I hope you forgive my asking, but when it's for mom, I have to ask. 

Again, thank you for what  my mother holds dear, your books!  Much love and luck to you, and please keep writing.  You bring happiness!

Posted On 01-26-2008 3:58 PM
Name: Sharon Azmier
City/State or Province: Georgetown, Ontario
Country: Canada
Comment: I just had to say (as I'm sure you have heard over and over), that I love your stories. I love series stories and fell in love with the Bedwyns , when I read A Summer to Remember. I was really excited to find out they were part of a series. I was lucky enough to get the whole series at once and am now in the process of reading through them.As I said I love series stories, and your's are the best I have read in a long time. I love how they intertwine and not a long time passes between each one into the next story- I particularily loved how Ralf's story started seemlessly just after Aidan's ended- perfect. I also like how characters from each story appear or are mentioned in another book, as would happen in real life.


I am also collecting the Simply Books which I know I am going to treasure just as much.

keep up the good work- I look forward to reading past books and future ones.

PS I am so glad to read that you are doing a story on Lady Gwen from a Summer To Remember- she is one of my favourite secondary characters ever, she seems like someone who would have a great story to tell.


Posted On 01-25-2008 8:14 PM
Name: JulieAnne
City/State or Province: Tasmania
Country: Australia
Comment: Well, I'm afraid that I have to say that I haven't heard of you before today. I stumbled on your site as I researched Saskatchewan during one of my flights of fancy of faraway places that I would love to visit one day.
I too share the dream to write, and am actually in the process of publishing the poetry that I wrote to the love of my life on my website at  But since writing these poems, we've had three angels (Tasmanian Devils in disguise I think :) and time has become limited, so those things are on hold for now.

I read a few of your site chapters, and have to say that I am hooked, so I guess you have yet another fan (you poor thing :)  I will be watching and reading, and I do applaud you for your wonderful website, and your amazing talent as a writer.

Posted On 01-23-2008 10:20 PM
Name: Gretchen
City/State or Province: South Central Pennsylvania
Country: USA
Comment: Just signing in,  one more member of an obviously large group of fans!  I wanted to comment and thank you for your great web site.  (Is it necessary to tell you how much I love your books?  Ok,  I'm sure you wouldn't mind hearing it  - I love them!)  Your site is easy to navigate and you keep it nicely up to date.  I like knowing what books are being released and how long I will have to wait for them!  It is also helpful for sorting out the series, and learning what order the stories belong in, and which are related to which others. 


I am a great fan of book series, where we can learn more about side characters and they gain more depth,  then in later books still revisit them and see how they are doing.  I am one who always wondered  "But what about So-and-So,  the best friend/brother/sister/cousin/etc?"  and your books let me learn about each of them in their turn.  On top of that,  your writing is wonderful.  After 25 years of reading romance novels (some of them so bad that I threw them in the trash rather than pass them on for someone else to suffer reading through!)  I find you to be one of the best authors I have read.  I look forward to collecting your older books as well as adding your new books as they are released. 


Posted On 01-22-2008 10:35 PM
Name: Elaine Carlini-Davis
City/State or Province: Ormond Beach FL
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,


I'm so glad your publisher is reprinting some of your older books. I read "The Devil's Web" recently and enjoyed the unfolding of Madeline's and James's story. Until close to the end I was wondering if this was going to be the first romance I've read that wouldn't have a happy ending. But it did.

I started re-reading and re-listening to "Simply Unforgettable" as a Christmas present to myself. I read fast, but only listen to CD's in my car so it's taking a long time. It is so romantic! I really love the characters and the story. I entered a contest this weekend in which I wrote that if I could be any heroine in a romance, I would be Frances Allard. It was a lot of fun writing why she was the one. I hope I win.

Thank you for bringing so many wonderful characters to life in your novels,  I have 37 of them so far and have read them all. I pre-ordered  "Simply Perfect" months ago and can't wait until April 25th. I'm sure it will be perfect.



Posted On 01-22-2008 7:02 PM
Name: Sonja Dimitrovski
City/State or Province: Toronto,Ontario
Country: Canada
Comment: Dear Mary


I have enjoyed reading the excerpts of your books and look forward to reading more.

                                              Thanks Sonja

Posted On 01-18-2008 1:01 AM
Name: Serihamidah Shamsuddin
Country: Malaysia
Comment: I almost finish with your SLIGHTLY series, in the middle of reading the WEB series and just about to start the SIMPLY series.


So far, they are all SIMPLY SUPERB!!

More of your splendid plots please!! Keep up the energy in your work and I will certainly welcome them for my reading pleasure.

PS : Your books are kept safe with my Virginia Henley's, Judith McNaught's collections..

Posted On 01-11-2008 5:06 PM
Name: janice dunlap
City/State or Province: bowling green, ohio
Country: usa
Comment: Dear ms. Balogh, I have all of your books from LONGING till the present with the exception of UNFORGIVEN which I am attempting to find.  I have a fair number of your earlier books and am trying to find the rest also.  You are a wonderful writer and are able to transport me to an earlier time.  I am a compulsive reader and have been since at the age of six I discovered Paul Gallico.  I have all of Mr Gallico,s books also.  I have always felt regret that I never wrote to tell him what his works meant to my life.  Being in my 70th year now I have been writing to those authors who have given pleasure to me.  Thank-you.  My oldest son has asked me to please get rid of some of my books  or quit buying them.  Not going to happen!  Jan

Posted On 01-10-2008 1:25 PM
Name: Diana
City/State or Province: Dallas Texas
Country: USA
Comment: hi Mary,

i just wanted to say that i LOVE the devils web.. its so thrilling and exciting...i could not stop reading it since i started.. and if i did put it down i hurried up and finished what i had to do..just so i could read it already reading it a  second time. i loved the way u did this story and i now am going to get your other Web books and read them.. i hope u still Continue with the Web stories.. i would love to see what happens next to the familys...and who gets married next! are one of my Favorit aurthors now! thanks for listening

-Diana Gonzalez

Posted On 01-09-2008 1:28 PM
Name: Gayle Eklund
City/State or Province: Bellevue,Washington
Country: USA

Dear Mary, I have every book you have ever published. I also have every one of your short stories. My public library, which is the King County Library System in Washington State, has a wonderful interlibrary loan department. Two dedicated people there by the name of Becky and Vicky found many of your earlier works for me, many years ago.  Soon, I found that these treasures needed to be on my keeper shelf, so I began a several year hunt to buy all your titles. They have the honor of being on the top two shelves of my library shelf. If I had to go to a desert island they would the first and most important things I would take. I guess you have to ask why do I love your books so much? Well your characters simply live and breath. Also, I can understand people loving science fiction for example, because they can know have it feels to live in on another planet. Your books are the very same, when I open one of your stories I am no longer in the 21st century...I am transported to the regency period. Thank-you for remaining true to your fans, thank-you for not going over to the dark side and becoming a pseudo  time travel author. I know you have been pressured by publishers but thank-you for caring enough about your readers to never disappoint us. Mary, thank-you for the countless hours of pleasure you have given me. Please never stop writing; I don't think I would ever recover if you did.

Posted On 01-08-2008 11:31 PM
Name: Amy E.
City/State or Province: Hamilton MI
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary,


I have read historic romances for many years but never had a lot of "author knowledge", just picked up whatever book here and there.  That is until I read "Rannulf's" story in "Slightly Wicked".  From there I could only find the Bedwyns series here and there so I read them completely out of order.  I loved them so much that once I found them all I started from the beginning and went through them all once again!!  Freyja is my absolute most favorite.  I love her to pieces.  Needless to say, I grab anything that I see your name on, knowing I will love it.  I have been trying to find "Devils Web" forever but just found out it is finally out in reprint.  I'll have you know that after reading romances for over 20 something odd years this is the FIRST website of an author I have visited.  That is how much I cherish your work.  Unfortunately, by visiting your site I found out that I have to wait until March '09 for "Simply Perfect" - aaahhhh!!!  Oh well, I guess I will just have to re-read all your other stuff until then..........

Thanks again for all the wonderful stories.  And yes, please continue with the Bedwyn family!


Posted On 01-07-2008 1:53 PM
Name: Annie
City/State or Province: South Daytona, FL
Country: USA
Comment: The Devil's Web was fabulous! Reading it was pure entertainment and I couldn't put it down. Your story was interesting and I really loved Madeline! I felt like I was in the story watching everything unfold.

Posted On 01-06-2008 7:02 PM
Name: Heather
City/State or Province: Holden, LA
Country: USA
Comment: First, let me say that I too love the Bedwyns.  I have often thought it a shame that Wulfric had only one book devoted entirely to him.  Can you tell that he was my favorite?  When you mention stories for Becky and Davey it also brings to mind the thought that the Marquess of Lindsay would be a good story, too.  Yes, it would be difficult for Wulfric's son to please his father with his choice of bride.  That's half the fun of the Bedwyns, though.  Them causing Wulf to raise his quizzing glass.  It's only an idea.  I look forward to whatever you have coming next.  I can't wait actually!!!!!

Posted On 01-04-2008 1:01 PM
Name: Lorena S Baracchi
City/State or Province: Fort Worth, TX
Country: USA
Comment: Mrs. Balogh!!! I just LOVE your works of art!!! Simply Magic had me crying, the Bedwyns had me laughing, crying, exhaling loudly and falling in love with each of them as people. Your characters are so vivd and life-like. You describe all your scenarios in such a way that I feel as I am a live spectator as each scene unfolds. I am trying to read all the books in order but have found out that I have missed a few in between. Never the less, I am catching up. Regency love stories, novellas and essentially any story ever told is something to be cherished and shared at the same time. Thank you for sharing your "friends" with us. As I read your stories I am encouraged to continue wrting my short stories and learn to not be afraid of my own style nor of criticism.


Once again, thank you so very much for your stories. God Bless and have a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Lorena S Baracchi

Posted On 01-03-2008 3:02 PM
Name: Elaine
City/State or Province: SC
Country: USA
Comment: Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for The Devil's Web. I have been waiting a long time for James and Madeline's story. It not only lived up to my expectations, but surpassed them.

Posted On 01-02-2008 5:44 PM
Name: Marie
City/State or Province: CA
Country: united states
Comment: Hello Mary, !


I just wanted to know if there was any plan to reprint your older Regency novels or have them available as e-books.  Trying to find a readable copy at a reasonable price is...well, difficult at best.  I enjoyed so many of them and would like to read them once more.

Thanks and Happy New Year!

Posted On 01-01-2008 8:27 PM
Name: afifah
City/State or Province: Kuala Lumpur
Country: Malaysia
Comment: Dear Mary,


i've just finished reading The Devil's Web. As soon as it's out, i bought it and finished it in one day. The story is really intense, that's what i feel. i think James Purnell took such a long time to actually verbalised his feeling towards Madeline. When i read it, i felt as depress as Madeline and wanted to shake him myself .(that's good right, meaning that i actually fell into your character). When i finished, i just hope that there's more of  the tender and sweet moments between them (i'm just hopeless romantic,that is ;p), cause i think as much as James is aloof, he could just that much or more show his love towards her. The cover is really beautiful by the way;p Thank you again for your i will patiently (when actually i'm not) wait for Simply Perfect. Love you Mary.

Posted On 01-01-2008 7:30 PM
Name: Debra Puurunen (Balogh)
City/State or Province: London Ontario
Country: Canada
Comment: Hello Auntie Mary and Uncle Bobby .  A belated Happy Ho Ho and peaceful 2008.  I saw Santa's picture in the Kipling Paper.  I'd know those eyes anywhere!  Anyway, Auntie Mary, I am ever so sorry I didn't take the time to send you a huge thank you for the lovely signed book set you so graciously gave to me when dad, I and my son Elias visited a couple of summers back .  I read the entire series just this past summer while on vacation and I wanted to say what an exciting and captivating writer you truly are Auntie Mary.   What a pleasure sitting in my rocking chair under  the shade of my front porch, getting totally lost in the lives of the Bedwyn family.  Absolutely loved each book, your ability to precisely capture the essence of  real romance - you surely are a woman's woman!  That said, forgive me for taking so much time to get back to you and thank you again.   Take care.  All my best.