Guest Book, 2007
Posted On 12-31-2007 12:46 AM
Name: Twana Biram
City/State or Province: Raleigh, NC
Country: USA
Comment: Mary,


Your Christmas stories are a yearly tradition for me.  Thank you for the depth of understanding you have embued them with--both of romantic love and the truth of the divine miracle of love gifted to us 2.000 years ago.  Your stories alone of the Regencies stand out in their undertaking of interpreting the true meaning of unending love.


Keep writing--I adore Wulfric and Christine; I soon shall have to buy a new book of their story.


Peace and joy in the new year.



Posted On 12-27-2007 6:03 PM
Name: Tina Poole
City/State or Province: Brewster, WA
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary,


My Mom, my Gram and I are all die-hard historical romance fans.  Your books are the best.  Thank you so much for your wonderful stories.  Keep up the good work.

Happy New Year!

Posted On 12-27-2007 12:34 AM
Name: Rose
City/State or Province: Bangalore
Country: India
Comment: I Love Your Books...


Please keep Writing..


Posted On 12-24-2007 5:54 PM
Name: Kathy
City/State or Province: Modesto, CA
Country: USA
Comment: Dearest Mary,


I will only be echoing what others have said, but I felt I had to add my voice to those who say your books are not only the absolute best romance on the market, but have deeply touched them as well. I have been anxiously awaiting the Web book due in my bookstore in two days. I have reached that agonizing point in which I have found and purchased every single thing you've ever written for publication. I was heartsick when I reached that point because I now have to wait like the rest of the romance-reading public for your next book to come out. I, like others, re-read your books over and over. The final Web book is the only one I haven't read because I just could not bring myself to purchase the used copy for $84.00. My husband would have killed me if he'd found out. But, I was oh so tempted! I am looking forward to your new series. I pray that you enjoy good health and long life....else what would I do without you and your wonderful words! (However, hearing that your mother is 90 gives me great comfort on that score. Good genes.) Have a very merry, blessed Christmas and a fulfilling 2008.

Thanks again for your lovely books,

Kathy Kaiser

Posted On 12-20-2007 10:36 PM
Name: Chris Perkins
City/State or Province: Houston, TX
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,


I read every word of your books because I don't want them to end.  I can only say that about a few of the romance authors I read.  Your unique stories and thoughtful character develpment are so refreshing , especially when I need to relax after an "intense mental workout" at my job.  I only wish you could write as fast as I read.  LOL

Thanks so much for giving us such  "stress relief".

Hugs & kisses from a grateful fan,


Posted On 12-19-2007 11:14 AM
Name: Kristina Watson
City/State or Province: Harrisburg
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary,


You have got to be one of the best authors on the market today.  While many of my favorite authors lose their freshness and vibrancy, you keep getting better!  Long ago I wrote you to tell you that Silent Melody was my favorite book that you wrote (and it still is), but the Bedwyn series and the Simply series are also right up there.  I was wondering if you are planning to reissue Heartless.  It's impossible to find anywhere - and I'd love to find out about what happened 'before' Silent Melody.



Posted On 12-18-2007 10:06 PM
Name: Mary Frances Graham
City/State or Province: Crossville, Tennessee
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary:  All About Romance ( chose two of  your books in their top ten holiday reads #2 A Christmas Bride and #5 A Christmas Promise.  See also Cheryl Sneed's review ( of A Regency Christmas Carol (Signet Anthology 1997).  Your short story The Bond Street Carolers is in that particular anothology (one of my favorite).  I also love The Wassail Bowl.  Will your newest novel coming out in 2008 be in unabridged audio format?  I love listening to British accents in audiobooks.  I have listened to many, many Georgette Heyer novels in audio format.  Keep writing, we love you.

Posted On 12-14-2007 11:00 PM
Name: Candy Gorcsi
City/State or Province: Brantford,Ontario
Country: Canada
Comment: Merry Christmas and A Prosperous New Year!!

Posted On 12-14-2007 5:36 PM
Name: W. Weber
City/State or Province: Oregon
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,


Got an ARC of "Simply Perfect" off of Ebay and had to write to say thank you for another great story. It was wonderful to catch up on the Bedwyn and Butler families and find out what's been going on with them. I was a little rummy the day after receiving the book as I didn't turn the light out until 2:00 AM when I turned the last page. Once again you have crafted a great story and I want to thank you for the hours of enjoyment you bring.

Posted On 12-13-2007 12:36 AM
Name: Jeanette Harris
City/State or Province: Southfield, MI
Country: USA
Comment: Ooops, I think I hit the wrong button.  Do the characters Perry and Grace Lampman appear in another book besides A Promise of Spring?  I thought I read they had another child.  If so, please tell me the book.


Thank you


Merry Christmas

Posted On 12-09-2007 9:58 PM
Name: Davida Levin
City/State or Province: Lafayette Hill, Penna.
Country: USA
Comment: Mary, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your books.  I am regency period fanatic and I adore the romance novels.  The Bedwyns are a family I would love to be friends with but I would want to marry Wulfric.  Simply Dangerous is fabulous as are all the books in this series.  I hope to see the day when no "apology" is needed to explain my reading romance novels.  Why more respect is not given is beyond me.  Thank you again and don't stop writing.

Posted On 12-09-2007 12:05 AM
Name: Jennifer
City/State or Province: Winnipeg
Country: Canada
Comment: After a long and difficult pregnancy I was able to start reading your books again (I would get sick just reading a chapter or two) And I still love your stories!  my husband hates it when I buy one of your books... cause it just means I won't be doing any house work for about 2 days (the time it takes me to finish you book)  Keep up the great work, it's nice to see such a fabulous talent coming from Canada (let alone Saskatchewan...just joking! I'm a bombers fan and after losing to you guys in the grey cup I'm a tad defensive).  I can't wait for more of your work to hit the shelves!

Posted On 12-05-2007 4:29 AM
City/State or Province: Diamond Bar/California
Country: USA
Comment: Hello Mrs Balogh


I was browsing for new authors when I came across "A SUMMER TO REMMBER".  Needless to say, I loved the book and have since purchased all your books.  I cannot wait to read the next WEB book this month. 

I am 47 years old and I also a voraciours reader.  I always have a book in my hand or in my purse.  I have great friends who pay attention to the authors I am reading and surprise me with books for my birthday.   I read anything and everything. 

I always read the authors website and I really appreciate you sharing with your readers about how you started your career, how you met your husband and about your children.  The pictures are a bonus.  I truly love your stories and have read many over and over.  My favorite series is the "SIMPLY SERIES".

Thank you so much for entertaining me with your books.  I look forward the Devil's wEB and I am excited that Lady Muir will finally have a story of her own. 

Happy Holidays

LInda Glau





Posted On 12-05-2007 3:14 AM
Name: nafisah
City/State or Province: SINGAPORE
Comment: HI mary balogh


i love reading your books especially the ones that you written in the 80's. I read your news that you are republishing some of the older books and i was wondering if you can republish all of the older books like the first drop, temporary wife and lady with a black umbrella . thanx for reading and replying to my comment

Posted On 12-01-2007 8:15 AM
Name: Heather Dennis
City/State or Province: Mt. Pleasant, MI
Country: USA
Comment: Thank you for sharing your gift of storytelling with us.  I always wait eagerly for your next release.  Of course, I can't help speeding through it and then, (usually within 24 hours ), I'm left eagerly anticipating your next story.  Luckily for me, I thoroughly enjoy rereading your books over and over again, so I can keep myself occupied between releases!

I was thrilled to learn that you live in Saskatchewan.  My mother grew up on a farm outside Swift Current and moved to Regina when she was a teen.  I have many happy memories from my childhood of visiting our relatives that still live in the area.  I'd love to come visit again someday and maybe catch one of your public appearances.

Posted On 11-27-2007 7:39 PM
Name: Tracie Allen
City/State or Province: Alaska
Country: USA
Comment: I normally don't read romance novels, but read a Phillpa Gregory book earlier in the year and then noticed your books more recently.  I really do enjoy your stories.  The Bedwyns are quite the characters!!!!

Posted On 11-21-2007 10:41 PM
Name: Sandi Phillips
City/State or Province: Clarkston/Wa
Country: USA
Comment: Mary I wanted to share this with you and your readers.  I love your books!  Keep writing!



WHEN YOU THOUGHT I WASN'T LOOKING -  Written by a child, now an adult

(A message every adult should read, because children are watching you and doing as you do, not as you say.) 

When you thought I wasn't looking,
I saw you hang my first painting on the refrigerator, and I immediately wanted to paint another one
When you thought I wasn't looking,
I saw you feed a stray cat, and I learned that it was good to be kind to animals. 
When you thought I wasn't looking,
I saw you make my favorite cake for me, and I learned that the little things can be the special things in life. 
When you thought I wasn't looking,
I heard you say a  prayer, and I knew that there is a God I could always talk to, and I learned to trust in Him. 
When you thought I wasn't looking,
I saw you make a meal and take it to a friend who was sick, and I learned that we all have to help take care of each other. 
When you thought I wasn't looking,
I saw you give of your time and money, to help people who had nothing, and I learned that those who have something should give to those who don't. 
When you thought I wasn't looking,
I saw you take care of our house and everyone in it, and I learned we have to take care of what we are given. 
When you thought I wasn't looking,
I saw how you handled your responsibilities, even when you didn't feel good, and I learned that I would have to be responsible when I grew up. 
When you thought I wasn't looking,
I saw tears come from your eyes, and I learned that sometimes things hurt, but it's all right to cry. 
When you thought I wasn't looking,
I saw that you cared, and I wanted to be everything that I could be. 
When you thought I wasn't looking,
I learned most of life's lessons, that I need to know to be a good and productive person when I grow up. 
When you thought I wasn't looking,
I looked at you and wanted to say, "Thanks for all the things I saw when you thought I wasn't looking." 

 Each of us (parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, teacher or friend) influence the life of a child. How will you touch the life of someone today? Just by sending this to someone else, you will probably make them at least think about their influence on others. And remember...Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly. 

 ...And...Leave the rest to God.

Posted On 11-21-2007 10:25 PM
Name: Amanda
City/State or Province: Hughesville/MD
Country: USA
Comment: In all honesty i was at first not interested in reading many romance novels. but then after two months of relentless begging, one of my friends got me to read Slightly Wicked. i honestly didn't think i would like it all that much, bu by the time i finished it i was hooked on Mary Balogh books. i was of course dismayed when i learned i had started with the second of the Bedwyn series. so naturally i went back to beginning and read everything in the correct order. I can honestly say i fell in love with the Bedwyn family. i continued to read Mary Balogh books, including the Simply series. once i have finished all the more recent books i hope to be able to read all of the older books ( though they are understandly harder to get). i just wanted to express my praise and love from the books and look forward to many more from the writer who reawakened my love for reading.


Posted On 11-20-2007 10:28 PM
Name: August
City/State or Province: Ohio
Country: USA
Comment: When I read that you liked tennis, I had to ask: who are your favorite players? 


Also, I've noticed that some of your books are more comedic and others lean towards drama.  Are they separated in any way, or is it just random?

Oh and: the scene in An Unlikely Duchess where the MMC is bending his toes and thinking about the ceiling collapsing = THE BEST THING EVER.

Posted On 11-19-2007 2:39 PM
Name: Heather
City/State or Province: St. Louis, Missouri
Country: USA
Comment: I just wanted to let you know that I am gradually collecting all of your older works.  I particularly like the fact that you use non-traditional heroes and heroines.  I told my husband that I can't think of many other writers who could successfully use Sydnam Butler as a hero.  Thanks so much!


I just wish I could get more of your books in hardcover format.  The paperbacks just don't do as well over time!


Posted On 11-15-2007 7:45 PM
Name: Natalie
City/State or Province: South Bend, IN
Country: USA
Comment: Mary,


I love historical romances and so, for my own amusement, I am currently writing one.  Since I have never been to England (or the 19th century) I was wondering if you could suggest any books or websites that would help me to understand the British hierarchy.  When is a gentleman a lord and when is he just a Mr.; that sort of thing.  Also, I would like to find detailed maps of 19th century England.  Thanks.  Can't wait for Devil's Web!


Posted On 11-13-2007 2:14 PM
Name: Vivian
City/State or Province: Laurel, MD
Country: USA
Comment: Hello Mary,


I began reading your books a few months ago and I have been unable to stop reading your books.  I am sure you are aware that you are an absolutely fabulous author.  Your books are so very exciting to read as well as addictive.  I get angry when I have to put the books down.  I don't usually read books multiple times, but I am going to read them all over and over again.  Contemporary or historical, you are the best romance author I have ever read.  I wish I had such talent to be able to draw a reader into a tale so completely that sometimes I think I am there.  So far, I think my favorite is "Irresistable" because the hero, Nathaniel, is so gentle and kind and not full of himself; I can see Sophie in myself sometimes; and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are the knights in shining armour that every lady wishes for.  Thank you for taking me along in your imagination.

Posted On 11-13-2007 10:55 AM
Name: Anna Sarkissian
City/State or Province: Gaithersburg, MD
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary!


This is my second time signing the guest book. I just wanted to say you are the best and I can't waiting for Claudia's story. I ordered some of your older books and can't wait to receive them. As I had said befor you stories are not Romance stories they are Love Stories and that's what I like about your books.

You promised me to write an epilogue for Devil's Web in the past, I hope you will write one soon :

Take Care and God Bless you,


Posted On 11-11-2007 9:48 PM
Name: afifah ramle
City/State or Province: Kuala Lumpur
Country: Malaysia
Comment: Dear Mary,


Just finished reading under the mistletoe. all the stories is good. i like star of betlehem the most. i like that you are not trying to compact everything in a short story , instead just focused on the feelings of the characters. some other short story that i read seem unfinished, but this book although short the stories are memorable. I can't wait for the Devil's Web and Simply Perfect. When i read the gilded web, madeline's short love story really captured me and to wait till next year seem so long..haha.Keep writing all the good stories Mary!

p/s: when i told my friend that i write to you and you replied she asked me "Really?! " Thank you for being one of the rare established writers who appreciate their fans ;p

Posted On 11-10-2007 1:03 AM
Name: Joan Hadac
City/State or Province: Chicago, IL
Country: USA
Comment: I started reading your books right around the time the No Man's Mistress came out and haven't stopped reading you since. I am hooked on the Bedwyns and all your other characters. I can't wait to read Claudia Martin's story, especially since it will be another chance to also visit with the Bedwyns. I am thrilled that your older novels are being reissued. I can't wait to read them all. You know how to catch and keep a reader interested and draw them into a book. I'm a writer, a journalist, and am trying to work up the courage to start on a book. You are quite an example of how to do this right! Continued success!

Posted On 11-09-2007 10:17 AM
Name: susie
City/State or Province: ladera ranch
Country: california u.s.a.
Comment: i have just started reading you and enjoy your books. but i have to tell you a strange coincidence..i work in cosmetics in a major department store and we just had a ''presale'' which means people order and come back so they can have the free gift. a woman walked up and gave me her name and i got her order...after she left, i was going to lunch and grabbed your book and my purse....and realised that her last name had been balogh.....i had never heard of the name before...and to be reading a book by you and see her the same day....odd! she pronounced in bah low....


i read tons, so i hope there are plenty of titles by you i can enjoy....i love catherine cookson, agatha christie, rosamund pilcher....i sound like i am an anglophile!!!!   i love the feeling of their books...and now yours..... 

Posted On 11-08-2007 3:09 PM
Name: May Dunning
City/State or Province: Silver City, NM 88061
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,


This is written by a friend as I am blind now.  This does not mean that I am no longer able to emerge myself in your wonderful books.  Thanks to Tapes for the Blind, I now "read" with my ears!  I wish all of your books were taped; I miss some of my best re-reads.

Best Regards,

May Dunning

Posted On 11-08-2007 11:31 AM
Name: Anne
City/State or Province: Londonderry
Country: Northern Ireland
Comment: Hello,

I just had to tell you how much I love your books.  I picked up "Slightly Dangerous" on a whim in the bookstore when I needed something to read, and couldn't put it down. I was up until all hours of the morning reading it!  I've been doing everything I can since then to get my hands on all of your books. I have to say that other than the Slightly Series (which holds a special place in my heart as it introduced me to your books!), I absolutely adore "More than a Mistress" and "Simply Love." "Simply Love" left me really touched - and a little bit teary - I had been worried about Sydnam since "A Summer to Remember" and I was so glad to see him happy! It was such a sweet and absolutely lovely book. 

I am an MA student, and I use your books to relax between my long periods of study - thank you so much for writing them and for bringing such joy to my life!

Anne F.

Posted On 11-07-2007 1:43 PM
Name: Julie
City/State or Province: Ontario
Country: Canada
Comment: Hi, Mary.


I really have to send you a couple of pictures of the birthday cake my husband had made for my 50th birthday, but I've been a little nervous about doing so because, well, the cake was a big fat beautiful rip-off of one of your book covers (my husband, he's a peach, and he knows I've always enjoyed your books)!

Is there a way I can send pictures to you? One is a .pdf image that hubby took to the baker (this is the better, more detailed image), and the other is a picture of the actual cake. 

If there is such a thing as cake art, this cake was it! I know you'll get a huge kick out of it.

Really hoping to share the fun with you!



Posted On 11-03-2007 6:51 PM
Name: Christina Sypherd
City/State or Province: Niles, OH
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,


    I'm writing to tell you how much I love your books! I've read the whole Slightly series and enjoyed it very much. Slightly Dangerous was the one I liked the best, I couldn't put it down! I've been starting to read some of the other books you've written and I haven't found a single one I didn't love!

Posted On 11-01-2007 12:29 PM
Name: Angela P. McKinney
City/State or Province: Richmond Heights, Ohio
Country: USA
Comment: November 1 , 2007


Dear Mary,

I can not believe that I am doing this, however, I should have thanked you sooner for being such a blessing to me.

I have always been an avid reader, reading literature and adult books from the age of  8 with my mother. I was always  learning.  I originally went to Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, when they still had a School of Libray Science. Several people tried to talk me into making that my major.  I always had to read improving works. If I read fiction, it was literature, or the great authors.

I first allowed myself to read romances, which I had previously disdained  because I felt that they perpetuated too many stereotypes, in 1991 when my mother died. I told myself that it was OK, if I read historical romances.

I found that I liked Marion Chesney because there was no purient sex. and then I found you. I was a little surprised that you did have more descriptive sex, but there was something about your style. I think it was the fact that you took time to make the male protagonist THINK and share his feelings.

I soon began to look forward to your books- they were a guilty secret. THEN, I discovered that youwere writing a Christmas Anthology--that blessed me because my birthday is in December.

I stopped feeling guilty, apologized to my friends who I had formerly  teased about reading Harlequins, confessed that I was reading you and Kathleen Woodwiss. I began to treat myself to a  gift of that book. That way, I knew I would get a gift on my birthday, and it would be what I wanted. I would hold it and savor the reading, saving yours until last.

Today, I have been looking for new Christmas fiction, by searching engines- then it dawned on me to go to a source!

Thank you for your books and for your series. I appreciate the fact that they are not all beautiful and perfect people. I have gained a new insights that have amazed me.

Thank you also for not falling into what I feel is another example of misyogny and the  insane lure of the paranormal- I pray that you willnot try to convince your readers that vampires, werewolves, murder and sucking blood is loving or romantic!!!

I have read your web page before about 5 years ago and was pleased to find that  you seem to be an approachable person. Thank you for sharing your recognition celebration. Thank you for being gracious to your fans and neighbors.

God bless you and yours. Peace be unto you,



Posted On 11-01-2007 12:58 AM
Name: Agnes Colaneri
City/State or Province: Lyndhurst, NJ
Country: USA
Comment: One Sunday morning after church, I went to a local pharmacy to get a book to read over tea and doughnuts.  I picked up Simply Unforgettable, which was the first time I ever read one of your novels.  That week, I went to my local bookstore and ordered as many books of yours that I could find.  I read all the Simply series -- Simply Love is up there with The Secret Pearl for me --  then A Summer to Remember followed by the Bedwyn series .  At one point, your books were literally stacked six-deep on my night table, and because I'm retired, I had the luxury of all-night reads whenever I couldn't put a book down, which was often.


Last November, at the age of 59, I began writing my own novel -- still a work in progress -- inspired, in part, by you. I realized that what I love best in your writing is the way you create the interior lives of your characters.   I began to look at my own writing, at my characters and the unfolding of the narrative, and to work in earnest every day.  I go back to your novels often, to learn about craft as well as to enjoy.

Thank you for inspiring me to try to make a long-lost dream come true.


Agnes Colaneri

Posted On 10-31-2007 3:36 AM
Name: Nivashni Raman
City/State or Province: Johor Bahru
Country: Malaysia
Comment: My husband bought 'Simply Unforgettable' to let me pass on my time since I'm a full time mother and housewife now. It was that one book that led me to continue reading your other series. Unfortunately, not all your books are available at the stores here, so whenever I do find your books, I grab everyone of them. To date I  have read the Bedwyn series twice, and 7 more books. I am still looking for the rest and hopeful that I will get hold of them one day. When I read your stories, I let myself go into the characters and live in it. You are an excellent and awesome author. May God Bless and continue your beautiful creations..


Posted On 10-26-2007 1:44 AM
Name: David
City/State or Province: Grand Junction, Colorado
Country: USA
Comment: My wife likes your books very much but is frustrated at the difficulty and/or the cost of obtaining your out-of-print books. Perhaps a discussion of this situation (why it happens when the books are so good! and any suggestions you can offer) on your website would be appreciated by interested readers. I know my wife is one of them. Thank you.

Posted On 10-24-2007 1:58 AM
Name: Tomoko
Country: Japan
Comment: I'm happy to hear that you will write an Afterword for a new Penguin Classics edition of Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility. I just finished reading Pride and Prejudice and very much loved it!

Posted On 10-23-2007 6:30 PM
Name: Melanie
City/State or Province: Florida
Country: USA
Comment: Mary,


I have really enjoyed reading your books.  The "Simply" series is my favorite.  For my college reading class I read Simply Love and wrote a book report on it.  Thank you for writing such wonderful books. 


Posted On 10-23-2007 4:31 PM
Name: Anne Gibbons
City/State or Province: Oak Park, IL
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Ms. Balogh,


I adore your books and believe you are one of the best writers out  there.  I  hope you never stop writing.  I am now re reading your stories.

At the moment I am going crazy trying to find what I believe is a book of yours which I read but can't find in my library.  I have only the first half of the plot  in my memory.

The hero is a troubled soul who needs a wife.  He meets the heroine who is perhaps in distress, or is a timid, interior person.  He convinces her to marry.  They couple.  He leaves her bed right after and continues to leave each night.  She wants more intimacy, he resists all intimacy. 

Is this the beginning of one of your books?  I would so appreciate an answer.


Anne Gibbons

Author Note: Anne, you did not leave your email address for my reply. Your brief description could, I suppose, fit one of my books but none leaps to mind at the moment. Can you recall anything else about the story? MB


Posted On 10-22-2007 12:09 PM
Name: Elaine Carlini-Davis
City/State or Province: Florida
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,


Your reissued books have been entertaining - most recently, "Web of Love". Your books always have passionate characters that involve the reader in their stories. I'm looking forward to "Devil's Web". Are their any plans to reissue "A Promise of Spring"? Isn't it realated to the Web Trilogy?

Of course, I can't wait until "Simply Perfect" comes out. The Simply series has been simply marvelous!

Thank you for writing so many wonderful books in which your readers delight .


Elaine Carlini-Davis

Posted On 10-20-2007 11:54 AM
Name: Sally Eggleston
City/State or Province: Atlanta
Country: USA
Comment: I am curious about whether you plan on telling Gwen, Lady Muir's, story in a future book. She obviously has something mysterious in her past marriage and I would look forward to reading her story.

Posted On 10-19-2007 11:47 AM
Name: Stephanie L
City/State or Province: Ontario
Country: Canada
Comment: I am a big fan of your work. Although I am only 16 years old, I really respect and understand all the concepts in your books.I have written a novel before myself and I enjoy writing poems and lyrics. Your books inspired me to start writing. I read your books from dawn till dawn again! I go to Chapters book store, amoung other book stores, to see if they have any of your books. I am collecting all of your books, or at least trying to, although they are hard to find. I have, at this moment, 14 of your books. I have read them all a number of times. I'm looking forward to reading your new ones coming out next year. I have written down a list of books of yours I need to purchase, and it is a list of around 55 books. I have the whole series of the Bedwyns and the books that link them in as well. And I have a few books that don't have a series. But, I have books that do require a series, but need to purchase them. The very first book I had read of yours was "Slightly Tempted". My friend had let me borrow it from her to read, and then let me keep it since I loved it so much. Afterwards, I went in search of the rest of the series, and purchased them all. I will be a fan of yours even after you have stopped writing books. I really wish movies could be made out of the Bedwyn series. That would be wonderful. But, if not, that's alright. I don't mind reading it instead. Although movies of the series would be really cherished and loved by many who have never heard of your work before. I even read your books to others, and they enjoy it, and before they had never heard of you. Well, this is getting to be really long. Just wanted to say keep it up, I love your work, and looking forward to reading all of your books and collecting them all.


Posted On 10-18-2007 8:58 AM
Name: Iris R.
City/State or Province: Du Bois, Pa 15801
Country: USA
Comment: I love your books and your writing, My favorite book is Simply Love among many others.
I always look forward to your new book.

Posted On 10-15-2007 1:08 AM
Name: Audra Crane
City/State or Province: Mar Vista, CA
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary,


I must be one of your earliest fans. I've been reading you since I was in Junior High school in the early to mid 80s. You were the first author outside of Georgette Heyer that I began to track down and collect. I was always, and continue to be, so excited when you had a new title out. On to my question, will you ever write Lady Muir's story? You drop intriguing hints about her marriage and late husband in a couple of books and I'm very curious as to what her real back story is.

Thank you for all the hours of (sometimes bittersweet) enjoyment you've given me,


Posted On 10-14-2007 6:52 AM
Name: Carlene
City/State or Province: Stockton, Ca
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary,


Ijust finished rereading a summer to remember and was wondering...  What about Gwen!!!!!! Is she going to get a happy ever after? She has been great in both Neville's story as well as Laurens that I was wondering is there any plans for her future?


Posted On 10-11-2007 5:08 AM
Name: Rachel Evangelista
City/State or Province: Los Angeles, California
Country: United States
Comment:        I love your work as much as i love Jane Austen's. Please take that as a genuine compliment, Ms Balogh. Your stories transport me to places i haven't been, experience periods in time i can never be in,  meet wonderful characters i will never encounter. I am afflicted with the need to possess every single book that you have ever published ( i've printed out your complete backlist from your website) and to read them as fast as they come. It is a very enjoyable affliction, i might add.  I cannot wait for Simply Perfect and the other projects you've mentioned for 2008 and 2009 to be in the shelves. Thank God for you Ms Balogh. You are THE best historical romance writer that i know, i've tried to read other authors but none of their writing holds a candle to your work.  I am obviously without a doubt your number one fan here in Los Angeles, Ms Balogh.

Posted On 10-10-2007 11:52 PM
Name: Sandra Morrison (Santo)
City/State or Province: Prince George, BC
Comment: It's me again, I still think of you as Miss Jenkins (only mini skirt teacher I ever had). Just to let you  know that I am still reading your bokks and loving them. I don't read much in the summer ( only have 2 books on the go instead of 3 to 4) as gardening is my passion but as the days become shorter it's time to read more and enjoy the night. I was back in Kipiling last June but did not have as much time as I wanted to see everyone. Next time I would realy like to let you know and come for a visit if possible. Take care and please keep writing.


One of your "old students"





Posted On 10-10-2007 12:33 AM
Name: toni orsini-bagley
City/State or Province: rhode island
Country: usa
Comment: great stories!

Posted On 10-08-2007 2:20 AM
Name: Sandy Beck
City/State or Province: Pennsylvania
Country: USA
Comment: I am a longtime fan, and I have read all of your newer books since the the Bedwyns. But I just picked Irresistible up at my local library. Wow. So, so good that I am trying to find the other two books in the series. It is not easy-my library doesn't have them, and since they are out of print, even a used copy costs a lot. And since I know authors don't profit from used books sales, I'm prefer not to go that route. I have two questions;


1) Do you think these books will ever be reissued?

2) Do the characters pop up in any of your other series, and I just wasn't paying attention?

I am very eagerly awaiting Simply Perfect. I know the title will suit it!

Also, thank you so much for posting releases and such on your website so often. I love knowing when to start looking for your new books. I have about 10 authors I regularly check on, and yours is the best and most comprehensive.

Posted On 10-07-2007 9:03 PM
Name: Jona
City/State or Province: Reykjavik
Country: Iceland
Comment: Hi!


I just wanted to tell you that I really like your books, I have only read three of them the webs and slightly dangerous. But they were a pleasure :)  I will read some of the others soon and look forward to read Madeleine's and James's story :)

Best regards from Iceland

Posted On 10-07-2007 12:54 AM
Name: Cathy
City/State or Province: Canberra
Country: Australia
Comment: Hello Mary,


I just wanted to drop a line and say how much I enjoy all of your books, as well as your website.

I enjoy the humour and the romances that develop between all of your characters and their special families, friends and the way that they all interact together.

Thank you for keeping me entertained with a keen sense of wit and intelligence that all of your characters have, I love the "Bedwyns" as well as the "Simply" series. I have to finish each and every book in one sitting and when the next one in the series comes, I have to go back to the start and read them through, and when I have all of the series together, from the first to the last... I laugh, cry and I'm moved by the completion of a well written book and a new book to look forward to....

Thank you Mary for all of your wonderful books and I hope to read many more...

Live Long and Prosper, to you Mary and to all of your family, friends and fellow readers....

Cathy, from Canberra

Posted On 10-04-2007 10:08 PM
Name: Kim McDonell
City/State or Province: Edmonton, Alberta
Country: Canada
Comment: I just read Under the Mistletoe.  It was so wonderful. I can't wait to read you other books. It amazes me it took me so long to find out about you, but the idea of Christmas short stories caught my eye at the library and I had the best day off reading the wonderful stories. Thank  you so much...Sincerely Kim McDonell Edmonton Alberta

Posted On 10-04-2007 8:10 PM
Name: Holli
City/State or Province: Sonoma, California
Country: United States
Comment: Mary,


The update on the site looks great! I was not able to post a couple of months ago, but wanted to say thanks for sharing your photos with us fans. Looking forward to the Devil's Web in January.

Best regards,


Posted On 10-04-2007 4:39 PM
Name: Heather
City/State or Province: Charleston, South Carolina
Country: USA
Comment: Ms. Balogh:


I was introduced to your books three years ago by a former collegue of mine. She and I were talking about how much we love historical romance (I have a fondness since I am a history professor and love all things old!!). She had just discovered More than a Mistress and lent it to me. Needless to say we both were hooked and looking high and low for your books. I have never been one to re-read but your books I can't seem to put them down. I don't know how many times I have read Slightly Dangerous and every time I get something different out of it (Secretly I am in love with poor husband!!) I love how your incorporate romance and history without being like so many other authors who feel they have to "sex" it up. I can't wait for the new group of books to omce out and have already pre-ordered some of the re-releases. Now, if there was a way to continue the story lines of some of my favorite families, may be like how you are doing with Davy and Becky. I just can't wait! It's a few hours of escape for me and I do hope that you make it near my area as I would love to hear you speak and to thank you in person for writing such fantastic books! THANK YOU!!!!

Posted On 10-03-2007 5:12 PM
Name: Toni
City/State or Province: Vancouver WA
Country: USA
Comment: I have enjoyed reading and rereading your books for many years and look forward to The Devil's Web.   You never "rush" the ending and always leave the reader hungry for more.  Thank you for many hours of reading pleasure.  You will always remain one of my favority authors.

Posted On 09-30-2007 1:22 PM
Name: Anna Louise Lucia
City/State or Province: Lake District
Country: England
Comment: Hi Mary, I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I enjoyed SLIGHTLY MARRIED.  It seemed to be me to be something special and outstanding in the field of Regency Romance with a real air of authenticity for its setting, but an acceptance that not everyone was a carbon copy of society's ideal (or, worse, rebelling against it for no good reason!).  I often read historicals, but I've rarely been so gripped, fascinated and satisfied!  I am now completely obsessed with the Bedwyns, and am vigorously resisting the temptation to read His Grace's story before all the others....


I read SLIGHTLY MARRIED in a wind-whipped tent on the bleak but beautiful Northumberland Coast.  We had a great break, but the book was one of the highlights of the holiday.  Thank you!

Posted On 09-29-2007 10:26 PM
Name: Elizabeth
City/State or Province: Charlotte, NC
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Ms. Balogh,


I just wanted you to know that I love your books. I started reading the Bedwyn series and have been hooked since then and I have tried to get as many of your other books that I can find. I look forward to reading Madeline Raine and James Purnell's story. I know it will be worth the wait. Keep writing these great books and I'll keep reading them.

Posted On 09-28-2007 1:17 AM
Name: Carlene
City/State or Province: California
Country: USA
Comment: I absolutely love your books. I have probably read all of them. I just am dieing to read an excerpt from the book "Devil's Web" and I would like to know when that will be available? I just now that is going to be my highlight book this year. Madeline's personality is so dinamic and she is so headstrong I know her story is going to be spicy and I just can't wait! Keep on writing and I definately will keep on reading!



Posted On 09-27-2007 12:40 PM
Name: marilyn reinink
Comment: Just finished Web of Love & am wondering if you're going to do James & Madeline's story? (Madeline being Lord Eden's sister)  Love your work-----hope you keep it up for yrs to come!       Marilyn in Mich

Posted On 09-27-2007 10:52 AM
Name: Venera
City/State or Province: Plovdiv
Country: Bulgaria
Comment: I want to say that your books are the best historical romances I have ever read. Usually when I start one of your books I cannot put it down till I reach the end.
Your books have never been published in my country so I have to order them in the internet. The first one that I read was No man mistress and I was completely charmed. Now I have read about 10 of your books, but I hoping to catch up with the rest as soon as possible.

Posted On 09-26-2007 7:15 PM
Name: Mary Ann
City/State or Province: BC
Country: Canada
Comment: Dear Mary; Was it only a year ago that I learned of your work through a gushing comment from Susan Wiggs at the Surrey Writers Conference? Intrigued, I bought Slightly Dangerous and haven't looked back. Having exhausted Indigo and my public library, I'm only now realizing how many of your older books I have NOT read, and how impossible they are to find! I am a 'wanabe' writer myself, having been at it daily for two years, after years of dreaming and finally letting go of my first couple of careers. My first draft manuscript is just 8 or 9 scenes from completion, so I am very proud of myself, though I know I have many revisions ahead of me. Every time I read another of your books (I've just finished Heartless) I am humbled by your insight and inventiveness. I relate strongly to your curiousity about human nature and character, and especially the struggle to overcome personal history/tragedy and emotional baggage before being able to accept and receive love. I suppose that is what my first novel is about. (It's a contemporary). Yet because I am so involved in my characters' interior world, it's a struggle for me to come up with the plot twists that move the story forward, and force the protagonists to face their issues and each other. I don't like highly contrived plots and couldn't begin to imagine some of the more outlandish events that I read in others' work. I relate to your notion that every ordinary person wants to imagine their own passionate love story. What amazes me about your work is that even within the highly constrained social world of Regency England, you never run out of new twists. Of course, after reading a few dozen, I recognize certain types of patterns reoccuring, but in your deft hands they never seem either trite or repetitive. I read in one interview your comment that after so many stories, you know you will never run out of plots. I find the original concept quite easy, and have a file of stories waiting to be told. However, if you have any advice for the writer looking for plot twists to give the story a shove, I would be its most grateful recipient. Perhaps a mantra or meditation? ;-). Another devoted fan (who can now be found haunting used book stores... looking for undiscovered MB backissues), fellow Canuck, Mary Ann on the wet coast p.s. you don't have to post this rambling message but I would love a note of hello.

Posted On 09-26-2007 4:24 PM
Name: Charlene
City/State or Province: Alaska
Comment: I have just read No man's mistress, and More than a mistress, and i loved them both. Will you be writing another book in this series?

Posted On 09-25-2007 11:04 AM
Name: Emilia Fernandez
City/State or Province: Cortlandt Manor,N.Y
Country: U.S.A
Comment: Waiting desperatly for 'Devil's Web' to come out,but please tell me that you are going to reprint 'Apromise of spring' soon as I desperatly need to know what is going on with Grace and Perry.Dont leave me  hanging please, I'm the nosy type that will go nuts without knowing.          Emilia

Posted On 09-23-2007 4:12 PM
Name: Marianne Murray
City/State or Province: Big Pine Key, FL
Country: USA
Comment: I appreciate the tenderness of your books.  They are a lovely, restful place to go. 


The humor is wonderful, too!  I appreciated Lauren Edgeworth's introduction to fun in A Summer to Remember--the vision of the dignified lady rolling down the hill--I enjoyed it very much!

I, too, suspect the perfection of Gwen's short-lived "love match" and would like to know the rest of the story.  I am also sure that you can find someone special to change her mind about marriage!

Thank you again for all you have written. 






Posted On 09-19-2007 9:41 AM
Name: Linda S
City/State or Province: New York City, NY
Country: USA
Comment: Ms Balogh,


Like many of your fans I enjoyed Wulfric's story the most of the Slightly series, and like other of your fans I have a distinct feeling that Gwendoline married the wrong man, was nearly killed and her husband's death was NOT accidental.  Hopefully this will be addressed in some book or other?

Linda S

Posted On 09-18-2007 8:17 PM
Name: Mario Menocal
City/State or Province: New Orleans, LA
Country: U S A

I have all of your books and have enjoyed them all.  Please continue to write.

Posted On 09-17-2007 11:32 PM
Name: Afifah
City/State or Province: Kuala Lumpur
Country: Malaysia
Comment: Dear Mary,


Just finished reading more than a mistress and no man mistress. i really loves both of the stories. The plot is good and the way the hero and heroin exchanged banter amused me a lot. I really like how you potrayed Tresham as a good father and ferdinand as an innocent guy. Thank you for lovely stories....keep writing Mary!

Posted On 09-14-2007 6:05 PM
Name: Julee
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,


Finally through nursing school I can read books for pleasure. I have to say it is sometimes hard to find authors who have not only romance, but also humor to their novels. Thanks, for the terrific reads!!! I/m looking forward to Devil's Web!!!


Posted On 09-08-2007 6:12 AM
Name: Callixta
Country: France
Comment: Dear Mary, a little note from France! I read a lot of your books, almost all of them , in fact! I love your books. I enjoy so much your characters and  your stories. Congratulations for this great work.


I wrote reviews of your books for a french website ( So, I know you have a lot of french fans. I have a dream: ask you some questions for them. I already interwiewed ( in english) other authors and I'd be  very happy if you could spare me a little of your time! Thank you very much!

Posted On 09-05-2007 12:37 AM
Name: Vera
City/State or Province: Dallas, TX
Country: USA
Comment: I read one of your books for the first time, Simply Love, and it was great.  I think I will have to order the complete Bedwyn series just to catch up on that delightful family.  Thanks for entertaining me so.

Posted On 09-03-2007 7:52 PM
Name: Sharon Oleskiewicz
City/State or Province: Danville, VA
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary,


I've been a fan for a long time, ever since the first book. I've finished reading and re-reading, and rereading, and rereading, etc. More Than a Mistress. Personally, I think it's your best. So rich in characterization, and I love the hero and heroine. I'd love to read more about the Dudleys. I have finished No Mans Mistress and will look forward to Angeline's story. Thank you for so many books, so many stories. and so much time well spent. Thanks again, Sharon O.

Posted On 08-25-2007 4:22 PM
Name: Addie
City/State or Province: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Country: U.S.A.
Comment: Mary,


I read about 3 Regency Romance novels a week.  You are one of my favorite authors.

I, as well as a group of my friends, LOVE the Bedwyn series.  We have been looking forward for a continuation of Slightly Dangerous!!!  We would love to read more about the Duke of Bewcastle and his son the Marquess of Lindsey.  This is one of my favorite series and would like to know if you plan to continue it in the near future - or ever - for that matter.

I look forward to your response.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE consider a continuation of the characters.




Posted On 08-24-2007 1:05 PM
Name: Jennifer Brekke
City/State or Province: Florida
Country: USA
Comment: Mary, I have enjoyed every book you have written and I never will stop reading the last book of the Bedwyn series.  Wulfric's story was the best and I laugh every time I re-read his story.
I just finished Web of Love and wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the way you staged the book for Madeline(Mad).  She has to go about things just like her twin and it will be worth the wait to read her story.  And I will also say that this series here reminds me a lot of the Bedwyn's.  I wonder if Anna is going to have her own book. 
I hope to keep on reading more of your work for years to come.



Posted On 08-23-2007 11:50 AM
Name: Wendy Pipe
City/State or Province: Boxmoor Hertfordshire
Country: England
Comment: TDear Mary,


I bought the first of your 'Slightly' books last Friday (17 August) and have managed to obtain and devour all six since then- I can't think how I have managed to miss you and your work as it is in my favourite genre and so well written and entertaining.

I shall be making every effort to obtain and read all the rest of your work - wish me luck - I am arriving a bit late to get new copies of some but hope that if I cannot I shall be able to get them second hand. Thought I am going to have my work cut out if there are many like me who are constitutionally unable to relinquish any of my own books.

Sincerely and with many thanks 

Wendy Pipe  

Posted On 08-21-2007 5:21 PM
Name: Tanja
City/State or Province: Novara
Country: ITALY
Comment: Thank you for the stories youtell us, I hope you can write many more of fantastic ones!!!

Bye from a rainy North-West Italy,

P.S. It's pouring rain like a shower: I don't feel to live into "COUNTRY OF THE SUN"

Posted On 08-19-2007 9:04 AM
Name: Sue Reynolds
City/State or Province: Menomonee Falls
Country: Wisconsin
Comment: Mary, I have enjoyed your books so much that I am collecting them all. Thanks for all of your hard work & good luck to you. Sue

Posted On 08-16-2007 4:37 AM
Name: afifah
City/State or Province: Kuala Lumpur
Country: Malaysia
Comment: Dear Mary,


I just wanted to know wether all your previous book will be republished, cause in my place your book that's available started from the Mistress's series until the recent republication of web of love. Because i read the synopsis of your previous book and would really like to read them. Thank You and Love you.

Posted On 08-12-2007 3:27 PM
Name: Jan Thompson
City/State or Province: Sunnyvale,California
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,  I love your books, and especially all the books that intertwined people from One Night for Love through the Slightly and Simply series.  But what about Gwen.   I noticed other e-mails said the same thing.  Maybe she comes back


somehow in Claudia's story.     I hope so.  She has had such a hard time and there is such a mystery about her husband's accident.     Anyway, Thank you for your beautiful stories of Love, Hope and Redemption.   Jan

Posted On 08-12-2007 12:28 PM
Name: Maryann Elliott
City/State or Province: Pictou County, NS
Country: Canada
Comment: I have enjoyed your books for many years.  I can honestly say that you are my favorite writer.  I look forward to your new ideas for your characters.  Thank you!

Posted On 08-10-2007 4:50 AM
Name: afifah
City/State or Province: Kuala Lumpur
Country: Malaysia
Comment: I really enjoy your book, thank you for making good stories and great characters. I'm now one of  your  many fans.

Posted On 08-10-2007 12:07 AM
Name: Harriett Dunn
City/State or Province: CA
Country: USA
Comment: I spent years enjoying Regency Romances, but was gradually seduced away from them by murder and mayhem, spies and mercenaries, witches and  fairies, and sex.  Well, I have grown a great deal older, (Where did all that gray hair come from?) and imagine my surprise when I find myself even more interested in reading Regency and Historical Romance again, more interested  than I had  been in years.  It is not that I find them lacking in any of the above ingredients, but  that I simply can enjoy them now again.  You have provided me with hours of reading pleasure.  Thank You.

Posted On 08-09-2007 4:14 PM
Name: BJ
City/State or Province: USA
Comment: I have enjoyed your novels for many years and look forward to many more. You deal with pain, lack of confidence as well as the thrill of attraction with such  maturity, humor, and style! Would love to buy A Certian Magic, now out of print. Can we have it reprinted soon, please?

Posted On 08-08-2007 10:42 AM
Name: Salma
City/State or Province: Nuneaton
Country: England
Comment: I absolutely love your books. My favourite is the Slightly Series of which Slightly Dangerous is my favourite, I believe I have read that book almost 10 times.
I just want to thank you for the great entertainment and enjoyment you have given your readers ecspecially me.
  A fan forever.

Posted On 08-07-2007 9:58 AM
Name: Jas
City/State or Province: Brighton
Country: UK
Comment: Dear Mary,


I've noticed that some of your readers are finding it difficult to buy copies of your backlist at an affordable price.  I have managed to purchase some excellent quality copies by using an online book buying club called ABEBOOKS, where you can get nearly every title and your expenditure will be according to the condition of the book being sold.  Prices are competitive and it is great to be in contact with serious booksellers who love books.

I am an avid reader of your books and I love the way that romance is interspersed with  contemporary issues, and the characterisation is complex and absorbing.  I have recently introduced a friend to your books and she is now buying all the ones she can which are currently on sale.  I started her off with 'Slightly Dangerous' which she loved, and she has now read three of the 'Slightly' novels and its two prequels, plus the first two 'Simply' books.  A good start!

Please do include Wulfric and Christine in your new novels so that I can keep up with their family.

Thank you for the many hours of pleasure you have given me reading your books.

Kindest regards,







Posted On 08-06-2007 3:17 AM
Name: Melanie
City/State or Province: Melbourne
Country: Australia
Comment: Count me amongst those fans waiting for a book about Neville's sister Gwen - is there one in our (and her) future?  Love your work, just discovered you a few months ago and I'm nearly through your back catalogue - keep them coming!  Thanks, Melanie in Australia

Posted On 08-02-2007 5:56 PM
Name: Patricia
City/State or Province: Lawton, Ok
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mrs. Balogh,


    I just wanted to let you know that I truly enjoy your books.  I have read all of the Bedwyn series and just started the trilogy with The Amberly's.  I have falling in love with these characters.  I simply could not put down The Gilded Web and then know that I had to wait to read Web of Love (I just started reading it).  I am truly EXCITED to read Devil's Web, but hate that it will not be out til December.  But that's Ok, I can always re-read the first two.  Thanks so much for bringing all the excellenct characters to life....I look forward to reading more of your WONDERFUL books. 


Posted On 07-31-2007 8:32 PM
Name: Jan Robison
City/State or Province: Laurel, Maryland
Country: USA
Comment: I just finished One Night For Love.   I read it this afternoon.  I'm getting ready to begin Summer To Remember.  I know it is about Lauren and I'll be glad to know what happens to her.  What I am hoping is that Gwendolyn is either in this book or there is a book out there somewhere.  Either I can buy now or it is still  in your head some where.  I can't help but think her story would be very interesting since "Vernon" may not have made her very happy. I get this feeling more from what wasn't said than what was said in One Night For Love. If her story is already written please tell me the title,but I suspect the story is still in you head.  How about putting it on paper?  thank you for many wonderful hours of reading.

Posted On 07-30-2007 11:48 PM
Name: Tammie
City/State or Province: Apache Junction, Az
Country: United States
Comment: I just love your books, I read a Summer to Remember first a few years back and I knew I would have to read any other books you have written....Happy to say I'm a big fan of the Bedwyns.....looking forward to Devils Web and any others that you have comming our way.   Keep up the good work.

Posted On 07-27-2007 4:08 PM
Name: NJLuke
City/State or Province: South Bend, IN
Country: USA
Comment: I hope you will not finish the "Simply" series without writing Eleanor's story.  I know she has just been a minor character but I really like her!

Posted On 07-27-2007 3:30 AM
Name: Andrea Lalonde
City/State or Province: Swift Current/Saskatchewan
Country: Canada
Comment: Ever since i read "more than a mistress" i really liked this author, then i found slightly wicked and i was amzed, i began to look for more mary balogh books, the bedwyns are amzing and always seem to find trouble before love, i can`t wait to read more and enjoy.  i just finished freyja`s story and i loved it, i just recently bought "web of love" and can`t wait to start. "the gilded web" was quite interesting and at that time i wondered what would be into for those troublesome twins.

Posted On 07-25-2007 8:23 AM
Name: S Mackey
City/State or Province: Chicago IL
Country: USA
Comment: Do you have the rights to your traditional Regency Signets, and if so, is there any chance of a rerelease of any kind?  They're selling for significant amounts of money on ebay and admittedly, I've been driven there in the hopes of finding the few I'm missing from my collection ( I own all but 3.  Well, it used to be 2, but I appear to have misplaced one). Still, I would really love to buy brand new copies since mine are getting rather tattered after many rereads.  You're one of my favorites, but I love the shorts (i.e., 220 pages) best even though I know they were probably never money makers for you (but now they could be.  Nora Roberts old Silhoutte Romances get rereleased in big book form, as do Jennifer Crusie's old Temptations, and they sell tons of them at big book prices.  Maybe 2 books in one or ebooks or...I don't know.  Just looking for some way to get my way and buy new copies of your older works LOL).   


Best wishes,

S Mackey 

Posted On 07-22-2007 4:56 PM
Name: Paulina
City/State or Province: Whittier, CA
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,


 I just wanted to say that i can't put the slightly books down no matter how i try . THe more i read them the more i love them. I just WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT I WOULD WISH A MOVIE on this wonderful Bedwyn Family. Hehe maybe we shall all do a petition and gather thousands of us fans together. My most favorite character is Wulfric as many have said already here. The book slightly dangerous took me a day to read lol it really was a great desert and as many have said the Icing to the final cake. A great way to end.  My most favorite so far out of the Bedwyn series. I've been reading out of order since i couldn't find slightly tempted and slightly sinful the other day in the Book store Borders. I'll read every last one of them until i completed the series. These characters feel so real that your books have gave me so much emotion. I cried and was joyful amused at some funny scenes. I Feel sad to see the Bedwyn series end but i guess there has to be always an end to everything.  Maybe you can make more stories on them and write about how their lives are doing   I REALLY would love to see a movie on the Bedwyns each and every one of them. I'll Keep Wishing for it Thanks again Mary Balogh You are a one of a kind writer. THE BEST :)


Polly or Paulina

Posted On 07-22-2007 11:53 AM
Name: Paulina
City/State or Province: Whittier, CA
Country: USA
Comment: I really love this Bedwyn series. They make me feel like i am a part of the book. Amazing characters. I really do wish they could make a movie on each of the books you have written of these six brothers and sisters. Anyhow I just finished reading slightly dangerous. I would have never expect the duke to find someone to love knowing his cool attitude. I really liked this book because it showed that Wulfric does have his own sense of humor and can be loving with his brothers and sisters. Thank you for making my reading day a great one. Now i'm tempted to read slightly tempted Lol.


Posted On 07-19-2007 7:55 AM
Name: Esther Smith
City/State or Province: Norfolk, VA
Country: USA
Comment: I have really enjoyed your "Slightly" series of books on the Bedwyn family.  My favorite is "Slightly Dangerous" and I am glad that you paired Wulfric with someone who could, and did, remind him about the joy of living.  I finished reading the book in four hours and have enjoyed it so much that I am starting to read it over.  Wulfric has always been my favorite character.  Perhaps it is because he has been so aloof, afraid to let himself love openly.  Thank you again, for your books.  I am looking forward to getting started on your "Simply" series soon.

Posted On 07-18-2007 11:29 PM
Name: Liza Bascom
City/State or Province: St. Louis, MO
Country: USA
Comment: I just started reading "The Gilded Web" this afternoon and like it very much. I am looking forward to reading more of your books.

Do you think your books have to be read in order?
Do you have any advice for a aspiring writer?

Thank you for taking the time to read this message!

A new fan,

Liza Bascom

Posted On 07-18-2007 6:24 AM
Name: Marzia
City/State or Province: WANDERFUL ITALY
Comment: I have already read Devil's Web: I love James Purnell.


Thank You Mary, you make me dreams every day.


Posted On 07-18-2007 1:07 AM
Name: Fleda C. Ramos
City/State or Province: Shoreline, WA
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,


         I want to thank you for sharing your gift of writing to me. The first book that I read is "Simply Unforgettable" and I couldn't put it down. I was pregnant at that time (2006). From then on, everytime I go to a bookstore, I just go straight to Romance Department and look for your name. Your books keeps me from insanity and depression. I'm a stay-at-home Mom. The other two favorites that I have read are "Summer to Remember" and "Slightly Dangerous". I just loved the characters in these books. They are so entertaining and so romantic. I have a lot more books to catch up on, but I'm getting there one book at a time.

        Just keep on writing!



Posted On 07-16-2007 3:19 PM
Name: Taru
City/State or Province: Helsinki
Country: Finland
Comment: Hey there!

Few years ago I found your "Slightly Married" book from one bookstore and bought it. I read it..okay I admit I devoured that book on one day.It was really good.I really adore your Bedwyn family series.Keep up the good work by writing more awesome books


Posted On 07-16-2007 11:29 AM
Name: Maryann
City/State or Province: Whitinsville, MA
Country: USA
Comment: I really enjoy all of your books.  I can't wait until December/January for Devil's Web. 


thanks, Maryann

Posted On 07-15-2007 9:52 PM
Name: Judy B
City/State or Province: Houston, TX
Country: USA
Comment: About a month and a half ago, I bought Simply Love, my first Mary Balogh book. It attracted my attention because I love reading Regency period novels.


I had read maybe two chapters and realized that I needed to stop because I had not read the Bedwyn series. Had read enough to want to meet the Bedwyns. So, thanks to, I ordered all of the Bedwyn novels in additon to A Summer to Remember and One Night of Love.

I have enjoyed these books so much. Could hardly put any of them down. I hated for the Bedwyn series to end. I love all of  the characters, especially Wulf. Then what a nice surprise, after finishing Simply Unforgettable, to begin Simply Love (again) and have the Bedwyns back.

Thank you so much for your wonderfully entertaining books. I may have just discovered your work, but I will never miss another one of your books. Have bought Web of Love and am looking forward to Simply Magic being released in paperback. Your books are so perfect for getting away from the real world for a while.

Posted On 07-14-2007 8:35 PM
Name: Jennifer Merritt
City/State or Province: Martinez,Ga
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,


I discovered your books about two years ago when I was pregnant, they 've gotten me through countless sleepless nights since. I love losing myself in the pages.......taking me away to a wonderful world  of  characters I  would  enjoy meeting.  You've helped restore my sanity many a day  and I would like to thank you, as I'm sure my family would. I get banished to my room to read when I get too overwhelmed. You are by far my favorite author and I applaud your work. Thank  you for blessing us all with your tremendous talent.


Jennifer Merritt

Posted On 07-13-2007 11:35 AM
Name: Dian
City/State or Province: Depok
Comment: Hi Mary,


I started by and find myself hunting for your books since then. Wulfric's is the best of all and I just fell in love with him... Really looking forward to the finale of Simply series and every ones of your coming books...



Posted On 07-12-2007 1:37 PM
Name: Anastasia B
City/State or Province: Ontario
Country: Canada
Comment: Dear Mary Balogh,


I am an avid reader of yours and have just finished Simply Magic.  I adored it.  I have just purchased your newest book. Web of Love and am looking forward to reading it.  Thank you for lighting up my day through your wonderful words.  Continuing writing! 

--Anastasia B

Posted On 07-12-2007 11:04 AM
Name: Robert Heald
City/State or Province: Marietta, Georgia
Country: usa
Comment: Dear Mary,                                                                                                                                                                                               


I know you probably do not hear from many men, but I just want you to know that I find your novels to be very entertaining reading. I like how you bring back minor characters from previous works and develop new story lines around them.  With this in mind, I really would like to see you bring back and develop a story line around Lady Muir. It just seems to me that  she deserves more than to be more or less forgotten about, especially when so many other characters associated with Lauren Edgeworth have had their stories told.                          

Sincerely, Robert H.

Posted On 07-12-2007 2:07 AM
Name: Alexandra
City/State or Province: Donetsk
Country: Ukraine
Comment: Dear Mary Balogh! Thank You very much for Your answer! I did not expect to receive it so quickly! I was so excited, I even couldn’t sleep for some time at night! I can compare it with a situation if I lived about 150 years ago, wrote a letter, for example, to Charlz Dickens and he would answer me! L. Tolstoy, Ch. Dickens, A. Kuprin, J. Austen and You are the most favourite writers in the world for me! I do like “Anna Karenina” by Leo Tolstoy not because of Anna’s story, but because of relationships between Kitty and Levin – they are the main characters for me. I told all of my close people, that Mary Balogh wrote me a letter! I’m very glad, because You approve my English, but I know that there is so much for me to study. I do like historical period, that reflected in Your books. I graduated History Faculty at Donetsk National University two years ago and I like to search love in history. In our books by history for students there are texts about different events, wars, historical persons, but it’s not very interesting to study just what happened and when. People love, hate, dream and that makes history. I’m interested whom did they love, what did they dream about and how did it influence to history, change historical process. As You know, when Your heroes and heroines lived and loved in Great Britain, there was the emperor Alexander the 1st in Russia. The East of our country belonged to Russian Empire that time. I’m delighted by Alexander’s wife – Elisabeth. She was very kind, intelligent and strong woman – The great, secret, eternal and unshared love of our outstanding poet A. Pushkin! I have read many of her letters to mother. She wrote about her feelings, close people, norms of behavior in this period, war, Napoleon, warriors, fashion, balls… I can feel the spirit of that time, reading her letters and, You know, when I’m reading Your books, I feel almost the same spirit of time! Your books help me to understand, that, in fact, there is no big difference between Russian Queen, British girl of the 19th century and Ukrainian girl of the 21st century. The main thing is to do good, be strong, find your love and be happy. Happiness makes all of us Great. Thank You very much! With love Alexandra.

Posted On 07-11-2007 3:31 PM
Name: Gretchen VanPelt
City/State or Province: Brazil, IN
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,  For years and years, I read mainly mysteries, piles of them; and then, for some reason, went through a phase where I read only romances.  I went through all the "Slightly..." books (Slightly Dangerous was my favorite, as I couldn't wait to see what kind of woman would capture Wulf), and have now read the "Simply...." books.  I have read some of your 'stand-alone' books, also.  In fact, I just got Web of Love today. 


Well, I have been out of the 'romances only' phase for some time now, and your books and Julia Quinn's are the only romances I still HAVE to read.  They are wonderful!  I'm sure you hear this a lot, but it is quite true. 

I work in a bookstore, and things are kind of quiet right now.  I will undoubtedly be starting on Web of Love before too much longer today.

I hope you keep writing for many years to come and I promise I will keep reading.  Do you have any ideas for a new series after Simply Perfect?  Whatever it is, I'm sure I will be buying it!

Take care,

Gretchen VanPelt

Brazil, IN


Posted On 07-10-2007 2:48 PM
Name: Elsie Rice
City/State or Province: Tallahassee, Florida
Country: USA
Comment: Hello.  I love reading the Christmas Regency Romances you compiled with 4 other authors.  I have not found them the past 2 years.  I was wondering if you are not doing this anymore.


Thank you.  Elsie Rice 

Posted On 07-09-2007 5:42 PM
Name: Summer
Comment: I just recently came across your Slightly series (Slightly Wicked, Sinful, etc) and loved it!  I am a voracious reader, english lit student, and hopeful writer.  I never leave messages for authors no matter how much I like them - I feel it is bad luck for someone who hopes to become published to fawn over another author : )  But you deserve praise.  In a world where historical romance often comes off as cheesy with a weak action plot thrown in last minute for variety, you stand above.  I absolutely love that your books have a plot deeper than the romance alone, as that always makes the romance so much better.  I thought I'd never pick up another romance novel after reading Catherine Coulter's books, but I was wrong!  I only hope to have your success and talent in my future.  Your son is pretty cute too (I'm 5'6'', slender, long blonde hair, pretty face . . . .)  Haha, i'm just kidding (except about what I look like : )


Posted On 07-08-2007 12:31 PM
Name: Lillian
City/State or Province: Winter Haven/FL
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary,


Last year I picked up Simple Love at the supermarket.  It was the first of your books I had ever read.  I could not put it down.  My next stop was the library.  I read all they had.  I have since aquired 54 of your books through book stores, E-Bay and Amazon.  It has taken several months of hard searching...I have read all of them, some more than once.  I am now searching for the Wood Nymph.  The paperback copy is on sale for more than $200 on the internet.  Not something I can afford.  I want to thank you for bringing all these characters and history to vivid life.  Keep it up!  Yours truly, Lillian

Posted On 07-08-2007 9:13 AM
Name: Bonnie
City/State or Province: Copperas Cove/Texas
Country: United States
Comment: Dear Mary,


 I can not tell you how much your books mean to me. I get such pleasure from reading them. I lose myself in the characters lifes. I have finished the Bedwyn series and just feel in love with the whole family. But especially Wulfric, he is such a wonderful man.  I will continue to read any and every book I can find written by you, as I have not found one yet that I did not love. Thank you so much for sharing your stories with us. I would love if any time in the future we could see more stories about the Bedwyn's, there is never a dull moment with them, so I know any book would be worth reading and continuing to hear the stories of their lifes, so many of them have so much more we would love to hear about them.  Please!   Again thank you, have a wonderful day, Bonnie

Posted On 07-08-2007 7:07 AM
Name: Sally
City/State or Province: Baltimore, MD
Country: USA
Comment: Mary-


I just finished re-reading the first four books in the "Slightly" series, as well as the two prequels.  I had read them a couple of years ago when they were first published, but I had not been able to read Alleyne's nor Wulfric's stories.  So, in order to have all of the prior stories "fresh" in my mind, I read them and enjoyed them all over again!  Freyja's was my favorite, I think, but it was a tough decision!  But now, having read them all (and Wulfric's in one sitting!!), I have to say that is Wulfric's story that stole my heart.  As the story progressed, I found myself cheering for and encouraging Wulf, wanting him to be able asknowledge the self-imposed bonds of duty and be able to break free of them when possible.  I LOVED this book!  I would love to see another installment (or more!!) in this series...any chance of a hero for Lady Muir?  Will we see Davy and Becky and their cousins as grown-ups?  I hope the answer is yes!  Thank you so much for giving me so much pleasure.

Now, on to the Simply series...

Posted On 07-07-2007 3:39 PM
Name: Beth
Comment: Mary - I stumbled upon Slightly Dangerous recently and I can't put it down.  The similarities between Darcy and Wulfric are easy to spot for fans of P&P, but Wulfric solidly remains his own character.  He is great, and I would love to see more about him; do you have any plans beyond the Simply series to include the Bedwyns, and Christine and Wulf in particular?  Maybe a Bedwyn Christmas story somewhere along the line?   


Also, like some of the others who have posted, I would love to see a happy ending for Lady Muir.  Has anyone stepped up yet to be her hero, or are you still waiting for her to develop a chemistry with someone so you can write their story?

Thank you again for your Bedwyn series, but especially for the character of the Duke / Wulf in Slightly Dangerous.


Posted On 07-07-2007 2:34 PM
Name: Brandi H.
City/State or Province: Tennessee
Country: USA
Comment: I just finished Simply Love this morning and loved it! This is the first book of yours I have read and it will not be the last.I am a below knee amputee and am glad to see authors writing books with amputees as main characters.

Posted On 07-07-2007 12:24 AM
Name: Pam
City/State or Province: California
Country: USA
Comment: Hi,
I first encountered your books through the 'Slightly' series and thoroughly enjoyed all of them.  I have been trying to find all of your other books, but am having trouble getting some of your earlier books.  Do you plan to reissue any of them?  I hope that will be able to have them available again as I would love to read them all.

Posted On 07-06-2007 5:05 PM
Name: Katia
City/State or Province: Bryan, TX
Country: USA
Comment: I just recently discovered your books through a friends, she was reading Slightly Wicked, and I picked it up read the back cover and went out to buy it the next day. I found out while reading it that it actually was part of a series so when I finished I stared from the begining with One Night for Love, and just today finished Slightly Dangerous. I really enjoyed all the books, and plan to start the Simply series next. I really like books on tape and was wondering if you have any plans of making any more of your books available, I looked and have only been able to find some of the Simply books, also have any of your books been made into movies I would certainly be the first in line to see them.


                                                                                                                      Sincerely (one of your newest fans),


Posted On 07-06-2007 2:36 PM
Name: Alexandra
City/State or Province: Donetsk
Country: Ukraine
Comment: Dear Mary Balogh! I don’t speak English well, so, please, forgive me for the mistakes. I discovered Your books recently and I have read 10 of them, translated into Russian. They are wonderful! My favourite is “Silent melody”! Your books are popular in our country and I can buy them in almost every good bookstore in the city. My husband often gives them to me as a present! You are one of my favourite writers! I do like Your heroines – they are brave and good-natured. Your books bring joy to my soul! When I’m reading the ending of almost all of Your books, there are tears in my eyes, because I’m glad for the main characters, their love conquers all! Thank You for Your work, You are really special. Sincerely, Alexandra.

Posted On 07-05-2007 7:05 PM
Name: Marinell
City/State or Province: Tucson, AZ
Country: US
Comment: Congratulations on your Quills Award nomination for <i>Simply Magic</i>!

Posted On 07-05-2007 2:45 AM
Name: Casey
City/State or Province: Branson, MO
Country: USA
Comment: I love all your books, especially the series! I just finished the Gilded Web and absolutely loved it! I love how you refered to God as love. I just felt like it was good to see that relationship being ammended between God and Alexandra.


I'm so excited for all the other Web books to come out...especially the one about James and Mad! The Devil's Web couldn't come out fast enough!

Keep up the good work!

Posted On 07-04-2007 1:45 AM
Name: Erna Arnesen
City/State or Province: Cupertino CA
Country: USA
Comment: I was led to your book, Slightly Dangerous, by a search engine that had a reference to a parallel to Pride and Prejudice, which I have fallen in love with, this year. I read all about Wulfric and Christine on a flight home from England yesterday (visiting Jane Austen country). WOW! I had no idea! I loved the book and your writing. It is so well done. (I have been reading lots of P&P sequels lately.) Did you pattern this after P &P themes, as I can see some very close parallels? And, more apropos, what do I do now? I just jumped in here and would like to read more about Wulfric and Christine Derrick. Should I go backwards or forward in reading your books? I don't know if I should try to read the other Slightly books, or move to the Simply books (Simply Unforgettable chapter looks great) or..... Thanks! Erna

Posted On 07-01-2007 5:25 PM
Name: Genevive Jane Leadley
City/State or Province: Bamber Bridge, Lancashire
Country: England
Comment: I have only just recently dicovered your book, but I love them already. I am currently reading the Bedwyn and 'Simple' novels. My favourite character so far has been Syndnam Butler, but I will admit to having a soft spot for Wulfric Bedwyn. I can't wait to see what you have instore for the rest of the St Martin's Teachers. Thankyou for keepng histrical romance so alive. Genevive

Posted On 06-28-2007 8:10 PM
City/State or Province: BROOKLYN,NY.
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary,


It has been a while since I have written to you and your list but many things have

occurred that made writing difficult, if not impossible.  I have not however kept away from  your books and have loved everyone of the new books.  I just hope that as busy as you have been that you have not forgotten about the promised prequel to No Man's  Mistress in which we find out how the two heroes sister and her husband got together. Anyway, please know that I am still reading and enjoying all.

Posted On 06-28-2007 6:46 PM
Name: Marcia Shutro
City/State or Province: Phoenix, Az
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary


Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed  the Simply series.  I am an avid audiobook listener due to medical conditions, and was disapointed to find the only the Simply series available on or iTunes.  I was wondering if you have any plans on converting anymore of  your books to audio



Posted On 06-28-2007 11:55 AM
Name: sandy haber
Comment: My daughter and I love your books - can't wait for Claudia's! We are constantly referring to the Bedwyns, enjoy seeing them reappear in other series.

Posted On 06-28-2007 8:07 AM
Name: scoshia e. spence
City/State or Province: louisville, ky
Country: usa
Comment: I've read almost all of your books and those that are published in a series: I CAN'T WAIT TO READ THE NEXT ONE!!! I've just read here on the site that the book I was looking for doesn't come out  in paperback until next spring (simply magic)I've started my own library and always have someone that wishes to read a book and I give them your books before any other. Just keep up the good work !!


I enjoy your STYLE!!!

Posted On 06-26-2007 7:20 AM
Name: Joanna
City/State or Province: Edinburgh
Country: Scotland
Comment: Dear Mary


I have just discovered your books and am delighted to have found a fantastic new author with such a large backlist to discover!  I have already read around 6 of your books, of which my favourites have been One Night for Love and Simply Love, both of which I found extraordinarily moving.  Your characters never seem to do any of the ridiculous things that romance characters commonly do to move the plot along.  They are rational!  This is a breath of fresh air for a romance fan!

One thing I would like to know is if there are plans to release any other books from your backlist (it appears that a few have been recently re-released).  I do hope so.  For one thing, many of your older books are very expensive to purchase second hand from Amazon (£30, and £40 does not seem uncommon!) which suggests there is a certainly a demand for them.  For another thing, I am always conscious that the author - who did all the hard work - - doesn't get any benefit from the sale of a second-hand book.  I look forward to hearing from you on that.

Best wishes!

Posted On 06-22-2007 8:50 AM
Name: June Capasso
City/State or Province: Yardley, PA
Country: USA
Comment: Mary,


I have been trying to find "The Temporary Wife" but it appears it is out of print.  Are there plans to re-release some of your "older" books?

June Capasso

Posted On 06-18-2007 10:50 PM
Name: Stacey
City/State or Province: Newfoundland
Country: Canada
Comment: Hi.  I don't know if I ever read any of your other books, but I just finished reading the bedwyn/ slightly  series and I just thought that they were wonder.  I mentioned it to a couple friends, one said that they have read some of them ( the ones that she could find) and she thought that they were wonderful  too.My other friend never heard of them but now she is going to look  for them an I know that she will enjoy them as much as I did.  I also like the Simply series, so far I have only read the first two but I am hoping to find the other two at my local libray or book store. I think now I am hooked on your writing and hoping to find more books hat you have written.   


Posted On 06-15-2007 9:44 AM
Name: Amy Dean
City/State or Province: South Carolina
Country: United States
Comment: Mary,


I found "Simply Love" at my local library last month. What a wonderful story! Your writing style captured me immediately. I am presently reading "Simply Magic" and I am looking forward to starting your "Slightly" series next. Your writing talent has made me an instant fan.


Amy Dean

Posted On 06-15-2007 3:00 AM
Name: Slavica
City/State or Province: Melbourne
Country: Australia
Comment: Mary, thank you for writing such wonderful books.  My favourite author is Diana Palmer, but after reading your books (which I have only just discovered) you certainly will be an equal first.  You write such heartwarming stories that I laughed out loud on the train the other day and everyone around me was smiling also.  So thank you for putting a little more joy in my life.


Posted On 06-14-2007 7:41 PM
Name: ify
City/State or Province: Detroit, MI
Country: US
Comment: Okay, how about Lady Muir with Viscount Kimble. Or is it two different series, so, impossible. So Aidan and Wulf remain somewhat estranged ? Come on. We are girls. Relationships must be mended. People have to acheive their dreams.

Posted On 06-13-2007 11:37 PM
Name: Jane Gaither
City/State or Province: Nashville,TN 37221
Country: United States
Comment: Mrs. Balogh, I have really enjoyed discovering your books --they are delightful. I became curious about you and I am glad you have a website and that you share bits about your life and family. Your family looks happy and you write about your life (past and present) with satisfaction. I read a great deal and I often wonder about the writer as I am reading different types of books. I have not read many romances, but I wondered if it is your experience that as a group romance writers are upbeat people? I would think that offering "happily ever after" would be satisfying. I also wondered about the settings and historical period for your books. Did you choose England because it was familiar for you or do you have a strong interest in Regency history? I think it is interesting that you are originally from Wales. I visited Llangollen once and stayed at a 17th century coaching inn called The Hand. It was midsummer and the village was awash with roses. Maybe some of the magic in your work comes from living as a child in that charmed land. I look forward to hearing from you and reading more of your work. Jane Gaither

Posted On 06-13-2007 4:08 PM
Name: nakoruru
Country: Italy
Comment: Dear Ms Balogh,


I really want to thank you for the happy hours you gave me while I was reading your books. I've recently found out your great books and I've read all the ones I could have in my hands, both in Italian and English. two weeks ago i finished "Simply love", the story fashinated me, I believe it is one of the best books I've ever read as the story is intriguing and the characters are described in a very realistic and touching way. I really hope that more of youer books will be translated in italian!

P.s. Forgive me for my improper use of English!!

Posted On 06-10-2007 10:47 AM
Name: Cherrie
City/State or Province: Irving, Texas
Country: USA
Comment: Good day Ms.Balogh,


I have to say, I picked up one of your books because the back got me hooked.  I read the inside and now I am hooked on all your books.  I enjoy how each book intertwines (SP?) each other with the characters and does keep each character in tact from book to book in their personality.  I am not reading them in order, but find that since they intertwine, they all fit no matter which order I read them.   I have one more author who I read all her books and that is it.  Very few can write historical romance and carry the characters through each book they touch and keep the personality going.  I am part of a writer's group and learn about writing and your books are extremely solid.  Thank you,,,can't wait to read them all.  Wonderful writer.

Posted On 06-09-2007 12:35 AM
Name: Carol
City/State or Province: Rockford, Illinois
Country: USA

            My car has been disabled for a time, but I’ve just started taking the bus. Tonight I took my first bus trip to go someplace I wanted to go, not some place I needed to go. The bookstore.

I discovered Regency romances over 20 years ago. Since that time, Regencies are about the only type of novel I will purchase.

You are on my list of authors, which I always check to see if there are any new books whenever I go to the bookstores. When I saw that you had a new book out, my first thought was, “Why did it have to be a hardcover?”

Now that I’m riding the bus, every ounce of weight counts in my backpack. But I didn’t care. You are one of two romance writers that I will buy the hardcovers, and I was going to get it, no matter what. The other is Jane Austen.

It’s getting harder and harder to find Regency romances. Nowadays they all seem to be classified as historical romances, and you have to check the first pages to see if there’s any date or other indication of the time period.

I’m always happy when I find a new book of yours, and I really like your series books. When I read I book that I really like, when it’s finished, I have to keep reminding myself that I finished the book. The characters and plots were so believable and likable that I can’t forget them, and I want to know more. Having a book in a series makes it a little bit easier. There will be new heroes, heroines and plots, but having some familiar characters in the background makes it a great way to know more. It’s great to know that their story didn’t end when the last paragraph was read.

When I obtain a new book of yours, I usually read it in a few days because I enjoy it so much. I have gotten books by other authors, which take me weeks, or longer, to read. When I buy a book, I read it, no matter how bad I think it is. It’s kind of a torture. Some books are so flat. They do not have any depth. I can’t get into the characters because they are one-dimensional and the plots are too outrageous, for me anyway. Of course there has to be a plot to the novel, but I’m more interested in the personalities of the characters because that explains why they do what they do.

And I enjoy rereading you books. Sometimes it’s nice just to read it again for the pleasure of it, and also it’s good to refresh your memory when the next book comes out.

Posted On 06-07-2007 5:10 PM
Name: ify
City/State or Province: detroit
Country: mi
Comment: So you shall leave us in suspense about Wulfric and Aidan. Wulfric will never have a real adventure in his life except waving to kids at his wedding. And helping his wife out of weird scrapes ? We will never see Aidan's farming skills at work ? For some odd reason I thought would see the old Wulfric come back to life in an adventure he takes to a different continent. With the awkward Hector and Christine sister's Miss Thompson falling in love and all 4 of them going together perhaps? Just curious I guess. He seem to be a incomplete character who lives vicariously through his wife. It seems we never meet the real character. Its a frustrating abortion of a character. It seems he was born to build something great not really be the steward. Its annoying to see a guy who has great creative adventure potential, channel it through helping a woman out of trees and water.  And Aidan seems to be the the kind of guy who could steward something great. His character also seems incomplete.  And so does the Judith Law Bedwyn character,  who we never see professionally act. Oh well just curious. Thanks for the fun books.


Posted On 06-03-2007 2:15 PM
Name: Claudia
Country: Germany
Comment: I have just finished A Summer to Remember and... what can I say? It was wonderful!!! Absolutley gorgeous!!! I loved every bit of it! Will Gwen, Lady Muir, get her own story? I'm craving for it! :-)  I have read already some books of the Slightly-series and will read the remaining ones as soon as possible! :-) Oh, and I love the Simple-series and can't wait for Simply Magic (haven't got it yet) and Simply Perfect!                                                                                                                         Thank you so much for writing such unique stories!



Posted On 06-03-2007 12:29 AM
Name: Ishrat Taleb
Comment: I have been reading your work for fifteen years now. Every book is an experience. Thank you


A quick question -- any plans to write about Lord Joseph Attingsborough (Lauren Butler's cousin)?

Posted On 06-01-2007 10:31 PM
City/State or Province: ANACORTES, WASHINGTON
Country: U.S.A.


Posted On 05-31-2007 12:10 AM
Name: Ann Louise Laabs
City/State or Province: Janesville, WI
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Ms. Balogh-



I have just finished Simply Love, and just have to tell you what an enjoyable, and moving, book it is.  A good(or great) romance - any book for that matter- have great characters at their core.  And now I have these characters - Anne and Symdon(?) in the rare group of fictional people I've met  who have lives beyond the last page; complex, lonely people who aren't the perfect romance novel cliche.  Decent without being holier-than-thou.  And their conflicts and struggles were with the basic issues of their lives, not drawn-out plot contrivences.

You're now on my keeper shelf next to Laura Kinsale!



Posted On 05-30-2007 3:43 PM
Name: Ify
City/State or Province: Detroit, MI
Country: US
Comment: Dear Mrs. Balogh. I enjoyed some of the books in your Slightly series. Especially Slightly Dangerous. But It seems that Wulf's story is incomplete. He never really does anything dangerous. He does not ever become the person he is suppose to be. Will we every get a completion of this story or will he choose the Duke of Bewcastle title. It seems constraining and oppressive. He calls Christine "Love" but he never tells her he loves her. How does a romance hero who is reluctant to love get away with not telling the woman he gets married to that he loves her ? He says in the dovecote that he will not say the word. Is this not a scandal that this character never confesses his love for his wife. Love your books so much my personal productivity suffers in other areas. Thanks.


Judith Law never seems to become the professional actress she is suppose to be, like Frances from Simply Unforgettable becomes the singer she is suppose to be. Will Judith ever become the professional actress she is destined to be ?

Does Syd's painting skills ever get restored to professional form ?

Will we find out how many kids Aidan, and Wulf have in the final book, Simply perfect ?

Posted On 05-30-2007 3:28 PM
Name: Carol Jungbluth
City/State or Province: Hartland, WI
Country: USA
Comment: I have been reading and rereading your books and cannot seem to get my own work done. I began with "The Secret Pearl" and it still remains my favorite. I have read both Mistress books, the Bedwyn series, A Summer to Remember, and One Night of Love all several times. I love the way you build your characters and the way you bring characters back into other books so your readers can essentially 'keep in touch' with them. I am looking forward to begining the "Simply Quartet" and continuing with Sydnam Butler, and Viscount Whitleaf. I do have one suggestion. Not being familiar with a geographical Regency England, it would be nice, on occasion, to see or be able to obtain a map of the times showing the location of the 'shires' and the villages and towns of which you write. It always helps to have a perspective of distance and direction and the relation of each of these grand estates to the others. Even if they are fictional. Thank you for sharing your talent with these delightful stories.

Posted On 05-29-2007 11:22 PM
Name: MWLamp
City/State or Province: Seattle, WA
Country: USA
Comment: I have just finished the Gilded Web and thoroughly enjoyed it. I am disappointed, however, that there is such a long delay in releasing the other two in the trilogy. I realize the Web of Love will be out late next month but I hate to have to wait until December, and late December at that, for the last book. It was interesting to try and find the second and third books published in the 1990's . . . the third book is selling, in paperback, on auction for $38 or more. Others are anxious to read the trilogy without the long wait. Keep writing so we can all keep reading.

Posted On 05-29-2007 5:25 PM
Name: Melanie Roy
City/State or Province: Battlefield, MO
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mrs. Balogh,


Since you make the effort to personally read each of these notes I wanted to take advantage of it.  I became a fan of yours about a year ago when I stumbled upon the Bedwyn series and I've read several of those stories repeatedly.  Only a few months ago I read Simply Love.  I considered myself extremely fortunate to find a book by your name in a grocery store rack when I was looking for a book in which to lose my thoughts for awhile.

A few weeks before, I had delivered my second son, Seth, stillborn. His loss was completely unexpected as I just went in for a regular pre-natal check at 8 1/2 months.  They could not find his heartbeat and the rest is just a horrible nightmare ending with me going home a few days later without my second baby son whom we had anxiously planned and awaited for 8 months.  Following that period, naturally sleeping became difficult and my mind needed something less weighty to settle on, but I hadn't been able to arouse any enthusiasm to read or do much of anything.  Of course, starting a book of yours means ending it a few hours later because they're just too good to put down.  This time, however, there were several lines in Simply Love that honestly helped me.  I had never really faced tragedy in my life (fortunately for that, I'm 36 and have a healthy 4 year old son and healthy parents and spouse still) so it was somewhat cathartic to read about these two characters, although fictional, who had each suffered.  At one point she (I'm sorry, her name escapes me, although I remember Sydnam) had thoughts along the lines of realizing that it wasn't just her who had suffered in life and that it was reckless to assume others could not fathom her pain.  Everyone faces their own challenges... etc.  In general, the theme of the story was helpful to me.  I know you write your stories to be entertaining to readers, and they absolutely are, but for me this story became a kind of therapy and pushed me through some difficult thoughts in a very difficult time. 

May 24th marked 3 months since Seth was delivered.   Our lives are changed forever and I would surely go back and change history if it were possible. Unfortunately unlike novels, life doesn't allow rewrites. This note is something I wanted to write to you after reading Simply Love and although it is probably somewhat of a strange thing to do, I just felt like sending the note today.  I will remember your story and that it was a measure of help for me in a time when I needed it. 

It is wonderful that you read all of your posts personally and I submit to you that I am a fan for life. 

 (And as a hopeless fan unable to help myself, of the Slightly series, Dangerous was my favorite.  )

Melanie Roy

Posted On 05-29-2007 12:16 PM
Name: Elaine Carlini-Davis
City/State or Province: Ormond Beach/FL
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,


I bought and read "Simply Magic" as soon as it came out. I've wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. It was wonderful to read Susanna's story and follow her to her 'happy ending'.  All the "Simply" books have offered wonderful characters and wonderful storytelling. Thanks for your exceptional books.

Posted On 05-25-2007 2:27 AM
Name: Rashmi
City/State or Province: Gurgaon, Haryana
Country: India
Comment: Dear Ms. Balogh,


I am writing to you after a long time.  I am  waiting for simply perfect to come out, so I can order the entire series together. I am excited about the new Huxtable series too. Is there a special pen that I can gift you that would help you write faster and faster so that no sooner did I finish one book, I could start the next one.

I was browsing through the guest book and came across a post from one of your former students. It felt great to read to read it coz I have often felt that may be Christine Derrick's novel teaching methods may have been based on your own. Did you teach in the same way too. How lucky must have been your students if you could make Geography interesting and easy to remember.

If all your fans were to pester you to write a sequel to Slightly Dangerous, would you?????????????????? I am simply crazy about that book. I have lost count of the number of times I have read it already. How I wish a movie based on SD was made though I do not think any of the current day heroes could do justice to Wulfric Bedwyn.

I will write to you again soon once I complete the Simply series. Happy writing until then.

Thank you for all the wonderful books.




Posted On 05-23-2007 1:13 PM
Name: Keely
City/State or Province: Boston, MA
Comment: I can't even tell you how much I LOVE YOUR BOOKS.  They make your heart take a leap.  Literally every time I read your books, I know i'm going to laugh, cry and cheer.  You are my favorite all time romance author and I haven't even read all your books yet.  I LOVE the slightly books, I just finished them and they are gooooooodddddd. My favorite to date though was The Secret Pearl. LOVED IT...  Please add me to your FAN List, for sure...


Thank you!!!!

Posted On 05-20-2007 9:48 PM
Name: Melinda
City/State or Province: Florida
Country: US
Comment: Dear Miss Mary,
    I discovered your books with "Slightly Dangerous," and now you are one of my favorite authors.  I adore the Bedwyns and your new books about the teachers.  Your latest, "Simply Magic" was very lovely.  I stayed up til 5 am finishing that one, and I wasn't disappointed.  I'm not a person given to lengthy criticisms, and there were some books of yours I enjoyed more than others.  All of your books are very human and a joy to read.  I was very glad when you finally told us what became of that violet-eyed young man you introduced us to in "A Summer To Remember."  I was starting to wonder.

"Slightly Dangerous" and "No Man's Mistress" are my favorites, by the way.  Thank you.  It's a pleasure reading your work.

Posted On 05-07-2007 9:00 PM
Name: Karen
City/State or Province: Vermont
Country: USA
Comment: I just posted a long message, but I just thought of how well Cora Downes and Lord Francis Sutton' story is done in The Famous Heroine. I need to add it to my favorites as a really well done story all around. His misery and disappointment in love, his gentlemanly masculinity and honor, his dandyish attire, her misery at not being the feminine ideal yet not seeing how drool-worthy she is to men, her farcical heroism that is and isn't, the pulling together of the upcoming middle class rich and the ton cultures, and tying in the previous stories and the potential for more plot is perfectly done. I like A Christmas Promise very well for the mixing of strata of society, but it has a more contentious, dark quality to it, and makes me cry every time I read it. The cheerfulness of Lord Francis's story is just right for him after his temper and then backtracking to save Sam's feelings in Lord Carew's bride. I wanted him to have something better than he could imagine for his future and we hardly get a glimpse of who he is from Lord Carew's Bride. He deserves Cora and doesn't know just how perfect she is for him, nor does she know just how beautifully her author has constructed the right match for her, and it all works despite the class barriers. New readers to your books should not miss these wonderful older books, so I plea again for republication if it can be done.

Posted On 05-07-2007 8:25 PM
Name: Karen
City/State or Province: Vermont
Country: USA
Comment: I am a long-time fan of your wonderful books and stories. You started out far ahead of the average writer in the quality, depth, and complexity of characters and their relationships in your first published work! I am happy to see that you have continued to produce stories that I will reread until I can't read any more, or until the books fall apart. I found your website to see which, of the very few, of your books I had missed over the years. There are two, and of course they are very hard to find, and expensive considering they are >20 year old used paperbacks. Is there any chance of republishing the early Signet Regency books? The two I missed were Gentle Conquest and The Trysting Place, but I would be happy to buy newer copies of the whole collection because I do reread my favorite books, and even with care for the binding and covers, the pages yellow, the glue fails, some have had water damage from a pipe leaking, and, well you see how it is. I don't want not to have the stories to read for my great pleasure in the future, and I'd rather have you and your publishing team making the money on your work than the used book dealers who don't pay anything to you for the support of your continued work. We do want you to keep writing! I am happy that so many new fans have found your writing in the Bedwyn family books and in the reprinting of The Secret Pearl, though I am a bit surprised by the complaints of flatness in the Miss Martin's School series. Maybe after the awesome detail in your work on the culmination of the Bedwyns with the Duke in Slightly Dangerous, these stories of the teachers seem less intense or detailed? I love them all. It's not surprising to me that people love your newer books, but the newest aren't my top favorites, at least not in isolation. I was going to say my top favorite of your books is.... But then I had to reconsider. My favorite changes a little depending on my mood, but there are a few that really stand out in my mind. You reveal conflicts of what appears to be truth with the reality of the truth through the feelings and memories of the characters in ways that makes it very hard for me to put the books down, even if it's 4 AM and I have to get up for work in three hours, and I already know how it will unfold because I've read the book so many times that I could almost recite it! Three books stand out because of the detail in your characterizations of the heroes. They are, by publication date, The Notorious Rake, Lord Carew's Bride, and Slightly Dangerous. It would not be possible to really pick between each of these heroes, and whichever one I last read tends to be my favorite of the moment. Today it is Hartley Wade, Lord Carew, because I read the book last night, but last week it was Lord Edmond Waite, and last month it was the austere and intimidating Wulfric, Duke of Bedwyn, whose bride does not know how to behave. How could anyone not love these heroes? Your first book, A Masked Deception, I love as much as these three, though it is a favorite not because of the hero, whom I don't particularly like, but because of the heroine's inner life, needs, and desires at odds with what is expected by those around her. How can she possibly find happiness with the man she loves when he is so blind to who she is and she is too shy to show him? And yet she somehow does win and it doesn't seem improbable after all. Love will win the day! The short story I reread the most is "The Anniversary". The use of olfactory and tactile memories showing the sordidness of their sin and guilt, the revelation of their love to themselves and to each other, all unfolding within the context of a Valentine's Day anniversary of the sinful event -- it is perfect. There are many others I like nearly as well, and I enjoy reading them in order to get the full flavor of the characters and the intricacies of the relationships. Reading The Famous Heroine before reading Lord Carew's Bride or reading A Christmas Bride without having read all the books that lead up to the point where Mr. Edgar Downes meets Mrs. Stapleton would be like watching the aurora borealis in black and white. Something is missed, even with the wonderful spectacle; the book is a good story but not so satisfying without the background stories. Please keep on writing, and know that even my least favorite of your stories is better than the best work of many other authors. Thank you for the joy your stories have given me. And please, please, please! encourage the powers that be to republish your hard to find older books!! Your new fans want them, too, even if they don't know it yet!

Posted On 05-02-2007 11:42 PM
Name: Leigh Osatchuk (Popoff)
City/State or Province: Arran, Sask
Country: Canada
Comment: I was soo wonderfully delighted when I was in Coles Book store yesturday in Yorkton, Sask. with three of my colleagues, when I spotted a very familier name from my youth.  I seen your new book on the New Release shelf and had to share my stories with my close friends, about how Ms. Balogh taught me Grade 8 and 9 english in a little town in Saskatchewan.  I am sure those years for you were maybe just a blurr....but as a student I remember and valued your passion and dedication to the subjects you taught. 


Arran School is no longer, but many people ( myself included ) have always remembered that you put us on the map, taught us terrific learning habits and instilled many good qualities that has helped me become who I am today.

I am a mother of two children. Chayce is 9 and Storym is 4.  I moved away and recieved my post-secondary education and returned to the area to raise my children.  I married and together with my husband provide a terrific life for ourselves.  Because of my passion for school, learning and children I am the President of the Parent Council in Benito School. (Benito, MB.) I also work full time with two Grade 1 boys who suffer from FASD, ADHD and ARND.  I love my job and the challenges I face.  I thank you for a terrific base and thirst for knowledge that lead me down the path I chose.  I often think about the proper pronunciation of words, and many novels you MADE my class read. 

I congratulate you on your novels.  Your accomplishments are excellent.  Thank you for giving me the oppurtunity to show my colleagues ( 2 early years teacher and a principal ) that I received my basis of education from an education who is not only famous, but a pillar in the feild of education.

Leigh Osatchuk (Popoff)


Posted On 05-01-2007 3:33 PM
Name: Nichole
City/State or Province: Toledo/OH
Country: United States
Comment: I have been reading historical romance novels for at least 15 years, and I "discovered" your books when my sister allowed me to borrow Slightly Dangerous. Consequentially, I hate to read books out of order, so I went back and read the entire Bedwyn Series and Slightly Dangerous again!  I've read many of your other books since, and I love your writing. I appreciate that you let your characters "get busy" before they have committed to each other ,and I love your men characters. Slightly Dangerous remains my favorite.  I can't wait for Simply Perfect!

Posted On 04-30-2007 3:34 PM
Name: Kristy
City/State or Province: Maryland
Country: USA
Comment: Would you know if any of your books are on film.  Eventhough I really did not like Simply Magic, I LOVED the Secret Pearl and would love if any of your other books are on DVD.  If so, please send me any information you may have so that I can go purchaes any copies.  If not, I think you should definately make some moves to get your books out there on film,

Posted On 04-28-2007 3:52 PM
Name: Lisa B
City/State or Province: West Midlands
Country: England
Comment: I am hooked! I find it so hard to find an author who writes so well that I HAVE to read more of their work.  I have only read 2 of your novels (The Secret Pearl and No Man's Mistress) and just love love loved every last page.  Usually with regency romance novels I find my self skimming pages to "get to the good parts" as such. But I read every page and sometimes have to go back and read certain parts again as they are so moving.


I am now planning the order to read the rest of your books : )

Thank you for writing such inspiring tales which aren't following the normal trend of virgin female lead and moody male. Finally - romance with some depth and an edge : )


Posted On 04-26-2007 11:53 AM
Name: Jennifer Balogh
City/State or Province: Houston, Tx
Country: USA
Comment: From one Balogh to another and the perpetual problem of saying the name, I thank you for your books.  Although my time is limited with my operating room schedule I must admit that I steal as much time as possible to read, if only a chapter at a time.  I have read your books for many years and I look forward to each new one. 


Thank you for taking a chance on your dream so that I and others may read your wonderful works.


Jennifer Balogh

Posted On 04-25-2007 6:01 PM
Name: Stephanie Applegate
City/State or Province: New Jersey
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Ms. Balogh,


I just started reading your books about a month ago.  I was in Walgreens and Simply Love was new and on the shelf and I was in need of a book so I bought it.  I didn't even realize it was the second book in a series until I started reading it.  Unlike the reader who hated it...I LOVED much that I immediately got online to see what else you had written, when I realized there was a whole series on the Bedwyns I just had to have them.  So over the course of the last month I have read The Secret pearl, No Mam's Mistress, More then a Mistress, the entire Bedwyn series, A night to remember, a summer for love, and the simply series up to Susanna of course.  I feel like you have told everyones stories well.  There is one story I would still like to read, that of The Duke of Bewcastle (Senior that is) and his wife.  Having six such passionate children, their love story must be one of incredible measures.  Well regardless of weather you tell their story or not I think you are a wonderful author and I wait with anticipation for the last story in  the Simply series.


Posted On 04-25-2007 3:26 PM
Name: Marie
City/State or Province: Maryland
Country: USA
Comment: Simply Magic had no magic at all for me.  I love your books, especially the ones you wrote in the begining of your career.  Simply Magic was flat and really below your high standards.  I don't think I'll be interesed in reading anymore of the teahers series if they are antyhing like Simply Magic.

Posted On 04-25-2007 11:09 AM
Name: antoinette
City/State or Province: ca
Country: usa
Comment: Dear Ms. Balogh,


I really enjoy reading your books.  I have tried to purchase  your regencies but find that I cannot afford many of them.  Do you have any plans to republish your other Signet books?  Even in e-format would be welcome though I much prefer a good book in my hands (and shelf).

If you think that a barrage of pleading emails and letters to the publishers would help; I am ready and more than willing.

Thanks for the hours of relaxing reading!


Posted On 04-23-2007 12:28 PM
Name: Gale
City/State or Province: Florida
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary:


I first discovered your books in my local library.   I read A Christmas Bride and was hooked!  I am a voracious reader and have read all the books that my local library carries of your works.  My favorites are More Than A Mistress, No Man's Mistress, and the Bedwyn Series.  I am currently on the reserve list for your latest offering in the Simply Series, Simply Magic.  I appreciate that you write your stories as a series, giving each character a chance to grow...and leaving me wanting to read more about them!

Thank you for your superb writing!



Posted On 04-20-2007 4:01 PM
Name: Kristy
City/State or Province: Baltimore, MD
Country: United States
Comment: I hate to say this, but I was extremely disappointed in your new book Simply Love.  I really enjoyed the fist two books that higlighted the lives of the 2 teachers in the all girls school.  This one was a total bust.  I thought you gave to much information about the first two teacher books.  It was very distracting, and did not allow the book to go a a good pace.  The plot was very flat..  Eventhough you set up a good situation, you did not follow through with the character study.  Of all the books I have read of yours, ( and it has been many) I was completely surprised with this one.  It doesn't even seem like you wrote it.  I hope you can think differenly when you approach your next book, and reach a little higher.  The Secret Pearl is by far my favorite all time book!!!

Posted On 04-17-2007 1:45 PM
Name: Shobha
City/State or Province: Ontario
Country: Canada
Comment: Dear Mary,

I just started reading Simply Magic and I think it's absolutely wonderful. I like the way you introduce your characters and the way u build reationships between them. Also, u protray them as they were in those days --and I think that's just perfect. Many authors don't do that now-a-days in regencies. The best part about reading your books is that it feels as if u r in the story. It's just wonderful. May make request? I wanted to read one of your older classics The Temporary Wife and The Obiedent Wife but however I could not come across them. If you know anyway that I can order them, I would be forever greatful. I've tried Chapters and they say that the publisher has stopped printing them. I'm very despreate to read them.

Thank You and please keep writing these magnificent stories. They are simply irresistible.
ur forever fan

Posted On 04-15-2007 6:10 PM
Name: Tracy H
City/State or Province: Alabama
Country: USA
Comment: Mary,


I have been reading a  variety of romance novels for many years now, telling myself the whole time, "I can do this. I have stories in my head that I could write."  I even began to put pen to paper earlier this year. Then I discovered "A Summer To Remember" in a box of books my sister loaned me, which of course led me to the entire Bedwyn series, with a stop in the middle when I came across Syd Butler's story (I did a dance of glee right in the middle of Walmart at discovering his story existed). Now my ego is seriously suffering and I am second guessing everything I write.  I will persevere for the love of writing's sake, of course, but it will have to wait until I've finished reading everything of yours I can get my hands on! I am in awe of your beautiful, clever, wrench-your-heart-out-and-dance-a-jig-on-it writing and cannot wait to go out and get some more (along with a big box of tissues!)

I also would like to cast my vote for Lady Muir's story - that's the very reason I came to look at your site - to see if she had one.  I promise another dance of glee in the middle of a store if you write hers.

Posted On 04-15-2007 2:27 PM
Name: Carol Cromwell
City/State or Province: Kentucky
Country: USA
Dear Mary,
 This is the second time I have written to one of my favorite authors. Believe me, you are my favorite author!! Whenever I see your books, I just have to buy them.  You are one gifted author, I admire you so very much.  
 I have enjoyed looking at your web site and reading about you and all of your wonderful books. I have bought and read almost all of your books. I love them!!
In reading your books, I guess I'm just not with it, but I discovered in going back through some of your other stories, that one story is connected to another story. I was dismayed when I realized this, as I have given my girlfriend some of your books, now I wish I had them as I want to go back and reread them. I think I will just  have to buy them again.  When I did realize this, I went back through some of the books ( the ones I didn't give away)  just so I could read them again. Sort of put an entire family together in my head, so to speak.
 I want to tell you how much I enjoyed reading, Simply Love, It was a delightful story and I enjoyed every minute of reading it. I have read all of your Simply books (except for the newest one I am really looking forward to seeing it in paperback) and have read all of your Slightly books.  Historical Romances have been my favorite subject to read, get lost in, feel like I have been to another country in another time. I used to read Agatha Christie books, read every one of hers. But, then I just lost interest in that except for one other author in that subject, you might say. But, Historical Romances, especially really good ones, are my first choice for good reading material. I enjoy reading  every day, I just can't let a day go by without reading a good story.
Well, enough of my musings.  
 Best Wishes from one of your  loyal fans,
 Carol Cromwell

Posted On 04-15-2007 11:16 AM
Name: Jacinta
City/State or Province: Sussex
Country: United Kingdom
Comment: Love the books, particularly the  'Slightly' series and 'The Secret Pearl'.  Of the 'Slightly' series, my favourite is 'Slightly Dangerous' and I do hope that we hear more about Wulfric and Christine's growing family in the 'Simply' series of books or any subsequent books you write.  The promise is implicit in the last chapter of 'Slightly Dangerous' so please deliver! 


Your books are both interesting and well-written, a pleasure to read.  Welsh education is justly famous and I have enjoyed not only the storylines but also the way in which they have been written. 

I shall be reading the 'Web' trilogy and look forward to 'Simply Perfect' when it is published.

Kind regards from the UK!






Posted On 04-12-2007 2:30 PM
Name: Dyana
City/State or Province: St. Paul, MN
Country: USA
Comment: Mary Balogh.......  I love you and I hate you ! ! !   Because of you I am enjoying reading more than I ever have before, however, because of you my house never gets cleaned and a multitude of necessary chores are ignored.  WHAT TO DO?  You weave magic with your words -- what an incredible talent you have..  You are the BEST, no doubt about it!

Posted On 04-12-2007 11:34 AM
Name: Donna K
City/State or Province: Boston, MA
Country: USA
Comment: Mary,


I just have to write to let you know how incredibly thrilled I am that I have discovered your work!  I used to be crazy for Johanna Lindsey, but over the past ten years (with the exception of Captive of My Desires) her stories started to get stale and her writing seemed very repetitive.  I thought perhaps that I was the one who was getting old (!)

Then one day, among hundreds of others, your book "Simply Unforgettable" caught my eye while I was in the local bookstore.  Since then I have been hooked and will endeavor to devour every single one of your books. The Bedwyn series is brilliant, Morgan's story being my favorite.  It sure is a sad day when I finish one of your books and am STILL waiting for the mailman to deliver my next order!

Also, chalk up another vote for wanting Gwendolyn's story!  (Thought she and Sydnam would have gotten together...)

My questions: 

First, have you ever consider writing about pirates?  Not dirty, nasty, murderous ones, but rather black-sheep types, family outcasts or gentlemen pirates who were, say, borne of English scandal? 

Second, will you please allow at least one "pre-marital encounter" to produce a pregnancy BEFORE the lovers finally "get together" in the end?  There could be such fireworks!

Thank you for the opportunity to voice my thoughts.  I just wish your stories weren't so blasted addicting...or maybe secretly, I am delighted!!!!



Posted On 04-12-2007 3:43 AM
Name: Juliet Burns
City/State or Province: Arlington, TX
Country: USA
Comment: It's 2:30 in the morning, and I have to be up in 5 hours to get my kids to school. And yet, I couldn't go to bed without finishing SIMPLY MAGIC. Surely, you must have wept while writing the ending to this marvelous masterpiece. I could barely see the last few pages through my tears. When Claudia held Susanna before the wedding, I wept for Claudia to lose another dear friend and teacher. I know her story will be my favorite.


Thank you for another deeply moving story where love makes all things possible.


Posted On 04-11-2007 5:21 PM
Name: Hillary Bidwell
City/State or Province: Minnesota
Country: USA
Comment: I love your books!!!!  I read them over and over.  I am desperate to know if you are going to write the story of Lady Gwendoline Muir,  it seems like there is quite a story to tell of her marriage and if she finds love after the death of her husband.  She has appeared in several books and I really thought she might be the one for Rannulf Bedwyn (I am happy how things turned out, though)  Will her story be told?  If you are even considering it, please, please, please.  If the story is already a book and I missed it, please let me know.    Thank You

Posted On 04-10-2007 10:43 PM
Name: Amanda
Country: United States of America
Comment: I just finished reading "Simply Magic" and loved it!  I cannot wait until the next installment of this series comes out, especially since it'll be about the austere Claudia Martin.  Will you perhaps revisit the Dudleys and write Angeline's story? 

Posted On 04-09-2007 11:31 AM
Name: Anna Morales
City/State or Province: NY, New York
Country: USA
Comment: I love your books. My first book was Freyja's story. I fell in love with the Bedwyns. I had to go back and find the rest of the series including "A summer to remember". I look forward to reading the simply series.

Posted On 04-08-2007 7:48 PM
Name: Shannon
City/State or Province: new york
Country: USA
Comment: I am continually amazed by the depth of your character development.


I started with the simply series but soon began to hunt for every  possible book of yours and I have not been disappointed.

May I humbly request a story for Lady Muir? I cant wait to see how she finds happiness.

THanks for always keeping me entertained

Posted On 04-07-2007 9:45 PM
Name: Monet
City/State or Province: Saint Amant, LA
Country: USA
Comment: I think you are a terrific writer. I accidentally picked up your Slightly Wicked book in Books-A-Million one night about a year ago and I have been caught up in the lives of the Bedwyn's ever since. I've read all of them except Morgan's story which I will probably start on within the next month. Your books have helped to relax me after very stressful work days, and are great. My favorite of the Slightly series is Wulfric's story. I have re-read that book at least a dozen times since I first read it last August. I can't wait to start reading the Simply series of books. Thanks for writing these amazing novels.





Posted On 04-07-2007 6:28 PM
Name: Marina Vaizey
City/State or Province: London
Country: United Kingdom
Comment: I think I have every Mary Balogh ever written and published, including the anthologies, and they are my comfort drug of choice, if I am really low, I read the last three chapters, or even the last.....wonderful. Would happily list favourites, and why, but not for now....and I look forward to them all, even in hardback....but I wonder about the new characters/family, the Huxtables, because one of the delights of Bedwyns, Slightlys and Simplys is the glimpse of other characters met along the way (as in the Web series, and what I think of as the heroes series, ie Rex etc), and hope we won't lose sight of them all, but delighted to think of Joseph turning up, and also hope Miss Thompson, Christine's sister, will have a sub plot. Meanwhile, Thanks!

Posted On 04-07-2007 3:32 PM
Name: Sarah Pinnington
City/State or Province: Maidstone
Country: England
Comment: Hi loved Simply Magic, arrived just in time for me to take it on holiday to Belgium to Centre Parcs.  I had a day booked in the Spa and could not leave the book behind in the cottage.  I think the staff thought I was mad as every minute I had my head stuck in the book.   My only problem now is the long wait til the next Simply book.  Thanks Mary for your wonderful stories.  Regards Sarah

Posted On 04-05-2007 12:27 PM
Name: Juanita Glass
City/State or Province: Lexington, South Carolina
Country: USA
Comment: Mary, 


I am a new convert.  I have been a voracious reader all my adult life, but only just recently began reading the romance writers.  I found Jo Beverley through my wonderful recorded book narrator - Simon Prebble - and from there it has been just magic.  Gone from my reading  is the horrendous modern obscene words that annoy me.  I'm working my way through all the writers.  I went to the book signing at the convention in Atlanta last year and ended up with a list of  "new" writers to read!!!   How wonderful.  As I read your bio, I was delighted to see the name of your town - Swansea!  I am a Town Clerk in a small community  (South Congaree) very close to the South Carolina Swansea.  Isn't it a small world.  Thank you so much for new adventures to come.  Juanita

Posted On 04-04-2007 4:57 PM
Name: Riley
City/State or Province: Oahu Hawaii
Country: USA
Comment: OK I am BEGGING for an answer on this, I've read your past comments and I've seen requests for Lady Muir's story which I also will chime in for because that would be a great story, BUT does Viscount Kimble have anything in the works? I LOVED him in More than a Mistress which is probably my favorite book by you... Please tell me you have been having those author moments when certain characters are demanding their story to be written, because he was a great character... Do I need to go on a hunger strike? Bribe you? Post a message everyday for a year? Let me know because he was so great... I am looking forward to the next two in the Simply series... Thank you for writing such beautiful stories...

Posted On 04-01-2007 11:24 PM
Name: Shirley
City/State or Province: Texas
Country: USA
Comment: I began reading your Regency books about twenty years ago when under a lot of stress and needed something to help me unwind. I have always been an avid reader, but as a pastors wife did not have a lot of time to devote to secular reading. You very quickly became my favorite author. After reading all your Regency books I found the Web series an and loved them. The I began collecting your books. Today I found "Simply Love" in the grocery store and came home to read it. As I read your comment at the beginning of the book I decided to write you. My husband was a young Marine who fought and was wounded in the Korean war. He came home while many of his friends did not. It always amazed me how he overcame the worst of circumstances "Chosin Resevoir campaign" and remained stable. Many of his friends were affected by what they saw and experienced. As I read the forward I just had to tell you that their are actually men who suffer great things and do not let it destroy them. It actually served to make him stronger. We had a great life together raising four wonderful stable children. He passed away six years ago and I continue to enjoy reading. Thank you for writing such wonderful love stories. I did not write for this to be printed just to let you know how much I have enjoyed reading your books over all others.

Posted On 04-01-2007 3:26 PM
Name: Shobha
City/State or Province: Ontario
Country: Canada
Comment: Dear Mary,

I simply love your books. At first only interested getting  a book for school and at  the bookstore I came across Slightly Tempted. I loved it  at first sight. the book was marvelous from the beginning to the ending. sigh. it was just perfect. I'm now waiting impatiently for ur Slightly Dangerous. The Duke of Bewcastle's story seems bewitching. I love reading regency romances, they are always so wonderful, sweet and heart warming.  I'm just so glad u like regency too. My parents telling me not to read these books and blah... blah..but I just can't stop it's like this addiction. Haha! Anyway they let me read them just long as I do well in my program at school. Haha!! Your books are like second weakness, first being chocolate. Thank You again! Keep writing these wonderful books. Yay!!

take care

Posted On 03-31-2007 10:07 PM
Name: Liz
City/State or Province: Palm Bay, FL
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Ms. Balogh, I love your books! You're a great author. I've read the Bedwyn series and totally enjoyed them. Just received Simply Magic I had pre-ordered through Barnes & Noble and am waiting for Web of Love and Devil's Web on the rerelease that I've also pre-ordered. My goal is to get all of your books. There are alot thankfully. They have everything, a great story, romance, humor, and lots of personality. Keep up the good work. You make us avid readers very happy. In my eyes you are one of the best! Take Care and God Bless, Sincerely Yours, Liz

Posted On 03-31-2007 10:38 AM
Name: Bonnie
City/State or Province: Indiana
Country: USA
Comment: Hello Mary,


I know I am among the many who love and enjoy your books.  From looking at your back list, I did not know so many of your books existed.  Now I will be on the hunt more than ever to find them.  Thank you for transporting me back in time to a wonderful era in your books.  I love how they dress, how they talk, how they live.  And the passion!  Oh my gosh.  It's wonderful.

Posted On 03-29-2007 3:50 PM
Name: Sherri Moore
City/State or Province: Oklahoma City
Country: USA


Dear Mary,

I know it seems a bit improper to address this as such, but when you truly like someone why not be a little more personable.   No, that isn't exactly correct....I  simply ADORE you!!!!!

I'm a huge reader.  My librarians all know me by name, and I have a few of them.  I was so excited yesterday when I received the email from them telling me that Simply Magic was finally in.  I had requested its purchase to them, and in turn I was the first to read it.  And yes.....I do mean read it.  I was enthralled, enchanted and delighted as usual.   I couldn't wait to get off work last night and pick it up.  After that, I have no idea where time went, because I was back in merry ole'  England.  

I discovered your "Simply" books about three months or so ago.   Since then I have been pestering my friends at the library almost daily hoping to get in the books I had reserved.  I think I can honestly say I'm down to only a handful that I haven't been able to get my hands on yet....and I do mean YET!!! 

The only thing that I wished was that I actually owned them all myself, then I could read, re-read, and re-read again to my hearts desire.  I was so enthralled with Simply Magic that I actually read it from front to back last night.  I won't even tell you what time it was this morning when I finally finished it and went to bed.  My boss just shakes his head at me and laughs when I come half asleep to work and says "must of been a heck of a book".  This morning was no different.  After the few hours of sleep I came to work today and now my only thoughts seem to be how many hours until I can get back home to read "Simply Magic" all over again!!

I know you have a fan list, and I have also joined the email list....but I'm thinking to myself do you possibly have your own 12 step program as well????  I'm completely obsessed, it what you will.  I have already requested copies of your books that aren't even published yet from my library.  The minute I see that you have something else in the works, I jot the title down and logon to my library and request it.  Of course they think I'm simply mad, which is probably true, but I just can't seem to get enough.

My mother stopped in the other day as I was re-reading the "Slightly" series and said I reminded her of Anne Bancroft in the movie with Sir Anthony Hopkins, "84 Charing Cross Road".  She said I reminded her of Anne Bancroft and all her books.  I told her that the difference was that Helene could buy a book for a few dollars where as now a days they cost as much as ten times that and as much as I wished and hoped I simply can't afford the luxury.  One day however, I will be the proud owner of all your books.  That will be a dream come true for me!!!

I'm sitting here thinking how I originally just wanted to thank you for bringing a bit of magic in my life with your stories and instead I've turned into the fanatical mad woman from Oklahoma.  I can only hope that I haven't totally embarrassed myself or scared you into finding out just how much distance is between you and this obsessed woman.  So I will end by only telling you what I'm sure you've heard countless times before....  I love your work and keep on writing!!!! 

With kindest regards and best wishes,





Posted On 03-28-2007 12:15 PM
Name: Mary Collette
City/State or Province: Kalamazoo,Michigan
Country: USA
Comment:                          Mary,


                               Just a short note to let you know that I am in anticipation of the arrival of "Simply Magic". When I go

up North to see my youngest sister in May,I am going to loan the first two books in the series to my Niece Elisha,who

does enjoy your books.

                                                             Diolch Yn Fawr,

                                                            Mary Collette List

Posted On 03-27-2007 2:09 PM
Name: Coreen
City/State or Province: Alberta
Country: Canada
Comment: Dearest Mary,


How can one start a note to the "Queen" of Regency romance?  Your books are beautifly written and transport us back in time. I have read each copy of the books I own at least 3 times, my favorite being A Summer to Remember with Wulfrics story a very close second. Now my daughters are reading along with me. At first it was "Mom I can't believe you read these!" meaning mothers are not supposed to know about some of the "antics" shall we say, that the charachters are involved in.

All in all you have provided the three of us with many hours diversion and eye opening conversation! Thank you so much.


Posted On 03-26-2007 7:51 PM
Name: Marie-Sol Gaudreau
City/State or Province: Québec, Québec
Country: Canada

It's not an easy thing to shop for English written books in Québec - our English book store is tinny - I usually do most of my purchases via Doubleday book club or Amazon since our local selections of books are.... well lets just say there's not enough choices to keep me entertained. That being said, about two weeks ago I was at the shopping centre getting my picture taken at the CAA for my passport, and the English book store is close by, so I decided to stop in, in case they had something new. The only thing available (that I didn't already have in my personal library) were your books... I'm now ashamed to admit, I had no idea who you were. So I brought home two books (A Summer to Remember and Slightly Married) - I read them in a day. I had fallen down the stairs the evening before and so my ski trip had to be cancelled, why go into work when I had booked a day off - why not read a few books that were sitting on my night table (my partner was very happy to see my pile lower and the books moved to my library). I have a rule, no one can read one of my books until I've read it (unless it's a present to them) - so those books are kept close at hand :) Falling in my stairs was the best thing I could have done, I went through those two books in the day and I wanted to read more. I couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen next. Since I could barely move, I asked my partner to go to the book store and pick up any remain books in your name - I had noticed the evening before hand that most of the Slightly series was available.



Can you believe it, but he came home empty handed? All your books had been sold! I was NOT happy. So I went online and ordered from Amazon (ordering locally can take up to six weeks.. Amazon, takes max 2 or 3 days) I couldn't read any of my other books, I was stuck in Regency England for the moment, so back to work I went. I ordered the balance of the Slightly series, and it arrived about a week ago. Since then I've been reading... I'm almost done Alleyne's store. I have been completely enchanted, and am looking forward to Wulf's story. I've laughed, cried and cheered (especially at Freyja's oh so beautiful moment when she letting Joshua's aunt have it in Bath).



Thank you for making these last few weeks enjoyable. It's my busy season, and I usually don't read in March and April, but this year... your books are just too much of a temptation and work just has to wait.

Yours truly,


Posted On 03-26-2007 7:45 PM
Name: carla
City/State or Province: franklin, ohio
Country: united states
Comment: I love reading your books especially about the Bedwyns. I have read the Simply ones and I am looking forward to the one that is coming out tomorrow. Thanks for alot of wonderful reading.

Posted On 03-23-2007 11:29 AM
City/State or Province: Gonzales, Louisiana
Country: USA
Comment: I just wanted to say that i really, truelly enjoy reading your books, especially the Bedwyn collection. It takes me away from my problems and put me in a relaxing state. I feel as though im in another world with the Bedwyns. My husband is always saying that i spend more time with your books than with him, but its addictive I can't seem to put them down. I have one more to read from the Bedwyn collection and then ill start on Simply Unforgettable Im looking forward to it reading it.



Tanisha B.

Posted On 03-22-2007 10:53 PM
Name: stacie
City/State or Province: Ohio
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,


I just wanted to tell you tha I am a huge fan. I absolutely love the Slightly books,  my Favorite is Slightly Dangerous. I have read it several times and it never gets old. I love the way that your characters over lap in your books, it makes reading them that much more fun.  I look forward to reading the next Simply book, until then I am catching up on some of your earlier works. Agian, I really enjoy your work and I look forward to reading all your books in the future.


Posted On 03-22-2007 8:52 PM
Name: lynn
City/State or Province: Topeka, KS
Country: USA
Comment: I found your book on accident and I have not been able to stop reading, I love the bedwyn collection. I have not been able to find Slightly Wicked but I will keep looking.


Posted On 03-22-2007 4:45 AM
Name: Rashmi Kini
City/State or Province: Gurgaon, Haryana
Country: India
Comment: Dear Ms. Balogh,


I so wanted to participate in the blogging session on March 20, 2007, but I was thoroughly confused between Pacific time and Indian time and when I finally logged on, I was a bit too late. However, I did enjoy reading your chat session with some of your other fans. It was so informative and some of my own queries about you were finally answered. I  also discovered newer ways of getting hold of your books.

Dear Ms. Balogh, have you ever visited India? If not, I wish that you would visit the southern part of India first, the four states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu; it  would offer you an insight into our culture and spirituality. If you ever wish to get away from the maddening pace of everyday life,  I would recommend a stay on a houseboat in the serene backwaters of kerala.

It was really interesting to note that you rarely read romance books and that you are interested in reading books on spirtuality.  If so, I would like to recommend the teachings of Swami Vivekananda to you. I believe that he was one of India's greatest spiritual thinkers after Buddha.  I was also delighted to know that you started writing regency romances after reading georgette heyer. She is one of my fav authors too and I have her entire collection with me. Recently all her books were published in India and I have all of them with me. I really liked Regency Buck and Convenient Marriage, though Arabella, Frederica, Venetia, Sylvester were also very good. Which are your favorite ones?

Do you know, after reading from the blog session that your books are available on ebay, i visited Ebay India and could find two of your older books, The silent melody and christmas keepsakes. I should be getting the books in a few days time and I am so excited. You cannot imagine how eagerly I am waiting for those two.

Most of all, I just wanted to let you know how much I loved the Secret Pearl. I really enjoyed reading it and feel that it is one of your best alongside Slightly Dangerous, though having already read More than a mistress, I initially felt it was a bit similar, though I could not have been more wrong. Thank you once again for giving me the opportunity to read this wonderful book.  I would  just like to echo what some of your other fans have written;  while reading a particular book, one feels that this is your best and then one holds the next book and feels the same all over again.

I am slowly building up a Mary Balogh collection, and I hope that one day I am able to have all your books which I can then pass on to my near and dear ones. Your characters are so wonderful, albeit sometimes flawed, and feel like real everyday people.

Once I pick up a book of yours I am so thoroughly lost in it that I become oblivious to all that goes on around me and cannot wait to finish it, though once I finish the book, I feel strangely bereft. I often curse myself for finishing it off so fast and then am only satisfied reading it again and again.

The only solution that I see for this problem is that I wish you write more and more and more, so we never have to wait for long until we can get the next one.

I must confess here that after reading your historical romances, the charm has gone out for me from contemporary ones.  Earlier I used to read a lot of thrillers, legal thrillers, etc, but now I seem to have got stuck in Regency England and it is my fervent desire to one day visit England and see for myself the places described in these books. My husband when he catches me reading your book just shakes his head and calles me obssessed.!

I also read Gilded Web some days back and am eagerly waiting for James Purnell and Madeline's story though I think it is going to come out only next year. In the meantime, I am going to look out for Simply Love, Simply Magic, and Simply Perfect. I have already read Simply Unforgettable. 

Dear Ms. Balogh,  do you think you could write a sequel to Slightly Dangerous. After reading Pride and Prejudice, I always felt that Jane Austen should have written a sequel to the book. It somehow felt incomplete. One always feels curious as to what may have happened to Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth after their marriage and how she would have structured their married life. Was it bliss or what?

I feel the same about Slightly Dangerous and am similarly curious about the Duke and Duchess of Bewcastle? Are they going to live happily ever after? Will you be writing a sequel to that book. I do no seem to be getting enough of them.

Well, I think I have bored you enough. I will write soon, once I have read some of your other books.

In the meantime, thank you once again.




Posted On 03-21-2007 10:24 AM
Comment: I have enjoyed reading your books.  Do you plan to write anything for Lady Muir?  It would be nice to know she found someone.

Posted On 03-20-2007 5:54 PM
Name: gladys
City/State or Province: new york city
Country: united states
Comment:      Dear Mary,


         I love your books i'm a huge fan and i can't wait for the one that's coming out next year thanx for so many

       hours of reading, i can never put your books down.(my mom gets mad =] ) i hope u continue on with u'r books and good luck

                                                  thanx: gladys

Posted On 03-17-2007 11:04 AM
Name: Tara Greenleaf
City/State or Province: Catherine Lake, NC
Country: USA
Comment: Thank you for some many wonderful hours of reading . Your books are unforgettable.


Tara Greenleaf

Posted On 03-12-2007 1:17 AM
Name: Jen Creer
City/State or Province: Kirksville, Missouri
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Ms. Balogh,

I would like to add to the accolades listed here. I have read as many of your books as I can find-- and I am not finished looking! Your books often move me to tears. I love your characerizations and your characters' vulnerabilities. Of course, I love the Bedwyn's-- and every time I finish one of your books, I think, "That one was my favorite." And then I go read another one, and that one is my favorite. If I had to choose, some that stand out are Alleyne's story, One Night for Love, More Than a Mistress, Simply Love (just bought and devoured it!), and Irresistible.

Thank you for your lovely talent and for sharing it with us.


Posted On 03-09-2007 10:16 PM
Name: Shannon Franks
City/State or Province: Ohio
Country: USA
Comment: I was finally able to take the time to read Simply Love. I have been patiently awaiting Sydnam's story since we met him at the very beginning.  I have enjoyed every one of you Bedwyn stories thus far and have always fought to be able to put one down during it's unfolding, but with this story it was truly impossible. Your words evoked such tenderness, joy, sorrow, and love, that it spilled from me in tears. I was so moved and so thoroughly contented with their poigniant relationship. It was a refreshing change from many of the other whirlwind romances which of course would have not truly worked with these specific characters. It is one of the few books that I have ever read and then immediately reread just to recapture every moment again. Thank you.

Posted On 03-06-2007 2:29 PM
Name: Jean Louise

Note: The cover shown here has the male figure with two arms. Those of you who have met Sydnam Butler in previous books know that he has only one arm--the left. Amazingly, none of the powers that be (including me!) noticed the gaffe when the cover was first designed. Fortunately a reader did, and I was able to raise the alarm just in time to have the art work changed before the cover went into final production. And so the copies that will go on sale at the end of February will omit the right arm. Whew!

I just bought this book and started to read it.  Within the first two chapters, I had flipped to the front of the book to see if the man pictured had 2 arms.  I was pleased that he did not! 

And just as I was thinking, "This is a Beauty & the Beast story" your story uses the same words!

I love all of your books.  Thank you.

Posted On 03-05-2007 8:51 PM
Name: Jeff Balogh
City/State or Province: Covington, GA
Country: USA
Comment: Just a little anecdote.


One day, my wife and I were looking through a bookstore and I noticed out of the corner of my eye a familiar name.  It happened to be yours, which you share with my grandmother, who immigrated from Hungary to the US early in the 20th Century.  Just for the fun of it, we had to buy the book and pay with our check card.  The clerk did a double take looking at the name on the card and comparing it to the book.  It was interesting!  My wife has been reading you books ever since.


Jeff and Sheree Balogh

Posted On 03-02-2007 7:24 PM
Name: WST
City/State or Province: Toronto, ON
Country: Canada
Comment: Hello Ms Balogh,


I have been an avid fan of your writing since your first book "The Masked Deception" which I borrowed from the library in my early teens. From that moment on when Signet Regency came out with their releases every month I would save up my allowance to buy your latest novel.

You have an amazing gift for bringing your characters to life that when I read them I feel every emotion that they are experiencing. To me that is a true talent and what I look for when selecting a book. At one time I had every copy of your signet regency romance novels but due to certain circumstances, I ended up donating all of them to the community library.

In the past few years, I have been trying to buy back all the ones that have been out of print from ebay and I am hoping that you will also be able to reissue earlier ones such as "Red Rose", Gentle Conquest"  and "Snow Angel". I remember the stories as though I had just read them yesterday, but I would like to have them as keepers on my shelf. I am happy to say that I have been voraciously buying all your latest works and am enjoying reading your wonderful stories.

I wish you continued success with your writing and I know us lucky readers out there will be thrilled with every book that comes out with your name on it.


Posted On 03-01-2007 8:47 PM
Name: Marie Fricchione
City/State or Province: nyc
Country: usa
Comment: My dear Ms. Balogh,


You are a marvelous storyteller! I cannot thank you enough for your treasured novels...they are among my favorites. I want to pick my favorite but I am having a difficult time doing so! I really love them all! I am currently reading Simply Love...and may I say it is a bit of a tear jerker! This is the first time I have cried during one of your books! I anxiously await the next in the series. I am terribly thrilled to be able to speak with you because I have just started to go on -line. It certainly is an adventure!

Yours truly ...Marie

Posted On 02-25-2007 8:08 PM
Name: September Amyx
City/State or Province: California
Country: USA
Comment: I have been a romance addict since I read the story of Sacajawea in the fourth grade. I graduated to having to buy books in 7th grade having exhausted the supply at local libraries. They were Harlequins at 35 cents each. The great thing I found about owning books is that there was no due date!!!! However as much as I loved my Harlequins, romance writing finally became a field that was paying enough that I ended up becoming spoiled by GREAT romance writers. I no longer buy my Harlequins *sniveling* unless a really great plot and a quick peruse leaps out at me. Case in point, 'His Royal Love-Child' by Lucy Monroe (Jun06). Yes, you can tell the author is young, but the story holds anyway.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The long windedness of this is to try to convince you that 42+ years and over 20,000 titles (at last estimate) of romance reading might make me somewhat of a (I shy away from expert, having no FORMAL training) connoisseur of romance. My, these sentences do tend to run on, don't they?-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In other words, Mary, you are the bomb!!!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I absolutely positively fantastically LOVE your books!!! If you ever stop writing I'm gonna hunt you down!!! *grin* Really and truly, and I've only written to one other author, Laurell K Hamilton, and she's not even in your genre!!! Reasons why I love you? *Ouch, let my arm go and I'll tell ya!*------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In a nutshell, your stories are powerfully charactered, with down to earth 'gosh I can actually see that happening in real life' emotions and storylines. I can remember the plots of each of your books without having to refer to them at all. To me, that is the utmost. When a story is so engrained in my psyche that I can't forget it from beginning to end, that is my mental utopia. I think others refer to them as "classics." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I am sorry to say that you have a rival. *Crestfallen* I'm sorry!! really! I try to quit her, but she keeps writing too!! Her name is Lisa Kleypas. Even Georgette Heyer (I have them all) and Stephanie Laurens (I have them all) can't make me remember the entire plots of any of their novels!!!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I would buy your out of print books from used book sellers, but I would much prefer to pay you in today's exchange rate and buy your rereleases as they come out. Is that OK? That way I figure you make more money so you can keep writing for me. (Well, I guess for others too. *grudgingly*)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I really thought I had a stroke of genius when I thought of Magnus Mowbury and Claudia Martin as hooking up (with gleeful delight at Claudia's consternation at being an almost relative through Christine to the Bedwyns!!) But I see a sneaky Marquess has wormed his way into the picture.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My brain, my hormones, my fantasies, and my eyes thank you eternally for writing such great stories. I am so glad there are many more to look forward to. I LOVE MARY BALOGH!!!!!

Posted On 02-25-2007 2:47 PM
Name: Sharon Wagoner
Comment: Thank you for all the entertaining books. I would like to suggest that you reissue your early books: Dark Angel and Lord Carew's Bride. They are selling for very high prices from used book dealers, which shows a strong interest in these books.

Posted On 02-24-2007 7:55 PM
Name: Sarah
City/State or Province: Albuquerque, NM
Country: USA

I stumbled across my first Mary Balogh book in a little library. I was called ‘The Ideal Wife’. I had no idea that this book was soon to become an all time favorite of any books by anyone. I read it, found it rather good, and turned it back in. However, I later found my self wanting to reread it, and checked it out again…and again…and, well, you have the idea. I have since gone on to read many Mary Balogh’s. I love your characters. They are rich, complicated, and always as enjoyable as a fine chocolate. I only pray that someday you will reissue this book that alas, is not in the library of the new town I have moved to.





Thank you!



Posted On 02-22-2007 9:28 PM
Name: michele clermont
City/State or Province: Flushing NY
Country: USA

Posted On 02-19-2007 11:19 PM
City/State or Province: SOUTH POINT, OHIO
Country: USA



                                                                                                                                                                          MRS. TAMMIE LYND

Posted On 02-19-2007 11:40 AM
Name: Anna Sarkissian
City/State or Province: Gaithersburg, Md 20878
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,


I just love your books. The first book that I read from your collection of books was Unforgiven and I fell in love with your style of writing.  I love your books because they are not romance books they are love stories, that is the difference between you and the other Romance writers with all due respect.

I recently read 'Devil's Web' which was costly :) However I think it is your best book! I wish it was longer like after James and Madelein are back togeter I wish there was one more chapter showing them together in harmony for the first time rather than being miserable and arguing.

You are the best!


Anna Sarkissian

Posted On 02-06-2007 2:39 PM
Name: Lori Durham
Country: USA
Comment: Mary:  I have to say that I am absolutely hooked on your books. I have only discovered you since reading "Simply Unforgetable"!  I couldn't turn the pages fast enough to find out if they were going to end up together or not.  I was never into reading romance novels before but since my sister-in-law turned me on to them through a collection that she has read, I find myself reading them so fast I can't wait until I get the next one in my hands.


I guess I am hooked on the romance novels because it's nice to be reminded that men used to be the type that would stand up and show their emotions for the women they love and cherish them above all else.  I only wish men in today's society were more like that.  I look forward to reading more novels from you in the future as well as starting my own collection of novels from the past.  Keep up the excellent work!!!  Lori Durham

Posted On 02-05-2007 3:20 AM
Name: sharon
Country: singapore
Comment: hi mary :)

i stumbled upon slighty wicked in the library and fell in love with the regency era. i was totally captivated by the entire bedwyn series and the characters feel so real. from then on, i bought every book of yours i can find on the shelves and immerse myself in the wonderful world of romance. every book makes me feel renewed with a faith in love and happy ever agains.i felt so sad when the slghtly series came to an end! i cant wait for the entire simply series to reach soon!!

please write more soon!! i love forward to reading every single new book :)

Posted On 02-03-2007 8:58 AM
Name: Jennifer
Country: Luxembourg (Europe)

Dear Mrs Balogh,

I just wanted to say that I genuinely enjoy your novels. I have read the Bedwyn series, the Mistress books and A Summer to Remember.

 While surfing the German amazon website, I stumbled across one of the Bedwyn novels. (Luckily they have such a huge stock of English books!!!). I first read Freyja’s story. I was captivated by the characters and the story and it just made me feel really good reading the book. Afterwards I couldn’t wait to read the other stories of the series. I have to agree with your fan from Belgium that after finishing your books one feels quite sad because the beautiful story has just come to an end, and this shows that the story was just wonderful. If I have to choose – and I tell you, it isn’t easy – I would say that Wulfric’s story is my favourite. (That man is unbelievably attractive!)


  I can’t wait to read Simply Love!!

 Thanks again for writing such beautifully romantic stories. I sincerely hope that you will continue writing for many years to come.


  Best greetings!



Posted On 02-03-2007 12:39 AM
Name: Kerri Bandet (Lutz)
City/State or Province: Alberta
Country: Canada
Comment:    Dear Mary Balogh:


 You probably don't remember me but I dated Chris way back in 1992...he escorted me to my grad. I came to your web site to find out about your new books I still read them when I have time to read that is.I was surprised and happy to see how you and Robert, Jackie, Sian and Chris are doing. I live in Alberta now in a small town with my husband Ryan and our three kids Rayan,7, Ashton,3 and Jaiden,1...Ryan actually works with someone from Kipling, Sheila Tobias.                                                                                                                    What stores out here carry your books? Sometimes I have trouble finding them? Well I hope you all well in 2007.If you think about it tell Chris I said hello.

                                                                   Kerri Bandet (Lutz)

Posted On 02-02-2007 5:26 PM
Name: Meagon Rezach
City/State or Province: Athens, AL
Country: United States
Comment: I loved the 'Slightly' series and can't wait to see if the Huxtable series will be as wonderful.  I have not yet begun the 'Simply' books but I plan to very soon.  Thanks for giving me many enjoyable hours.

Posted On 02-01-2007 5:02 PM
Name: Em
City/State or Province: Bloomington, MN
Country: USA
Comment: I have so enjoyed your 'Slightly...' and 'Simply....' series.  I can't wait for more.

Posted On 01-31-2007 12:51 PM
Name: dana p.
Country: romania
Comment: your book 'indiscreet' it's so sweet, unfortunately, in romania, i could only find four of your books: 'indiscreet', more than a mistress', 'no man's mistress' and 'a night to remember'. i love books in which the action takes place in Regency period. then the romantism, the dialogues and  the characters have a particular charm and you caught them so nice in your books.

Posted On 01-31-2007 2:13 AM
Name: Heather Carpenter
City/State or Province: Katy, TX
Country: USA
Comment: I loved More Than a Mistress and No Man's Mistress.  Will you ever tell Angeline's story, about how her and Lord Heyward got together? They seem to be such opposites on the outside looking in, but I feel there is a lot more to their story than what is hinted at in these 2 books.  I just love her character, with her bad nerves and appalling color choices.  I can just picture her so clearly in my head.  Lord Heyward must be a special man to have her love him. Just curious.




Posted On 01-28-2007 6:59 PM
Name: Kathleen Moreland
City/State or Province: Strongsville, Ohio
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,


I have been a long-time reader of romance novels, but your books are truly special. With each one, I find myself being transported into the story. Your characters are so real, I am often moved to tears or covered with goosebumps as the case may be. Being a quick reader, I sometimes force myself to  put one of your books aside, just to make the pleasure last. I especially love the Bedwyn series! Keep up the great work and happy writing.


Posted On 01-27-2007 5:51 PM
Name: Florence Magree
City/State or Province: Long Beach, CA
Country: United States
Comment: I wrote yesterday asking a question and realized today that I had identified Gwen as Kit's sister. Obviously, I made a mistake. She is Neville's sister. I still wish to know the name of the book which tells us her story.

Posted On 01-24-2007 11:42 AM
Name: Kimberley Logan
City/State or Province: Fraser ACT
Country: Australia
Comment: I'm a big fan of your books. I eagerly await reading about the other teachers from Miss Martins. I just finished reading Simply Unforgettable for the fourth time, and I was wondering if you could write Amy Marshall's story. You couldn't help like her, for all her forthrightness, and I would love to see what happened to her. Even if it's just a novella, it would be great to read. And if you can, can you also mention what happened to her older sister Emily? That would be great. I look forward to reading whatever you write in the future. A fan always, K.Logan.

Posted On 01-23-2007 4:35 PM
Name: Elaine
City/State or Province: Florida
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,


I enjoyed your reissued tale, "The Gilded Web".  Your writing has changed over the years, but it has always been absorbing to this devoted reader. I am looking forward to the rest of the trilogy.  Of course, I can hardly wait for "Simply Magic". The excerpt was tantalizing.




Posted On 01-23-2007 2:45 PM
Name: Jane Squires
City/State or Province: Wasola, Mo.
Country: USA
Comment: If this one does not go through because your security codes are so hard to make out whether a number or letter, I give  up.  This is my first visit.  Third time trying to make this post.  I love your books and your site but getting tired of putting in security numbers.  I am not trying to spam just trying to say, "God Bless you" as your books have blessed me.

Posted On 01-22-2007 5:39 PM
Name: Holli Harvey
City/State or Province: Sonoma, California
Comment: Mary,


Thank you so much for all the enjoyable stories. I have read so many of your books and have even ordered some older books no longer in print. Having just finished reading the Gilded Web I have to agree with your analysis that your writing style improved considerably from that book. I have been looking for "The Devil's Web" which appears to be hard to get. Are you thinking of re-issuing any copies of that story? The secondary characters from the Gilded Web, James Purnell and Madeleine Amberely make a fascinating read. There is alot of depth to those two characters. Thank you again and I look forward to being further enthralled.

Posted On 01-21-2007 5:52 PM
Name: Lainie Eng
City/State or Province: Vancouver, BC
Country: Canada
Comment: Hi Mary,


I love your writing style and look forward, with baited breath, to all your new releases.  I even postponed a trip to read Slightly Dangerous when it first came out.  Will any of your earlier books,  i.e. The Obedient Bride, Ungrateful Governess every be re-released?  The message boards heap so much praise on these books and I've been trying to get my hands on them forever.  Do the readers a great service and let us enjoy some more of your writing!!!  Also I am pleased as punch that you are Canadian!!!  Keep up the good work.

Posted On 01-17-2007 8:13 AM
Name: Linda Cox
City/State or Province: Sheridan, Arkansas
Country: USA
Comment: My 35 year old daughter, Becky, and I are ADDICTED to Mary Balogh books.  We read them over and over until we can find another 1980s or 1990s on Half.e-bay, or  My special favorites are the Rex, Eden, Nat, and Ken's stories from the 90s; the 2 "Mistress" books; and of course the "Summer to Remember" and "Slightly" stories of the Bedwyn Family.  We are now  waiting for all of the "Simply" books.  I'm not sure why your writing is so much more interesting than most of the Romance Genre, but you have a special gift and have brought joy to many readers, I am sure. 


I just started chemo for breast cancer and have 18 months of various I.V. therapies in my future along with a double mastectomy sometime in April.  I will start at the beginning of my "Mary Balogh Collection" and read all of them again - I never get tired of them and it seems I find something new in each story that I didn't catch previously.

Love and God Bless !!   Linda Cox 

Posted On 01-14-2007 11:14 PM
Name: patrice
City/State or Province: potsdam, ny
Country: usa
Comment: My mother was an avid reader, and she passed that down to me. Upon her passing a year ago, I was  going through her books and came across the book "Slightly Wicked". I had to immediately go and find the rest of the series. I was almost sad to see the series come to an end. I  must read the last four chapters of  "Slightly Dangerous over and over.  I also loved "Simply Love".  I read that one over and over again as well. I am totally shocked that your books have had this effect on me.  I grew up in the inner city of Boston MA.  The thought of reading a  romance novel set in the 1800's and loving it overwhelms me.  I can't wait for the next "Simply"  book to come out.  Just wanted to let you know that I am totally enchanted with your books.

Posted On 01-12-2007 11:49 AM
Name: Martha
City/State or Province: London, Ontario
Country: Canada
Comment: I'm not usually a 'fan-mailer' but I have only recently started to read in the romance genre....and I have now managed to find nearly all of your backlist, including Regencies....and am greedily and voraciously reading same.  You are such an excellent storyteller - I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed your work.  (I am not a writer, so please excuse my lack of eloquence as I struggle to express my thoughts...but as a librarian with a brother and mother who are also successful Canadian writers, I've read quite widely and am even a wee bit critical at times!!)


And since I always tell my students that positive feedback is nice, but if not when not specific is far less gratifying and meaningful to most of us, I need to try to practice what I preach! 

Your characters are so 'real' in that they are flawed and doubt why I relate to them so well.  In many cases, their beauty is more internal and most share the insecurities and fears most of us experience.  Perhaps that is why I feel I understand them and would enjoy a conversation if I met them in the street.  Even your 'villains' and minor characters are well-drawn, interesting and invite my curiosity to get to know them further.  And yes - like many others, I'd like to read Lady Gwen Muir's story....and Joseph Attingsborough (apologies - my fibrofog is really really bad today and I'm totally mixing up names - and....and... (-;  (I do hope they  pop up somewhere in future.)  In fact....there are few, if any, characters in your books that I wouldn't like to see more of.  I love that characters recurr here and there from different perspectives, in later books.  Complex characters like Wulfric Bedwyn and curiosity about how his relationship with Christine changes over time engage my do your more troubled or damaged folks such as Sydnam Butler/Anne Jewell.  Core values about family, love and kindness are reaffirmed and most of the time, good triumphs even for those who have endured long periods of tribulation.  And when you write of the 'villain' of one book as the protagonist of another.... we are reaffirmed in our belief that everyone is redeemable....and that happy endings are possible for most of us, or at least, a somewhat livable resolution to human conflicts and unhappiness.  (As you may be able to tell - I hated reading Gone with the Wind  - Scarlett never 'got' it, despite many opportunities to change her life....)

I find your skill as a writer exceptional too - never a "huh" moment, where I need to go back and re-read to understand how something happened or to understand a reaction.  You give enough....but not too much....explanation and detail so that we can experience the emotions and thoughts of your characters...and see their world through their eyes.  I LOVE the way you write dialogue....and I think your love scenes are sensitive, compelling and realistic - they add to, rather than detract from, the story. 

You are a storyteller extraordinaire!!  Thank you for many hours of enjoyment....and those yet to come.  I suffer from a chronic pain condition, and reading one of your books (or re-reading them - a high compliment from one whose TBR pile is in the neighborhood of 500 books at all times) is a guaranteed escape: therapeutic and thoroughly enjoyable.  

Please keep writing - I promise to keep reading.  And Recommending. 

 Thank you!  VERY much.





Posted On 01-10-2007 3:54 PM
Name: Lannie
City/State or Province: Louisiana
Country: USA
Comment: Hello, Mary I just wanted to tell you how much I love The Secret Pearl. It is by far my favorite book and I have re-read it at least twice. I wish everyone would read this book as soon as possible!!

Posted On 01-10-2007 9:33 AM
Name: Dana
City/State or Province: Memphis, TN
Country: United States
Comment: I absolutely love your books and wait impatiently for the next one to come out.  Thank you for a fabulous read.

Posted On 01-09-2007 7:37 PM
Name: Ariana
City/State or Province: NJ
Country: USA
Comment: When is the Bedwyn family is goin gto be on screen? clasical story for movie...

Posted On 01-09-2007 3:43 PM
Name: Imelda
City/State or Province: Ontario
Country: Canada
Comment: Hi, I'm probably one of your youngest readers since im almost 18 but i love and enjoy reading your books. They so creative and at times really funny, I love how you make the story of each books work out so well. Your like one of my most favourite arthuors. I do have a question though, will the book for angeline you know sister of jocelyn in More than a mistress will be coming in atlest the end of the year. no rush of course just wondering. Thank you for your books they are truly enjoyable for me to read.

Posted On 01-09-2007 10:33 AM
Name: W. Weber
City/State or Province: Oregon
Country: USA
Comment: Mary,


Just thought I'd add my plea to the chorus asking for Gwen's (Lady Muir) story. Thanks!!

W. Weber

Posted On 01-07-2007 10:08 PM
Name: Misti
City/State or Province: Springfield, Il
Country: United States
Comment: I fell in love with the Bedwyns like so many other fans.  I found the series right after Morgan's story appeared in paperback.  I bought my self an early birthday present and read all of the stories with in 2 weeks.  (A lot of late nights!!)  I then searched and searched for Alleynes and Wulf's stories.  I finally found them and now have read each of the books at least 10 times.  Each time I read the stories I am enthralled like it is the first time and discover so many new things that I had either forgotten or missed about the characters.  I just finished The Gilded Web - I can't wait for the last 2 book of the series to republish. (If I don't find them used first)


 Thank you for All of the wonderful stories!!!

Posted On 01-07-2007 8:52 PM
Name: Leila Thomas
City/State or Province: Ocala, FL
Country: USA
Comment: Have you ever written anymore books like Silent Melody?



Leila Thomas

Posted On 01-06-2007 12:59 PM
Name: Gerry Fortin
City/State or Province: Nipawin, Saskatchewan
Country: Canada
Comment: I don't know what I keep doing wrong but this is the third time I've tried to post the message. In case the others are saved & you will get them too. I love your books, I watch for a new one all the time. I wish you could write faster but I'm amazed that someone can write at all the stories are so good & the research that must go into them is remarkable. If you get the other messages I typed, I'm sorry for the repitition. Keep up the good work.

Posted On 01-05-2007 2:39 PM
Name: Judy Gibson
City/State or Province: St Paul, MN
Country: USA
Comment: I finally made it to your website.  I have enjoyed your books for years .  Have all the Dell Historicals that are in paper back and realy loved each one - I really wish publishers would not do the hardbound wait a year for the paper backs.  (Hardbound are too heavy to hold while reading and my book shelves are all ajusted for paper backs)  Printed off  your back list  and discovered I ownly have about half  the Signet books.  Looks like I will have to go second had shopping for some.

Pick up The Gilded Web  and dug out my used copy of  Web of  Love (one of the best discriptions of the Battle of Waterloo as experience in Bussels)  am not thrilled that I will have to  wait another year to get  Devil's Web ( unless I can find it tucked away in a second hand shop.)

Precious Rogue has got to be my favorite short story.

Posted On 01-05-2007 7:49 AM
Name: S. Khunga
City/State or Province: Blantyre
Country: Malawi, Southern Africa
Comment: earHi Ms Balogh
I read yourbook for the first time this past week. I bought it at a charity shop for K500, equivalent to US$2.50. I loved it, it was called Sinfully Dangerous about the Bedwyns. I wish I could get hold of more of your books but its impossible here. I could probably only get them in SOuth Africa but I dont travel out of the country.
I loved the book and I will keep it forever. You are an excellent romnce writer.


Posted On 01-05-2007 3:19 AM
Name: Jamie
City/State or Province: College Station, TX
Country: USA
Comment: Ms. Balogh,


I cannot begin to describe how much I enjoy reading your books. When I first picked up "Slightly Scandalous', I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I set on a quest to locate the earlier Bedwyn sagas, and I had my name on waiting lists for releases of Morgan's, Alleyne's, and Wulfric's stories. Upon discovering the Bedwyns, I was determined to read as many of your books I could get my hands on. "More than a Mistress", "No Man's Mistress", "The Secret Pearl", "One Night for Love", "A Summer to Remember", "The Gilded Web", the Bedwyn series, and the "Simply" series are all favorites on my bookshelf, each of which have been read multiple times. I eagerly await the release of the third book in the "Simply" series, the republishing of the second and third "Web" stories, and the birth of any other adventures you have in mind. You have introduced me to a world into which I love to retreat, and I can't thank you enough for sharing your stories with the rest of us. If it is at all possible, I would love to have an autographed version of your next masterpiece.  If not, I will still continue to be a faithful fan.

Keep up the wonderful work,

Jamie Daniels

Fightin' Texas Aggie Class of '05


Posted On 01-04-2007 5:55 PM
Name: Maureen
City/State or Province: San Jose, CA
Country: USA
Comment: I enjoyed reading your Bedwyn series and now order your new books as they appear in print. 


Is there any way your agent can convince a publisher to either reissue your older books or put out a few omnibus editions?  The secondary market charges way too much for your earlier works, and keeps me from enjoying them. 

Thanks for all your work in putting out enjoyable reading material.

Posted On 01-03-2007 2:59 PM
Name: BGS
City/State or Province: Tucson, AZ
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,


I read my first romance novel at the age of 65.  Truthfully, I had always looked down on them.  But I was desperate for something to read in the airport and I didn't like mystery novels either.  So I picked up Simply Unforgettable.  I was a little embarassed to read the sex scene on a crowded plane; it caught me by surprise.  But I didn't put the book down until it was finished.  I enjoyed it so much I looked for all your published.  Then I went to the used book stores and finally to e-Bay.

I've tried a few other authors but none of them suit like you do.  Either there is too much sex or the characters aren't as well drawn.  I'm glad that the 2 other books in the Web trilogy are soon being republished because their e-bay prices are so high.

I await your future work.

Posted On 01-03-2007 1:27 AM
Name: Iana Strominger
City/State or Province: Massachusetts
Country: USA
Comment: Of course since I "discovered" Slightly Dangerous I have been voraciously reading every one of your novels I can get my hands on - hampered slightly by the fact that your popularity has driven the prices of the old used ones up! (but you must be happy about being so popular) - are they all going to be reprinted, or just some?  I most recently read The Bond Street Carolers and like Roderick was totally charmed by Katie - that is very cleverly done!  And since I am such a great fan of Georgette Heyer I thought I was in heaven when I disovered you too.  You seem to be able to capture some of what she does, and of course, I hasten to add, your own style is VERY appealing.

Posted On 01-02-2007 4:01 PM
Name: MJ
City/State or Province: Kentucky
Country: USA
Comment: I've just spent the better part of the Christmas holiday immersing myself in your writing. I picked up The Gilded Web as an afterthought in the grocery store to have something to read. The summary intrigued me. I honestly didn't think I'd fall completely in love with it, though I know I've read a few of your other books over the years. So, a trip to the bookstore was in order (after having fallen in love with your characters and knowing that surely you had other series to read). I picked up A Summer to Remember because, again, the summary caught me. One cannot read A Summer to Remember and then not sprint back to the store for every Bedwyn novel possible. I am left wishing that there had been a dozen siblings! The characters are all beautifully drawn, the settings amazing, the dialogue engaging, and the plots well crafted. I loved following Wulf through the previous six books, knowing that once we reached the seventh book, he'd have his comeuppance! I must say that Morgan's story was my favourite. The pre-Waterloo frenzy and then the tending of the soldiers who were wounded, made for a breathtaking backdrop to that particular love story. But then, my favourite moment was Alleyne's return to his family in Slightly Sinful, where we see just how close and beautiful and powerful this family is. Very very wonderful. I look forward to stripping the bookstore's shelves of a few more of your novels ;-)