Beyond the Sunrise

Onyx Historical, 1992, ISBN 0-451-40342-8

When they first meet in England, Joana and Robert fall in love. But they are very young, and the differences in their social stations soon force them apart. When they meet again eleven years later in Portugal during the Peninsular Wars, they are both spies, apparently on opposite sides. In fact Joana is a double agent--but Robert's very life depends upon her successfully deceiving him even as passion flares between them.

High intrigue, daring exploits, a passionate love affair, what more could you want in a romance? Balogh gives us a humdinger of a tale set during the Napoleonic Wars. When Jeanne Morisette meets Robert Blake, they are teenagers and life is full of promise. Not so eleven years later, when they meet again--as spies! Great fun. Highly recommended.
Manderley Magazine

Balogh's new epic love story is a winner...absorbing reading right up until the end.
Publishers Weekly

Beyond the Sunrise is an utterly absorbing, powerful tale of a love that was once doomed and yet blooms again amidst the intrigue and ordeal of war. With infinite care and deft plotting Ms. Balogh spins an intricate tale with the skill of a master weaver. She draws you into the era by evoking the aura of the war and the passionate emotions of her characters. If you have never read another book by Mary Balogh then Beyond the Sunrise will be your introduction to a writer of remarkable talents.
Kathe Robin, Romantic Times

Beyond the Sunrise by Mary Balogh